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  1. Alicjo furrows his brows reading the letter, habitually biting his inner lower lip as he reads over the letter. A face of deep worry for a long moment before passing the letter to Annabelle, closely watching her expression.
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    This is a test to see what happened to my friend’s application
  3. Which one of my favorite ladies is about to get a custom plushies ?
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    Brothers of Virtue

    “Suppose a formal application wouldn’t hurt.” Alicjo chuckles a bit, hunching over at his desk at the lanterns light to start writing. Username: Motherchild Character Name: Alicjo Veranna Proficiencies/Specialities: Charismatic, Brawling, Marksmanship, Cooking
  5. I wish I was pretty lady, I want one of these
  6. Alicjo wipes his cleaver and knife, smiling upon reading the announcement. ”Hope I have enough fish for this.”
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    Alicjo always felt out of place because of his different skin. Growing up in Sutica, it was always a diverse city, but still a few of the folks had teased him for the differences and he didn’t like that too much. His parents, being Farfolk, moved to Sutica to escape the racial persecution of some of the other cities they lived in. It pained them to see their child experience some of the same things they had gone through growing up. Perhaps it was the addition of his strange personality, but when he was around 10 years old, there was one kid particularly that was always able to rally the other children against him. The bullying got to the point, that Alicjo would skip going to class, and would instead go down to the docks to watch boats come in and out. He’d always dream about riding on one, getting far away from the city one day. In an attempt to preserve some of his childly innocence during his formative years, his parents sent him to live with his uncle, on a small ranch outside of the city, and he hated it more than being in the city with his parents. Sometimes he’d take trips with his uncle to the city to help sell the goods from harvest, and they’d stop in to see his parents. He’d meet with the local vendors and the local sailors often, eventually becoming acquainted with one of the captains who promised him a ride when he was of age. And after spending all his adolescent years at his uncle’s ranch, the pair received news that Alicjo’s mother had passed during complications of birth. While conflicted about learning he had a new brother, Alicjo felt a rage when he found out. He felt that his parents were trying to replace him, that if he stayed, she would not have passed. But mostly, he was upset that he wasn’t there when it happened. At 17, he left his uncle’s farm, said goodbye to his father, and took up a crewmate position on a trader ship with the captain that he’d been acquainted with all these years. He always received special treatment, but the captain was always harder on him than the others because of it. His time on the open waters, he saw so many different people and never felt out of place again, no matter where he was. He felt so privileged to have the opportunity to travel to so many places and meet all these people. It wasn’t until he began getting friendly with one of the local girls from Curon that he decided he wanted to find something more permanent. Life on the sea had its perks, but it could be lonely, and it was time for him to settle down.
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