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  1. BenghisKhan

    Public Denouncement of the Crown of Malin

  2. BenghisKhan

    The Empire of Man, c. 1679

    Vrakai is not a part of Adria nor the Empire, so if you could fix that thanks. Good looking map tho.
  3. BenghisKhan

    Community Update VIDEO

    I like your affro
  4. Happy thoughts boys and girls xx

  5. BenghisKhan

    The Nordengradic Charter

    *Benghis pukes*
  6. BenghisKhan

    [Your View] Heists

    Looks pretty good tbf, just the Gms need to know what they're doing and make sure people don't swap items around or burn items while the GM isn't looking, maybe have 2 Gms watching over a heist.
  7. BenghisKhan

    Faction Forum Section Management Form

    @Dreek In-Game Name: Anderssn Request: Move Vrakai Subforum from Renatus to Human/Independant section. And change title from Republic of Vrakai to State of Vrakai. The republic of Vrakai was split in half, Belvitz and the southern side was given to Adria who are vassals of Renatus while the Northern side of Vrakai remained independent as a mercenary state. Link to relevant forum sections: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/852-republic-of-vrakai/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/18-humans/
  8. BenghisKhan

    Frequently Asked Questions: Admin Edition

    @501warhead@Knox You claim to have plans to do a lot of stuff with the teams, but we don't see that. This post sure is the first step but we've been seeing these "first steps towards better communications" several times the past two years. I know my attitude as WD was probably a tiny bit toxic and my rants are usually that. But heres a suggestion for real. Make an openly available schedule, or a General development Roadmap for lotc. Put it on the front page of the forums/website and keep updating as things change etc. Not only will it give the community a general idea of whats going on and whats to come, and what the staff are doing. Link posts to each topic on the schedule or somewhere with an explanation to each, and try to elaborate and go directly to business with them, as you can see it only aggravates us when the communication coming from the staff is mainly misdirection or avoiding the actual issue(s) at hand. You don't have to wait for the project to start to post about it, if you have an idea and a potential solution to one of the servers many issues, inform the community and give a rough estimated time frame for it. Something like this could put some pace into the work schedule too, give time limits and deadlines for team's projects to make them actually work their sloth asses. There's no denying the staff at least the GMs tend to work extremely slowly. Like when you guys set a date for raid rules release 5 weeks ahead, the GMs didn't touch the google drive for 4 weeks and basically completed all of the rules within the last week because it was the deadline. Just give a the real needed amount of time for them to complete the task, if they don't stick to time limit then whip their asses and warn their director. Td;lr Roadmap/schedule for all staff and server projects available to everyone.
  9. BenghisKhan

    Worn Down

    Much of the administration care so much about the server they fail to see that its their gigantic ego and overprotectiveness that causes so many issues especially for the staff's work environment. F
  10. BenghisKhan

    TJB_Minecraft's Wiki Team Application

    That doesnt change what you did. - 1
  11. BenghisKhan

    [COURT CASE] Mr. Gradic vs. The People

    @firegirl7894523 Stop posting these posts in Vrakai subforum, Belvitz is apart of Adria, not Vrakai.
  12. BenghisKhan

    [Denied][I] N0tt's Game Moderator Application

  13. BenghisKhan


    Might wanna raise your bitrate for next time for better quality.
  14. BenghisKhan

    Crows Coronation