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  1. The Age of Mysteries [OOC]

    Reserved for Venice
  2. 1000 A.D. (OOC)

    Respectfully; 1 & 2) That's your mistake. The Australians are literally more ass backwards than the Mayans, their civilizations is not much past sticks and stones. For them to advance to the point of island hopping is... ridiculous. 3) Sounds like laziness on your end. There are competing Mayan cities, I didn't take "Mayans" broadly, but a single city state. You can fight back against all you want. 4) I have no intention of staying on just my continent :)
  3. 1000 A.D. (OOC)

    if ur gonna let australian **** tribes in, might as well lemme run around central america. aborigines literally so much less civilized then the maya. ur missing out dawg
  4. 1000 A.D. (OOC)

    Application Country/Tribe: The City of Chichen Itza Leader: Tlayolotl Itzamatul [Heart of The Earth who has The Grace of the Skies] Population: 120,000 History: A bustling city in the Northern Maya lowlands, the city of Chichen Itza has become a sprawling metropolis for a dying civilization. As Mayan civilization continues to decline further to the south, Chichen Itza is continuing its rise in the relatively peaceful North. It currently borders two neighbors, Yaxauna and Coba, both of which have been struggling as of late. Chichen Itza has become quite the multi-cultural hub as of late with immigrants from both Central Mexico and refuges from Southern Mexico continue to move toward it with the hope of finding better lives there. Do you have Discord?: Yeah, but I ain't gonna use that so just add me on Skype or something.
  5. 1000 A.D. (OOC)

    Nah bruh if people can be Australian tribes I want to be fuckin mayans The mayans are DOPE
  6. 1000 A.D. (OOC)

    can i be the mayans
  7. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Erakat Caliphate Year 2149 Population: 754,500 Shipyards: 7, 3 Fahd Erakat leaned against the soft cushion jutting out from the otherwise rough mahogany surface in front of him. He wagged his finger in the air, motioning to the Maltese-human bartender on the other side of the dim room on the Maltese homeworld. The man moved briskly over to the Crown Prince of the Erakat Caliphate, “What’ll it be this time?” “Another one of those Manhattan Ice Teas…” The Crown Prince mumbled. It was one of his first times drinking alcohol; a banned substance in Eadni space. Fahd needed it though, the death of his lover at the hands of his father affected him far more than he let on publicly and this new substance seemed like an effective way to cope, or at least that’s what the Maltese manservant said. ---- Salman Erakat once again found himself in that lonely golden corvette, zipping through the void to do more of his decrepit father’s business. He couldn’t help but lament his time in the infidel’s space, their vile haram and incompetence disgusted him. This trip at least partially excited him though - it was his first time traveling outside the Milky Way. ---- A junior officer stumbled into Commander Hussein Al Noor’s office only to find the engineer’s head resting softly atop his desk, his right cheek pressed against a stack of mechanical blueprints. Behind him through a massive window, the Grand Shipyard hummed with activity in the bustling orbit over Amal. This wasn’t a new sight to the junior officer, Ezedeen Reem. Without ceremony, the young officer exited the room and prepared the Commander’s typical morning meal: Arabian Coffee with dates, Shakshuka, and Nan with chocolate and honey. The coffee’s aroma coaxed the exhausted Commander out of his napping but not before he subconsciously began to drool over the first paper in the massive stack. Seeing moisture gather over his sketches, Hussein jolted back in his chair, roughly thumbing over the wet spot in an effort to preserve the geometric equations, images, and technical readouts. “Sabah al Khair, Commander...” Midshipman Ezedeen nodded respectfully before setting down the tray in front of the Commander and beside the stack of papers. “Ahlan, Ezedeen.” Hussein sighed, scooting his seat up closer to the edge of the table to avoid spilling any of the chocolate on his already filthy uniform. “What time is it?” “Ahhh….” The junior officer quickly checked his wrist implant, “It’s 6am, Commander.” Ezedeen paused, stepping closer over the desk and looking over the documents. “Why do you insist on doing your work on paper Commander?” “It keeps me focused, I get too distracted otherwise Ezedeen. You’d be prudent to do the same.” Hussein took a long sip from the coffee, looking over his work from the previous evening. “I made a lot of progress last night on the reactor core of the Leviathan, I’m interested in seeing how these designs will perform in today’s simulation experiments.” AP Expenditures & Actions Available AP: 112 - An expansion to the Western Shipyard on the frontier of Eadni space is made this year, bolstering the production capacity of the