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  1. Ungo Bungo is a gentleman. #UngoBungo4King



  2. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

  3. Secret Santa 2017

    Pls get me a nice present, thx
  4. Renatus x Norland

    10/10 song choice
  5. Atlas Trailer - Holiday Competition

    Ahh alright. Looking forward to it then :)
  6. Atlas Trailer - Holiday Competition

    SECOND It looks great and I love the music but I'm a bit disappointed that we're getting another generic flyby of the land. It just keeps pushing the idea that LOTC is some kind of build server. We should be showcasing our Roleplay, Wars and Unique plugins in trailers. That's the type of thing that will hook in new players.
  7. The Media Initiative

    Completely agree. I don't understand why we're going the media team route again.
  8. Yh dude no one wants to listen to YOU
  9. Military Updates

    *A notice from the Folk is passed down to all citizens of Kaz'Ulrah.* As many of you know the High King has named me, Morug, the new leader of the Dungrimm's Folk. I've taken the last two weeks to get to know all the dwed of Kaz'Ulrah and learn how to best build our military. We need to centralize our men into one massive force which will be lead by a hierarchy of leaders. I want to build the foundation of what our military will be for when we finally move to the promised lands in the South. I'd like to build a competitive system where each soldier strives and works towards earning honor for their clan and for themselves through military events, tournaments, and raids. Every month we'd give rewards to the clan with the most accumulated honor and also have rewards for individual outstanding soldiers. To start building this I've named three exceptional dwed as my commanders to help me move forward. Sevrish Stormbreaker Clan Father and Prince of the Blue Mountains This sea-dwed has proven his knowledge of the seas and his ability to recruit many capable dwed. He will be taking the position of Grand Admiral in our Military. He will be in charge of organizing and running our navy. He and his men will lead us on his ships into the promised lands. Torvin Blackaxe The Dragon Hero of the Brathmordakin This old dwed once ruled as Grand King of Urguan and knows how to lead men. He will be one of my Commanders and he will lead and run a specialized force of elite dwed who will undertake the tasks necessary to protect Kaz'Ulrah and its gods. Edel Silvervein The Honorable Clan-Elder of the Silverveins This young dwed has held many positions managing dwed and has proven his ability to recruit and organize large groups of soldiers. He will be another one of my Commanders and he is tasked with helping me organize and manage our troops. IMPORTANT: To all dwed who were already part of the military or who want to join, please find time to meet with Edel Silvervein or Morug to get yourself sorted out. We are going to be building up our foundation for the next map where we will be able to start doing big things with Dungrimm's folk.
  10. Dungrimm's Champion

    Fliers are posted all over Kaz'Ulrah. They are signed by the High Prelate Thoak Goldhand and the Grand Marshal Morug oz Brathmordakin. DUNGRIMM'S CHAMPION Dwed of Kal'Uzlrah! Dungrimm has delivered onto us a new Champion worthy of his name. This young Haense lad who was picked up on one of our raids found himself in a grand honor duel against a mighty Umri warrior. Against all odds the 14-year-old boy found himself gutting this Umri and winning the fight. Dungrimm peered into his soul and saw the glory and potential that rested in this young lad! He gave him the strength the boy needed to defeat his opponent and prove his greatness to all the dwed of the Brathmordakin. The Grand Marshal Morug and The High Prelate Thoak Goldhand have decided to grant this boy a title fit for his greatness. He will no longer be referred to as 'Sergei Stafyr'. He is now a son of Dungrimm. One of the great warriors of the faith. A boy who will grow to become a legend amongst all dwed and become a force known to all on the battlefield. He will be now and forever known as... Sergei oz Dungrimm!
  11. A Night in the Tavern.

    Morug would catch wind of this story being told in Suitica. He'd repeat it to a group of dwed in a mocking tone. "This lass memoreh 'as clearleh been damaged by teh duel. As ah remembah it our High Queen found 'erself in eh honor duel before teh might of Dungrimm against this Umri lass. Signa, in all 'er might, focked 'er up and SPARED 'er life even aftah Dungrimm 'ad chosen 'er as teh greater warrior. Narvak oz Signa Blackaxe, teh merciful Queen. Ets funneh 'ow much Umri will spread lies te give themselves FALSE honor.
  12. Seems Oren lost all their gear fighting for Urguan
  13. Act of Regency

    Morug sat in his chair when the news reaches him. "Canonius will return 'onor that 'as been long forgotten te teh once great nations of Umri. Ye speak of assasination... As I 'ear et, yer weak leaders and their guard were vereh easily cut down by eh few men. Ah look forward te get mah turn at spillin yer blood and finalleh cleansing teh world of ye weak filtheh Orenian rats."
  14. Times are Gone

    Morug sits in his chair reading the letter he'd just received. He'd shake his head with a quick sigh before ordering a new letter to be sent to hopefully reach the old dwed. "Dwalin Irongut, we served under the Grand King Bastion Ireheart during the great war that finally defeated Oren. I know you and you know me enough to acknowledge that we are both dwed that want nothing more than a thriving dwarven kingdom. You know that I shared your distrust in the Frostbeards at the time because of Kerwyr's ill intentions. You were there when I brought justice to him and branded him for his disrespect to the clans. But those days are gone. You can't hold on to the grudges of the past. The Urguan you held onto was not a true Urguan that wanted prosperity for its kin. They were fueled by revenge and hatred against the Frostbeard name. They even went to the lengths of allying with Oren to achieve their petty revenge. Dwedkin DOES have a King worthy of Urguan's name. He is Verthaik. You may not like his father and that is understandable, but this lad has created a Kingdom where all dwed can thrive. He is fighting for the future of our kin. I ask you to reconsider your grudges. Think about what is best for the future of our kin. We can't have this division between us when we have much larger threats to face. I personally would welcome you into our halls to help us continue to forge a great Kingdom in Yemekar's name. All you have to do is give up your grudges against Kaz'Ulrah and see that Verthaik truly is a Grand King. Morug oz Brathmordakin Grand Champion of the Gods and Protector of Kaz'Ulrah"