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  1. Glad tuv aviv made it in! Cool post ebs!
  2. dude I love your follower count

    1. ChumpChump


      thanks hope life is treating you well bud

    2. Doggedwasupxxx
  3. ChumpChump

    The Band of Brigands

    I would prefer this to be a khan horselord group
  4. ChumpChump

    Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    Got my mind on my minas, my minas on my mind
  5. ChumpChump

    Player Retention Part 2: The Noob Room

    an rp hub would be nce
  6. miss u man hope u ok visit my tavern someday ok?

    1. ChumpChump


      stay off my wall hoodrat

  7. "the goldcrow"

  8. ChumpChump

    Offering Free Language Lessons to the Admin Team

    Nice thread @Sultan
  9. ChumpChump

    Mylasian Ventures

    Mylas quits and sends money to people and some others thanks for the fun see you next year maybe shout out to jakub jakob aka doggedleader270 for keeping the spirit of lotc alive
  10. ChumpChump

    Mylasian Ventures

    Investor Reports Updated Welcome to our new accounts: Rubens 20000 Giden 600 Other accounts have gained about 3,000 minas in value this growth cycle
  11. ChumpChump

    [✗] Concerning GM shops

    Agreed with hiebe I think the shops strike a good balance as is in regards to encouraging player involvement, they shouldn't take the place of the player market by offering ludicrous prices or selling things One suggestion @HB_ the admin shop last map paid a premium for cut gems/staffs over the crude gems/branches, since most of those have no use in game might make sense to include those again
  12. ChumpChump

    Mylasian Ventures

    Congrats guys we passed 100k
  13. ChumpChump

    Mylasian Ventures

    Year of 1600 Update: Year of 1600 Income Expenditures Revenues Net Profits Total Mina: 25266.6 2973.6 28239.9 22293.3 85223.9 Years Margin: 78.94% Year-over-year Revenue Growth: 11.7% Report: Revenue and high margins buoyed by Rubens account. Transactions completed and shop stock low due to mid-year vacation (was offline a few days). Westerlands shop opened during period. Big welcome to our new two account holders, Nicolas Rubens at 10,000 and Josh Giden at 600! Your money is in good hands. *Will update investor reports in next day or so