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  1. Ministry of the Imperial Treasury Notice on Imperial Reserve Notes 9th of Snows Maiden, 1767 Did you or a loved one purchase Imperial Reserve Notes? Due to the criminal absconsion of mister Veikko Harjalainen with all associated funds of the Imperial Reserve, the exchange of Imperial Reserve Notes has been suspended pending the outcome of litigation against mister Veikko Harjalainen. Imperial Reserve Notes will remain guaranteed, however, the Ministry of the Imperial Treasury requests that those in possession of said Imperial Reserve Notes please fill out the form below in order to better gauge the totality of mister Veikko Harjlainen’s defraudment of the Imperial State, and to hasten the process of reopening the exchange of Imperial Reserve Notes. As declared by, Green Carrington, Secretary of the Ministry of the Imperial Treasury FORM:
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    [!] A courier in a 3 piece business suit smoking a cigar somehow finds Tanith and delivers a nice letter
  3. It was an affair with little fanfare, two Rhenyari flanking him at either side about a table, the room laden with the heavy weight of stale tobacco. A few whispered words, a knowing look, and then the ruby-robed Lion of Rhenyar departed. In but a moment, the weight of the world upon his shoulders. -- The Baron Green Carrington, Secretary of the Imperial Treasury, the richest man in the world. That single sentence echoed throughout the walls of his mind, wandering aimlessly in an emerald-speckled forest of vague origin. Maybe he had run away, maybe he had needed escape. Maybe he just needed to return to whence he came. He could hardly remember why it was he found himself here, but here he was now. Despite as he may try, he could not outrun the burdens that plagued him. How had it come to this? How had he found himself here? One foot in front of the other, ever onwards, ever away. -- He’d always had a certain disdain for his father. A yellow-bellied man bearing the suiting moniker of Yellow. Never quite knew his mother, but hated her all the same for dying. And so too now had this man, the one who raised him in these damned woods. The last shovel of earth upon the shallow grave he’d dug, a scant prayer. A look eastwards to the smells of the city, and his life began. If he knew what would become of him in leaving that isolation, would he have gone? -- A foot in front of the other, ever onwards, till the babbling waters brought him back to reality. A stream as good as any, he thought. Squatting to drink from its waters, the ache in his bones came to fruitful realization. Duty had proven a harsh mistress, the bastard mused, before letting out an unpunctuated chuckle and leaning back to rest upon the slick rocks. Had he ever known anything but harsh mistresses? Sleep would prove little sanctuary. -- A similar stream, differentiated only by the accompanying half-elf maiden sat beside him. It was not the first time melancholy held him in its grip, nor the last, and yet there she was. She had come into his life unexpectedly, but had come into it all the same. She appeared as a bud of a blossoming rose in the throes of a new Spring. She meant something, he knew, yet not what. Then and there, If not for himself, he would do it for her. Yet, in gazing to the blossom, his hand outstretched, the thorns appeared. Blood dripping from his grip, fading away in the babble of the stream. Blackness thereafter. – Green awoke with a start, the air frigid, moonlight beckoning through the effervescent tangles of the branches above. Ever reaching towards more light, locked in their eternal struggle. And yet in their ambition, death left in their wake. Saplings shaded, condemned to mediocrity and their eventual withering, less an errant axe found its way towards yon dominant bole. Did the trees ever consider that their success necessitated the failure of those beneath them? Did it matter? He sat up with a grumble, his contemplations fading into the night. “Have I always been so contemplative? Or were I made this way?”, was uttered into the night, light as air. A direction chosen, a foot in front of the other, ever onwards, ever away. -- She had always made him feel a fool. A trueborn daughter of the Dragon, a noblewoman of caliber. And there she sat beside him upon the dais, the ring of his favor apparent upon her finger. His wedding day, the object of his desires. Where joy ought to have been, he only found consternation. It was evident she did not much care for him, nevertheless, he soldiered on. Maybe she would come to enjoy him. The dream he’d once had, a flower of paradise consuming him, becoming all too apparent. A step forward in the years, and there sat beside her were three daughters. Her wish, afterall, her daughters. Constant spurning, secrets kept, hateful words. Hate, interspersed with just enough pleasantries. Maybe she hoped he’d have enough of it eventually. Perhaps he had. – A field emerged from the crowd of the woods as the fog of his thoughts dissipated. How long had he been walking now? The sunrise had come and gone, the sun now setting upon the horizon. A metaphor in there somewhere, he thought. Striding towards the center, a hump of white caught his attention. A swan, dead, corpse picked at places by scavengers and worse. However, a certain grace in its bearing. He looked westwards, to whence he was born, and eastwards, from whence he came. A fork in the metaphorical road of his life. Westwards, to escape; eastwards, to return. His choice was an easy one to make. A foot in front of the other, ever onwards.
  4. Kid shoulda drank more milk, thinks Green in his office
  5. Updated history n fam
  6. anybody whos anybody has an ivory skin
  7. Green Carrington, while smoking a Carrington brand cigarette in his high-rise corner office, hears word of the results. Suspicious, he immediately directs the Secret Service of the Department of the Imperial Treasury to launch a full investigation into the Helena Senate Elections of 1760.
