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  1. https://gyazo.com/dcc12d4094a0780bdc9c3f1dc2c40dd1 GM's hard at work breadhammering innocent players

    1. Wretched


      for the greater good

  2. Adept Application Name: Silvos'Avernir Malaurirante'Alras'Asulon elokarirante'tayna Haelun'oronn elathri'thilln Sythaerin [Mc Name]: MrSythaerin Race: Mali'aheral Magics known: Telekinesis, Transfiguration, Conjuration and Illusion Magics you can teach: Telekinesis and Transfiguration Who have been your teachers presently or in the past, and what did they teach you? Lelien Aeléyèlsa for Illusion, the remainder are either self-taught or self-invented. Which position do you feel most suited for? Adeptus Major in Telekinesis and Transfiguration, as I invented the prior myself in cooperation with mister Uradir.
  3. They're back after the restart, but this still seems like quite the nuisance. Oh well.
  4. #Nature of the bug: Books disappear after having been put in a bookshelf. #First occurrence: (Providing an exact time helps us locate the error messages, which can help in fixing the bug) For me, although I've heard from people it's happened before, it happened at 16:55 GMT +1 (11:55AM EST) November 11th 2015. # Describe exactly all the actions you took leading up to the bug: (reproduced it myself after losing a couple books) -Grab a book and quill -Sign the book -Put it in a bookshelf -Re-open the bookshelf -Book is gone -Cry # What messages are/aren't you getting that you would/wouldn't get normally : (in the event of a crash, please also provide the error log) No messages are involved. # Frequency of occurrence: Everytime. # Are you able to reproduce the bug: Yes.
  5. Now that joining the MT isn't that much of a hassle, I'd like to set up the LotC News (Bi-weekly probs) again. Perhaps over stream, perhaps over YT, perhaps this is a terrible idea, we'll see.

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    2. ℤ∃ʁ∅


      And if you wish to help us and set up LOTC news send us a pm. We have that as our projects in the works :) happy to get others thoughts and help

    3. Elk


      I think this is a cool idea. It has potential to be really cool!

    4. Farryn


      If you want, Art, I can lend you a hand. I do writing and such, plus I signed up for the VMS.

  6. Happy halloween to you too Dan <3

  7. Got PVPdefaulted 5 times to day, was able to run 4 times. Wondering whether combat situations are even worth it anymore.

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    2. Birdnerdy


      Maybe because he went on the road to find RP, RIP lotc roleplaying.

    4. MrSythaerin


      3 times were just a result of me showing up at capitals.

  8. 4 Years, 2 months, 0 fucks given. And now the character I've played since I started this server is dead.

    ... Or is he?

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    2. Musicoid


      I'll just make sure he is.. -Gets a mallet and holy water-

    3. Space



    4. Moochael


      rip in peperoni 

  9. Update for anyone that often RP's with me:
    I've changed my usernames.
    BladeCreep ▻ MrSythaerin
    LumiaFox ▻ Wisterious

  10. The server is fine, it's mojang that's being a doodoo: https://help.mojang.com/

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