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  1. * A note is dropped in the box*

    1. Name- Hosper

    2. Age- 200 and something I lost count

    3. Willing to Relocate and live in Tyr: I am already there just need a few extra minas to throw around.

    4. Farming Skill: 93 Farming.

    Aye, I'll find yu in t'e town lad, and speak wit' ya for some more information.

  2. *You get ambushed by the fresh smell of baked bread, cookies and cakes.

    *You see a poster on the wall, Help wanted it says.

    T'e Skivey Dwarf Bakery, is in need of Employee's to run t'e sales end of t'e Bakery. We offer good pay to t'e lads t'at work fer me, and incentive packages if yu sell more t'en t'e average.

    About Us:

    T'e Skivey Dwarf Bakery is ran by me, T'ordat Goblinpick. T'e dream i 'ad was to 'ave a few places bringing some of t'e fres'est Dwarven baked bread to t'e people of Asulon. We bake our bread wit' t'e best of ingredients locally grown in t'e farm i own, Only using t'e 'ig'est quality w'eat grown. T'e sugar for t'e cakes, are locally grown with t'e best quality fertilizers, and t'e cocoa we use for t'e cookies and cakes, are s'ipped in from t'e finest cocoa producing companies in t'e lands. All t'is, and i still bring t'e lowest prices.

    W'at im looking for:

    Someone to run day to day operations in t'e Bakery w'o can interact wit' t'e customers in a way t'at brings a down 'ome feeling as if it were family. Someone w'o 'as t'e passion to make t'em self rich, by bringing t'e best bread to t'e people any way t'ey can. Someone w'o is great at managing stock, and goal oriented.

    Requirements for t'e job:

    -A adaptive farming ability ((skill 60))

    -People Person ((Good RP'er))

    -Goal Oriented ((Quota Based))

    -Team Player ((Possible advancement into your own shop at another location))

    *You see a bunch of application forms on the counter with a sign "Leave in the box i will contact you"


    1. Name

    2. Age

    3. Willing to Relocate and live in Tyr

    4. Farming Skill:

    ((please fill application out in RP only, NO OOC INFO ON IT))

  3. ((its going to happen no matter what. But my opinion is that of Slaps. to many people try to do this. Its a bit old and played out. Pass the power on. You died and were going to be a monk. Now your back as leader, as a different character? Not good rp dude.)

  4. Really? I have started this from zero even though I had Charles on my side, this is an RP post. You are going off on my OOC, I can think of a lot to say about you OOC but as I wanted votes RPly it isn't working.

    Also we claimed that you were doing Unrply the thing of TNT, making a TNT trap costs a lot of RP, we had an Engineering hall set up, you took the work of the archtects that is all.

    Let me say you one thing. in Karik the Dwarves were a mess, chaotic, not here. Here we are True Dwarves building themselves up RPly.))

    (( There still a mess, and i was designing it, you have people in there saying lets have mercy for the orcs and give them a chance to kill us or escape... thats not a dwarf.. thats a elf.

    Secondly, look at the city... and you think the Architects can build a tnt trap?

    And it doesnt need alot of RP your secret vault TAKE SO MUCH MORE RP.. a red stone password lock?

    THATS NOT RP. Where is your years and years of lore for that?

    You dont need lore to set tnt in the ground with some red stone, thats the SIMPLISTIC style of redstone understanding. I mean look at you, you let Blackhawk with Kal'dwain walk all over you, they owe the kingdom for the land refuse to pay, refuse to communicate and you let them take you land, you bent over on that one. Your weak, your not a ruler. An RP'er? fine ya, your an RP'er but you cant rule for crap. You dont have the gulls to be hard on your people when needed ))

  5. MC Name:-Battleme33

    RP Name:-Gimrik_Braveaxe

    Who do you wish to be King?:-Stronghold or Shiinchan

    Why do you wish him to be King?:-Stronghold is a very old and experienced Dwarf when it comes to government work and I think he would do a very good job. I think Shiin would be good because, like Stronghold they both take advice very well and listen to others opinions which is not what is going on right now, whoever becomes King I think we NEED to bring the council back because the people are ignored otherwise and nothing gets decided on. It also provides more jobs for citizens.

    What are you connections to him?:-Stronghold-Cousins in game, Shiin-acquaintances in game

    Thanks man, but hes 13 or 14, he already told me over TS that the throne was mine and he was going to post when he got back that its mine, then comes and takes his word back.

    He then has Syrio slander my name... I cant prove connection... but i know its there and its just to convenient.

    It wont happen with me Battle, and the followers of him dont realize the dwarves are being ran into the ground, no nation thinks of the dwarfs as a nation, there a foot stool with land.. Look at the orc invasion... they call you guys there storage, that your not a nation your a store house for them, and they will take as needed...

