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  1. You aren't even around so how can you assess activity? I did plenty of events when I first took over the clergy but no one else actively tried to spark up the dwarves. So I stopped. If someone wants to take over now they are welcome to.
  2. The true high prophet sits against a wooden chair, a hysterical laughter overcoming him, "Teh gods would never acknowledge eh clown like yerself te beh eh prophet."
  3. Morug sat atop a snowy peak, his frozen beard weighing him down into a hunch. He warmed himself before a fire as a figure slowly appeared from the white fog of the snowstorm. Kilgrim greeted him with a nod having returned from the closest village with some suprising news. After hearing of the Grand King's death, Morug closed his eyes in prayer and began to speak words to the gods. "We often fight hellish monsters from the realms of Khorvad who bring fear into the hearts of our people but they do not match the horrifying demons that rest in the mind of a broken man. Although I often clashed with his decisions, the man ruled with his heart and truly wanted the best for his people. I will not weep for his downfalls. I will celebrate and smile for his triumphs. I will laugh and cheer as Dungrimm carries his soul into the mighty of halls of Khaz'A'Dentrumm. Narvak oz Bastion Ireheart."
  4. lmfao
  5. Norland MVP.

  6. Free nathan barnett 2k17

    1. joey calabreeni

      joey calabreeni

      dsdevil is /our/ guy confirmed 

  7. See you tonight :)
  8. +1 - Absolute legend
  9. Morug raises his hand, "Can I be a legend of the league?".
  10. 1.9 is better
  11. PRAISE @z3m0s FOR THE NAME
  12. I'm gonna build a zoo out of Krag

    1. Muddy_Buddy


      can i be a zookeeper ty

    2. dsdevil


      of course

    3. ryno2


      more like west point police academy

  13. He doesn't actually want GM. This is a ploy to get more rep. +1