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    [Accepted] Grool's ET Builder Re-App

    A couple, tiny things I noticed he could improve on, but that's better than what I can say for most who apply for ET. Good enough for me :/ +1
  2. I am a very, kind and helping person, but cross me and I show no mercy.


    [Accepted] SpookyLeann's ET app

    Lol the dwarven forge is so 2.0 From what I've gathered he has a good personality at least, my question would be if you're adept in any areas besides fort/human/mm building/structures? It's something I wonder about more than half the builder apps. is if they're capable of other fields other than what you'd normally build on the server (houses, forts, exc.)

    [✗] 2015 Christmas Community Suggestions

    I takes time to make good events, they have to be planned somewhere around 2 months before they actually happen, at the least. You have to get a rough outline, go through a couple iterations, then build the event sites, and all of that needs to be done weeks before the event should ever happen. At least a week before the event period starts, people need to be rehearsing their events, that's how a good event team, and planning operates. That leaves us with about 4 weeks, which was less time than we had last year for the Christmas project, but this time we have experience and can make it work a lot easier. 1 week to plan, 2 weeks to build, and one week to rehearse. Saying that, it doesn't sound like a lot of time, does it? Besides that point, does anyone else have any productive suggestions on what you would like to see this Christmas?

    [✗] 2015 Christmas Community Suggestions

    Happy Jolly Afternoon! -=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=- River here, asking you all what you all want to see this year for Christmas. We have plans and ideas ourselves but it could never hurt to ask you guys for your input on what we could bring this year. Surely there's something we've missed, and surely you all have some valuable input to share. So without further ado, feel free to leave comments of some suggestions, some elements, lore, mini events and comment other peoples responses. -=-
  6. Community meeting in 13 meeting. I think...


    Dtrik's ET Actor App

    Been around for some time, has good work ethic, actually knows how to roleplay and comes up with interesting event lines (+1).
  8. That moment when lefty knows all the words to high school musical.


    Bloodnight's ET Builder Application [ 3rd Attempt ]

    I support him for ET, has a lot of antagonist experience since aegis and is qualified as a builder.
  10. whoever's ddos'ing me can stop, I have internet access

    1. BenghisKhan


      What's your ip m8?

    2. Space


      i feel like people think ddosing is more common that it actually is

    3. BenghisKhan

    [Actor] Swgrclan Re-Re-Application

    Quite simply, he's just got to be part of the team :/
  12. So whose gonna update the staff list

    Several new ET, new admin exc,

    1. Kim
    2. Silent™


      While they're at it, they need to update the donation page.