  8. I am Green Carrington and I endorse this message
  9. Updated history, family, reports
  10. CARRINGTON AND CO. ™ Everything has a price. CATACLYSM AND THE CARRINGTONS On recent events Official Statement Issued as of the 6th of Snow’s Maiden, 1759 IN LIGHT OF RECENT EVENTS, Carrington and Co.™ does wish to respond to recent allegations and assure shareholders, employees, and the general public to maintain confidence. FIRSTLY, to make clear the truth behind the vicious and falsified rumours circulated in a recent publication. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/189532-helena-under-fire-the-carringtons-bring-cataclysm/ Carrington & Co denies any involvement with the events of the Helenic Demon attack of 1757. Any claims of collusion between the company and the attack of the beast Televor are thus deemed ludicrous and lacking any form of evidence. Whilst the attack did occur upon Carrington property, Green was busy arranging food relief aid for refugees and orphans. “Let’s get down to the bronze, folks, and admit it true: Mr. Green ain’t speaking mysterious tongues, just the honest language of good business.” A witness from the scene of the horrific firestorm attack Thus, the “Helena Under Fire! The Carringtons bring Cataclysm!” missive is regarded as a erroneous publication with very little basis in any form of factual evidence and/or claims. ‘Heinrich the Hornet’ is hereby asked to cease public declarations of a defamatory manner, else legal implications shall be considered. SECONDLY, to address the fanciful falsehoods detailed in the https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/189586-institutional-prejudice-helena/ Carrington & Co.™ is proud of our independence, having achieved our success through sheer force of will. In fact, we have faced nothing but hurdles from the Helenan administration, blocking initiatives and facing ludicrous fines. The city farms and animal pens, public to all citizens, were established and funded by Carrington & Co.™ In addition, besides subsidizing the Dragon’s Rest Tavern at great cost to us, we have seen to the founding of a number of small, independent businesses including; Nadya’s Smithy, Jason’s Busy Cake Bakery, and Cleo’s Hampton Tea, offering them supplies at below market rates and assisting in financial costs, at no benefit to the Company at large. We pursue these initiatives not only because of our love for Helena, but because we believe in the free market and wish to see all entrepreneurs succeed. We have spent over 100,000 minas in supporting these businesses and buying goods we do not need from Helenan citizens. THIRDLY, and perhaps most importantly, a mysterious force has obliterated the Carrington & Co.™ headquarters located in the Helena branch. Considered the most important asset in the entirety of Arcas’ existence, this storage was recorded at harboring the largest repository of items across the world. The value of stored items was calculated at tripling the entirety of Arcas’ mina by all parties combined. Additionally, this storage depot was the source of nearly every trade exchanged in Arcas. The predicted repercussions are only based on conjecture. The reality is, no one can accurately know how this will affect the global economy, and by extension, the lifestyle of the ubiquitous citizen. Financial experts analyze that this is a mere fluctuated dip in the market, and should return back to its healthy state once correctional measures are taken. The Directors of Carrington & Co.™ are cooperating with nation leaders and financial Dwarven shamans to bailout the market, and reach into the [REDACTED] reserve to replace the insured losses. We assure you, all will go back to normal soon. As to how this disastrous crisis even occurred, hired Halfling private investigators are working tirelessly to find the inception. While investigation is still pending, the executive detectives are surfacing evidence that it’s the result of the revered Blundermore’s magical maldoings. Conclusive analysis chalks this up to the ancient wizard Blundermore’s return, with the disappearance of the shop being his most recent target. His reasons for this malicious act are unknown, as most of his acts historically are. Void of speculation, our investigators will find Blundermore’s intentions, and persecute him accordingly. Following a dip in the market during the Atheran expedition (1756-1757), profits have been soaring. Not even halfway through the current tracked year (1758), over 50,000 minas in income has already been recorded in just one yearly quarter. The above graph demonstrates how in 3 saintly days, profits are already greater than the previous 14 saints days. Allow this simple visual to inspire some confidence despite the recent events. In fact, the Company does wish to announce in good graces the charity endeavours of present and future. In a bid to support local Imperial industries, the Company shall be offering sponsorship and financial aid to those projects deemed to be of importance to culture & growth. MOST RECENTLY, Carrington & Co.™ funded the Hanseni Festivals and their various prize & organisational requirements. A sum of two thousand and eight hundred minae was offered in the support of the festival. Carrington & Co. is proud of their sponsorship of such cultural events, and vow our continued support to our friends in Haense. SECONDARY TO THAT, Carrington & Co.™ helped to establish the Mary Philippa Foundation, setting aside 10,000 minas for the betterment of Helenan institutions of education and the arts. FINALLY, Carrington & Co.™ intends to continue conducting events at cost to the Company. Expect the second round of Helena Ninja Warrior in the upcoming year, more Casino nights, and the first edition of Helena Shark Tank shortly. Mr. Green will not be taking any further questions at this time. Green Carrington, President of the Board Jasper Carrington, Chairman of the Board & City Commissioner Mary Phillipa D’Arkent, Expert Advisor & Mob Wife Friedrich Carrington, Chairman of the Board & District Attorney Viktor Carrington, Chairman of the Board Red Rogers-Carrington, Chairman of the Board & City Clerk Charlie Carrington, Chairman of the Board Alpha Carrington, Chairman of the Board & Director of Tavern Affairs
  11. Updated some stuff. Year of 1756 report
  12. Green steps out to a news conference “The board of directors has no comment at this time”
  13. History and partners updated Year of 1755 YEAR REPORT INCOME EXPENSE REVENUE 2/14-2/21 59651 30456 90107 A painting of the Union of Carrington-D’Arkent, by Lauritz – 1756
  14. Year of 1754 report YEAR REPORT INCOME EXPENSE REVENUE 2/5-2/14 55389 34135 89524
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