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  1. similar name so I must +1
  2. +1 , his war posts are amazing (even though on the last one I was on the losing side ): )
  3. Minecraft Name : Dewper Age : 16 (Close to 17.) Time zone : GMT +1 Discord : Dewper#3791 What is your availability : During summer can be upwards of five hours per day, potentially a lot more. Once College begins for me then it will reduce to about 3-5 hours per day depending on a few factors. Though still a decent chunk of time. Tell us a issue you currently experience on the server : While I am going to be generic and state Nexus, I believe Nexus Gathering professions are fine and I think the crafting side of the professions need a bit of tweaking regarding to make it less grindy I suppose. Though as that is rather generic I'll bring up something from recent experience that I suppose I'd class as an issue as others may of experienced it too. Which is that when I had a question I wanted answering regarding something I was referred from staff member to staff member eventually speaking to I think 5 different ones who referred me back to the original one I spoke to. Though since then the question was answered but it was frustrating at the time none the less (considering I was on a time limit too) which is a personal issue but I guess it could accumulate down to perhaps at times their is a lack of communication between the Game Moderators? How do you feel indiviudal GMs should present themselves personally and collectively as a team : Personally I feel like this is a rather simple question and for the most part they should be mature about the situation and should present themselves as such. However, this is a game at the end of the day for all to enjoy so I believe there is a place for "memeing" and "joking" obviously. If it's with your friends etc. Though evidently I believe there is no place for trolling publically and over doing it. Especially to people you don't know as it can represent the Game Moderation team in perhaps an unfriendly way which could have negative impacts on certain players in the community. What are your finest and worst traits : + Activity, base line of the job is that you need to be active to fulfil the duties that need to be done. I believe I am rather active on the server ( /seen Dewper ) which allows me to carry out my duties for longer periods of time, answer more modreqs etc. While it is a simple trait, it is clearly a crucial one regarding the job. + Patience, I personally believe that I can be a very patient person when it comes to dealing with situations which in turn means that I can handle certain issues regarding OOC conflicts etc. with a lot of effiency and consistency as I wont get frustrated, angry or make the wrong call on the situation if I remain patient as I do believe I can do. + Friendly, I believe for the majority of the time I am rather friendly which I think allows me to get on more and interact with the community more in a positive way which in turn will reduce the risk of any GM + Player arguments about "this persons a (insult here) I can reinforce this statement I guess by pointing out although I've played on LOTC for awhile on and off (mainly to attend a warclaim or important event) I joined properly and played actively around 1-2 months ago and have quickly fit in to groups of players and made friends with them. - Memeing, sometimes I will admit that I can meme a bit too much when it's not needed. Though I am calming down on this a bit and not really participated in it in excessive amounts for a bit now and keep it at a tame level. - Opinions, sometimes I can have some strong opinions on certain things. While this can cause a clash of heads and issues in places. Of course I will make best attempts at not bringing up strong opinions if it is likely to cause issues. Why are you the best candidate for the GM Team : Well, I can't truthfully say I am the best candidate for the sole purpose I don't fully know all of the other applicants capabilities. Though I can say I think I will be a good GM for quite a number of reasons. I have a lot of experience on being staff on other servers where I've held communities up etc; I am active as I have prior stated; I am friendly as I have prior stated; I am patience as I have prior stated; I have a good work ethic as well meaning that I will answer modreqs consistently and I never really hit a period of getting drained and not having the urge or energy to assist. As well as this although I am not as much of a known face as others on LOTC and other GM applications I have made some good impressions on a few player bases (Oren side of things) rather quickly. On top of this I have worked with most plugins before and any additional ones that I've not worked with I can quickly learn the commands to them and become aquatinted with them (though I suppose that's part of the point of a trial period among other things of course.)
  4. Harambe the Harbinger rises up from his grave in cincinati zoo and then would look upon the amassing army in his visage as he'd eloquently drum his fingers on a ambiguous looking chalice. With no further thought Harambe the Harbinger would encroach upon the formidable army and join up within their boisterous ranks. -daelishly smirks
  5. human

    A look of annoyance crossed over Callans face as he was called to the Imperial Court on such a short notice. He couldn't refuse the emperors call, so reluctantly he took the long road ahead to the then Imperial Capital, Mardon. The rain cascaded down from the sky's as he reached the palace, entering there was an eerie silence clouding the room. Regardless, Callan took his position up on the dais. There was a long silence until the young heir of the Archduchy entered upon the palace, bowing his head before the emperor. The following words from the emperor were simple, short and yet they affected Callan greatly. "The archduke was murdered." The words affected the Cyning more than he expressed to others, Leufroy was a promising leader, a skilled diplomat and most of all a good friend. The anger garnered within Callan was let out in fighting. As to which he found most by going on hunts, finding wolves, creatures or anything that would put up a fight. It was a way to express his anger until on one hunt he came to meet a dark creature, a knight of black that felt no pain nor got tired. An unwinnable match for Callan who collapsed to the floor in agony as a sword was driven through his calf and he was left on the road. Though his life spared, he quickly found out with his grevious wound to his calf. It haltered him in a lot of things, best shortened to him being weak. "No Cyning can be weak, they mus' be strong an' they mus' set an example." The words his father would always say, Callan never saw himself as weak before this and the words echoed in his mind and held more meaning to him than any other words previously did, so a decision must be made. A new cyning must be selected, as to which Callan chose his cousin, Marcus Gromach to bare upon the titles bestowed upon him. -Cyning of the Daelish -Chief of Clan Gromach -Margrave of Ponce. _____________________________________________ OOC : Audun (IGN : Fylkirie) declared as the new Cyning, Chief and Margrave.