Eadni once more. This is another prong of the massive rearmament project commissioned by the Admiralty in 2146 [10]. - In accordance with that same rearmament project, a massive fleet order is put in to the Grand Shipyard at Amal. Two heavy cruisers, three light cruisers, seven destroyers, eleven Frigates, and twelve corvettes are built and commissioned into the fleet by the end of the year. Manpower is produced in droves to supplement such another massive increase in fleet capabilities [89]. - Already scheduled for an upgrade since its inception, resources are spent to upgrade the B4-M3 “Sandstorm” bomber to a far more capable variant [5]. - Research continues on an entirely new class of ship, the Leviathan. Commander Hussein Al Noor heads the engineering team developing the project, and right now the chief focus is on integrating various new and innovative technologies into a ship of such a scale [5]. - To supplement the new class of ship and a reformed navy, research begins on practically applying ribalite. As of right now, the resource appears rather… useless. The Eadni hope to change that - quickly [3]. - A joint Union diplomatic mission is sent to the Slavic Federation (encounter please). - The Erakat Caliphate announces its existence to the rest of the galaxy and declares that it will no longer associate itself, or the Union of the Lily of the Crescent at large, with the Human Coalition. They shall be considered a neutral party and invite all alien nations to trade and interact with them. - L.S.A.A., a large private corporation based out of Amal, continues to sell its goods while finally acknowledging its true origins. Business as usual for the fake clones. The Darkul are once again contacted to continue sales as well as the Backhatta. Given the effectiveness of LSAA bombers against the Ymorians, the Ymorians are contacted and asked if they would be interested in buying their own bombers and fighters to counter the Darkul, and vice versa. So continues the life of a merchant of death. - Eadn colonizes a new system, this one to the southwest, near the edge of the galactic frontier. - Exploration takes place (encounter please).
  8. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Union of the Lily & The Crescent Anno Domini MMCXLVIII سنة ٢١٤٨ As the Erakat Caliphate prepares to once again embrace the galactic community, it finds a friend in the Maltese Holy Reign. In the days prior to the fall of the Holy Kingdom, collaboration between the Eadni and Maltese made possible various diplomatic and technological advances impossible for either nation, or any other human state for that matter, to complete on their own. Because of the incredible bond forged between these two peoples through both war and peace, the Erakat’s saw fit to select the Maltese as the Caliphate’s chief partner in introducing themselves once again to humanity, and with the collapse of relations with the rest of the Interstellar Accord, the Habsburgs turned to the Caliphate to become its greatest ally once again. --- Pillars of the Union I. Mutual Defense Both nations pledge to defend one another in the case of conflict whether the threat human or alien. The full naval forces of both nations stand primed to strike in defense of the new Union. II. Trade Partnership For the first time since the collapse of the Holy Kingdom, the Caliphate will begin openly trading with a human nation. Maltese ships will be given access to Caliphate controlled regions and transport goods freely between the Caliphate and Maltese space, and vice versa. III. Research Collaboration While no requirements shall be decreed about technology sharing, projects between Maltese and Eadni researchers are encouraged and will be well funded by both governments. This research spans all fields with no special focus given to any sector. IV. Religious Dialogue Despite doctrinal differences between the state religions of Malta and Eadn, religious leaders from both nations decided to maintain strong dialogue and education on the respective religions of their peoples. This includes frequent conferences, open religious debate, and thorough discussion about Abrahamic religion’s place in the twenty-second century. V. Commitment to Combat With the knowledge that past conflicts could have been won with a heavier focus on discipline and acting in accordance with naval doctrine, the Eadni and Maltese jointly agree that any retreats from battle are to be ordered only, and by all, admiral or general level commanders present at the engagement. “...a sacrilegious union of the lily and the crescent”
