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  1. Def, Do you still play?

  2. Hey buddy, I am officially unbanned and back now man.

  3. Eh, i'm not back, they still have to much hatred for me to accept that I have changed.

    It is fine, if people want to holster hatred for me after so long then so be it, that is their life and their choice.

    Have a wonderful day man.

  4. I am doing good so far, I have cut soda and junk food completely from my life. I cook my own food that is veggies and healthy meat. This has made my body a lot stronger and I will be losing weight faster.

  5. LOL !!!!! did you show him ?

  6. sad to see you go, we had our disputes but i had huge respect for you, hope to see you back in full force soon.

  7. Hey man, can we talk IC'ly ( i think your the lead of the clan i need to talk to )

  8. Wtf ! was i kicked? i cant connect... it says failed to connect over n over

  9. Dude did ts drop you too ?

  10. Hey i need to speak with you about an incident that involved my town you took care of, message me on the forums or ill be on TS in 4 hours. Its urgent, the faster the better

  11. Ya to bad the creator died after the 3rd season. it was on track to be the simpsons of japan


  13. Sir Robin, me, you, and native need to make a coalition of beards. and be the 3 founders of it....


  14. One ARM mountain with Downies carrying brownies


    SUP BRO !!!!!!!!

  16. Hey, i did not know you in person or in game, and i know you can still hear us all, you will be missed by everyone on LoTc and anyone that you met in life !

  17. Hmm... Mountain range !

  18. Holy crap you is asian !

  19. Skuzzy come visit you ? lol

  20. just wish i had friends who came to channels just to hang with me like every one else but it wont happen i jist annoy every one around me

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    2. Maximas1211


      I consider you a friend and I don't hate you

    3. Admiral_Ackbarf


      You are my new friend

    4. K'orr/Kungg <3
  21. So am i your boyfriends yet ? :D hehe

  22. Meh its cool.. people never talk to me for long im use to being alone in channels its otay

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