    You have people in the kingdom that wont make traps becuase he wants to be "Polite and give the orcs a chance to kill us" Ya thats some dwarf sh*t right there.

    The defenses were meh, i come in get a good defense going, then broski comes and claims it all his idea, and they architects claim it all there idea.

    Have fun with the dwarves Broski, they dont listen to you, they are a mess, they are chaotic.

    Enjoy ya?

    (P.S. most of em like you as king, because what i saw was them walking all over you. To rule a kingdom properly, you cant be everyones friend. Which is why the dwarves are broke. and being stepped on by the orcs)

  6. -snip-

    No offense te t'e Old King Broski, But 'e 'as made war claims t'en pulled em back, c'anged 'is bloody mind, 'e 'as driven t'e dwarves into t'e ground.

    T'e age matters not, and t'e names of one or two may 'ave not been known, but t'is can all be learned fast, i 'ave ran a successful town in t'e forest, ran a successful farm. Yu lived off my bread t'e last 4 2 to 3 years and yu say i 'ave not'in 'ere.

    Yu support t'e king broski t'at is fine, But t'is is 'appening...

    Its time fer c'ange

  7. The Turn of Kings

    *You see a stout 4’9” big belly dwarf in his Ironbreaker armor, He stands in front of Old King Broski’s throne, in the kingdom of the dwarves

    Dwarves! Listen up! King Broksi ‘as ‘ad ‘is time on t’e t’rone, and in t’is trying time under ‘is rule, t’e Kingdom ‘as gone broke, t’e nations see us as weak, and t’ere is attacks on us!. T’e ot’er two kings are ‘ardly ever seen. It is time for a new king te respectfully take t’e T’rone, to bring ‘onor and wealt’ to t’e kingdom!

    I Lord T’ordat Goblinpick, Lord of Durant’, ‘ead of t’e Kingdoms Farming Guild, Direct vassal to t’e Grand King Broski, am ‘ere to Take t’e T’rone from our Grand King. T’is is being done respectfully, t’ere is to be NO BLOODS’ED!

    I am coming in as Grand King, and bringing a council wit’ me, No longer will t’ree kings rule our kingdom, and not ‘ear t’e cries of t’e dwarves! My council will ‘ave seats for t’e leaders of all t’e guilds, all t’e first generation dwarves, and all t’e former kings. I will ‘ear t’e cries of t’e dwarves! Yu all will be ‘eard and ‘ave a say.

    Broski was a gud king but t’e pressure of t’e Kingdom’s problems ‘as become too muc’ fer ‘im. Bazian is still not wit’ us and Kjell supports me becoming King. Wit’ all t’ese wars it seems Broski does not know w’at ‘e ‘as been doing. ‘e declares war t’en retracts it, t’is is not t’e type of be’avior to be expected out of a King. Broski is still a respected Dwarf and will ‘ave a seat on t’e council if ‘e c’ooses. I just t’ink t’at it is time for a new King to step up and ‘elp continue expanding t’e Dwarves and bettering our Kingdom. Our diplomatic relations are in tatters so t’is will be one of the first areas t’at will be addressed. I earned the support of many of t’e citizens and respected Dwarves so I will be t’e one to take t’e t’rone. I am returning the council back to the Dwarves so t’at I can easily ‘ear the pleas of all the Dwarven citizens. Sadly, our coffers, t’ey run dry! t’is is another problem for t’e dwarves, i will make sure t’at we are once again a nation of wealt’!

    To sum t’is up, I wis’ to, wit’ t’e ‘elp of some of t’e oldest Dwarves alive revert t’e Kingdom back to its roots t’at ‘ave stood t’e test of time. I feel t’is is t’e best option for us to restore our ‘onor and get us back to our former glory! I ‘ave t’e respect and support of all the Dwarves w’o I ‘ave asked so very soon I will be taking power and starting us back on the pat’ to reconstruction and power in the land of Asulon!

    (It is said that this is in the kingdom, if you are NOT dwarf, do NOT post. Limit the OOC)

  8. MC Name: TheSexiestOne

    RP Name: Nanook Steelhorn

    Did you read the IG rules name a rule? Ar' I av indeed.

