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  1. Lol ?! whats wrong.. you dying irl ?

    anyways, im changing my character around. i think skuzzy is gonna be gone, im not part of the shad rin anymore so no need for the goblin

  2. Dalek permabanned me on TS or i would.

    But the MC ban is only 2 days. so ill be back sunday, and im starting a new town / character so ill have to find you ingame, your welcome to a free house in my town i will be chartering

  3. Alright man, well... im banned. soooo talk to you later.. have a good one bro.. i wont

  4. see ya later man. nice knowing ya

  5. Hey ima add you on facebook, i think im about to get banned from the forum too.. triple ban, they must have really wanted me gone

  6. hey bud, i got banned... ttyl

  7. Nice knowing you for the 10 minutes that i did

  8. Nice knowing you .. i got banned

  9. WEll nice knowing you. i got banned

  10. This is a really well put together post. +1 for the amazingness. as someone who hates making names, but likes making RP names.. i love this post
  11. See ya later buddy, thanks for some fun RP. i put a post in general. im leaving lotc for a few reasons. see ya around

  12. HIIIIIIIIIIIII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Whats up man, how you doing.. we need to have a beard battle.... i think my dual wield chops will beat ur big burly axe beard !

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