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  1. funniest part of this thread is that no real flays or reivers have even commented
  2. ill have you know im a real big deal on minemenclub
  3. i appreciate that you keep your phone charged 🙂
  4. virgin everybody else vs the chad snowy fields guard dont even need a graphic for you dogs to know your place
  5. Vaq's plugin was actually good and everyone liked it when he first added it, the crafting **** wasn’t even there originally it was just an MCMMO style skill plugin that didn’t really limit the player. Then he started doing dumb **** like making low level iron armour craft with no durability, making it so you couldn’t regen, etc. and ruined it. A plugin that gives you bonuses for levelling up but doesn’t lock out basic gameplay mechanics is what we need.
  6. “Beware the Ides of Haraccus.” A soothsayer would tell @Icarnus Sarkozic.
  7. “lol im happy your skygod friends saved you again i guess?” says tylos
  8. “Unconstitutional.” rules the Orenian Supreme Court.
  9. do any of my fellow minemen remember this 

  10. ((Wait wasn’t Maur the leader of the FOA for ages? thought you were in charge before that guy x01 erp’d with Shoi for leadership))
  11. Tylos’ brows furled as his cerulean orbs gazed upon the worn and tattered parchment on which the tale was recounted. His long spindly digits, stiffening with age, fidgeted and toyed with the tatterdemalion page, the charcoal black ink smudging and mixing in with the faded yellow colour of the vellum whereon it was inscribed. A small tear ripped its way through the fragile calf-skin page as the aging man read on, his tired orbs straining to decipher the faded letters and runes, his orbsight not being what it used to be. Beside him a dying candle flickered, leaving the page and and wooden desk-top aglow with its orange light as its dying flame warmed the knobbly digits of the senescent man. Through a thin muslin curtain affixed to a sturdy wooden beam which lied athwart the top of the window, his silhouette would be apparent to any passing by along the worn cobblestone path of the oft-busy street outside, although at this hour it was empty and lifeless. Despite that, one with keen orbs could see the occasional shadow rush through the darkness of the night, surely fleeting glimpses of ne’er-do-wells out breaking curfew, or perhaps merely felines prowling in the quiet of the night. “Hmm.” he said.
  12. “First Adrian Helvets stole the Fieldmarshal’s name, then he stole his heart.” a man remarks, learning of Lord Sarkozic’s newfound love for Kaedrin.
  13. “The last Dwarf with a pair of balls died in the siege of Mynebor.”
  14. Yo bro if the game doesn’t work out I think you could really excel in Human Resources.
  15. how long ago since u joined u sure ur on the same account?
  16. “Hi could you please leave OOC to a minimum thanks.” says man
  17. LOL flamboyant thinking he can still play lore god after his resignation 

    1. Dewlox


      Old habbits die hard.

    2. ScreamingDingo


      flam is just my alternate account.

    3. Raomir


      dude was a megaflop LOL

  18. “Uncle Toms.” a Dwarf grumbles.
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