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  1. Free nathan barnett 2k17

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      dsdevil is /our/ guy confirmed 

  2. See you tonight :)
  3. +1 - Absolute legend
  4. Morug raises his hand, "Can I be a legend of the league?".
  5. Everyone is welcome.
  6. *Invitations are sent to all the races.* The Grand Queen has fallen. All the races of Axios are invited to a Grand Funeral to commemorate and celebrate the beginning of her grand voyage to Khaz’A’Dentrumm. We will feast and remember her triumphs and hardships. ((Saturday, April 29th, 1pm EST)) Anbella bless her path to the heavens.
  7. The High Prophet makes his way through the crowd, a saddened expression resting on his face. He shakes his head in dissapointment as he meets the gaze of the dead queen. "This is en act of Treasun! I will personalleh 'unt down teh murderer. Ye cannay 'ide from teh axe of justice." He'd motion to some of the legion soldiers in the crowd, "Clean this up lads. She nay deserves this kind of disrespect. We will 'old a GRAND funeral in teh comin days. Send word te all dwed of teh Kingdom... Khorvad will nay 'ave 'is way."
  8. 1.9 is better
  9. The High Prophet wipes his battleaxe of the kingslayers' blood and rejoices for the grand victory. It is clear that the Admiral's sacrifice to Dungrimm was not in vain. Very few dwed fell to the tide of battle but many of the enemy met the axe. The battle was truly blessed by the Guardian of Death and for that we praise and thank him. It is now obvious that Dungrimm enjoys grand sacrifices and we should make offerings before all battles in the future. I thank and pray for the valiant dwed who attended this grand ceremony. Praise Edward Blackrook for is honorable sacrifice!
  10. PRAISE @z3m0s FOR THE NAME
  11. amazing