  9. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Caliph Nassef Erakat drummed the fingers of his right hand along his old wooden desk as he leaned back in his leathery chair. The old man sighed, looking at the clock above the elegant doorway to his office. He shook his head with a sigh, “Late again.” He rose from his chair gently, the aging muscles in his back and knees ached from the stress of even minor movements now. Nassef bent as low as his back would allow as he opened a small cupboard, his quivering hands slowly retrieving a cigar from an elegant golden box. Smoking became a guilty pleasure of the Caliph’s during his time as a student in Northern Italy. His mind drifted as he settled back into his seat, smoking always brought him back to his youth. He remembered the circumstances of his personal exodus vividly. Capitalizing on the divisions in the Islamic world as a result of a massive war between the Greater Kingdom of Arabia and Iran, Israel quickly swept through Palestine in 2078, brutally crushing any Islamic opposition in the region. The war left him, and thousands of other Palestinian families, flat broke and with no welcome home. Nassef’s mother and father refused to remain in the Jewish state and used what funds remained in their name to desperately sail across the Mediterranean to the island of Sicily. Upon arriving, the Erakat family kept their heads low as they struggled to learn the language. Because of his young age, Nassef quickly picked up the language and rapidly became the family’s chief translator, forcing him to become an adult at a very young age. He remembered the ridicule he faced from the Sicilian children in school, how they picked on him for his religion and accent. He wanted nothing more than to go home… but he could never go home, for he was not welcome. He was an incredibly bright child, but school bored him and he barely scraped by with below-average grades. While in school, Nassef scraped together money through odd jobs, most of which involved rather suspect activity. The money that he acquired afforded him with enough savings to get a college education, escaping the impoverished island of Sicily in 2088 at the age of 18. From Sicily, Nassef travelled to Florence where he studied both economic and political theory at The Lorenzo de Medici School. Graduating near the top of his class, Nassef returned to Sicily eager to help lift his mother out of poverty now that he had a degree, but she died soon after his return. With nothing keeping him in Italy any longer, Nassef decided to move his Sicilian wife, Angela, and himself to Neom, the sprawling cultural center of the Islamic world along the Red Sea, in 2096. Not long after the announcement of the Arabian Ark, Nassef worked tirelessly to get himself and his wife on board. Using the entirety of his savings, Nassef successfully posed as a wealthy Syrian-Italian businessman who made his money in Artificial Intelligence. Through some miracle, Nassef and Angela Erakat made it onto the ark. Several years passed on Eadn as both Nassef and Angela worked their way up the social ladder, naturally bearing two children, Fahd and Salman, in 2112 and 2117 respectively. Fahd and Salman were among the few children illegally born naturally on the colony, the rest of which had been wiped out in the purges that Nassef himself imposed after the Calamity… and now one of them was late for a meeting with his father. The door burst open as Fahd, the Crown Prince of the Caliphate, entered the smokey room. Caliph Erakat said nothing, his disappointment in his son clear as he took a long drag from the cigar. Fahd bowed respectfully, “Fathe-” “Caliph,” Nassef corrected. Fahd awkwardly rubbed his hand against his leg as he sat, “Caliph, my apologies for being late.. It’s just there’s so much going on in the palace and…” “Spare me your excuses, Fahd...” Nassef sighed, looking over his son. Such a disappointment, Fahd. A feeble man of 35, Fahd spent much of his time partying and drinking with the elite of Eadni society. A known trouble-maker, Fahd found himself often at the mercy of his father. “...and listen carefully.” “Na’am, my Caliph.” Fahd responded quickly, settling into his chair. “It’s come to my attention that you’ve met a girl, Fahd. That she’s rather beautiful, and that you’ve grown quite fond of her.” Nassef looked away from his eldest son, tapping out ashes from his cigar in an ornate ebony ashtray. “What’s her name?” “Samira,” Fahd’s face shone as one’s does when they speak of anything they feel passionately about. “She’s so beautiful… and smart. She works as an engineer! Right now she’s helping the Navy draft their newest classification of ship…” Fahd smirks, clearly smitten. “She needs to die now.” Nassef stated this blankly, looking over his son for any sign of rebellion. Fahd only returned a gaze of pure shock and horror, his hand moving to his face as he scratched his beard. “You told her something about you that nobody, not even those you love, can ever know. You told her you’re not a clone, Fahd.” “But… how do you..” “I know my subjects, and you are one of those subjects, Fahd.” Nassef coughed after a particularly long drag on his cigar, tapping out more ash. “By disclosing this information, you put not only my reign but eventually yours at risk, Fahd.” “My Caliph, you cannot do this! I am in love with her and she wouldn’t tell a soul