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  1. [✗] GoddessofNight's Ban Appeal

    I've known Marsi for a good while now, she's a very passionate individual. Yes she can sometimes take things to the extreme, however if there's one thing I've learned about her its that she has the capacity to grow and change. I feel that her ban should be reduced down to a more reasonable sentence. A lot of things all lead up to what happened. Some of which I know, some of which I don't. If anything at least give her a chance to prove she's learned her lesson. #freetheraven #lettheravenfly
  2. [✗] GoddessofNight's Ban Appeal

    Do you mind if I post?
  3. [Deity] [Druidism MA] DarkSoundwave

    MC Name: DarkSoundwave Character's Name: Riv'su Des'Nox Character's Age: 78 Character's Race: Mali'ker What magic(s) will you be learning?: Communion and control Teacher's MC Name: Delmodan Teacher's RP Name: The Owl Druid Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: n/a Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yep Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: n/a
  4. [✓] [Lore] The Origins of Druidism

    I love it. There should be more lore explaining how things became a reality in the world of lotc. +1
  5. [Accepted] Jacktheblue20s AT Application

    Give my dad the job! +1
  6. [Change]Smelting Armor & Weapons

    As a blacksmith, I like this idea. It's annoying as **** to make a bunch of items, only to have no use for them. So I'd love to be able to reclaim even at least a little bit of what I wasted.
  7. [✗] The Crimson Onslaught

    I'll gladly send more paladins over there. +1 need more stuff to kill.
  8. Been there. Done that. It failed. Moving along.
  9. [MArt] Armor of the Ashkeeper

    Well, gonna be fun hunting your armored guys down then <3
  10. [MArt] Armor of the Ashkeeper

    Does it ignore armor piercing holy magics too? Such as Paladin's wyrmstalker's holy arrows?
  11. [✗] [Holy Magic][Support]Caretaker Magic

    +1 looking forward to hunting you new holy users down and forcing Xan down yer throats.
  12. [Holy Magic][MA] Dangren Starbreaker

    He was connected last night, He's ready to be taught things.
  13. [MA][Xan] WanderingFriend's paladin app