    Are you farmnin for the Kingdom? Yar

    farmin Level? 20

    Why do you want to farm? Well I don't rully I'm lukin tah b' a runner

    If you see someone getting mass amount of crops and farmin randomly who would you go to? I'd report it tah a GM and tell em that somewun beh cheatin

    When you get more den one w'eat from one crop where should you put them? In a marked chest

    What position are you looking for? I be lookin fur trade runner as I wunt tah travel the lands inpruvin tuh Dwarven economy und helpin tuh guild out and gettin us known throughout Asulon

    If your a runner and get your 'aul stolen from yu, w'at do yu do? I remember thur name and either put u bounty on thur head or get a Dwarven possie toguther and get back whut's mine.

    sorry fer t'e late notice, ill work yu in some 'ow, ill contact you soon

  9. This is not going to help, This in fact is going the shatter the dwarves, There was mention what happens to new dwarves, or people like me who wanted to join the dwarves? you have ever dwarf channel on password lock. Even if they manage to get pulled in, you have it muted and need voice perms. How are we suppose to talk to new players? this is the biggest part of teamspeak, if it wsnt for team speak broski, i would not be your farmer injecting 10000's of bread into the dwarf kingdom, in fact i probably would have went on to my own thing.

    The lockdown of teamspeak broski also puts every single person into the same channel, this has already been said you have at least 5 different groups with in the dwarfs that need to chat, and get things done, but they talk over each other.

    Broski you know i have respect for you, and charles... but this was a massive fail project, it drove the nail the rest of the way into the dwarf coffin

    EDIT: For all the Dwarves that feel displaced, i have a channel with sub channels for my self, i can give you access to 2 of the 3 sub channels, and will make it the temporary dwarf channel, contact me on TS if you are interested.

  10. (The City Charter of Boria, has been sold to Mingpow, this transfers the deed and all cahrter privlages to Mingpow as the owner.

    Also because Mingpow is a Knight in Alras, this hereby extends alras's nation borders to the Farthest point of Boris's 200 Block grace zone radius, North, South, and East of Boria's borders.

    This sell has been certified by RP and Mingpow has possesion of the Borian Deed that entiltes him to Sole Ownership of the 100x100 Sky limit to Bedrock.


    ShiinCHan, " Baron Maximillion Draghon, Late Owner of Boria)

  11. ((RL age has nothing to do with anything. Some of my clan members are older then Hogarth, does that mean he shouldn't lead the clan? No. It should be based on merit. From what I have seen of you, you are power hungry. No offense meant but you have to go with the RP.))

    What he was trying to say is this:

    This person is 14, He has not yet fully matured and is acting so. (By the pictures shown, hes acting childish) WE (Me and Safflix) are trying to keep this RP as much as possible, and yet Arbrek is taking this personally, He seems very mad that another Smithing guild, or ANYTHING that hurts his "Guild / job" as the "Sole Business" is arising. In his OOC post in the picture over TS, He shows this very much. I just wanted to clarify)

  12. *Still angry, Arbrek posts another note*

    "Due to teh fact that mself and te Smithin' Guild do nae recognize this "Guild", and due te ye two bein' rude arses, will we nae be providin' picks er shovels to ye Miners. 'ave fun mining' with yer hands."

    ~Forgelord Arbrek Starbreaker

    T'at is fine, I will be providin t'e picks, s'ovels and bracings yur needin for yur operations. T'is old fool is not t'e only Dwarf t'at can make quality tools.

    (Safflix, i will support, and back your Smithing and Mining guild, my town, will fund anything you need in getting set up, including free services from our town builder, lumberjack, miners and farmers. Say the word and you will have what you need.)

  13. So why would someone join?

    Because t'is is a payed position, t'e lad t'at does t'e farmin gets paid. A discount on 'ousin and advancement c'ances to bigger spots.

    T'e "places" yur gettin for free in t'e kingdom capitol and are small cubbies, some dwarves want more t'en a cubby.

    If yur not interested in t'e job move on, Do not cause trouble 'ere.... it s'ows 'ow muc' t'at tongue of yurs is AGAINST t'e Kingdom it self.... Seein as yur trying to actively pus' people away from t'e KINGDOMS farmin guild... t'at im runnin.....

    T'at is t'e t'ird time yu 'ave spoke against t'e Dwarf kingdom. Time runs out lad.

  14. *Still burning with rage over the kidnapping of his daughter, and his anger at not finding out any information, Arbrek slams a note onto the board, muttering*

    "Due to teh Smithin' Guild's belief that only teh finest ores and gems in teh world can produce te best equipment, I'm sorry te say that we will not be gettin' our ores from this "guild". We will, as always, get teh best ores and gems from Darius.

    ~Forgelord Arbrek Starbreaker

    "reads the note"

    Buy yur ores from t'at dwarf t'at 'ouses silver tongue liars w'o defend t'e traitors of t'e kingdom.

    I will make sure my towns and my contacts w'o are many buy t'e ores from T'is guild, and ill personally see t'at a campaign is made to make t'is t'e official guild !

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