she…” Fahd’s voice trails as Nassef turns his computer screen toward Fahd, showing a live feed of Samira’s apartment. In an instant, the door to her small room barrels over as armed CSF agents burst into the room, quickly gunning her down before she even knew what was happening. Nassef leaned forward, putting out his cigar in the ashtray. He looked at Fahd, “Don’t make me have to clean up any more of your messes.” -------------------- Salman Erakat peered out of the window of a diplomatic vessel into the vastness of God’s creation ahead of him. The ship quickly approached a massive gas giant, a view that new quite got old to the young Deputy Prime Minister. His eyes scanned the behemoth in an attempt to behold the beauty of it, but before he could adequately appreciate it, his ship zipped along past it, continuing on its predetermined course. Entirely alone in the corvette, Salman spoke as he continued his stargazing. “Aziza, how far are we?” “About 30 more minutes until arrival, Mister Erakat.” The ship’s virtual assistant, Aziza, piped up from nowhere. Standard to every Caliphate vessel, the virtual assistant dutifully served its masters, though in truth, she was the master. On the glass in front of him, Aziza, without orders, magnified a pale blue dot far off into space, showing data gathered on the distant planet from previous scans as well as a detailed 3D image of the planet itself. “Thank you Aziza, would you mind playing my music for me?” Aziza did not respond, but nearly instantaneously music began to flow out of several speakers in the ship, filling Salman’s cabin with sounds from home. Salman smiled, turning away from the window and sitting down at a desk carved into the thick itoron walls of the otherwise rather empty quarters established for him. Travelling on a ship alone proved lonely, but he managed to pass the time through extensive study; an activity which he rather enjoyed. At the desk were various accounts of the nation that he planned on visiting and details about its current state of affairs. Intelligence reports, readouts of their technological capabilities… everything he needed to know and more. He admired the great attention to detail that the C.S.F. had in such affairs, a meticulous nature that derived from their overseer - Salman’s father. The Caliph constantly reminded both Fahd and Salman of their duty to act only when they had the knowledge to do so, and hee stated rather bluntly after the Calamity that it largely occurred due to the Sultan’s own lapses in intelligence. Such failures would not occur again as long as the Erakat family dominated Eadni politics. Salman thumbed through the documents again, moving rather lazily through the pages until one page in particular caught his eye. A favorite from his first reading, the heading for this read Diplomatic Failures of The State. Salman smirked at that, setting aside the other pages as he held this one up for a second thorough read through. The document described, in detail, the various failures of this particular government and its successor rather bluntly. Salman contemplated making a copy to present to whomever might greet him upon landing, but decided not to do so as they might take this as a slight and sour the entire visit. Instead he would keep the document to himself. A shame, he thought. This document would prove incredibly valuable to them, for it possessed the knowledge of their mistakes and the opportunity to recognize them to avoid them again. Salman resolved upon his return to the Caliphate to request such an inquiry be made on the government of the Sultan… and the Caliph.
  10. Onward Player's Lore Index (Non-Official)

    The Erakat Caliphate Capital City: Amal And Largest City Official Language: Arabic Ethnic Groups: Arab - 100% Religion: Sunni Islam Government: Unitary Islamic Absolute Monarchy Legislature: Mu'tamar Al Shaeb Establishment: 2142 Currency: Dinar I. History 1. Before the Foundation of The Erakat Caliphate a. The Holy Kingdom of Eadn Established as the successor state to the Kingdom of Greater Arabia (a union of the sovereign states of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the UAE), the Holy Kingdom of Eadn carried the collective hopes of all Arab states into the stars. The founders of the new Kingdom ambitiously sought to reshape the definition of humanity, enacting innovative cloning programs in an effort to reform society. Cloning proved incredibly effective as the Eadni population quickly swelled, surpassing many other human survivor states. Militarily, the Holy Kingdom of Eadn was well known for its rapid naval buildup and significant investment in weapons enhancement. For a time, their navy was the envy of the human states and capable of handling threats with relative ease. That power propelled them to the forefront of human politics, allowing them to form the Human Cooperative, the largest human alliance the galaxy has yet seen. Unfortunately for the Eadni, the power that the Cooperative