    She's been connected and is ready to learn.
  14. MC Name: DarkSoundwave Character's Name: Izier Vincrute Character's Age: 384 Character's Race: Mali’ker Link to your accepted MA: What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Xan Deity Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): The mists of Xan are a blessing given by Xan, the Aengul of Order and Guardianship. He bestows his gift, to those that have been proven to be dedicated to his service and teachings. Most notably, the paladins use his gifts in defense of the mortal realm. Battling dragons and dark foes with their mists of varying colors. The colors that the mists can be are emerald, silver, platinum, gold, and sapphire (Though that is reserved for Xan’s intervention). The mists can be used in a variety of ways. We have two classes, The Vindicator and Wyrmstalker. Both use their magic to cleanse, and destroy evil and dragons. Our magic effects draconic creatures the most. There’s a vast difference though between Vindicators and Wyrmstalkers tactics, weapons, and magic. Vindicators wield sword and shield, or two handed blades, they prefer to fight up close. Wyrmstalkers wield bows, or crossbows, preferring to fight at a distance. Vindicators before the magic rewrite used to create weapons directly from their mists. With the rewrite the magic has changed to coating the weapon in their mists, enchanting their weapon temporarily. The ability to create armor from their mists has been expanded to being able to create a shield to protect themselves. Some Vindicators prefer being the tank, Distracting the enemy while their brothers attack it. Wyrmstalkers, We use our mists differently than our brothers. Instead of making armor, We can condense our mists into a zeus style bolt, cover our bows or crossbows to create arrows out of our mists. They’re normal arrows, unless used against creatures with draconic origins, or tainted beings, dealing devastating damage to them. We’re better with our long range weaponry, easily picking off our foes from afar. Though… There are times when we are forced to use a one handed blade. Lastyly, We paladins can use our mists to heal ourselves, and others. However our healing is the worse of the three major healing groups, (Aeriel, Tahariae, Xan). That doesn’t mean we’re useless though.We’re capable of healing light to moderate wounds. We can mend a broken bone, but it taxes the paladin greatly. I’m sadly not special enough to have learned Holy Alteration. But it’s the ability to imbue metal objects with Xan’s power, Such as swords that are imbued to deal more damage to dragons. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Wyrmstalker Lessons The Mali’ker walked with his student, leading the newly connected Wyrmstalker towards the library. “It’s time you learned how to manifest our patron’s gift.” He’d say opening the door slowly, motioning towards the meditation chamber. “Meditate, Clear your mind. Focus yourself on our patron’s teachings.” He knelt beside his student. “Good… Just like that. Now focus on the warmth you felt when you were connected… Let it flow to your arm.. Excellent.. Open your eyes.” He’d look at his student, smirking slightly seeing the emerald colored mist. “Emerald… Not many of those.” He’d say chuckling. “Our highlord would approve greatly.” He’d rise slowly, looking at the aspiring student. “Meditate daily. In a year, we’ll see if you’re ready for the next lesson.” A year had passed, Once again Izier would call upon his student. “I hope you’ve been practicing… Show me.” Izier watched the student, call on the mists. “Excellent... “ He pulled a knife from his hip slicing his palm open. “Now… Place your hand over the wound, and focus on healing it.” He frowned, narrowing his eyes as his student overexerts himself, falling forward. “You failed…” He summoned his own silver mists, running it over the cut. “Continue your practice… We’ll pick this lesson up another time.” He’d say dismissing his student. Taking his student to the archery range, Izier would present him with a bow. “This is your bow, With it you’ll learn how to use our patron’s gift to create starlight arrows.” He’d walk around his student watching. “Focus… Let the mists coat the weapon… Picture an arrow… Then pull back on the string and grasp it.” He smirked watching his student pull the string back condensing the mist into a bright arrow shaped projectile. “Good… Now fire.” He chuckle watching the arrow only fly two feet before dissipating. “Very good, for your first try. Practice this, along with firing regular arrows. You’ll be tested in your archery skills later on.” He’d say dismissing his student to practice. “Now then… You’ve spent several years training… I believe you’re ready to learn the Wyrmstalkers greatest spell, The Sun Spear. Hold your dominate arm up, call upon your starlight, let it mass in your palm, slowly squeeze on it and let the mass build until it’s nearly volatile, then throw it at your target.” He’d watch his student try to create the spear. He reached out correcting his stance, He watched the student squeeze down too hard extinguishing the core. “Don’t squeeze that hard… You’ll break the core and destroy the spell. Try again.” Vindicator lessons Izier motioned for the newly connected Vindicator to follow him. He’d lead the student towards a waterfall, Kneeling before it, “Kneel, and meditate with me.” He’d close his eyes taking a deep breath inwards. “Now clear your mind… Focus on the warmth you felt when our Patron granted you his boon. Good.. Let it flow into your arm, then outward.” He’d open his eyes, smiling at his student. “Wonderful, Open your eyes.” He’d smiled at the silver colored starlight. “Another silver... “ He’d smirk, having a hint of pride in his eyes. “Keep practicing and meditating. We’ll convene again for your next lesson when you’ve improved.” A year would pass, and once again Izier and his student would meet near the waterfall. “Call upon your light.” He’d say getting right to the point. Pulling out a dagger, he’d cut his thumb. “Place your hand on the wound. Focus on healing it.” He’d frown, seeing his student struggle to heal the small cut but they’d have healed it nonetheless. “Healing will exhaust you if you’re not careful. Be mindful of their injuries when you heal someone.” He’d say dismissing his student until their next lesson. A third year would have passed, The student and Teacher would meet. “Pull your weapon out, Today you’ll learn how to imbue your weapon. Summon your mists, coat your blade with it.” He smirked, as the student’s silver mists shot up the longsword turning into golden sparks of electricity. “Excellent. There will be times when a normal weapon isn’t enough. While using your light in this manner, Your weapon will affect draconic foes greatly, It will also harm foes that are tainted but to a lesser degree it would to a dragon. Practice this, and your melee skills. Spar with the other students.” He’d say dismissing the student until next time. A fourth year would have passed, The student and Teacher meeting once more. “Today, you’ll learn how to use your light as a shield. Summon the mists, and focus your mind on forming the shield.” He smile, watching his student. “Good, Very good. Continue practicing and using it in spars.” He’d dismiss his student, leaving them to their practice. A fifth year would have passed, Once more they’d meet by the waterfall. “Now… For your final lesson… Manifesting a suit of armor.” He’d say looking at his student. “Summon your mists, Let it cover your body. Shape it, focus on the hardness of steel.” He’d wait a moment, Letting the student have time to manifest the armor. Izier pulled a knife from his hip, thrusting it forward towards the student’s silver colored mist armor. The knife was deflected, the student’s armor breaking quickly. “Hmm… Good… Practice it.” He’d say leaving the student without another word, to prepare for their final trial. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Aye Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  15. [Denied] AstartesTemplar's MAT Application

    This guy get mah plus juan. Best paladin and one of the best rallier against spoopy stuff. +1