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  1. vulcism

    [Denied]rd. 2

    In the realm of block politics Pyro is a fresh face and has proved to be quite relatable +1
  2. vulcism

    [✗] Charter Application

  3. vulcism

    [Denied]cruzazul8's GM application #6

    Cruz should be a GM again
  4. vulcism

    The Fraternal Society of the Imperial Freemasonry

    ((Why would you make a forum post for a secret society that seems counter productive also will u RP this or just run it thru skype))
  5. vulcism

    [Denied]Good Guy Shady_Tales' GM Application

  6. vulcism

    [Denied]Good Guy Shady_Tales' GM Application

    I strongly support shady tales for gm. Even though I still believe yekim7 to be a prime candidate, Shady Tales is one of the more genuine players i've encountered on this community. Don't need me to say that anybody who's ever talked to him knows how down to earth and reliable he is. He would do the ranks of the GM team justice.
  7. vulcism

    [Denied]Sky's Trial Game Moderator Application

    I've decided i changed my mind. Sky is a good man, clearly experienced in the multiple times he has been a gm or admin or whatever on this server. He deserves no negs and I have a feeling he is legitimately the most viable application at the moment except for Yekim7. +1
  8. vulcism

    [Denied]Sky's Trial Game Moderator Application

    sorry sky i really like you but i only support Yekim7 for GM. hes the only professional player who i feel the minecraft community can trust with his long list of serious, helpful contributions to the Lord of the Craft.
  9. vulcism

    Golds Gym

    [[msg me on skype babe i miss u..
  10. vulcism

    Golds Gym

    Live footage of Smithers deGrey in Planet Vailor, Golds Gyms fiercest competitor. deGrey is forcefully removed by a gymnasial disciplinarian for being too intimidating, strong, dedicated to actually working hard, etc
  11. vulcism

    Golds Gym

    Accepted Application pending Administration Department review
  12. vulcism

    Golds Gym

    Liam Sawyer pounds his pectoral muscles, dancing around Matheu in a tribal orcish dance in celebration of this momentous occasion
  13. vulcism

    Golds Gym

    The gym is known by its universal motto: "One must eat big to be big" Golds Gym is a massive training compound where gladiators meet strongmen and freaks of nature become gods of the field. Crossed between the hardcore training of gruesome powerlifters to the rigorous dedication of bodybuilders, along some of the deadliest fighters in human history training in the pits, you will find no elven catamites performing burpies here. Golds Gym is staffed by one of the strongest beings in Vailor, a Kaedreni man known only as Liam Sawyer. Frequently, many of the physically unfit peasants who have been kidnapped or drafted into the Gold Corps are forced onto a brutal training, eating, and flight plan at Golds Gym to prepare for combat. Golds Gym is famous for its horse oats supplements, due to a secret process of growing, the horse oats supply the individual with hundreds of grams of protein per serving. Join, if one wishes to push their physique to its genetic maximum Golds Gym is free for all members of the Gold Corps, but is open to the public regardless of race/country for a monthly membership fee of 50 minas paid directly to liam sawyer. Golds Gym Rules: No crybabies No spitting inside Rerack everything No combat between warring nations allowed inside or around the gym Respect big guys (alpha males) Officially recruiting melee combat instructors and alchemists to help make protein!! If interested in helping support the gym then send a letter to Master Liam Sawyer ((me)) Membership application format: Pay to liam sawyer in person.
  14. vulcism

    [Denied]yekim7 gm app

    Looks like Im late to another cool thread. There goes the opportunity to get 2-8 forum rep. Groan.. With every muscle in my body, I throw my full support behind Yekim's GM application. As he joined in 2011 he is nearly a 5 year veteran of The Lord of the Craft, and I feel knows the server and community in a way that many don't. He works well with new players and is an outstanding rolemodel for them, and works tirelessly in helping those newbies get involved in the community when many of them might otherwise be confused or lost, much like I was when I first joined. He has learned much in his time as a crafter. I strongly feel Yekim would do the ranks of the GM team justice. Best wishes to him. Thanks for reading.
  15. vulcism

    The Gold Corps

    I. Name: Lewis Seekay 'the Red' II. Age: 37 IIa. Date of Birth [If Known]: Unknown IIb. Location of Birth [If Known]: Felsen III. Race [Human/Elf]: Human IIIa. Culture [Heartlander, Highlander, Wood Elf, etc.]: Heartlander IV. Status of Blood [Nobility, Gentry, Commoner, Former Nobility, etc.]: Commoner V. Place of Residence: Felsen VI. Martial Knowledge [Trained in Weaponry, Archer, etc.]: Mace VII. Skilled Labor [Farmer, Lumberjack, etc.]: Cuckoldry, comedy, entertainment, juggling