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  1. I eat vortex for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  2. Just thought of something interesting that could be added to vortex when it’s in full release. Would love dynamic ways to gain ‘energy’ back. Maybe through quests, fighting mob bosses, or filling resource requests for settlements. Or just logical RP ways of gaining energy back like through coffee/potion which could be made by alchemists/brewers.

    1. sergisala


      Potions made by alchemists to restore energy would be very nice

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      alchemy profession is planned afaik

  3. Love these moves! The only thing I might ask for is the possibility that fast travels back to the fast travel hub be added to each travel hub. I feel that the biggest issue is people want to go gathering for materials they need all in one trip. I think a healthy balance of this mechanic would be players being able to obtain all the types of materials they need in one trip but only a portion- giving them the ability to go use the materials they collected while they wait the 30 mins for node cooldowns.
  4. None of that is labor tho. Coding for the server and moderating would be examples of that. Not playing a video game and wanting to make 16x16 pixel skins. If you make skins and sell them for mina I think it would only make RP sense to be a tailor or someone making clothes because otherwise that money is just appearing out of nowhere. By the logic of 600 mina being more than what an entire nation costs to upkeep, I believe skins should actually be priced at like 50-150 mina. Also, if I'm paying IRL cash for a skin I hope you're living in photoshop and studying the history of whatever I want you to make. I can copy and paste skins together in 5 minutes on NovaSkin. Plenty of stellar free stuff out there.
  5. Just to add to the conversation about Vortex, the photo attached is Llir's response to messages where I expressed concerns about the plugin. Made me feel more comfortable with the current situation. 

    Vortex Critique Thread - The Lord Of The Craft - Google Chrome 12_31_2020 12_14_19 AM (2).png

  6. As a newly returned player trying to wrap my head around Vortex, it's really sad to see how much its management has failed. Tech team should have had a guide ready on release (no matter if its an early or full release) made by beta testers. I understand it's the holidays, but seeing that it's been a month I believe some kind of information needs to be given. You have a VERY large portion of your playerbase angered. I've seen the "vocal minority doesn't outweigh the playerbase at large" arguement made which is pathetic. EVERY voice in your community should be given weight and this really is a group of around 100 players and there certainly isn't a vocal supportive majority or really any vocal support at all. Vortex proves to be unexciting with how sparse materials are and how hard hunting mobs are to find. The grind is so recognizably large that it feels more useful to players to complain on the forums and ultimately not use the plugin. This grinding is absolutely not something people want on an RP server. I love the economy it creates but you need to allow more freedom to collect the materials players want. Create a larger economy by placing dependencies on top tier profession products instead of making materials so hard to grind for. It seems like there's a lot in store for Vortex and I'm excited for it. I love seeing where this server is headed but it is slightly discouraging to see the lack of response towards criticism from the community. It also feels that the need for a guide should not have been placed in the hands of players especially not at release- this should have been prepared during beta. Seeing the economy it's create is sick and it definitely forces you to act as the profession you desire but the grind is complicated and tedious at a very early stage. Please, for the love of god, just let us know what's up and what you have planned. As someone kind of outside looking in, the playerbase looks like its half hanging within limbo.
  7. When you go to learn about Vortex but all you get from searches are "I hate vortex" posts by users, I think some kind of response is warranted. I'm newly returning to the server and Vortex is interesting but it seems there's been willful ignoring by the staff since the beginning of the plugin's release... that's disheartening to say the least. 

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    2. Covcath | ImpinAintEZ

      Covcath | ImpinAintEZ

      The first thing we need is a staff manual. At this point every guide is outdated and progressing is def confusing. Finding where to find things is such a pain...

    3. Priceflash


      vocal minority does not equal the playerbase at large.

    4. Covcath | ImpinAintEZ

      Covcath | ImpinAintEZ

      It's not really that small of a minority tho, especailly with how many posts (all negative) there are and that disregards glaring problems that have been left undiscussed.

  8. I seriously got out of my chair and jumped around when he pushed her out of the Moon Door.

  9. boop

    Edited by ImpinAintEZ
    1. Proddy


      uhhh no plz stay wherever you are thanks :/

  10. Da server and website dun gone screwy!!!

  11. Is the server down? I can't tell if it's the server or I'm using a different update.

  12. Never bring a semi-automatic, double barreled, buck shot shotgun to a potato fight. That just doesn't make sense!

  13. We are currently rank "?" on Minestatus. HELL YEA!

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