allowed them to yield quickly lulled the rising empire into complacency; an affliction that ultimately resulted in their demise. b. The Battle of Utopie Fought over the planet of Utopie, the capital colony of the Frontier Colony Affiliation, the Battle of Utopie [2141] saw the fleet of the Eadni Navy swiftly knocked out by the Thulean Republic in a masterful stroke of deception. The battle erupted following intelligence acquired by the Human Cooperative from one of its minor members, the Imperium of Man, indicated that the Frontier Colony Affiliation appeared to be betraying the alliance in favor of siding with a newly formed federation, the Dominion of Man. Seizing upon the opportunity to assert their dominance and position of supremacy over the rest of the human survivor states, the Eadni Navy, along with T.H.C. allies, mobilized to discipline the F.C.A. The combined fleets of the Solarin Federation, Thulean Republic, Holy Kingdom of Eadn, Free Human Technocracy, and Asgardian Republic arrived in system to minimal resistance. Defending Affiliation ships warped out of the system and appeared to surrender, opening Utopie itself to bombardment of military targets. The fleet approached the planet, comprised of several battleships and heavy cruisers. Just prior to the beginning of the engagement, those large ships suddenly erupted into flame and explosions as Trizendrium canisters rigged to explode by the Thulean Republic destroyed the collective firepower of the T.H.C. fleet. Moments after this explosion, dozens of ships from Hephaestus Enterprises, the United States of Arcturus, and the F.C.A. appeared in system, preparing to engage the now crippled T.H.C. fleet. Almost immediately, the core T.H.C. fleets abandoned the system, submitting to an ultimatum to surrender in order to avoid destruction, leaving only the Eadni ships orbiting Utopie. In an act of defiance, the Eadni quickly disposed of the meager Thulean fleet and then carried out a vicious orbital bombardment of the planet before facing total elimination at the hands of the H.E. and American fleet. c. Mercenaries Sack the Holy Planet As the Battle of Utopie raged on, scanners on the fringes of the home system of the Holy Kingdom picked up a fleet of significant size warping in. A mercenary fleet hired by the Han Dominion, it quickly moved to eliminate several orbital structures constructed by the Eadni. Most notably, the mercenaries eliminated the massive shipyard possessed by Eadn which at the time was the largest possessed by a human state. After quickly disposing of the orbital stations, the fleet hovered above the holy planet. The people on the surface entered into a panic upon seeing the foreign vessels, whipping themselves into a frenzy. Most of that hysteria stemmed from the fact that the leading powers of the Holy Kingdom, the Sultan and his High Court, refused to reveal the existence of aliens outside of the Karass Dominion and the existence of other human colonies. All seemed lost for the Eadni until a deal saved the Kingdom. 2. 2142 - The Fall of the Old Regime, Rise of the Erakats After the Eadni-Arabs arrived on their new homeworld, Amal, unrest set in almost immediately. For years, the Sultan and his advisors lied to the people and almost immediately those people turned on him when those secrets came out. At the onset of the uprising however, the Sultan appeared to still hold enough power to keep his position as the Eadni Navy and Army both supported his rule, initially keeping the population at bay. Soon though the Erakat Family, a wealthy civilian family who made their money through weapons sales and cloning facilities, began to win over generals and admirals through their influence and bribes. Upon losing his arms, Sultan Khalifa al-Saud quickly found himself powerless to a popular revolution, sweeping him aside and establishing Nassef Erakat as the first Caliph of the new Erakat Caliphate. Caliph Erakat immediately went about reforming the Eadni-Arab society, enacting a policy of eliminating all remaining Earthborn Eadni. His justification for this cleansing was simple: the Sultan and his High Court were Earthborn so subsequently they were naturally inclined to desire to undermine the will of the new Caliphate. Given the nature of his ascension and his command of absolute loyalty over the military, Erakat’s reforms were executed swiftly. In a more ambitious second reform, the Erakats then went about purging the military establishment rather swiftly, replacing them with loyal clones more capable of serving Erakat interests. Though met with more resistance, the Erakats prevailed and established the Reformed Navy of the Caliphate, II. Politics Coming Soon III. Military Coming Soon IV. Culture Coming Soon V. Geography Coming Soon VI. Monarchs Caliphs Caliph Nassef Erakat (2142-Present) Crown Princes Fahd Erakat (2142-Present) Deputy Crown Princes/Second-in-Line Salman Erakat(2142-Present)
