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  1. think we should ban murder rp too murder is illegal irl do we really want to be teaching impressionable young teens that killing people is ok think this is something telanir should address
  2. Tylos is suddenly happy his side lost the war.
  3. “’Godfrey III of the House of Cascadia’” Tylos quotes, grinning from ear to ear, “GOD SAVE THE EMPEROR.”
  4. Tylos notes the time on his Saint’s Clock, surprised at how reasonable is the hour. “It is good to have Ænglish kings.” he smiles.
  5. i wanna be remembered as a snowy fields watchman my one and only true vocation
  6. "My buddy here once wrestled a bear to death, ladies."
  7. “How did he predict his own death?” a horrified man asks, slamming his head furiously against his table as he searches for an answer.
  8. LT are consistently the most inept and useless staff team. Every few months they embark on a righteous quest to rewrite the same lore for the 1000th time, contradict everything they wrote the last time, retcon every piece of old lore, and turn the narrative into even more of a confusing contradictory mess each time. Can’t wait until they reveal that Aegis was non-canon.
  9. Is the wandering wizard really non-canon now or is that just a meme

    1. Harold


      how can something that happened be non-canon?

    2. shoahinsnowyfields


      that’s what’d be so stupid about it, but they have retconned **** that happened before so you never know

  10. “Norlanders have been going on about Horens and dragon worship for ages now. I’d bet my life it’s Norlandic propaganda.”
  11. “Norlandic propaganda. Horen never fucked a dragon thank you very much.” Tylos says as he ponders where he heard of a name like Aevan running around with dragons before. “Also that language is not little known, it’s Flexio, the entire Church speaks it. The tomb reads something along the lines of: ‘Here lies Aevan of New Carrandal, commanding general of under the sign of the Second Dragon, champion of Horen, defender of mankind’. The fact that author is trying to pass off basic Flexio as some unknown and forgotten language is further proof that he’s merely trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes. This ‘Aevan’ has never been mentioned anywhere else, a bit strange that this general would be seen as Horen's number 2 and manage to fly off to some new continent a million miles away, and yet never neither he himself nor the continent he found were mentioned in recorded history. Seems far more likely that this archaologist is just faking finds for more funding, or to further some agenda.” He’d continue.
  12. "I shan't forget his treason against His Imperial Majesty, but a man of honour he was nevertheless. May he and his brother find rest in the Seven Skies," Tylos would comment hearing of the death, referring to the TRUE Emperor Joseph of Marna of course.
  13. “How short are the centuries of the pagan elves, wasted in pointless and vain pursuits, compared to the eternity enjoyed by the ‘short-lived’ men of GOD.” a fellow Canonist comments
  14. what the **** some people just deserve to get put against a wall and shot
  15. "The Haas cabal must be destroyed."
  16. “The schism starts and ends with a Daniel. Poetic.”
  17. No it doesn't. No one's going to defend a pedo. The only thing protecting them is people refusing to out them.
  18. Like how House Horen aren't even Horen's closest descendents.
  19. Never met any honest to God freaks in my 8 years here. Just stay away from ERPers, I'm convinced you have to be some way fucked in the head for that and it's no coincidence that's where all these types congregate. I mean no 14 year old's gonna be scarred for life by hearing "****".
  20. i spent half an hour holding down spacebar and trying desperately to swim to shore between rubber-bands after my boat spontaneously combusted in the middle of the lake all that not to drown like my fallen bros a slaughter i will never 5get
  21. nexus was a shitty grindfest that didn’t create rp at all. no one ever rp'd hiring a guy to make them a furnace or give them food, they just ran around asking for it in LOOC. because asking for a guy to give you a furnace is shitty rp and it would take forever. and if you didnt have people giving you free iron and **** you were just never getting anywhere in professions like blacksmithing. nations would pick their blacksmith and funnel free iron to him and you were just never gonna catch up until the end of the map if you were lucky. having different levels of gear was cooler and more interesting than just straight iron, but the highest tiers were also way too op, and overall it was not worth how restrictive nexus was and how much it favoured grinding away for weeks instead of rp’ing. if they ever add back a skill plugin it should be one that gives you bonuses for leveling up but doesn’t restrict normal gameplay at low levels.
  22. “'And GOD made man equal in all things' refers to the fact that, in the eyes of God, commoners and nobles are equal and shall receive the same judgement and reward or punishment in the afterlife. Not whatever gender equality nonsense you’re raving about. It’s Renatus that has female generals.” says Tylos
  23. not actually a joke song i just think it’s really cool
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