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    [Accepted] Grool's ET Builder Re-App

    A couple, tiny things I noticed he could improve on, but that's better than what I can say for most who apply for ET. Good enough for me :/ +1

    [✓] Make actual rules about masks and being recognised

    /roll 20 to see if you recognize. idk,

    [✓] Your View: Majority Default, Community Vote

    roll default pliss :/
  4. I am a very, kind and helping person, but cross me and I show no mercy.


    [Accepted] SpookyLeann's ET app

    Lol the dwarven forge is so 2.0 From what I've gathered he has a good personality at least, my question would be if you're adept in any areas besides fort/human/mm building/structures? It's something I wonder about more than half the builder apps. is if they're capable of other fields other than what you'd normally build on the server (houses, forts, exc.)

    [✗] 2015 Christmas Community Suggestions

    I takes time to make good events, they have to be planned somewhere around 2 months before they actually happen, at the least. You have to get a rough outline, go through a couple iterations, then build the event sites, and all of that needs to be done weeks before the event should ever happen. At least a week before the event period starts, people need to be rehearsing their events, that's how a good event team, and planning operates. That leaves us with about 4 weeks, which was less time than we had last year for the Christmas project, but this time we have experience and can make it work a lot easier. 1 week to plan, 2 weeks to build, and one week to rehearse. Saying that, it doesn't sound like a lot of time, does it? Besides that point, does anyone else have any productive suggestions on what you would like to see this Christmas?

    [✗] 2015 Christmas Community Suggestions

    Happy Jolly Afternoon! -=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=- River here, asking you all what you all want to see this year for Christmas. We have plans and ideas ourselves but it could never hurt to ask you guys for your input on what we could bring this year. Surely there's something we've missed, and surely you all have some valuable input to share. So without further ado, feel free to leave comments of some suggestions, some elements, lore, mini events and comment other peoples responses. -=-
  8. Community meeting in 13 meeting. I think...

  9. MC name: RIVƎRBIRDIl Character's name and age: Hrothlan' Irongut Character’s Race: Cave Dwarf What magic/s did you learn?:Arcane Shielding Who/how did you learn magic/s?: I was taught by Grungron Irongut Offer an explanation of said magic/s you learned: Arcane shielding is a defensive magic used to erect round barriers with a similiar consistancy like glass. The shield is often casted from the mages hand. It can be used as a two dimensional plane or a a spherical barrier. It’s important that the thickness on all sides are the same because it requires a lot of balance, and requires an immense amount of concentration. The caster has to envision the exact form of the shield, it's thickness across the entire shield and it's glass-like material. Arcane shielding uses a form of raw mana from the void along with the casters unique colored aura that gives shape to a translucent shield of that casters unique aura color. The strength of the shield will often depend on the skill of the caster, and the thickness of the shield. a thin shield will likely shatter much easier than a much thicker one. The caster must also be the one who emotes the damage of the shield. They decide whether or not an attack qualifies as breaking, cracking or doing nothing to the shield, and decide how much of the attackers attacks are repelled (while doing so fairly, without powergaming). The caster will eventually emote the shield cracking or shattering, giving hints to the attacker on the status of the strength of the shield. When the shield shatters, it breaks into shards that can possibly harm the caster. The shield itself is rigid in that the caster lacks mobility, and the ability to change the shape of the shield. Arcane shielding cannot be used as a weapon or wearable armor. Attacks felt by the shield only feels the blunt force of physical and magical attacks and rebounds them. With enough force applied to the shield, it will begin to crack and begin to shatter. Enchanters can imbue gems with mana that can be used to power a mages use of shields, prolonging the effect of a casters shield duration, strength and size. Multiple shield users can gather their mana in helping create a larger, more powerful shield. It's not unheard of, or possible that multiple experienced arcane shielders could join forces and create a shield protecting a whole town for a short duration.

    Dtrik's ET Actor App

    Been around for some time, has good work ethic, actually knows how to roleplay and comes up with interesting event lines (+1).
  11. That moment when lefty knows all the words to high school musical.


    Bloodnight's ET Builder Application [ 3rd Attempt ]

    I support him for ET, has a lot of antagonist experience since aegis and is qualified as a builder.
  13. whoever's ddos'ing me can stop, I have internet access

    1. BenghisKhan


      What's your ip m8?

    2. Space


      i feel like people think ddosing is more common that it actually is

    3. BenghisKhan