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  1. liking simpsons vaporwave unironically should be a bannable offense

  2. is there anyone i can bother about conjurations use in enchantments help

    1. Jenny_Bobbs


      Can ask me, discord: Jenny_Bobbs#0001

    2. Potts244


      Jbabs is a fuckin legend he’ll have all the answers.

  3. I tried to just bring over hoo-kah drugs and Flamboyant did my vault, even putting a note into my inventory, but the items were nowhere to be found in any of my persona’s ender chests. I don’t really care because the items were negligible to me, but wanted to add that I experienced it as well. :’-(
  4. magic list where??

  5. pls bring back the head shop or let us modreq to buy heads? :~(

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Headshop still works just do /headshop

    2. Archbishop
    3. Keldrith
  6. what settlements dont have $$$ housing

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Hunwald


      nug come to ves

    3. J33xt101


      Mynebor II has free housing.

    4. NotEvilAtAll


      Brandybrook has free housing for halflings if you’re not massively inactive. We also have rooms in the taverns for new people who haven’t gotten a home yet and we might open those up to bigger folks idk.

  7. Ever


    1. Zarsies


      @Ever I follow nug on snapchat and he's a blessing of a memelord but idk if he's around much still

    2. Nug


      hi ever hi zarsies

  8. help i wanna rp but im so out of the loop on where to go n whats poppin

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Panashea


      its divine bby, make an honorary and love me pls

    3. KBR


      The orcs are poppin 

    4. The Cleaning Crew

      The Cleaning Crew

      So many oldies returning.

  9. thedragonsroost i hope theres like millions of layers of irony to this that my pea brain is just not able to comprehend
  10. hey anyone here smoke weed

    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      guess you're the only crackhead here looooooooo

    2. James


      not after the incident 

    3. CaptainSheepy
  11. I would ask to be your student in conjuration but well yeah, Im Owl_Hades aka Alphonse take me as your student plz

  12. Space

    i think kincaid is trying to honey-pot me what do i do

    1. Zhulik


      he wants u to rub honey on yourself to attract african bees i know u like african things

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