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  1. Destroyer_Bravo

    [BOUNTY] 2,500 for the Belvitz Blood Mage

    “Can I get a sketch?” says some elf
  2. Destroyer_Bravo

    Frostbeard Removal Act of 1698

    “I suppose Frostbeards are going to keep ravaging the countryside regardless, so I concur with the bandit; cute.” says some elf through the magic of forum communications
  3. Sandk1ng, gone but not forgotten. F

  4. Destroyer_Bravo

    People's Magazine: no.1 vol 1.

    Maly ponders when Bloodcurdle will get their own issue
  5. hey look guys another application format when can i actually get denied for staff like im about to get denied from college


    can i get a hey-o!

  6. Destroyer_Bravo

    Tournament of Markev

    (RP&MC) Name: Maly’thill (Tasty_Cheesecake) Age: Yes Title: Knight Errant, Nauzican Holdings: Apartment at 7 Tailor’s Corner Heritage: You wouldn’t know him Events: joust
  7. Destroyer_Bravo

    What are you listening to?

    started listening to ocean man for the memes now im listening to the whole album the mollusk – ween
  8. Destroyer_Bravo

    [Rewrite] Necromancy, Fourth Generation.

    what happened to the other rewrite lmao
  9. I remember him being pretty solid the last time around, +1 would have GM again
  10. Destroyer_Bravo

    The Withdrawal of the Rosnian People

  11. Destroyer_Bravo

    The Withdrawal of the Rosnian People

    “I don’t recall the execution happening in that manner, we just ended up lopping off heads as fast as we could then completely routing the rescue party down to a single man,” states Maly’thill, one of the men who brought Cassian in for arrest.
  12. Destroyer_Bravo

    The Adrian Duma 12th of Sun's Smile 1697

    Maly’thill reminds Constantine that he was granted his vote when he stepped out to get potato chips and pizza dough!
  13. Destroyer_Bravo

    The Contraband Control Act, 9th of the Amber Cold, 1697

    “The ****?” mutters a maly’thill.
  14. IGN(s): Tasty_Cheesecake, Destroyer_Bravo Age 18 Timezone EST Discord: BaratheonBBQ#3922 What map did you join during?: Aegis Do you have access to a Microphone? Yes Average Daily Play Time? Too long, like 6 hours right now idk Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: I was an application team member for like a week when they were first made but was removed after 13-14 year old me posted in rage about some phenomenally terrible whitelist applications Do you have prior history in any forms of moderation? I was like a patrol leader in Boy Scouts or some shit but that's not necessarily moderation per se. Why do you want to join the Moderation Team?: When I rejoined LOTC about a month ago I figured I would only hop on every so often to RP with old friends. Since then as I reacquainted myself with the server I rediscovered why I enjoyed it so much back in the day. However, this was tempered by the problems in enforcement of the rules I have seen during my admittedly brief time back. As a GM I hope to do my part to enforce the rules of the server and improve the experience of LOTC for all players. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application (Includes GM and FM apps): I may have applied like 2 years ago but honestly I do not remember Anything else you want to tell us?: Not at the moment, maybe in the interview I may or may not get idk
  15. Destroyer_Bravo