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  1. let's get down to business ...

    (removed unsavoury comment to nate here) yes please great gm +1
  2. 5 more days till you leave and 5 more days till Atlas! wonder which I’m more excited about ...

  3. hey will u believe in me 

    1. Knox


      sorry dewp we don't associate with banned players...

    2. TeaLulu


      sorry what knox said we dont TALK about "unpleasant things" that happened in the past


      jk i dont know u 

  4. Talk with the player before staff???

    @Nate1450 hey please read this !
  5. Blago's AT Application

    Has assimilated very well in to the community of LOTC and has been a good influence on me in the past month while my behaviour on the server became less volatile in comparison to former months, a huge +1 from me. we also need more pro dewper staff to combat anti dewper staff like @Nate1450 @Blagoyou’re a champ
  6. [Denied]Josh's GM App

    Err.. Definite -1. He and I quote "made a bet with someone that he could make me quit the server". Not sure this is GM material if someone is prepared to actively go out of there way to try and bully another player off of the server via the route of toxicity. This occurred what, a few days ago? no thank you.
  7. Quillian Serene

    Callan Gromach, proud orener, disagrees!
  8. evil heathens die circa (insert date)! [round 3?]




    Edited by Dewper
    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. TheElvenMage


      Siege of shitty tree, 1640

    3. TheWitherKingHD


      Wow so many edgy crusaders

    4. A Moongazer

      A Moongazer

      better then edgy courlanders.

  9. evil heathens die circa (insert date)! [round 2?]




    1. Skylez1


      Ah yes, God BLESS

    2. Snoop


      To victory we charge.

    3. MysticalStranger
  10. I want you to know I appreciate you.

  11. Henry Frederick de Anpalais, a man born of Horenic blood and raised as a mercenary would relax upon the soft wood chair placed within his home. Thoughts would cascade through his mind of the countless times his blade has brought down and butchered the men of Santegia - Most primarily the several times the Baron of Santegia himself, Leoiarizaltzu Salbatzaile de Savin. A smile would press upon his refreshed visage, however. His relaxation would soon be interrupted "Oi, Oi!" would be the words that pierce the room and soon after a letter would be placed within Henrys grasp as to which he would scan over it! Henry, wondering how the baron himself was still alive despite the countless times his men and himself have been slaughtered would cross out the titles listed upon the bottom, correcting them to their correct ones. "His lord, Leoiarizaltzu Salbatzaile de Savin, Baron of Santegia and man of Haria, Runt of Evreux, Soldier of Savinia, Eastbourne, Eruthos and Cascadia, ***** of Seville and Ponzan and some other irrelevant titles " After this, quite pleased with his work he would stand as he would thoroughly understand what he must do. This would be to bring pain and misery upon the thrice-slain baron of Santegia. With that Henry would venture down in to his vault, that would be worth more than a whole Baronies vault, ready to gear up and equip Marna and its allies for preparation of the harassment, butchering and slaughter of the idiots and soldiers residing within the barony. "Henry Frederick 'The butcher of Santegia'" Would be scrawled upon various notes as Henry would practise writing his new title that would be bestowed upon him shortly!
  12. [Denied]Fawb GM App #1

    bit of a ****** tbf +1, not a geezer
  13. Offering Free Language Lessons to the Admin Team

    No Coup application was put up until after the roleplay had occurred - which to that point we had removed Pyro from region owner after a misunderstanding from this rule: ” Region ownership can only change with permission of the primary region owner, a majority of other region owners, or a parent region owner. ” Believing that it could override the time delay seeing as the PRO and majority of RO’s agreed. However, the admins deciding on the RO not being legitimately removed should not be a factor as to why a coup - without an application should be accepted. The fair solution would be to handle their submitted coup app properly and have them coup at a designated time under proper rules with the people present on the region, not on a weekday when a majority of people were at school. Think it’s clear that Admin communication is also frankly put, terrible. By this I mean that the coup was declared valid and accepted for over 48 hours until a member of Oren was actually contacted by an Admistrator Or Game Team member regarding it. We had to find out prematurely via leaks. @James2k @Honor Hope that clears it up for both of you! : )
  14. ...Another One.

    @_Stigwig for director?? bans me from lotc discord for little to no reason and when i asked about said ban just now he blocks me on discord. im in the same boat as Kevinblabla w/ his opinion LOL @Harold reply or die