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  1. faiz its tristanx7 habibi pls add on discord

  2. TTT

    Sea Dwarf Culture

    I've been actively playing the Brinejaw clan since 3.0, our original clan thread got deleted during some changes in the forums.
  3. TTT

    Sea Dwarf Culture

    Sea Dwarves (Korhelon Khazad) The Korhelon Kazad, or Wandering Dwarves, are a small dwarven ethnic group. As many of their members are born and grow up at sea, they have a hardy mindset and body, as well as a tendency to adhere to the philosophy of “Survive at all costs”. They are the youngest of all dwarven cultures, though not different enough to be considered their own subrace. They share many parts of the Dwarven Language, however life at sea has caused their dialect to be slightly different, as well as have an expanded vocabulary to describe ships and the sights, sounds, and o
  4. Brinejaws have a mixed lineage due to our history. Could you just put a "Brinejaw" tab similar to what the Irongrinders have? Members of the Brinejaw clan are Egil Brinejaw, Tarax Brinejaw, and Gralthran Brinejaw.
  5. I havent updated my show yourself image since 2012-ish... here you go (it's got a filter but its the most recent photo I have):
  6. I think that the priest sect should have equal spells to the soldier sect, since currently the soldier sect has 2 exclusive spells while the priest sect has only one. This could lead to people not wanting to become part of the priest sect in the future because "soldier is better". I've seen it happen before, and would hate to see it happen again.
  7. Why does my forum avatar get cropped into a tiny square all the damn time?

    1. Kim


      because the forum sucks


      if you want a bigger profile pic, make a gif out of it with gyazo and use that img URL

      the bigger the resolution, the higher res itll look, since gyazo shi ts on the quality when converting it to a gif

  8. What are the taxes like? I may be interested, but I don't want to have to pay a crazy amount of taxes on top of the buying price.
  9. If+you+guys+haven

    1. TTT


      lotc statuses, why you so **** up

  10. nice+meme+bro

  11. I'll start working on it. I'll show you some of my previous works so you can get an idea of whether or not you'd like a skin from me.
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