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    "I'll be waiting." says a crippled old man.
  2. dsdevil

    Any Aegis Players Around

    sadly yes
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    Enough is Enough.

    We're going to get a nice long post saying how things are going to change and that they want to mend the relationship between the community and staff. The topic is going to get locked. They are going to go quiet until everyone cools down. Then we'll wait for it to boil up and this will happen again in 6 months to preserve the cycle of stagnation.
  4. dsdevil

    The Philosophy of a Ban

    Much respect for that. Takes a mature person to be open minded. I appreciate your contribution to the conversation. I understand where your arguments were coming from. 😀
  5. dsdevil

    The Vanguard of Kaz'Ulrah

    OOC MC Name: dsdevil Discord: DMamba#6969 Timezone: EST RP RP Name: Morug oz Brathmordakin Age: old Ethnicity: not black Do you have any experience in combat?: no
  6. dsdevil

    Player Report on TheAlgoda, Raomir, dsdevil

    Any moderator or Admin who knows the history between Josh and the Kaz'Ulrah player base knows that Josh did not run this event out of the kindness of his heart. There has been toxic mud-slinging from both sides for over a year. The Unbiased Raw Version of the Events Josh walked into our city on a hooded mysterious character while we were all gathered in the throne room. We approached him and asked him to reveal himself. He revealed himself to be a an Ironborn dwarf; a race of ancient dwarves that are known to worship the dwarven version of the Devil. This race is unanimously hated by all dwarves throughout history, so we asked Josh's character to leave the city. Once asked to leave, he pulled out a powerful spell with the goal of disabling everyone in the room. At this point, I did not want to take the RP seriously and started making trolly emotes to undermine his RP. Some others followed my lead and it became an OOC storm. The RP continued through the OOC until a GM (Z3m0s) told us that temp-bans would be given out if we continued with the non-serious RP. Eventually we agreed to just let the RP play out until Josh had to leave for dinner. My Point of View and My Reaction Josh is a player that has used his position on the staff throughout the years to control and monopolize a certain type of role play. He manipulates and uses his authority to do whatever he wants on the server and make himself as 'important' and 'powerful' as possible. This type of behavior is disgusting and sadly runs rampant on LotC. His influence in Urguan is what lead us to leave and to make our own nation away from that toxicity. Their reaction since then has been to blame us for the decline of their roleplay while we tried to build something new on our own. Fast forward to the events of today, both player bases hate each other after a year of toxicity. While Josh's character is being asked to reveal themselves, someone informed us that in the Az'Adar discord Josh said "I'm wording this so they will hit me." (Quote Confirmed by Dizzy771) We were already on our toes because Josh showed up in our city on some mysterious character. Hearing that he was trying to bait us made most of us not want to participate in his RP at all. He then revealed himself as an Ironborn dwarf. We used that information as an RP reason to ask him to leave our city. So he attacked us with some very powerful powergaming magic. His one-emote spell was meant to hit everyone in the room and completely incapacitate them. Being extremely tired of these antics from josh, I refused to accept this role play and made some meme-emotes to undermine what he was trying to do. In response they tried to claim they were there to "Give us an event" and that we should be grateful. We should be grateful for an event where OOC enemy #1 walks in on a character and beats us all up? How is that an enjoyable event? Edit: A screenshot pulled from the report that shows this one-emote spell that triggered my reaction. People tried to ignore his emotes until a GM (Z3m0s) says in local OOC that temp bans will be issued if we continue to make meme emotes. This bothered me so I start making comments in OOC about how we are basically being forced into a role play event where Josh gets to act like a super character that is 'superior' to everyone in the room. We can't kill him in RP. We can't ask him to leave. We can't criticize it in OOC. We are forced by a GM and LT to sit there and take it. So most of our guys sat there and talked to him in RP for a solid 30 minutes. In that span of time he wrote 6 emotes and none of them had any substance. It was a complete waste of time and lead to nothing. In the end he claimed he had to leave for dinner and that we had wasted his allotted time for the event which is a ridiculous claim since in the time he did have to speak to us he made absolutely no meaningful progress. Proving Malicious Intent First of all, he came into this event with a GM (A longtime friend of theirs) to oversee it because he knew it wasn't going to be well received. This GM sat with him in Discord the entire time. An Event is meant to be ENJOYABLE and engaging for the players involved. If you are going into it knowing OOC conflict is going to spark... then clearly something is wrong. Then if we look at the people reported here. All four reported players were directly leading the war to destroy his nation a year ago. There were several other people ignoring josh's role play that weren’t reported. The only players specified in the report are those that Josh is spiteful of. In my opinion, they went there with the intent of riling us up. They do not care about reporting any of the other people. In reality, the only person who did anything disrupting was me. Edit: Hot_Dip was removed from the report after this reply was posted. 🤔 They did not try to resolve the situation at all. During the role play, Dizzy and Gandalf joined our discord saying "You guys are retarded. He's trying to share lore with you." Basically insinuating that we should be grateful that they were running this event for us. After Gandalf claimed they tried to resolve the situation, we asked Dizzy to come talk to us. He agreed that both sides were heated and that there was no real attempt at resolving the issue. He ensured us that he would post on this Ban Report to clarify that. There was no real attempt at resolving this conflict from either side. TLDR Josh walks into our city with an all powerful character. He tries to force us into submitting to this character through the influence of a GM and an LT member. I react poorly and meme his roleplay because we are basically powerless in the situation. He made us feel forced to partake in RP that we did not want and demanded us to be grateful. All this is done by a player who has been toxic against our player base over the past year and then one of the other players in his clique tries to Ban Report us for being upset about Josh’s actions. Regardless of all this, a GM stepped in, told us to stop and we did. Gandalf posting this report is pointless and a complete waste of everyone's time
  7. dsdevil

