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  1. It's hilarious how seriously people take themselves on this server.
  2. From what I understand, the status widget was poorly designed and was being exploited to take down our forums. So the emergency fix was to remove them, which was done by tythus I believe. I admire your spirit tho.
  3. Can someone on the lore team hit me up, this is the only time im asking so if you guys get pissy with me after, too bad.
  4. This guy is number 1
  5. Don't be sorry. Criticism is very important if we want the server to improve, especially from older players. You can't control how people receive/react to what you say, but that shouldn't stop you from speaking your mind.
  6. I never once regretted marrying my cousin
  7. yayfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfun
  9. I think ive been memed
  10. Yes, supreme leader Kowaman wants to do this
  11. I say we riot! I agree with this. Personally, I've always thought we should have a magic plugin that's entirely cosmetic.
  12. Ways I can think of on the spot: An invisible boat that the player gets put into An invisible animal of choice that's set to following the player Making the following player sit ontop of the follwed player's head. Have a chain of these and you could have a tower of players!
  13. Instead of holding their hands like children, how about we work on making the server/map a lot more intuitive and easy to get into. Right now I have no idea how to get to most places and I've been playing for a while.