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  1. AMA

    why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?
  2. Reenable overworld mining

    fair enough if it does, but all the lag started long after mining was disabled. it's must be some new plugin they have that's causing it. or ddos'ing maybe idk.
  3. The Battles of High Plains

    "Why ladej heff fireplace in bathroom?" a very confused yet telepathic Ivan would ask
  4. Reenable overworld mining

    I don't know about you bro but I mine underground. I find more ore that way.
  5. there is still no inflation. the price of goods is not rising. read a book.
  6. [Naútēs] Human-Subrace

    how do you plan on rp'ing underwater m8
  7. Reenable overworld mining

    why was it disabled in the first place
  8. (Open Discussion) Why OOC is ****

    low IQ lmfao get a ******* grip
  9. Too Many Monkbread

    There has never been food rp and no one has ever made a living off selling food ever. Stop with this meme
  10. Inflation and free food

    There is no inflation and never has been. Prices are going down and always do because there is an infinite supply of every item. That's deflation. We need tons of money constantly being pumped in to balance it. And what's with the /bread hate? If you want to waste time gathering food to deal with what is quite possibly the single most annoying and pointless mechanic out there, more power to you. But let me eat my ******* food. Doesn't affect you in any way, and limiting food does not create RP(how tf are you guy already forgetting 3 years of Nexus?)
  11. [Restart Magic] Magexit

    Remove magic and then remove magic lore and apps. Quick reminder that in Aegis we had no magic apps or lore but we still had a thousand times less mages. When you make an application for it you turn it into something special and an identity. And the lore gives justification for powergaming. Back in the day magic was rare and was limited by what seemed reasonable, and whoever powergamed just got banned. No need for lore whatsoever.
  12. Virgin Renatus - Chad Confederates

    sometimes when i'm missing an old meme i take a trip to lordofthecraft.net, to a land frozen in time where no meme is ever truly dead
  13. [Trial]Knox213 gm app

    what the **** is this about nepal
  14. how do i change my forum username

    1. WanderingSpirit


      Click the arrow next to your profile pic, account settings, then display name and enter a new one, can only enter one every day or so!

  15. Npc for the better looking

    yeah but that gate guard's still not gonna close the gate on me or attempt to arrest me if i shank someone two feet away from him