  11. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    THE LSAA 2147 PRODUCT UNVEILING Sandstorm Class Bomber B4-M3 The third and final model before production commenced, the B4-M3 is a state-of-the-art bomber. Engineered jointly by a team of LSAA and Federation researchers, it possesses a vicious array of offensive capabilities and a tough skin to boot. The B4-M3 is fitted to carry large payloads of all sorts into battle. Alternatively, is capable of being deployed for fast raids due to its powerful warp drive, outranging most fighters and some lesser craft. Crew: 1x Pilot 1x Co-Pilot - Warp Calibrator, Radioman 1x Bombardier 1x Tail Gunner Flight: The B4-M3 possesses an incredibly efficient vertical flight mode. It does sacrifice some of these capabilities though in exchange for additional stabilizers and more processing power dedicated to smooth flight and stunningly good controls for a heavy duty bomber. Armament: 2x Front-facing Houston Rail-Cannons w/various types of ammo: Used primarily against static or ground targets, they add additional clout to the B4-M3 in combat situations where the enemy gets in range of the cannons devastating firepower. Effective against large ships, space stations, ground targets or any pilot foolish enough to set his ship in their sights. 2x Rattler Laser Chain Guns - Back-Facing Ball Turret: A defensive ball turret positioned at the back of the B4-M3 with additional shielding layered on it. Uses VITC to assist the gunner. Multi-Yield Bomb bay - The B4-M3 possesses the capacity to deliver a huge variety of destructive ordinance. From all manner of torpedo to missiles, guided or unguided bombs as well as a collection of less conventional weapons. All guided by the Bombardier with the aid of the VITC. 2x Point Defense Arrays - One on top, one on the bottom of the ship. Defenses: -Dual-phased shielding -Thick itoron armor in strategic places, normal in the others. Others: -Warp capability -Modular -One Medium and one small Xylorite reactor to power the many demanding systems on board the bomber. The Rattler II Laser Rifle An upgrade to the original Rattler Rifle, the Rattler II comes with an increased power system for great power and penetration. Rattler rifles already serve in various roles throughout the galaxy, and the Rattler II will prove to be a worthy successor to its legacy.
  12. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    “Lieutenant Halabi, the Reformed Navy of the Caliphate welcomes your interest in re-enlisting in the fleet. Your service in the old Navy proved invaluable… according to our records.” The interviewer smiled coldly, his eyes scanning the tablet in front of him which displayed Lieutenant Kaliq Halabi’s service record in the Imperial Eadni Navy. “It’s been too long. I want to serve my country honorably again, inshallah.” Halabi stated flatly, gazing blankly back at the interviewer, his mind drifting far from that small room in the Naval Headquarters toward a small moon in empty space thousands of lightyears away. “Lieutenant Halabi, might we discuss why you chose to leave the service in the first place?” The interviewer observed the empty look in the aging pilot’s eyes, writing something quickly on the tablet. Halabi snapped back to attention, meeting the interviewer’s gaze. “I wanted to return to my family for some time, I had finished a long tour of duty and had a way out. Why wouldn’t I go?” Halabi sighed, his mind drifting again. He still remembered the events of that day vividly. ---- Climbing into his Falcon I fighter aboard the Hayreddin Barbarossa, he looked to his left to see his friend Amir saluting him in jest. Amir and Halabi received admission into the Eadni Naval Academy together and grew alongside one another as pilots while the Imperial Eadni Navy burgeoned in size. Their friendship became close and they served on several tours of duty with one another, notably sharing a bomber during the conflict with the Galaronians and Karass Rebels. “Stay safe out there, Halabi!” Amir shouted across the hanger before closing the thick glass cockpit window, giving a wave to his friend. Halabi smiled, doing the same and preparing for takeoff. Orange lights aboard the Hayreddin Barbarossa signaled that the fighter wing could safely take off and in a few moments, Halabi along with 100 other Falcon I fighters entered formation in deep space, preparing to warp to aid in some science experiment gone wrong, according to their superiors. ---- “Lieutenant Halabi?” The interviewer looked at Halabi with a tinge of doubt, his fingers rolling against the side of the elegant marble table at which the two men sat. “You merely didn’t want to serve? The incident at C74-II didn’t have anything to do with your decision?” Halabi couldn’t help but frown a bit at the mentioning of the battle. He sighed, looking toward the interviewer. “No, C74 did not influence my decision to leave the Navy. Frankly, C74 reinforced why I was needed, sir. It was an example of why we’re so important. What if we didn’t stop that thing on that