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  1. Peri smiles at the wanted poster.
  2. Heff


    Peridot Carrington muses at a fireside somewhere in the world. He palms a tea cup, moving it about from hand to hand. ”The old papu, retired?” Peri had suspected that his family friend would be calling it quits. He lasted far longer than he had suspected. The playwright speaks to nobody in particular, ”He was like the grandfather I never had. I am a mutt, but he gave me culture, affirmation in this city. There was a reason that baba found this man a friend and I a family member. Without his guidance, I do not know how surefooted I would have felt during my hay-day. A tempering, controlled flame in the chaos of life. A hearth to return to, a sharp mind to dance with and a sage to consult to. This nation, he served well. My family, my father, he served just the same. I...” Peri pauses. He sets the tea cup down and lights a cigarette, ”I am happy for the old papu, for he can indulge once more in the leisure of life and of free thought.” The playwright sets down to write a letter to the Basridi sage, to make time for a match of the King’s Game.
  4. The Union of Peridot B. Carrington and Maria A. de Mariotti To whom it may concern, The lovely burgheress Madame Maria Augustina de Mariotti has seen fit to join in holy matrimony with the artist Master Peridot B. Carrington. In doing so, the Madame Mariotti will assume the surname of Carrington. The lovely couple has designated the wedding day to occur in this Saint’s Week. The couple invites all to attend their union at The Basilica of the Final Revelation in Helena. All citizens of the Ruby City, Helena, are invited to attend this grand occasion. The after-party will be held at the Carrington Manor, where drinks and entertainment will be provided. OOC: July 10th, 2020 2:00 EST - 4:15 EST
  5. To the voters of the Empire, It is my wish that our constitution and our voices are upheld in parliament. Though briefly, I did serve in our House of Commons. The game of politics is in a league of its own and not all, no matter charisma nor promise, are cut out for such a field. It is a noble and honorable profession to be a parliamentarian. You require dignity, you require drive, you require patience and intellect. You must put the needs of the people above your own, above your party. The former House of Commons was dominated by toxic verbal warfare between the two parties. I have high hopes that the new generation of independently run candidates will bring about a new age of cordiality and actual policy production. With this in mind, I, Peridot Carrington, as a representative of the Company of Thespians and Revelers, as a representative of the Imperial Association of Performing Arts, and as a representative of the Lucky Lotus Casino endorse the following candidates. My endorsement also reflects the stance of the governing boards of these aforementioned organizations. I implore all who will listen, or rather read, to vote for these three candidates. Candidate 1: Farooq Gray Farooq Gray is the Solicitor-General of the Imperial Constabulary. He is a master of the law, of justice. He is a person who, for the long ten years that I’ve known him, has been adamant in putting his community, his country, affront his own ambitions. Further, having served under Farooq, I know that he will maintain a level head and seek to produce a policy that will benefit our great people. Candidate 2: Jonah Stahl-Elendil Jonah is a long-time parliamentarian. Unlike those of the past generations though, unlike his former peers, Jonah truly cares for the immaculate status of our great representative system. He is the steadfast face of the Josephite vision and, despite the lack of a List System, will serve to advance the interests of that organization without the shackles of partisan bickering. Jonah will fight for the equality of man, for the representation of all people no matter their standing. Candidate 3: George Galbraith Grey, formally referred to as George, is the epitome of a city man. The Galbraith has served well in the municipal office and, ever since his arrival in the city, has been a servant of its streets, of its people. Without the kind-hearted nature of George, I fear that this House would be lacking in humility and dignity. VOTE FOR FAROOQ GRAY VOTE FOR JONAH STAHL-ELENDIL VOTE FOR GEORGE GALBRAITH
  6. When are the creative writing pieces due?
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  10. I love your character

  11. hey sweet cheeks

  12. The Grand Opening of the Lucky Lotus Casino Hosted and owned by Carrington Games Inc. You are hereby invited… To a party like none other! The former, defunct Helena Gambling House has been completely remodeled by the owners of Carrington Games Inc., Peridot Carrington and Kinsrell Commandore. The old wooden place has been converted into an exclusive club, adorned in fine quartz pillars and immaculate onyx walls. Engage in the NOBLE SIN of gambling. Test your luck at the roulette table or with the dice, while you enjoy a series of never before seen performances on the stage. There will be drinks, there will be beautiful people, and there will be debauchery. Whether or not you win or lose at the tables, you will bring home the most exciting memories to grace your time on this strange plane. While you gamble and drink to your heart’s content, set your ears and eyes to the stage! The famed romantic and artistic master Peridot Carrington shall give forth a speech of the evening and divest well-wishes upon the crowd. There will be a large set of performers ranging from J. Ba’as with Rhenyari Rhythmic Poetry to Marlowe Browe with standup comedy. Further, the in-house violinist Asra shall be leading our quartet in musical ambiance. Whether you are a gambler or not, you must come to this party. There will be plenty of music, drink, dancing, and laughter. Perhaps you will brush shoulders, and cards, with celebrities. Rumor has it the famed Simon Basrid will be in attendance. Perhaps you’ll share a drink or a game with the Archchancellor, that old and awe-inspiring sage. If not the Archchancellor, perhaps a Sultan. If not a celebrity, perhaps you will meet a lover or a drinking friend! The night is young and everlasting. Come and indulge, come and let go, come and live. Entry for the normal gambler is 200 mina, whereas entry with access to the V.I.P. section costs 600 mina. The Noble Sin: Gambling A gaggle of aristocratic monkeys gambling, 1769 The primary attraction of the night, of course, is our wide selection of gambling and game options. The attendees of our gala are compelled to, and rather should, engage in this noble sin. There is to be a variety of gambling based games. The cover may be steep, but you will have your chance to earn back your earnings and more at the tables with these games. The King’s Game The King’s Game, also called Ugluk Blackjack, is a card-based affair. There is a dealer who distributes two cards to each player. Thusly, the player checks their card numbers. The goal of the match is to not break over 21 but to get as close as possible. Whoever finishes the round closest wins. Carrington Craps Carrington Craps, sometimes referred to as Carrington Craps in the d’Arkent style, is a high stake dice-based game. Each player rolls a multi-sided dice. Usually, these dies take the form of five-hundred sided dies, however, some have been known to use lesser sides to save money. These people are cowards. The person with the highest number of wins and each other player pays the difference. Roulette Game Often called spins by old Helenan gamblers, the roulette table involves a ball spinning amongst a variety of colored zones. Each player places a bet on the colored zone, with certain colors being worth higher values. A twenty-sided die is rolled by the dealer, forthwith they count down and then stop the ball at zero. The players collect their earnings. Come and LIVE. JUNE 13TH, 2020 6:00 P.M. EST
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