    The Philosophy of a Ban

    This is the same angle staff members used to take to dismiss any issue. Trying to undervalue my points because you want to believe that there is an ulterior motive to this post is extremely toxic to the conversation and makes you part of the problem. I haven't been active or involved in lotc politics in over 8 months. There is nothing in my post that attacks anyone or tries to defend anyone. I state facts and my take on those facts. To use your own argument against you: "Then there is a more personal opinion that is that most of LOTC is young (11 to 16)". I agree, most of LotC's player base are teenagers. That INCLUDES the staff. Teenagers are prone to emotional turmoil and tend to make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Treating people like they are a cancer to the community because of a mistake is absolutely ridiculous. GMs are not always right, but the fact is that they are very rarely punished for target-banning or having a very strong biased against certain players. It's just impossible to prove unless they make an obvious move. The GM has absolute power and can remove you from the server entirely if they don't like you. My stance is that bans are too heavy and they are dished out even for the most harmless offenses. Saying "Oh we have new players every day, who care" is extremely disrespectful to the value a player brings to this server. Some random new player is not going to fill the hole another player left. I believe the GM Team needs to reinforce they MUST communicate with the player first before banning. Other than that we should explore a system of warnings for minor offenses or a system where there are different types of punishments than just a plain ban (Like I described in my post).
  8. dsdevil

    The Philosophy of a Ban

    I didn't bring up these issues because of any specific ban. It's a general problem that's been around for a long time. I've had these opinions for a while. You can go through my posts and find these same arguments posted as replies in various places around the forums. Dismissing the topic because you assume it is in retaliation to someone's ban is counter-productive to the discussion.
  9. dsdevil

    The Philosophy of a Ban

    I fundamentally disagree with this part of your reply. This basically amounts to "Guilty until proven innocent". I understand GMs shouldn't be expected to be on duty 24/7. That's why a player should only be banned when the GM has the evidence they need to justify the ban. They can message the player saying, "Hey, you're getting banned for this xy reason. Here is the proof. Have a nice day." The GM gets to do it in his own time and the accused player gets to understand what they did wrong so they can appeal it or serve their time. The fact that GMs ban and then accumulate evidence, is ridiculous.
  10. dsdevil

    The Philosophy of a Ban

    Perfectly sums up what I'm trying to convey.
  11. dsdevil

    The Philosophy of a Ban

    You seem to be missing the point. A ban is heavy and I don't believe it should be the punishment used for every crime. Every time a player is banned it directly impacts the server. Why not have other types of punishments? I don't understand how that is hand-holding. You seem to have a hate boner for me and my player base and it shows in your emotionally fueled response. So I don't really expect to have a conducive conversation with you. How do you go through life with so much salt?
  12. dsdevil

