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  1. hey want a horen? will trade for an unban for me n kyle

  2. when’s DaneHammer releasing 

    1. Youngie5500


      I'm already here, Dewper.

  3. Sigh.. Will I ever see you again?

  4. @FlamboyantRage wish u could reply to my pms as quick as u replied to wiki team apps..

  5. who would of thought appealing to the extremes of both sides (uncapped for pvpers, huge cooldowns for rpers) would leave everybody whining

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    2. Skylez1


      People will always find something to whine about Zzzz

    3. WuHanXianShi14


      Its like the GMs figured they couldnt please everyone so decided to just piss off as many people as they could lol

    4. Ougi


      i like skirmishes 😉

  6. have a good day dude!

  7. u will get me next time

  8. Last time he joined the team he became a stranger to me and distant to his old friends which is why I recommended he didn’t rejoin the team that caused him nothing but issues. Though if he can manage all prior mentioned before properly then it’s an obvious +1 because he was one of the most talented, active and dedicated GM’s on the team during his tenure and wasn’t biased (not even to me :/) and didn’t take **** from anyone a bit like Narthok I guess. +1.
  9. Dewper


  10. Dewper

    Ultimatum to the Barony of Herz, 1682

    for maybe the first time in his life, charles agrees with mitch sammy. "what he said"
  11. hey when u gnna skirm us? 5v5? velt? arcane?

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    2. Dewper








    3. Thornz


       i mean cool go ahead and brag about an empire beating a 10 man group i guess





    4. Harrison


      whats wrong with a fun player versus player get together 🙂

  12. I didn’t have it coming tho.. right ricky????