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  1. You keep saying I have no *******. But where are YOURS? WHERE ARE THEY?

  2. Okay I pull up. Where's the discount Elden Ring lore proposal?

  3. HEY YOU, YEAH YOU. I HEARD YOUR DEPRESSION IS STRONG. But apparently, you're much stonger. I mean, all that pain and suffering. But you're still here. That's awesome. All that pain and suffering I know it hurts, a lot. Not many people get to say that. But stick around, I know it hurts and it's hard, but so many people love you more than you know.

    1. Treshure


      Hey Joe long time no see man

      hmu on Discord: Treshure#1736

    2. Joe_Blackman


      say no more

  4. A Minecraft movie in March 4 2022? Kill them.

  5. Good morning, I know it's hard to wake, because the sun's in your eyes and it's hard to wake up-

  6. OOOHHH, ELDEN RING. Steal the lore. I know you want to, Lore Team jannies.

    1. Ford


      Ooooo you wanna steal lore so bad oooo

  7. mhm just as i thought, they're based

  8. Spooky shit? In my roleplay server...? You should stare at your ceiling fan, NOW.

  9. Your life is everything, you serve all purpose. You should treat yourself, NOW. You know what I'm here for. Give yourself a piece of that oxygen, so that you can breathe in this blue-trapped bubble. TREAT YOURSELF, NOW.

    1. SquakHawk


      LOVE YOURSELF. I mean that with 100%, with a 1000%.

    2. Zarsies


      @Joe_BlackmanI'm boutta TREAT YOU

    3. PXY



  10. Treat yourself, NOW.

    1. tasty_cheesecake


      give yourself a piece of that oxygen. in the ozone layer.

    2. Rilath
  11. You should treat yourself to a Merry Christmas, NOW!

  12. Your life is everything! You serve all purpose.You should treat yourself now! Give yourself a piece of that oxygen in the ozone layer, that's covered up so you can breathe in this blue-trapped bubble. You know what I'm here for, to worship you, to love you. You know what I'm here for, so I can love you with 100%, with 1000%!

  13. I kneel. I squeal. I cope, I mope.  Someone hand me the door nob.

  14. You should treat yourself, now!

  15. i keep forgetting pedos exist and a large issue so i gotta watch myself aaaa

  16. Shonen manga is trash. That is all. 

  17. How do aliens kiss?

    1. Rilath


      with their lips joe

  18. Come back, come baaaaack!

  19. Is the Nitro Boost character slot permanent or temporary if I donate once and only once?

    1. Shorsand


      goes away ~a week after you lose nitro
      which is a shame because you cannot access the persona whatsoever afterwards

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