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  1. BenghisKhan

    Charter System [Your View]

    Charters on freebuild too, the freebuild covers a really big area of the east part of the map and some in the west, and with the number of nations the staff is allowing AGAIN, the nation circle is gonna be pretty much full with very limited locations for new charters without getting someone’s ass in your face. Say a group doesn’t have the means to get a charter so they start a settlement in the freebuild area, they grow and expand and now they have a nice spot and enough resources for a Charter, why would you not let them place a charter on their already existing settlement? Disallowing charters is a mistake tbh.
  2. BenghisKhan

    Redemption for Incompetence

    You got the tile back and then lost another war LOL
  3. BenghisKhan


  4. I support this idea Not all 10 starting tiles will be taken at the auction I’m pretty sure
  5. BenghisKhan

    How do siege towers work.

    a true engineer
  6. BenghisKhan

    Views of Atlas

    @Treshure Shaders make anything look cool
  7. BenghisKhan

    War Rework Voting

    And that’s basically how it worked irl too. If a weaker nation doesn’t want to get fucked they should probably look for aid from other nations, improve relations with larger nations or subjugate under a larger nation in return for protection and possibly remain autonomous. Small groups on lotc tend to rely on ooc restrictions to avoid threats, instead they should rely on diplomacy and foreign relations just like any small nation in the real world. If you don’t make friends you’ll get bullied, if you make a lot of friends the bully is less likely to bully you because there are many of you. With less restriction, if a nation bullies a smaller nation and fabricates a CB to invade them, other nations who disapprove of the false CBs could then declare war on the bully based on that. With the current restrictions, if the larger nation manages to get CBs to invade, no one except official allies can really get involved because of the rules. “It kills RP! :<” Only if the group lets that happen to themselves, instead of fighting to the last drop like the **** did, destroying your morale defeat after defeat yeah of course it kills your RP. When Haense vassalized it didn’t kill their RP, they made a deal. They have autonomy and continue to rp with the same old group in their own lands as they always have, but they’re ruled by a different monarch, that’s life. When Vrakai was active the first three-four months of the map it was still a quite small group compared to larger nations since most of the RP there was from the road travellers and tavern goers. And Vrakai didn’t get in trouble with any large nations (unless you count the flays) because they had strong relations with almost every major nation at the time. Tl;dr, don’t rely on restrictions to keep yourself safe, use diplomacy and relations.
  8. @NotEvilAtAll @Man of Respect Economy, professions and grinding. For Lotc I don’t think it’s possible to make a fluid system that makes sense in terms of roleplay, logic and realism and at the same time works for everyone on Lotc. There are two types of players; Grinders and non-grinders. While it would make sense to have a need for grinding and gathering, the server should not punish those who don’t grind, whether it’s because they don’t want to or have less time online. It has to be optional. Economy should be based by supply and demand, professions should be realistic but also engaging and grinding should be optional. But with the resources of the server and the game combining these as they should be is probably impossible, not to mention all the complications that come with bending the mechanics of minecraft. Personally the first place to start would be custom recipes and balancing the use and gathering (supply and demand) of resources. → Making mail armour common and easy, iron armour more expensive etc.
  9. BenghisKhan

    The Empire of Man, c. 1679

    Vrakai is not a part of Adria nor the Empire, so if you could fix that thanks. Good looking map tho.
  10. BenghisKhan

    Community Update VIDEO

    I like your affro
  11. Happy thoughts boys and girls xx

  12. BenghisKhan

    The Nordengradic Charter

    *Benghis pukes*
  13. BenghisKhan

    [Your View] Heists

    Looks pretty good tbf, just the Gms need to know what they're doing and make sure people don't swap items around or burn items while the GM isn't looking, maybe have 2 Gms watching over a heist.
  14. BenghisKhan

    Faction Forum Section Management Form

    @Dreek In-Game Name: Anderssn Request: Move Vrakai Subforum from Renatus to Human/Independant section. And change title from Republic of Vrakai to State of Vrakai. The republic of Vrakai was split in half, Belvitz and the southern side was given to Adria who are vassals of Renatus while the Northern side of Vrakai remained independent as a mercenary state. Link to relevant forum sections: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/852-republic-of-vrakai/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/18-humans/
  15. BenghisKhan

    Frequently Asked Questions: Admin Edition

    @501warhead@Knox You claim to have plans to do a lot of stuff with the teams, but we don't see that. This post sure is the first step but we've been seeing these "first steps towards better communications" several times the past two years. I know my attitude as WD was probably a tiny bit toxic and my rants are usually that. But heres a suggestion for real. Make an openly available schedule, or a General development Roadmap for lotc. Put it on the front page of the forums/website and keep updating as things change etc. Not only will it give the community a general idea of whats going on and whats to come, and what the staff are doing. Link posts to each topic on the schedule or somewhere with an explanation to each, and try to elaborate and go directly to business with them, as you can see it only aggravates us when the communication coming from the staff is mainly misdirection or avoiding the actual issue(s) at hand. You don't have to wait for the project to start to post about it, if you have an idea and a potential solution to one of the servers many issues, inform the community and give a rough estimated time frame for it. Something like this could put some pace into the work schedule too, give time limits and deadlines for team's projects to make them actually work their sloth asses. There's no denying the staff at least the GMs tend to work extremely slowly. Like when you guys set a date for raid rules release 5 weeks ahead, the GMs didn't touch the google drive for 4 weeks and basically completed all of the rules within the last week because it was the deadline. Just give a the real needed amount of time for them to complete the task, if they don't stick to time limit then whip their asses and warn their director. Td;lr Roadmap/schedule for all staff and server projects available to everyone.