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  1. The bard, a kobzar in the culture of the Krajian riders, trotted out of the gates of Senntisten; a strelt on a donkey followed him in tow. The pair had their hoods drawn, it was night yet it would not matter for their faces were dark with grief. Along the road they rode, the river roaring beside them. The forest of the Huckwald faded and the foothills of valley rose up to meet the pair. The rain began to ease up as the mountain range faded. The bustling royal capital far behind, their tension eased and their grief took to the background of hills and far off mountain ranges. Only their destination danced in their heads, their goal. The princely bard removed from his back his kobza and began to play a happy song. As a pair of friends, they preferred the merriment of a tavern to the diseased trenches of warfare. But, they had seen their fair share of gore, of adventures, detailed in their songs that they now passed off to eachother with ease. Soon they would be at war, to reclaim old life. The river broke off into a larger flow and ahead of them the skyline of Belvitz rose above the white oak forest and hills. They turned on the road, careful to avoid the main way and came upon their goal. A wooden bridge jutted across the dangerous rapids, offering to the weary travellers only the comfort of a steep climb. They performed this climb, the donkey ascending past the horse, and they came upon a gate being cranked open. Radoslav reached into his backpack and produced a sheet of parchment for a court scholar, handing it to him as the bard proceeded into the castle. “Eja Prince… I mean Baron Laszlo! We’ve been expecting you.” The gates to Vilacz opened and the Crooning Crow took his perch. The court scholar descended into the archives of Vilacz, placing amongst his records this piece of parchment… The Brief Will of Arpad Ivanovich Penned by the lawyer Nicolo Gradic, on the Battlefield Dear Laszlo, You were never to be the heir. And for this I apologize. Your adventuring and singing in the lands of Aeldin is long gone and, at my bidding, you had come home with the promises of a princely title and an attentive city for your music. In this, we have failed. The enemy has punctured me with an arrow and I fear that we shall not have this kingdom we have pursued. Though, I do leave to you the castle of Vilacz. Fortify it, defend it, remain loyal to the King Aurelius and the House Horen which has so gratefully granted us good fortune. I know you never wished to be a baron, with its responsibilities and false-tongued politicking. I know that you had not wished to be the head of this household, as it suits you ill in your travelling and nomadic lifestyle. But, I know that you shall be a good baron, and a good patriarch. Serve your family well and ensure the safety of all that hold our name. The details of my will follow as such: To Laszlo, I leave the Barony of Vilacz and its lands. To Laszlo, I leave the Eye of Siegmund so that you may see your allies and enemies alike. To Konyves, I leave my sword and armor that you may continue to become a great warrior, following in my footsteps. To Maria, I leave my pet eagle so that you may teach the Renatian court the hunt of the steppe. To Istvan, I leave my winged cap, the symbol of my command on the battlefield, so your soldiers will always know your word to be law. To Laszlo, I bestow the Patriarchy of House Ivanovich. To Laszlo Ivanovich, former Prince of Solnichya, I bestow all honorary titles and duties that accompany the Patriarchy of House Ivanovich such as but not limited to the Warden of the Krajia and the Nijh, Master of the Ostrogs and Keeper of the Hussariya. To Barnabas Basarab, faithful uncle, I bestow the ceremonial trumpet of House Ivanovich. To my friend Leitseig, wherever you may be, I leave you my lute, so that you can continue to lull the Norlanders to sleep. Smert' Barbovym, Death to Barbanov, Papa This is the legal stamp of the Ivanovich House, solidifying the validity of this document
  2. The Crooning Crow tavern

    The Crooning Crow, Prince Laszlo Ivanovich (bard firstly and prince secondly), approves of the tavern in which he is a partner.
  3. monks you say..?

  4. Second Golden Bull of Rhodesia

    Br. Hilarius smiles
  5. Yeah I lost the password to my wiki account Heff. Also due to the actual borders of the features being unclear, is it possible to have the Huckery Highlands encompass the forest which runs along the Piscatorial river up to Senntisen? Here is what I have so far. (made in google docs)
  6. The Hanseti-Ruska Masquerade Ball

    Brother Hilarius notes to his fellow monk, Brother Augustine, "Brother September, we should don some quite funny masks." @bungo
  7. [GM] The case against Child GMs

    Treshure no offense man but stop being a hardo, only kids play this game
  8. wow this is so out of date
  9. i am a migos loyalist 

  10. LOTC on its way out. Time for a new age of RP. #SnapRP

  11. LotC has a hate problem

    +1 v nice