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    1. Ambduscias


      touching display feel heart moving in real time sympathy go out to true patriot blago

  2. my broooo bye 😞

    1. Blago


      I’ll be with you, honeybear

  3. Dewper

    knox213's Game Moderator Application

    didn’t u make fun of a players irl situation w/ their mother maliciously like a week ago?
  4. we got outplayed simple as, fair play 2 u guys

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    2. Elevenberg






      what did he mean by this

    3. Dewper


      I was on @Hyena‘s account lol

    4. argle-bargle
  5. Dewper

    A Letter of Abdication

    puts a thumbs up in approval to his son “good work”
  6. can u accept my alt application please 



  7. Dewper

    We cookin

    guys mercy please @nordicg_d @ElevenJellyBeans @Harrison @Syfy @Caranthir_
  8. can’t believe u all lost to tornado

  9. ghazrials punishment should be to list all his alt accounts should take him awhile..

  10. Dewper

    Taking What is Ours

    an actual grandson of philip smiles
  11. Dewper

    The problem with the Empire

    “same OOC clique” 5th and 6th empire was shadowed by flg and lead primarily by flg members 7th empire flg have no influence in it and the heir to it is the warhawkes founder ricky can u do ur research at least tho current empire is zzz
  12. unbanned me from my own discord, +1
  13. Dewper

    [Denied][W] papyb's Game Moderator Application

    papy introduced me to my roleplay children for the first time and cared for them while ive been banned
  14. Dewper


    “way too much writing to read” frowns an old charlie horen to his son