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  1. Real **** if you banned someone because you just thought they were a bad dude honesty would probably go over better than this cloak and dagger ****. There’s plenty of other things you could have cited as borderline **** rp, maybe bring up the Risky Ralph at Ves incidents or something, if you really wanted to build a case to gun trende down.
  2. wait who is trende an alt of again someone remind me

  3. bad_meme_00.png?width=547&height=469

    1. Rave_Cave_marb


      Tasty you have posted this in about every single discord I share with you are you alright?

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      @Aythyinae bro do u watch the epic anime

  4. Techlock is oppression

  5. “Every nation has low points but we don’t judge nations on em. Although yeah that’s embarrassing.”
  6. An elf recalls Solaria dying years ago in a bowl of water. He takes a swig of some high ABV substance at a bar somewhere.
  7. “Wow these prices are low, guess the market is going bear? Oh, **** wait it’s weekly. ****, okay,” mutters an old mercenary
  8. wheres the one I use if I got fired
  9. I think we’ve had more VBs in a week than we did for like the entire time I was GM

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Thornz


      And how many of them were actually for villainy?..... bruhhh

    3. ScreamingDingo


      VBs are literally the poor man’s punishment smh

    4. Haseroth


      can we VB tythus for being mean to us

  10. Maly pours one out for his old friend who, with his skygod powers, he saved the life of.
  11. Maly ponders what there is to be traded in a post-scarcity minecraft world
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