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  1. dsdevil

    The Struggles of Moderation

    Looks like you’re gonna have a very eventful christmas.
  2. Why are you still wasting your time with lotc? You could be spying on people for google or smth.
  3. dsdevil

    Admin Promotions

    Where's my beloved community manager?
  4. dsdevil

    Blago's Game Moderator Application

    Good, its more fun being cynical and toxic towards the ice enthusiasts.
  5. dsdevil

    Blago's Game Moderator Application

    If you become a ****** I will hold it against you.
  6. dsdevil

    Khabib v. McGregor

    Where's my money.
  7. dsdevil

    Khabib v. McGregor

    Anyone who thinks mcgregor will win, I will take 100$ bets against you rn.
  8. dsdevil

    The Path To Hope

    ((Does this person get with every new GM? Is this the initiation ceremony to assure loyalty to the Reich. Like what the ****. Never lost so much respect for a person so fast.))
  9. dsdevil

    Legion of Urguan -Reformation-

    Morug sat in his chair, laughing at the terms proposed by the daily new self-proclaimed dwarven re-unification attempt. "If ah recall correctleh.. ulrah 'as nay started eh single war against aneh dwed settlements in teh lands of Atlas. Weh let Holm do ets own thing and prospah. Weh even took steps te mend teh strife between our kin. Sadleh teh Arcadian rats stepped in and cried as dey do. 'owever yer re-unification predecessors, Ord, proclaimed eh war teh slaughter dwed and conquer our lands. Once faced with teh reality of their weakness, they murdered their ally teh Elgus King. Who's teh war-mongerer now, boy?" Morug chuckled at the mention of Yemekar's balance, "Anotha clueless dwed trying te justify 'is actions with teh notion of Yemekar's balance. And ah wonder 'ow ye can claim Dungrimm does nay stand with us when 'e led us te victoreh against Urguan and again maneh more times at evereh attempt te destroy teh idea of Ulrah. Teh gods do not favor yer cause. Accept it. Ye and yer spiteful kin are eh joke lad." The old dwed tossed his copy of the terms into a fire, laughing to himself, "When will these random cowardly dwed stop attempting te unify dwed bah shouting random propaganda, but nevah actualleh doin anything about it. Ye and all teh people who 'ave come before ye are all-talk. Ye make these big shows of power that last less than eh few hours and then ye dissapear and cower when ye realize yer will is te weak te do anything abt it. Yer a joke and teh gods know it boy. They 'ave not favored ye for eh very very long time." "Narvak oz Khazadmar"
  10. Don't remove my status. Banning someone on the server for a minor offense on the Forums without warning is the dumbest thing I've ever seen on LotC to date. Own up to your ****.

    1. EmbryoGod


      Free dsdevil he dindu nuffin

  11. dsdevil

    [Denied]Fimlino's World Developer Application

    +1 very talented and creative builder.
  12. Morug signed the Treaty with his fancy quill.
  13. dsdevil

    Community Update VIDEO

    Really enjoyed this. You're too pure for LotC. Save yourself.
  14. the dominion will soon fall