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  1. Mylas prepares his news stand for the latest edition
  2. Mylas prepares his litigation team against the Flagship, having rated empty taverns above his own
  3. Never gets old #prayforaiim
  4. Mylas looks to the Prince of Ponce for his next move
  5. Mylas laments over the death of Mr. Manston and marks drinks half off in mourning. He wonders what will become of Johannesburg.
  6. Yea I agree with gangass and Niccum, as others have said we can work on just keeping the spawns away from RP hubs/cities but for the most part I don't see any reason to remove them
  7. Lorelai III Manslayer rejoices over the death of another Nauzican @EddyTheBrave ((Nice post you should write books!
  8. Mum must be proud
  9. The Royal Gull “For whoever lonely there is a tavern.” - Siegmund Carrion, notorious tavernkeep, remarks upon his wife. The Royal Gull. Now open in Johannesburg! Axios’ premier drinkery and gourmet eatery. Serving drinks and occasionally food. Come stop by! Now hiring also we need to buy some supplies like drinks. Employees! Bartenders: Alex the Bartender! (The_Lemon_Head) Alan the Bartender! (PurpleCola) Alice the Barwench! (Sophie_Marie) Bianka the Barwench! (Marinaemily) Aspen the Barwench! (Jxnna_) Anna the Barwench! (Themaster2003xxx) Jasper the Bartender! (OculusDrift) Ysa the Barwench! (YsaStarJedi) Thomas the Barwench! (Knox213) Laura the Barwench! (MorrisAye) Bouncers: Lincoln (ItsOnlyChis) Dorian (Tornado241) Jack (Hero_Prodigy) Will (Nations24) Aiden (_MrBlocks) Uther (Cornivore) Penryn (Prince_MAC) Brewers: Sarah! (EmeraldFoxMS) Steffen! (Jyecarson) Arlower! (Kaiser1925) Cooks: Elliot! (WestCoast) James! (Generalstang838) Mario! (Haricotti) (will do pictures soon) Royal Gull Interior Owned by Edmond Manston. A Mylas LTD. Enterprise. Also we need supplies please sell me stuff
  10. [Updated]
  11. As a jew (jewish) please warn poland for this act of anti semitism
  12. ((Timing: 5pm PST 8pm EST 7pm CST)) You put the wrong time idiot! We were all here waiting for you at 8 est! ))
  13. Bungo Translation: This is Man's subtle plot on the road to return to GM'ship and only a fool will allow it Personally, as I fear what might befall me if I were to dissent, I wholeheartedly support this and think Man would make a great ET and future GM. Please remember my support in the future.
  14. Please sell me things I need a brew stand too


    1. poland


      from dominating skywars to making brews..



  15. NOTICE Illustrious entrepreneur in need of tavern supplies and workers Seeking in bulk: -Drinks (Liquors, ales, meads, wines, etc.) -Prepared Foodstuffs -Novelties Seeking to employ: -Bartenders -Cooks -Guards Dental insurance and paid vacation in addition to yearly salary provided to all employees. Please enclose your offerings and prices, or interest of employ, in reply to this posting or in private message or person to Mylas of Johannesburg.
  16. Please sell me things I also need a brew stand
  17. I am a professional battlefield 1 streamer I am willing to lend you my talents
  18. [[Specific terms found here: For future reference ]]
  19. Mylas prepares for the games, beginning to advertise and stock up drinks!
  20. Kai hui! 

    1. firespirit44


      Gilahad the Gay


      wassup chumpchump


  21. Welcome to newest employees! Blaze the Bouncer! Dorian the Bouncer!
  22. Meanwhile, a sullen half-half calls to the bartender for another drink. ((Mandatory good job!