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  1. Paleknights and Dreadknights are from totally different dark magics, it'd be like combining Spriggens and Golems. Dreadknights also play differently then Paleknights. While Paleknights are more open to character personalities and are only /Very/ slightly suggested to be violent by nature Dreadknights are crafted through torture and made violent and sociopathic from creation. If Paleknights were removed I would never play a Dreadknight and I'm sure most of the other Paleknights wouldn't as well. They have no nuance they're lore made to be murder smash murder smash. Unless of course during one of their billion rewrites they were made Paleknight copies.
  2. Reducing the creature count is just gonna shift all the dark creature players into fewer categories so instead of diverse creatures a player may have to deal with its a "Oooo! Ghoul raid number 35!"
  3. E-grills don't exist stop spooking our teenagers

  4. Some dude talked openly with a girl in his class about roleplaying on mine man? And she joined to impress him? Holy **** i've seen it all.
  5. IC Name: Dale Race: Advanced Golem Service: Holy Knight Why do you wish to assist the Church?: To uphold the holy faith. Anything else?: OOC Minecraft Name: StonerMutt Skype Name: ninja4fun
  6. [!]A large hulking mass of stone armor having heard of the creatures through word of mouth would shift to Haria to claim his equipment, preparing for a hunt. A somewhat confused and startled man would send a bird to his companion. "Time to finally make use of this." The voice would groan out of his stone shell.
  7. gooby wafa


  8. i don't eat. i don't sleep. i do nothing but think of you. 

    1. mitto


      i punched my door today, i didnt break it but i bruise my knuckles. i was crying so hard, god i miss you wafa

  9. [[RP]] Given Name: Dale Family of Origin: Dale Years of Age: 20 Province of Origin: The north Prior Occupation: Bounty Hunter Battlefield Experience: Extensive Reason for Interest: To immerse myself in the protection of gods word [[OOC]] Username: StonerMutt Skype ID: Sir Muttington
  10. grr grr outrage for a week grr grr Things need to get fixed but in a few weeks we'll be complaining about some dude getting banned, like always.
  11. @Babehab ((REEEEEE I might join.))
  12. add me ninja4fun it'll show up as Sir Muttington
  13. Sorry for the months of no reply.. I don't get notifications on being quoted sometimes. If you'd like to join you can message me at SoberMutt on the server and I can get you squared away on all the nuances of the culture. You can also find me on skype as ninja4fun(It'll show up as Sir muttington). Currently we're still pretty dead for a culture but we're active in Haria with three characters and a few more coming soon. Once I get an alright amount of people we have a fief plot on the build server i'll be schematicing in with Gorundyr buildings and altars and stuff.
  14. Which is why I said I liked the westerner stuff and the monster hunting, that's original. You say its not called Japan but the city is nicknamed Land of the rising sun, which is a translation of Nippon the word the Japanese call their nation. One of the history savvy people in the discord i'm in also pulled up the point that you converted a real life war.