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  1. congratulations on FM

  2. dsdevil

    Worn Down

    Worn Down My initial tenure on the team was a great learning experience for me. I got to familiarize myself with spigot and toy with its limits whilst having Tofuus as an extremely supportive person. It was a great experience and I got to produce two plugins for LotC in the span of three months. I decided to step down when IRL obligations hit me and I didn't want to be one of those people who kept a position whilst not doing anything. It went downhill when I decided to return. Some individuals took it upon themselves to **** on my name. My worth was ultimately based on who I decided to be friends with. Some stupid notion that I lack motivation spread like wildfire because I decided to be self-aware and step down from coder because I didn't want to keep my privileges if I wasn't going to do the work due to other commitments. However, it now seems that the administration likes to reward people who keep positions and do no work. So that's my mistake. I also came back to an Administrator spreading rumors with the intent to discredit me. Apparently I created the Hookah dupes on purpose? Honestly **** you to anyone who believes that. I was extremely new to the API at the time. I had only been experimenting with Spigot for 3 months by the time I completed Hookah. To anyone with any experience with the API its pretty clear that the dupe is nothing but a rookie mistake. That didn't stop this rumor to spread and once again **** on my name. Despite all this my ambitions and motivations are rooted in the player base, so I overlooked the shitty leadership. I proposed my cosmetic magic plugin idea. The funny part to me is that everyone on staff told me I'd get a shitty response from the community. In reality, the only uproar of negativity I received was from the staff and the administration telling me that the player base would lynch me. It goes to show how disconnected you are from your community. All they want is to be respected enough to be included in the development process of the server they so adamantly care about. Again, despite all this I continued to try to produce something I thought would be positive for the community. Although I was dedicating 4-5 hours a day to my project, I was still battered by staff with comments about my alleged lack of motivation. After a month of this I found out the administrator who was supposedly supporting me was going behind my back and telling people that I wasn't going to finish the plugin and that I had a history of demotivation??? In the end, what killed my motivation was the shitty negative development environment I've had to work in. I couldn't get the gnawing thought out of my head that these people being so negative are the same people who are gonna be using my plugin to inflate their egos on staff. These power-hungry ego-driven staff members who will flaunt their access to the magic plugin to somehow feel superior to the player base. I'm tired of this. I'm exhausted of all of it. I really am. This brings me to the point of this entire thing. I was offered a sizable monetary compensation to move my project and my development time to another server. I thought about it for a while. I loved LotC, I was practically raised in this community. However it's come to a point where I don't think LotC is LotC anymore. It's a shadow of its former self and I'm losing the drive to fight for what it used to be. I never asked for anything. I gave my time to the server because I wanted it to be a better experience for players. I don't have pex. I barely have access to anything as a coder right now. And that doesn't matter to me. All I wanted was to be given the decency of some respect for the time I decided to contribute to this server. I'm going to move on and hopefully have a chance to progress in a more positive environment. My only regret is letting down @FlamboyantRage. He's shown nothing but promise to me since he first became an administrator. He has great ideas and ambitions. I'm sorry I didn't get to make this plugin for you.
  3. dsdevil

    This Server is Dying

    I don't think the point was to target you. There are better examples to point out, but the general idea is that some other applicants are overlooked although they have stronger positive relations with the community in general. For example, Gandalf was promoted to GM although his app was full of negative comments including one from the current acting Forum Director. And so far his moderating style has shown him to be a slave to the rules instead of someone who wants to improve the community's experience. It just seems like the selection process relies too heavily on picking people who will follow the status quo instead of trying to bring change and improve the current state of the community. I personally have no quarrels with you Tornado, you seem to be doing fine.
  4. dsdevil

    This Server is Dying

    To add to Pond's point in a more constructive manner. It seems like the community opinion of people is made completely irrelevant in the selection process of GMs although a GM's role is directly involved with interfacing with the player base and making sure their experience is satisfactory. Selecting people who already have a strong negative bond with certain groups seems like an obvious mistake. Honestly it seems to many people that the ONLY criteria for GM is the ability to uphold the status quo without questioning authority. To address the main thread and the concerns brought up in the comments. There needs to be more wars/skirmishes more frequently. There should be interactions and consequences to war outside of the allotted time for warclaims (More raids, diminished resources, etc). War rules should be designed in a way that adds a deterrent to conquering nations and focus more on crippling an opposing nation. Both sides should be penalized in some way for deciding to enter a war. No one who cares about lotc wants to see player bases wiped out, but denying that war is a driving part of the community is nothing but ignorance.
  5. the dominion will soon fall

    1. 1784


      This is true

  6. dsdevil

    [I] Fawbole's Game Moderator Application

    No idea why these fragile edgies keep getting GM and a qualified individual like Fawb who actually wants to bring changes and reforms keeps getting denied. It's actually insane. It's like the only thing that matters in an applicant is their ability to uphold the status quo. +1
  7. dsdevil

    -_- The Book Of Grudges -_-

    Name of the wronged or Clan wronged: All of Yemekar's Children Name of the person who wrong the Dwed or Clan: Zahrer Irongrinder Grudge committed: Extorting the Grand Kingdom of Urguan during the Coalition War for personal gain. Demanding minas from Grand King Bastion Ireheart for the use of desperately needed rune cannons against the armies of Oren who were committing genocide against our kin. Teaching the sacred arts of runesmithing to a non-brathmordakin believer. An outsider who was non-dwed and who's heart did not belong to our faith. The desecration of Yemekar's gifted land. The excessive use of his magic caused a great land scar across the desert of Axios. Terms to settle the grudge: A voluntary self-sacrifice before a gathering of all dwed to attone for his acts against our faith. Once executed, he will be judged by the gods in Khaz'A'Dentrumm. or An honor duel to the death witnessed by a gathering of all dwed in the presence of Dungrimm. Date of the Grudge inscribed: 11th of The Deep Cold, 1674
  8. dsdevil

    Domesticated Magic

    One of the only magics I'm ok with.
  9. dsdevil

    Runesmithing Revision - Proposing Alternatives

    I get that point. But why does josh get to have that power to decide? The dude is known to manipulate people to get what he wants. Why have the magic locked to a circle jerk of friends. It's insane to me that the exclusivity of this magic is being defended. Josh's entire self-worth depends on him being the top runesmith.
  10. dsdevil

    Runesmithing Revision - Proposing Alternatives

    I think that because the magic has been a circle jerk up to this point. I feel like I'm not reaching too far for this conclusion.
  11. dsdevil

    Runesmithing Revision - Proposing Alternatives

    The fact that its even a thing... That there is this exclusive 'knowledge' inherently makes it a circle jerk magic and I hope my good man @FlamboyantRage sees that.
  12. dsdevil

    Ex-Wiki Team Director AMA

    Why did you resign? How much do I have to pay you to come back?
  13. dsdevil

    Is this a roleplay server?

    He blocked me for trying to debate him aswell. Guess he is a fragile little child after all.
  14. shoutout to @Harrison

    1. Harrison


      big 4 man instant kill

  15. dsdevil

    LotC Patch 6.2a: SkeletonKey

    Automation is always good. Is there a chat indicator for the result of the internal roll? Or does it just say you failed/succeeded?