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  1. dsdevil

    Leaving Bogrin Behind

    Morug drops his apples, “Ahm losing track of all these new kingdom names.”
  2. dsdevil

    The Struggles of Moderation

    Looks like you’re gonna have a very eventful christmas.
  3. Why are you still wasting your time with lotc? You could be spying on people for google or smth.
  4. dsdevil

    Admin Promotions

    Where's my beloved community manager?
  5. dsdevil

    Blago's Game Moderator Application

    Good, its more fun being cynical and toxic towards the ice enthusiasts.
  6. dsdevil

    Blago's Game Moderator Application

    If you become a ****** I will hold it against you.
  7. dsdevil

    The New High King

    *The sound of a huge iron seal unlocking echoed through the halls of Kal'Tarak. It had been days since the Clan Fathers and the Lord Regent had locked themselves into the council chambers. The doors finally re-opened and the Regent walked out first to address the crowd.* "Aftah maneh days of deliberation and discussion, teh Clan Fathers 'ave come te eh decision on teh identity of teh next High King of our holy kingdom. With eh unanimous vote from all seven clan fathers, ah am proud te announce Thoak Goldhand as te next leader of our people. Maneh otha candidates showed promise and were considered at length, but in te end, teh clan fathas believed Thoak's experience and resolve outshined that of teh otha candidates. This dwed 'as lived through maneh lifetimes and holds teh wisdom of teh gods within himself. Let us welcome this Goldhand onto teh throne and follow 'im inte teh next golden age of dwedkin." High King Thoak Goldhand! Narvak oz High King Thoak Goldhand! Narvak oz Kaz'Ulrah! Narvak oz Khazadmar!
  8. dsdevil

    Khabib v. McGregor

    Where's my money.
  9. dsdevil

    The Necessity of Dwarven Unity

    Morug scratches his beard in bewilderment, "Who is there te 'unify' with exactleh? Teh vast majoriteh of dwed are citizens of Ulrah. Teh few who arents decided te go make their own settlement, which they are free te do and explore their own way of life. If ye truly wanted uniteh u'd just join Ulrah and find yer place among their kin. This is nay about unity, this is about regaining yer control and yer powah ovah dwed. Humanity is not eh threat. Et was made eh threat when ye whispered inte Edel's ear and 'ad 'im make hostile moves against Renatus. Ulrah is doing great and weh are prospering as eh kin. Weh do not need te unify with ye few random dwed who are te spiteful te rejoin yer kin. Stop trying te impose yerself on othas and try te make something fer yerself. This lazyness of yers is contributing te yer obesity, Fili."
  10. dsdevil

    Announcing High King Candidates

    *A new notice is spread to all dwarves. The envelop is decorated with the holy clergy of the Brathmordakin's seal.* High King Candidates It is my honor to announce the candidates for this election. Many great dwed have stepped forward to offer themselves into the service of our kin. One of these dwed will soon be crowned king and will lead us into a great age through the wisdom of the Brathmordakin. I encourage all dwed to meet and debate with these candidates to find out which one you think would be the king that is right for our people. Make sure to inform your clan fathers about who you believe would best suit the Kingdom's future. Goodluck to all candidates. Narvak oz Kaz'Ulrah, Narvak oz Khazadmar and Narvak oz Brathmodarkin. Hekkaes Anvilaxe (JokerLow) Speech: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/176258-the-future-of-kazulrah/ Thoak Goldhand (Thoak) Speech: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/176537-candidacy-for-an-even-emptier-throne/ Baldin “Ironside” (mateolog) Speech: Dangren Starbreaker (Dtrik) Speech: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/176512-knox-unbanned-me-i-made-him-resign-learn-my-one-easy-trick-to-make-all-the-gms-jealous/ Bolgnir Irongut (Tide1) & Dwarger “Saviour” Silvervein (LionEY_) Running for duo-kings. Speech: Cobblestone Speech: https://www.archives.gov/files/press/exhibits/dream-speech.pdf Fili “The Fat” Grandaxe (Cpt_Noobman) Speech: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/176540-the-necessity-of-dwarven-unity/ Thorrak Ireheart (Aeldrin) Speech: ???
  11. dsdevil

