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  1. Grr Haense grr
  2. Irony
  3. Mercy
  4. Hey thats me
  5. Lerald turns in his grave.
  6. This will just encourage more ooc paranoia and people trying to infiltrate regions through alts. Also it would not make sense that close allies wouldn't be able to help in stopping the coup. I think it's a nice and detailed idea, but I think it will be awful when implemented.
  7. "Hey! That's the same thing that happened to Rytsburg when mighty House Blackwood tried to take over!" Shrieks a schizophrenic peasant to a skeleton outside the walls of Ostwick.
  8. Tbh just use the primary region owner system. It prevents a lot of ooc intrigue and salt.
  9. Format: Name- Rasputin Vyronov Race- Highlander Gender- Male Details- Not that pretty, unkempt hair/beard, quite old, minor noble lord Skins/pictures to help me draw it- I will give you the minas I have left on my persona, since I'm taking a break from the server. I'm pretty sure it's around 2k'ish. I would really appreciate it if you'd do my character!
  10. Ark is a great lad and has my support +1
  11. That was quick. +1
  12. Hey, welcome!
  13. Welcome to the server, Zos. Don't worry about making mistakes and not knowing all the lore from the top of your head. You will learn along the way and most players are very helpful.