moon? What if it got to the Holy City? We exist so our people can leave in peace.” Halabi nodded after this, as if to assure himself that he truly believed what he was saying… or at least appear like he did to his superior. ---- Again his mind drifted away to that conversation back to that desolate space so many years ago. Halabi and the rest of the fighter wing entered warp together, emerging a few hundred kilometers away from the moon. Near the moon, a large Eadni frigate sat idly for a moment before warping out, revealing the outline of the small moon. Upon first glance, nothing appeared out of the ordinary and scans revealed nothing significant in nature. As Halabi and the rest of the squadron approached though, they watched in amazement as the surface of the entire moon seemed to shift and glimmer like a giant silvery ocean. Structures began to emerge from the sleek surface and creatures of all shapes moved anxiously across the surface of the new ocean. A massive figure appeared soon after, humanoid in shape. Nearly as tall as one of the largest buildings in Eadni city, the creature turned its frightening red gaze toward the incoming fighter wing. “Can you believe this?” Amir’s voice rang through Halabi’s radio, the astonishment in his voice clear as day. “What the hell did the spooks do to it?” ---- “According to battle logs from the encounter, you were one of eight to make it out alive. Is that true, Lieutenant Halabi?” Halabi straightened himself up in his chair, nodding silently. “I am.” He said coldly. ---- Not long after Amir’s exclamation, the beast opened its massive maw and an incredible red beam engulfed nearly half of the fighter wing, vaporizing them in an instant. The rest of the fight was a blur to Halabi. Weapons spinning, engage! Amir, you’ve got drones on you! Get out! Amir get out! It’s getting ready to fire another blast! ****! Halabi, on me. We’re bringing this fucker down…. We got em! We…. ---- “Do you think that fight will affect your service in the Reformed Navy, Lieutenant?” “No.”
  13. Enjoying the new LoTC. Freebuild is great, no Nexus is great. 

  14. is this new map thing up yet im tryna RP

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  15. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    From the Archives of the National Library at Madinat Amal The Caliphate of Abdullah al-Mansur: Geography & History Volume I Chapter III: The Home World, Amal An enhanced image of the desert world of Amal taken by the Harun Satellite, circa. 2144 Overview Settled in 2143, Amal acts as the cradle of Eadni civilization after The Calamity. A world covered mostly in vast deserts and savannas, the planet proves remarkably reminiscent of that first cradle of the Eadni, Arabia. Upon arrival vast ecological and geographic surveys began in order to better understand the new capital of the Caliphate. The results of these surveys proved incredibly promising, yielding an extensive amount of natural resources that ensured prosperity during the early years of Eadni settlement. Though Eadni are spread out across the planet in small settlements, two major metropolises act as the seat of culture and civilization. Madinat Amal serves as the beating heart of the Caliphate. From this city, the Caliph and the Mutamar issue the laws of the Caliphate and declare the policies that inevitably bring about prosperity to the people. The city is located in the heart of the continent of Al Arabiya Al Kabira and is straddled on either side by two rivers, the Kamal and the Al’Noor. Across the vast Al Muhit al Hadi Al Jadida on the continent of Harara, one finds the cultural center of the Caliphate, Al Jeddah. The more populous of the two cities, Al Jeddah sits on the coast and acts as the commercial capital of the Caliphate on Amal as well. Just beyond the city limits, one can begin to see the faint shadow of the massive Jabil Mudhhila mountain range. The range effectively separates the connected continents of Harara and Medinati, rising thousands of feet into the air. The mountains prove an incredibly popular tourist destination where thousands flock for skiing throughout the year. In orbit above the homeworld, two large structures currently dominate the skies of Amal. The Grand Shipyard of the Caliphate employees thousands of workers and affords the Reformed Navy of The Caliphate with production capabilities unlike anything the previous regime might have conceived. It’s size and scale, at least according to pre-Calamity records, prove unmatched among other known human civilizations. To protect that shipyard and the homeworld itself, the second structure, Shajarat Eadni Al Jadida, provides massive firing support against incoming threats. Continents - Al Arabiya Al Kabira - Harara - Medinati Oceans - Al Muhit al Hadi al Jadida - Al Atlasiu al Jadida - Janub Al Muhit - Al Muhit Al Shamaliu Major Cities - Madinat Amal [Capital] - Al Jeddah Population [!] Somebody seems to have crossed this part out, it is unintelligible!