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  1. Skimmed over it and I’ll just point out a few things really — Maybe rather than spitting on the community for their “mob mentality” and how we react to things, have a look at WHY that is being done? There is a reason for it and it’s bedause it’s the only way to actually get things done. If there’s no publicity or pressure towards a situation admins will not deal with it or will take absurd amounts of time. Not sure how you can argue a point about how we can kick up a fuss about things that happened along time ago either when people are being banned for situations that occurred months before hand. Lastly, assuming the OP of the post today wasn’t affected is arrogance when they were friends with the victims. If you hate the community, just leave like you suggested. No reason to spit on the community for its reactions when it has been driven to this point by the staff who’ve very much created a huge rift between community and staff. All things considered I did think you were an okay GM though so sad to see you go I suppose.
  2. did an admin really just leak a players ip -- and their own? jfc.

    1. tenredux


      there were three points at which knox could've easily seen that he'd accidentally included their ips in that screenshot, while he was taking it, when it uploaded and when he was writing his reply, how the **** did it end up getting posted?



    2. Holy_Orenian_Empire
    3. Unwillingly
  3. Dewper

    Inside the GM & Admin Teams

    The server is an absolutely pathetic state and the admins are delusional and have been quoted and recorded over the past few days saying how much of angood state the server is in - no progress will be made whatsoever while the admins remain incharge because they don’t see the root of the issue because they’re delusional and blind to all of the issues and would rather contest and whine than actually agree and try to resolve. Eventually LOTC will be dethroned by another server because it’s getting to the point the Admins are pushing the playerbase too far.
  4. More over another pedophile was reported 2 months ago and Administrators are still yet to ban or even punish the player, instead they prefer to ban players who call him out for his disgusting ways.
  5. selling a horen in exchange for total war; warhammer 2! 

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    2. Blago
    3. Boar


      That's pretty cheap. Will sell Edmund "The Hunch" Horen kid for medieval 2 total war

    4. Sultan


      Do not fall for his lies.

  6. ahh just woke up and can’t wait to see 501 put himself in a worse position w/ his dumb comments and replies 🙂

  7. i think tythus should remove the admins since server is dying


  8. Dewper


    MISSIVE TO BLACKREACH Issued and Confirmed by Cedric Estermont. TO THE BOASTFUL BLACKREACH: The fight upon Rivia was nay won by you or your pitiful men, let that be known and heard clear Lord of Blackreach. The fight was won by the handful of our mercenaries that butchered and slaughtered the opposition as they have done time and time again when facing their opponents. Your negligence and false, unworthy pride is arrogant and not taken too kindly. The land of Blackreach and the people within shall pay us, the Camel Bandits, for our service or we we shall fight alongside the Rivians to spill your ichor and bring down your castles stone by stone. You will have one week to provide a sum of; -15,000 Minae. IN NOMINE DEI, MERCENARY, Cedric Estermont.
  9. Dewper

    Worn Down

    lotc just lost one of its best devs n the server is "in the best state its been in years" or whatever the **** the idiot admins said on stream yesterday -**** freebuild rules -**** war rules -awful staff - no heist rules -no coup rules lol.
  10. hopefully admins and gms will stop contesting and defending and admit the server is dire rn and try fix it instead of denying and arguing it ain’t when it is

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    2. Lumiin


      the server has been dying for a while now.

    3. 501warhead


      The mentalities around the fact the server is decaying is purely an objective viewpoint that isn't founded in reality but is furthered by the paranoia and the jaded viewpoints of many veterans. The server isn't the best it's been but the square blame for the "decay" that folks complain is happening is specifically from the negative and pessimistic views that continue to spread without fact or reason. Just because your friends aren't playing as much doesn't mean the server isn't growing, succeeding, expanding, and developing in new and exciting ways; but if you're so stuck on what the server was you're going to fail to see what it is becoming and could become.

    4. Dewper


      so everyone complaining about how bad the server is doing rn - not necessarily in playercount but in regulation, staff etc. -- is wrong?


      thanks for proving my point 501.

  11. i will protect u from charles. 

    1. Medvekoma


      I don't need protection I am a reformed Gamer with divine protection.

    2. Pond


      the hero we need

  12. I miss u.. 

  13. stop silencing pond dominion will soon fall

    1. Pond


      yes my brother

    2. Dewper


      @Pond guess I helped spark the fire that lead to the revolution (bunch of dominion will fall status updates) ur welcome.

  14. Ahh just woke up and can’t wait to laugh at gms and read shitty recruitment messages

  15. Ahh just woke up and can't wait to not log on to lotc and not do any rp