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  1. For it to be P2P it'd have to be the only way to get a different skin when you want to play a different character. You can still do it through the Mojang website, it's just slightly more tedious. The server and the website cost money to keep running and anything to incentivizes people to donate is nothing but a positive change. The donator ranks barely have any perks that people are interested in. We need more quality of life features to populate the donator ranks. Nice plugin +1
  2. Norland MVP.

  3. Free nathan barnett 2k17

    1. joey calabreeni

      joey calabreeni

      dsdevil is /our/ guy confirmed 

  4. +1 - Absolute legend
  5. I'm gonna build a zoo out of Krag

    1. Muddy_Buddy


      can i be a zookeeper ty

    2. dsdevil


      of course

    3. ryno2


      more like west point police academy

  6. He doesn't actually want GM. This is a ploy to get more rep. +1
  7. Everyone give rep to @Tofuus - he doesn't get praised enough.

  8. very sexy
  9. Server crash caused by arockstar. Please direct all memes towards him.

  10. So can we get some kind of update? Are we still just waiting on the host?

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    2. overlord2305


      Why not just start listing the server's specs, technicly info about the server. and 98% of the server won't know what any of it means anyways

    3. cablam


      If I knew one of the server specs I'd tell you. I don't even know what operating system it runs on!

    4. overlord2305


      You're a disgrace

  11. I have no idea then, you'd have to try and get in contact with @Lyonharted™
  12. Seems like it might be too big of a gif?
  13. Biggest pugsy NA