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  7. 2 much iron 4 me *Posters would be plastered in some of the major settlements alerting people of an Iron salesman!* "Callan Gromach, located in Ponce / Daeland is selling iron for 5.5 minas. If you'd wish to look in to purchasing then find him or send a bird to contact him." QUANTITY - LOTS contact: ign: dewper skype: @strohian
  8. MC Name: Dewper Character's Name: Liu Be Character's Age: 32 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): N/A Transformed form: Hou-Zi (Laobai-Zhu) Creator's MC Name: N/A Creator's RP Name: N/A Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: The Hou-Zi are isolationist monkeys made sentient from the will of Metzli albeit were a "unsuccessful project" as it later created Kha. Hou-Zi held a great Empire that conflicted with Elves and were locked in said conflict for a great deal of time, beaten two times - once when their eternal king fell, and again when he returned with Metzlis' reincarnation. Another conflict with the Elves took place, and many settled Hou-Zi in disputed territory were killed, leaving them small. Said King disappeared into the jungles of - though many believe Hou-Shen will return and bring together his people. The city and palace are cursed by Poison the old god, though there are small villages. Hou-Zi have many subraces, but the Laobi-Zhu are the most numerous and diverse in appearance/size and generally perceived as more adaptable than the other varieties. Most are within Human height range, with black eyes and brown fur though there is differences between families. Hou-Zi are generally isolationist and have not yet established contact with the descendant races, preferring to continue praying for the return of their deity Hou Shen. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yes Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: no Monkeymen will rise
  9. How will land be given to nations on the next map at the start? Will it be based off how much land is currently owned on Axios and how active they are. If it then will it favour one more than the other? E.g. 10 active player nation w/ 2 tiles 20 active player nation w/ 1 tile will they be getting similar portions of land or will one matter more than the other?
  10. -= Of Beds and Men =- Minerals raining from the forge as if it were christmas, every team out for themselves as they garner weapons, food and blocks. Defending their bed at all cost. The Red team launched their first conquest on to the emerald node as they marched across their wool bridge clad in armour. Preparing for the war that was to come against the conniving blue team. “Their bed’s still exposed!” Blago fiercely roared, raising the mineman blade passed down to him by his ancestors, he raced forth backed by the Red Team, swatting aside every pixel even slightly donning blue’s demonic hue. They reached onto their isle, when suddenly Dewper darted a gaze to the chat as if it was a vape. “They got our bed!” His childish voice screamed, and they all stood in awe as they would watch on in horror. Jla shook his fists with primal rage, it seemed the conniving blues had hid behind the emerald nodes and charged once they left for theirs. Zhaldak’s ape-like pixelated body laid where the red bed once stood, gored, mangled by the magical girl’s wooden blade. Then, from behind the three came the rest of the blues, wielding what at first seemed wooden sticks, then with a sharp glowing, purple sheen, was revealed to be knockback sticks. Swatted away from blue’s plateau, they descended into the void, each one vowing vengeance against blues forever. Green team with a courageous assault on the blue team's stronghold, circa 1620 WARCLAIM Tier Chosen (This cannot be changed after the first warclaim is held): 1 Type of battle: Conquest Date And Time: 3pm EST, 8pm GMT. Saturday 5th August 2017 - 05/08/2017 Side A: Red Team Zhaldak, Dewper, Blago and MysticalStranger Side B: Blue Team Julius55, Disheartened, magical_girl_max and isbadguy. Location and boundaries: Direct Area: Surrounding area of battlefield for reference to location: Terms of Victory Side A: Blue bed is broken and all players are killed, and are forced to admit their cuckoldry. Side B: Reds are routed back to base, and cannot attempt a bed assault for 2 minutes. Red’s bed can be counter raided. Upon Victory For… Side A: 50 Hypixel Reward points. Side B: 50 Hypixel Reward points. Rules -No Cross Teaming, report cross teamers on the forums. -Provided rules that the attacking faction wishes to put in places. -Losers must offer themselves in marriage to Blago. -No bowspam noobs!!! (@Zhaldak) Blago stuck in horror, locked by PTSD after remembering the slaughter of his kin albeit ready to avenge his battle brothers against the oncoming storm of the righteous wolf, circa 1621.
