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  1. "800 minas to burn the heretic"
  2. A recording from the point of view of the dwarves that helped during the Mordring attacked on Bastion. Interesting moments in the video: 3:58 - 5:00 ---- Retreat 5:50 - 6:45 ---- Getting overwhelmed 8:40 - 9:35 ---- Knocked out
  3. I'm in love with you.
  4. wtf happened to your gm

  5. says the rex that doesn't even focus on his people
  6. I feel terrible for anyone who gets sucked into this shithole
  7. Making these accusations without being 100% sure is kinda fucked up and no matter the outcome, tahmas' image is going to be scarred. I've read the logs and worst case scenario Tahmas is just a weirdo, nothing more. Edit: Honestly this should be all determined by how Esry was affected by the situation.
  8. A moment of silence for the fallen warriors.
  9. A shining beacon of light you are, show me the way home, chuck.
  10. One of you idiots post something interesting, Im bored af.

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      Thanks dsdevil

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      female spiders eat the males after having a tumble in the web with them

  11. Over the years this community has gotten very attached to their belongings and it's really hindering the possibility of having really cool and engaging RP scenarios. The server has basically become a Glorified Build Server where everybody wants to make sure their builds are untouched. Why can't I as a new player go up to a tree and cut it down? Everything is fake and protected by regions. The world is so STATIC and nothing interesting is ever going to happen as long as people are so attached to their aesthetics. In Aegis, if you pissed off an undead on the road and got into a fight, most things around you were going to get damaged. It actually gave players some sense of fear and everyone would get their armor any time they heard lightning strike because they knew their city or home might be under attack by the undead. Today, no one is afraid because they are guaranteed that nothing can happen unless they have their personal approval. Here are my propositions: Allow small to medium sized destruction with the moderation of a GM. Only allow destruction to happen if there are atleast X amount of citizens or guards in the city who can intervene if they notice it happening. (This would prevent middle of the night snakery) Maybe have a cooldown as others have suggested, but I'm not really fond of cooldowns, people should be building up their guard force and paying players to patrol so we can have more engaging guard RP. Make sure the GM makes 1-2 emotes which would allow surrounding players to be suspicious and start investigating.
  12. Westerlands getting all the cool events :(
  13. why did they remove -1, ****