    The Philosophy of a Ban

    Edit: This response from ggt perfectly sums up what I'm trying to convey. I’d like to open a dialogue about the philosophy behind bans. I want to change the way bans are viewed in order to create a more pleasant atmosphere between staff and players. These are my thoughts and I’d like to hear what other people think. The Value of A Player In my time managing and running settlements, I’ve learned that every player is valuable. They always create activity through their day-to-day RP and by creating content (Events, Story lines, etc). Every player has a direct impact on your success. This effect attracts an exponential amount of players and activity. Let’s scale this up to the server. Every LotC player that actively plays is a valuable asset to the server’s survival and success. Everyone is connected in a web of roleplay story lines that keeps them engaged. Some players are more influential than others, but everyone is dependent on someone else’s RP. The attachment players have to their RP story lines is what keeps them playing. This can be anything from a war to some family RP. The Weight of a Ban Let’s stick to the analogy of a web connecting players to their RP story lines. When a player is banned, you are abruptly cutting one of these strands. You are putting one or many story lines on pause indefinitely. This leads to any players connected to the banned player to have one less reason to play the server. The severity of this effect varies depending on the player, but there have been several instances of entire player bases dying or going inactive because of a single ban. I’m not saying these players shouldn’t be banned. I want to express how heavy a ban can be. We shouldn’t be banning people on a whim. I feel as though bans are used as a tool to punish players when they really should be last resorts. I believe the GM team should keep this in mind whenever they are deciding on a player’s ban. Banning an individual affects everyone around them and a ban directly kills a part of the server’s activity EVERY time. Game Ban and Forum Ban Separation Following my thoughts on the weight of a ban, I believe it is absurd to have any correlation between Game bans and Forum bans. The punishment should fit the crime. If a player breaks a Forum rule, then they should face their punishment on the forum. Same goes for in-game. Having a ban transfer to the other platform is illogical and kills server activity for absolutely no discernible reason other than to have the satisfaction of banning a player. Lack of Warnings and Staff Ignoring Players I understand that it's not intentional and I can personally relate. I’ll get a message while I’m preoccupied and completely forget about it afterwards. My issue here is when it involves a player’s ban. If you make the decision to ban a player, you should have the responsibility of explaining to that player the reasoning and what steps they can take to dispute their ban if they wish to do so. “The GM will respond in his own time”. When you made the decision to ban a player you made the commitment to be transparent and informative with them. When you start ignoring a player or sending them on a staff goose-chase, you are disrespecting them and their time. I know that ignoring is not always intentional. That is why I believe more warnings need to be issued. In order to avoid the whole struggle of disputing after a ban, the entire dialog should happen before the ban is even issued. A GM should always approach a player and tell them what they did wrong. The GM gets to do it on his own time AND the player gets to have the information he needs and the chance to defend himself. It’s a win-win situation. The only time a ban should be issued before talking to a player is in a situation where they are an active threat to other players’ experience (Example: Pugsy). Reduced-Access Bans ((This is only an idea. Please don't make the thread about this section.)) This is a idea/concept I’ve had in mind as a solution to the previous issues. Here’s something everyone can relate to. It’s definitely more frustrating to have your game freeze every 10 seconds than to have it not working at all. This concept lead me to the idea of Reduced-Access bans. For certain offenses, players could be flagged and have their server privileges reduced for a certain amount of time. Here are some examples of the effect one of these bans could have on a player. Limited 2 hours of playtime a day. Can’t PvP Soulstone recharge time x10. Persona change cooldown: 24 hours. I believe the punishment should fit the crime while also trying to sustain the server's activity. For example, remove the ability to break or place blocks to someone who is found guilty of Xraying.
  13. dsdevil

    Kaz'Ulrah Chess Club

    *A notice makes its way across the nations of Atlas* Kaz'Ulrah Chess Club A wonderful new game has found its way into the mighty halls of Kal'Tarak. For the past few stones days, dwed have gathered outside the grand gates to challenge each other to a game of wits. An intricately crafted dwarven chess set has been set up right outside the great capital city of Kaz'Ulrah. We invite all those who are interested in proving their mental prowess to come and challenge our current champions. Assert yourself as a brilliant tactician to earn prizes through bets and organized events. Dwarven officials may host a tournament in the coming days to determine who truly is the most gifted. A special thanks to Kalviin Ireheart for funding the board and pieces! Current Grand Master: Rûkhus Frostborn @Algoda
  14. dsdevil

    Necromancy: Rewrite and Magic Guide

    My finger actually hurts from trying to skim this post.
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    DNN #6

    Morug sips on his coffee reading his second favorite paper. I suggest 'The Gorum Times' for any newspaper enthusiasts.