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  1. "I miss the times when being a kingdom actually meant something." comments Rastanov
  2. "Soon, for Diedrik...." Rastanov wipes away a single tear
  3. please stop
  4. Rasputin Vyronov rises from the grave.
  5. Adolphus cries tears of happiness
  6. adelphis vyranov smirks
  7. Name: Adolphus House: Vyronov ((MC name: Flapmeme
  8. Hello Bart, I'm Bart.
  9. Damn Daniel!
  10. Thanks for bringing back courland, I missed this
  11. Hey it's this topic again
  12. +1 We need this good man on the gm team
  13. That's crazy xD
  14. "Interesting." comments Adolphus after hearing about the quarrels in the south.