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  1. mdhegs


    At a young age he went by the name of Talvion. In-fact he was what you would call a normal high elf boy. He was born into the Maehr’tehral bloodline in the city of Okarn’thillin. He enjoyed studying in the various libraries around town, and had a knack for science. He was well educated in the Mali’aheral culture, and was taught at a young age the purity of his race. His parents valued his education, and sought to apply him to various different schools and trades. He went through his youth without getting into much trouble. Honestly, it would have been difficult for him to get into trouble in the first place. His family felt that he would be the safest if they kept him shielded away from the outside world. They did everything that they could to make sure that he remained within the city walls. They taught him that a pure Mali’aheral has no business outside the city walls. This kept him so isolated that he missed many current events. He missed several wars, such as the 3rd Atlas Coalition War. He lived a fairly normal life for about 35 years, but then things got bad. A force known as the Vaeyl caused a catastrophic event. The Vaeyl began to cover Atlas in a violent blizzard. A group of rebel Vaeyl assisted the people in escaping the threat. It was a rough and arduous journey, but they pushed through. They arrived on a new Continent by the name of Arcas. This was a difficult time for his people. Eventually they built a mighty city by the name of Berr’lin. Things were good after this. It left a lot of opportunities open, even with he lack of many schools like before. Now he had a better form of inspiration, an unexplored world. This would be good because at the age of fifty he is supposed to write a book to gain citizenship and to own his own room in the tower. At the age of 51 he decided that it was time to leave the city walls. It was time to experience this new realm, as there was so much to learn. This would be a perfect opportunity to gain the inspiration for his book. ((My skin is a temp skin while I have one professionally made.))
  2. [ O .__. O ]

  3. Sneak peak of my next drawing... http://gyazo.com/a0d3c050fb165d8947cc5b5cf9a13b1d

    1. Leetles


      ... oh wow! Awesome.

    2. Ever


      that's a funny lookin' cat

  4. "My Sun...is setting... It's dark.....so dark." -Solaire

  5. Taking a long break from lotc again, farewell! -waves as he fades away into irl-

    1. Aengoth


      Best of luck

    2. Hiebe


      didnt even knwo you were back lol, bye bye vet

    1. Ali Renegade

      Ali Renegade

      Wow well now i know what Titania has been doing since she is no longer an elf.

  6. Ended up finishing the drawing early... Think I'm gonna make an art page soon... http://gyazo.com/eca150a3b3502d6c154466ee9a32b998

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      Ooooh, impressive~ Nice.

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