    [Builder] RIVƎRBIRDIl's Re-Application

    First Accepted Application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/118806-builder-sebasganns-et-app/?hl=sebasgann Minecraft name: RiverBirdII Skype ID: sebasgann bersch Timezone: EST Have you had any bans or strikes? Yes, http://gyazo.com/31fdaf7d2c890f89f339b5859b5c1c16 Why do you want to be a builder for the ET? Because, I’ve been building for quite a while now, and every time I get a build project that I want to do, I never burn out from it, I always give it my best, and I’m very motivated, I guess you could just say that I love building, and this is the place to go. Another reason is that there aren't a lot of competent dwarven-architectural builders on the server, and I feel every race has their staff members while the dwarves lack in many ways. I would definitely say I’m one of the best among them and I want to do my part for this race on the server by building event areas for them to use in the future. [New] I've learned a lot from developing my own server and from the get go have been experienced in what players have wanted, and things to help make stuff "Fun." Afterall, if a player is to spend a lot of their time on the server it may as well be fun over whatever they're doing. I wouldn't mind seeing where the ET goes with this "New Leadership" and if at all, see if I can have a small say as far as a say goes around here. What are some of your most treasured builds? I don’t have screenshots, but, if anyone was on the Legends of Aelryth development team, they can vouch for the things I’ve done, anyone of them at all. My most treasured builds were the dungeons I made. I made one arachne dungeon, a kraken dungeon, a slime dungeon, and several other smaller event areas. Those were the ones I was most proud of. What MMORPG/video games do you play? “Do I play”, at the moment nothing, but I’m waiting on EverQuest Next! But I was a massive MMORPG fan in the past. I’ve played DDO, LotRO, SWtOR, Guild Wars II, ESO, and also played a few campaigns on roll20. I’m sure I’ve played others that I can’t remember. (you ask for MMORPG, but I’ve played a lot more single player RPG games as well, and that’s where it’s at.) Please provide screenshots of any medieval builds strictly you have built and a description of each: This is a little mine area: http://imgur.com/a/AGmnR . A rich mine mostly filled with coal in a runescape-like setup with ores along the walls or in the ground. This mine is very busy and is most likely used by a group of dwarves from a small Dewdmar village. (removed the other images because they were crap.) Please provide an example of a decent sized ruin build: With the new dwarven uptake on the Kal’Agnar build, I’m one of the main builders and this is what, essentially me and 3 others have accomplished thus far: http://imgur.com/a/n2sAl. Please provide an example of terraforming: This is an example I've done by hand: http://imgur.com/a/m1MzV Terraformed Caves and dungeons: http://imgur.com/a/sKtPW Please provide an example of a organic build: A damn good collection of Organics: http://imgur.com/a/yoz5S Please provide an example of a High fantasy build: Here’s a little hellfire nether recreation: http://imgur.com/a/FaWkC Are you an independent builder, and are you capable of handling all aspects of a build? I don’t have a huge background in voxel, so usually what I did was got my voxel handy friends to do what I asked them, and we’d work together, I’d make the actual build while I’d ask them to “extend out this way, make a big cavern here, mask using these blocks and percentages, exc.” Besides that, if it’s a normal build, I could do it myself. It’d depend on the scale, but usually I’d ask for voxel help, though it isn’t necessary, I could very well do it by hand or learn how to voxel much better. Do you know much about redstone? I know quite a lot, I know how to make circuits, clocks, all the basic functions, and in a way, specialized in redstone traps a while back. But my reply would be I can handle very simple things for my normal builds, but I wouldn't trust myself to create massive redstone structures, or even somewhat complex ones. I’d probably resort to youtube or the internet for a solution. I’d rather seek out another to help me though if all else fails within a reasonable amount of time. How long does it take for you to complete a build? See, it’d depend on what I was doing. If it was a small event area that’s miscellaneous and can be reused, maybe 2-ish hours? If I wanted to make a whole dungeon, it’d take somewhere around 30 hours. But believe it or not, I have no life and can spend a lot of time building, and since it’s somewhat of a passion I build for a good 8 hours straight. Tell us how you plan on constructing a large build, a medium build, and a small build. Large Build: I always make a list on a google.doc of all the parts, areas, what they’ll look like, and the size of each part. What I’ll then do is if there’s an environment, I’ll start by hand terraforming areas to make them look very good, then start by laying out wool foundations to see if things fit, how big I should actually make them, and will then start on roads. After everything environmental and simplistic is done, I’ll make buildings smallest to biggest, and when I’m done, I’ll do the interiors, from the smallest building to biggest. when every significant aspect of the build is done, I run around the area several times adding what little details I can. Medium Build: It really depends on the build. It it’s a cave, I’ll have to decide what the build will have, and how the layout of the area will be, then act that out by carving a way. I’ll then go around changing the surface of the entire cave system with the appropriate materials that I want for the dungeon. After that I’ll start from the entrance, adding little by little, starting with the most important details. I personally, won’t do minuscule details until after all the main areas are done, so I have the basic form done. Then I can go around and add very detailed blocks and rp signs. Small Build: For smaller builds, I’d usually just start by making the attraction point. like if it’s a well, I’ll start by making the well. after the well, I’ll go down into the well and make an interesting little area, which might lead out somewhere hidden so players don’t have to die down there. After that, I’ll have to decorate everything from that exit to the well, with trees, brush, grass, maybe an abandoned camp here or there, some scorch marks hinting something happened, or making it clear something mysterious happened that the player can decide as to what it was that happened. Additional details: I “Know” voxel, and how to do it, I can do, very simplistic/decent work. Yes, I can worldedit, but I have no idea how to craftbook, which doesn't stop me from wanting to learn how to, that with the fact that I really want to learn it shouldn't make it too much a problem. Tell me a trick about building: Wanna know how to make toilet paper? Put an item frame on a block. Right click on the block with the item frame (but not on the item frame) with a wooden button, then right click the item frame with a quartz pillar (but make the toilet paper horizontal, not vertical). Bam, toilet paper! http://imgur.com/a/kh7i9 Or, floating ladders without the 'Invisible' appearance on the other side. You can get a voxel brush, set it to ball, make it brush size:0, then do /b s mp which will give you a no gravity brush. Have the ladders on a marker block like wool where you want them to float, and right click those wools, the ladder can be seen from both sides and will float. Tell me what you want from the ET: So given that the dwarves didn't get what was promised, or that it had been delayed I can act as the emissary of the dwarves in doing this. I'll also see what I can do in helping reform the ET if that's what you want, I'll help build. I'll note that I'll try to push my ideologies onto the server, and what I 'want' from the ET is for it to be the best it can be. In doing that I'll note my greatest strength is artificial or dungeons, dungeon design exc. I'll see where this goes and help where help is needed.