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      @Blago is LoTC's next top model so far I've seen about 10 people want to marry him. I don't blame them. 

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  13. buys my diamonds off me, +1
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    -= The Daelish =- The Daelish people are a subculture of the Highlander race, they are much more brutish and “less developed” than the majority of Highlanders. Preferring town life to that of city life like others. They are distinguishable by their unique and stark clothing compared to others. The Daelish males don a kilt representing their clans tartan while the females wear their clans tartan as other accessories such as a shawl, hat or leggings. Clan Life Clan life is an important part of the Daelish culture, Daelish are either born into a clan or adopted by a clan at a later stage in their life. Clans enforce a competitive atmosphere within the Daelish. Each clan striving to be better than the next, many activities are done within your clan and clan brawls are a common occurrence to occur to show a clan's strength over the other. Each clan teaches its members to do certain things in specific, something which the clan focuses on. This could be mining, woodcutting or anything really. This way if clans are unified in a society then they can be self sufficient without having to rely on others and outsiders to source them materials, work or help. The current known Daelish clans which are unified under the Cyning Callan Gromach: Clan Gromach - The current leading clan, lead by Callan Gromach who unified the Daelish clans all under him. The clan rarely adopt anyone into their ranks, only furthering their clan by births. Their side-focus is on mining, with of course their main role being to lead and continue to unify and improve the Daelish and their standing in Tahn. Clan Ferguson - Ferguson is a clan that is responsible for feeding and keeping a constant flow of minas into the society. It is a fairly old clan filled with competent traders and farmers. Clan Guthrie - Clan Guthrie is a relatively new clan compared to the rest, being recently birthed by a strong daelishman. Their focus is on a variety of things: Tinkering, Fishing and Woodcutting. They are some of the more intelligent Daelish and have recently been tasked with creating the mechanisms scattered across their towns to slow attacks from raiders. Clan Drummond - Clan Drummond is one of the oldest existing clans and its primary focus is on mining and smithing, providing ores and equipment to the Daelish. However, one thing different about this clan is they have a duo leadership which is maintained by a sister and brother of the clan. Music The well-known bagpipe music is a core part of Daelish culture. It's famous for it's extraordinary sounds that many hate or love. Aside from their bagpipes, the Daelish aren't great fans of other forms of music, never really learning any other music or partaking in other forms of music other than their traditional bagpipe music. Religion The Daelish are open to any religion, with some being of the usual canonist faith, however a good majority have formed under the Cantyrist faith as Cathal of the Daeland has created the faith and preached it to their society, converting many. The Cantyrist Faith believes that The Creator is a enigmatic craftsman of life, going under many aliases and titles troughout culture, Cantyrism believes that The Creator does not directly intervene but instead grant mortals the ability to manipulate and change the world around them. The Cantyrist church thrives off conflict and competition. It believes that the mortal races are at their best when they are in competition of one and another. The Clergy of the Cantyrist Church are known as warrior priests, they are expected to wear armor, and fight in wars like the soldiers they represent. It holds a religious importance for the concept of War, battle, and honor. Teaching that men and women need to fight to keep what is theirs and that actions speak louder than words. Voidal magic is allowed by the church, with the exception being Illusion, which is frowned upon. The Clergy are structured like a military instead of a religious order, with rank determined by merit and ability on the battlefield as well as religious piety. Instead of venerating and strictly following the Holy Scrolls of Canonism, the Cantyrist Church has their own sacred book simply titled "The Book of Trials". Which details the eight Tenets of Cantyrism and their importance, as well as the accomplishments of mortals. The book venerates mortal willpower and their ability to change history around them, with every member of the Clergy given a copy of the book, in order to add more legends and heroes to the growing chapters of the Book of Trials. Government The government of the Daelish is kept rather simple, with only a handful of ranks within the government being on offer. These are: Cyning - The Cyning is the leader of the Daelish, they have the most authority out of everyone in the Daelish and the cyning is the one to make the most important decisions and is the one to appoint other members of the government. Ealdormen - The Ealdormen is a council that doesn't have a fixed number, it can range anywhere between 2 to 5 people. They are advisors who the Cyning confides in and gets their opinion. Some cynings have been known to use a voting system with their Ealdormen to pass certain decisions. Gesith - A Gesith is a personal assistant of a Cyning or Ealdormen, whether their assistance being in advisory, guarding or cooking. They tend to be very good at their role in assisting the person in question. Earl - An Earl is a landholder within the Daelish lands, they normally hold a large portion of land and/or have Thegns underneath him. Thegn - A Thegn is a landholder within the Daelish lands, they normally have a small portion of land. The current holdings within the Daeland are as followed: -Ponce Ponce is a small town located west of Metz, it is currently owned by the Flays after their campaign against Lorraine years ago. Where they managed to succeed and claim all lands owned by Lorraine that are west of their capital, Metz. The town has been expanded greatly under Daelish leadership to suit for all its populace, it has become a good attraction to many as they seem intrigued by the Daelish and their different personality.