    Khabib v. McGregor

    Anyone who thinks mcgregor will win, I will take 100$ bets against you rn.
  12. dsdevil

    Royal announcement

  13. dsdevil

    Royal announcement

    Lord Regent Morug steps forward holding a large stack of documents. "Ye are not king of anything. First of all ye weren't even coronated yet. Ye do nay wear teh 'oly crown of Kaz'Ulrah. Ye were onleh elected. So ye cannay claim rule ovah teh dwed." Morug presents a legal document, "This law 'ere was established before ye were even elected. Anyone can call fer ehn impeachment vote among the clan fathers te remove the ruling monarch. So first of all, the vote itself is nay illegal and clearly stated in the teh constitution" He cleared his throat and unrolled another piece of parchement, "Here are teh signatures of all SEVEN clan fathas who signed and voted for yer impeachment. This includes yer own clan Edel. Teh Silverveins do not recognize ye as their king and ye should realize ye are alone in this vandetta. If ye truly cared about Ulrah ye would accept that teh people want anotha king. Accept et, move on. There is nothing illegal about this election. Yer claim te teh throne is the onleh illegal thing. Ye try te gain te favor of yer people by lying te em lad? Et is sad te see ye go down this path. Ye could 'ave ran again fer teh position and redeemed yer name. But it seems ye are te far gone and ye are not fit to rule. Ye cannot make claims of illegitimacy without anything te back these claims."
  14. dsdevil

    High Khazadmar Election of 1683

    *A large swarm of ravens poured out of the mighty gates of Kal’Tarak. Each one carried an important royal notice to spread to every dwarf that could be reached.* Impeachment With the recent events surrounding the newly elected High King, Edel Silvervein, many dwed began to doubt his ability to rule. Accusations of dishonor and incompetence began to surface until Koralon Onyxheart officially invoked the legal clause of the GROUND LAW and CONSTITUTION of Kaz’Ulrah of 1672 that prompts a vote among the clan-fathers to impeach the ruling monarch. It required a 5/7 approval from the clan fathers to pass and did so with all 7 clan fathers agreeing on the impeachment. Edel had a good start as king and brought many interesting ideas and reforms to the kingdom guilds and military. Unfortunately, his reign crumbled with a couple of mistakes concerning foreign relations with the Renatian Empire. His choices and actions brought great shame to our Kingdom’s honor and managed to put Kaz’Ulrah in a very difficult political position. He showed weakness to the other nations of the world and many of our dwed felt this shame. Sadly this prompted many to be in favor of Edel’s impeachment. Poem written by a local bard regarding recent events: Election I, Morug oz Brathmordakin, devoted follower of the faith and previous High Prophet of the Dwarven Pantheon have been assigned as regent. I will be handling and organizing this election so we may soon have a new acting High King. The election rules will be the same ones established by the previous High Queen. Election Rules: Any dwed can run for High King. Make sure to inform the regent of your candidacy. (reply to this post) You have 24 stone hours to announce your candidacy for it to be considered legitimate. Candidates are encouraged to make a speech to present their goals and ambitions to the populace. (forum post). A debate between candidates will be held in TWO stone days (Saturday, Oct 6th). The clan fathers will vote on the next king in THREE stone days (Sunday, Oct 7th). NOTE: For this election we will be trying something new. You can choose to run as a pair if you want. If elected, you will be two kings with equal power. A few clan fathers expressed interest in such a system and so we will give it a try for this election. Justice The Goldhand Clan Father, Dwifur Goldhand, was savagely murdered today in our halls. He was an honorable dwed and a big part of Ulrah’s rise. He greatly increased the kingdom’s wealth during his time as master of coin and high merchant. His presence will be missed and we know the gods will hold a great auction for him in Khaz’A’Dentrumm. The act of Kinslaying is one of the worst offenses in the eyes of the gods and so I officially invoke a holy trial to bring justice for Dwifur. We will have a gathering in TWO stone days (Saturday, Oct 6th) after the election debates where we will gather evidence and testimonies to decide before the gods what justice must be delivered. Narvak oz Dwifur Goldhand! May you rest in Armakak’s golden halls. Signed, Morug oz Brathmordakin, Protector of the Brathmordakin and Khazadmar.