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  1. Mylasian Ventures

    Thanks to Chaw for graphic! Mylasian Ventures A Public Enterprise Company Theme Table of Contents I. History II. Operations III. Company & Account Reports IV. Opportunities & Information I. History II. Operations 1) Hierarchy 2) Regional Operations & Directors 3) Assets & Venues Operated 4) Associates & Business Partners III. Company & Investor Reports 1) Company Reports 2) Investor Reports IV. Opportunities 1) Investment Opportunities 2) Trade Opportunities 3) Work Opportunities Mylasian Ventures PLC is an equal opportunity employer. Mylasian Ventures PLC is a limited liability corporation, with no representative held liable for corporate debts or obligations. Mylasian Ventures PLC adheres to all governmental regulations in each region of influence. Mylasian Ventures PLC: Corporate is based out of and recognizes Sutican law. All deals made with Mylasian Ventures PLC are final and non-refundable. Mylasian Ventures PLC reserves protection and the right to pursue debts in accordance with Sutican treaties and agreements.
  2. Mylasian Ventures

    Mylas quits and sends money to people and some others thanks for the fun see you next year maybe shout out to jakub jakob aka doggedleader270 for keeping the spirit of lotc alive
  3. Mylasian Ventures

    Investor Reports Updated Welcome to our new accounts: Rubens 20000 Giden 600 Other accounts have gained about 3,000 minas in value this growth cycle
  4. Concerning GM shops

    Agreed with hiebe I think the shops strike a good balance as is in regards to encouraging player involvement, they shouldn't take the place of the player market by offering ludicrous prices or selling things One suggestion @HB_ the admin shop last map paid a premium for cut gems/staffs over the crude gems/branches, since most of those have no use in game might make sense to include those again
  5. Mylasian Ventures

    Congrats guys we passed 100k
  6. Mylasian Ventures

    Year of 1600 Update: Year of 1600 Income Expenditures Revenues Net Profits Total Mina: 25266.6 2973.6 28239.9 22293.3 85223.9 Years Margin: 78.94% Year-over-year Revenue Growth: 11.7% Report: Revenue and high margins buoyed by Rubens account. Transactions completed and shop stock low due to mid-year vacation (was offline a few days). Westerlands shop opened during period. Big welcome to our new two account holders, Nicolas Rubens at 10,000 and Josh Giden at 600! Your money is in good hands. *Will update investor reports in next day or so
  7. Votings broken, theres no way for average player to get minas besides grinding mobs and I cant buy everyones stuff. I know mod shops are planned to be introduced in new spawn, but who knows how long that will take, already been longer than a month. It would take a gm or admin 30 minutes to an hour to set up a temporary mod shop at current spawn that could alleviate some of these problems and keeping semblance of economy going until new spawn or votings fixed! @HB_ p.s I made this because ive bought 15,000 minas worth of stuff from ppl this week
  8. I am eager and looking forward to all thats planned for it as has been promised over the previous few weeks and months. The reason I made this post was to provide something in the interim, votings been broken for what a month with promises it'd be fixed soon. It'd take no longer than an hour for someone to set up an admin shop, that would provide some backbone until you guys implement all the rest
  9. Mylas Co. Hiring

    Mylas notes the company operates in 6 regions and each region has its own regional manager!
  10. Mylas bids 400 on each of the boots that have a lower bid than that
  11. [Denied] SandergamerNL's AT app

    I think Sander could be a good addition and deserves a shot +1
  12. Mylas offers 215 for each of the unbid boots
  13. Shops

    Agreed everyone should get a shop like has already been promised (not implemented) and please remove the 50 hour timer or lower it
  14. [Complete]Lost My Horse

    Please help 300 mina reward
  15. [Trade] Map of the Week: Johannesburg

    Mylas would like to reserve 2 copies of each
  16. [merchant company] looking for a startup place

    Mylas offers
  17. [Auction] A Cartload of Protection

    Mylas offers 2250
  18. [Accepted] [Pending] Tirenas' Event Team Application

    Bungo Translation: This is Man's subtle plot on the road to return to GM'ship and only a fool will allow it Personally, as I fear what might befall me if I were to dissent, I wholeheartedly support this and think Man would make a great ET and future GM. Please remember my support in the future.
  19. Please sell me things I need a brew stand too


    1. Zoey~


      from dominating skywars to making brews..



  20. NOTICE Illustrious entrepreneur in need of tavern supplies and workers Seeking in bulk: -Drinks (Liquors, ales, meads, wines, etc.) -Prepared Foodstuffs -Novelties Seeking to employ: -Bartenders -Cooks -Guards Dental insurance and paid vacation in addition to yearly salary provided to all employees. Please enclose your offerings and prices, or interest of employ, in reply to this posting or in private message or person to Mylas of Johannesburg.