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  1. Gun Lore Post is coming in the next day or so, watch out for it! 


  2. just wanna do warriors rp in providence

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    2. Nug


      the only thing stopping you is yourself

    3. drfate786


      Too bad, you must obey the 1800th century wig RP or face imperial execution. You have strain too far from the path of god for you hath denied them their oh so desired gun RP.



    4. Bhased


      like the warrior cats??


  3. think the real issue w/ conflict on this server is the people who preach dynamism are normally those who refuse anything bad to happen to them by any ooc means possible.

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    2. Shmeepicus


      2 hours ago, Burnsider said:

      My favorite part of LOTC nowadays is when you let your character lose, but then the other side gets mad at you for not losing in the way they wanted you to. Come on, now, you got the win.

      Does this actually happen?! 

    3. Burnsider


      Happened when my last character died, for example.

    4. rukio


      @Burnsider See, I don't really believe in playing to lose because a lot of people are negative energy even if you do lose. I don't, however, usually kill the person I'm in conflict with anymore unless they're doing something *really* dumb or being a skyrim bandit npc where you beat them down and they cower then try to backstab or w/e. I think its more fun for both sides if you let them live, maybe take a finger or something at most, unless they're some serial killer or w/e where it doesn't make sense to let them live. 


    1. Aengoth


      official clout man chaser

  5. looking for dwarf/orenian et-st interested in applying for the st

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    2. Abyssus


      how about me joel

    3. Cracker
    4. DahStalker


      return me to hell, joel. return me to hell. 

  6. VDF in full force today

    1. altiar1011


      You know it. They're probably getting paid in Vortex Energy Potions:tm:

  7. helped clean up the event section with archiving so you can look back on the various RP heavy 'major' eventlines that have happened over the past year or so. This will continually expand as more eventlines are done and launched well into Almaris 🙂


    1. TrendE


      wow thanks a lot screamingdingo

    2. altiar1011


      Thanks a ton, Dingo! 

    3. breeni



  8. can't believe it's harder to get iron than it is to get magic



    Pretty based Neanderthal RP

    1. Aengoth


      I'd like to create an MA for carbarum forging please

  9. transition map is a write off don't think it's reflective of how anything will be


    lowkey the smart idea is to use this as a three day break

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    2. Sham404


      Thats already how its meant to be. Them not working is an error the techs are already looking into, as soon as it was noticed it wasnt working. 

    3. Luminaire


      I'm honestly moreso dissapointed than anything. Expected an RP transitional map like we had last map change, not a testing ground for a plugin that shouldn't have been pushed out like this.


      Hope this is used for actual feedback so that we'll get a proper version of Vortex later into the new map as it should still be a promisin plugin

    4. Sham404


      yeah, the tech team was not ready to put the plugin into the transitional map, the guide wasnt ready, it was a terrible implementation. I think in the actual new map it will be a thousand times better and it will be immediately noticeable

  10. i’d like to mention i revoke my support for lotc firearms and also wish for cannons to be shelved once again

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    2. D4NNA


      faken ews !!!1

    3. Jentos


      lmao well done guys, you had to do it.



      why so... blackpilled?

  11. Third time is the charm, isn’t it?

    1. Sorcerio


      I love Minecraft roleplay.

    2. Nug


      watch your back story boy.....

  12. This blatant mis-use of lore authority against these pieces of lore is absolutely abhorrent. The messenger that spread this gospel has truly allowed us to see the injustice that this horrific team even bothers existing.


    All that we deserve to do is introduce guns and give the innovations to the sugarfoots. They are allowed to do Gang Warfare roleplay all because of the players. For what the players what, the players will get.



    The kharajyr themselves are a fantastic race built upon the foundation of proper roleplay and being friendly towards one another. The Story Team are evil, burning the pillar of the community down in a firey inferno.

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    2. argonian


      "hanrahan has blatant disregard for lotc’s setting”

      “yo guys how about we delete an 8 year old player race?”

    3. MunaZaldrizoti


      @ScreamingDingo wow thats really too bad 😕 gazardiel babies are cool

    4. _hexe_



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    2. Achaean


      never change, lord of the craft

    3. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      @Beamon4 @Noobli when they get assassinated

    4. Nooblius


      I love using superior clicking power to overrule roleplay consequences. 

      Everyone knows me, classic pvp goon

  14. The Story Team (Event Sect) are looking for Applicants with high levels of big CRP/Group Event experience for help in the Inferi Eventline specifically. Please apply if you feel like you have the qualities to be a good ET. I’m happy to train you up, just be prepared to be slave worked for this eventline.


  15. https://prnt.sc/ti7d2b


    Didn’t realise it was 2012-13 again. Where’s the scathing planet minecraft review? @drfate786

    1. drfate786


      It’s in your mailbox with your order of women's underwear. 

  16. so here comes another 53 week no battle or outcome war? 




    1. Nooblius


      It’s what we like to see.

  17. Hey all, we will be looking at reviewing the Story Applications in the coming days. The duties have changed inside the teams and so have the processes, but you are still able to broadly ‘specialise’ in Lore or Events. If you’re interested, I’d recommend applying as we will go through interviews in the coming week


    1. Sorcerio


      ooo fresh spirits for us to crush

  18. reminder please do not do erp (especially if you’re a minor)


    If you genuinely want to sext, don’t do it with weirdos who roleplay because 9/10 times those that pursue this sort of RP are predators looking to sexually exploit and manipulate you.

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    2. UnBaed


      wouldn’t want to do any elven roleplay 

    3. LoTC's Next Top Model
    4. Aengoth


      what about my big hunky olog woman idea

  19. Hey, to those that are magically inclined. I am mass moving apps to inactive with sorting. If I have moved your application by accident and you are indeed active, PM me on discord.

  20. wanna think of some lore that i’ll actually enjoy writing, throw me ideas

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    2. Haesvir


      big-titty dream milf

    3. rukio


      Religious lore and aenguls 

    4. SoulReapingWolf


      Time Magic Lore

  21. looking to sell my soul for event ideas I am currently brain-dead

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    2. Aengoth


      Play a telepathic shapeshifter and whisper them lies about other people in the nearby vicinity to promote interesting interactions between the individuals.

    3. ScreamingDingo


      this is my resignation status

    4. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      does that means that you’re doing the jews take over event?

  22. road to 500


    more like road to 50 people after playerbases start fragmenting because of admin decisions

    1. Zacho


      this is true

  23. Hey sorry, this status is currently awaiting [Admin Approval].


    Please wait a maximum of 24 hours for this status to be revealed once a verdict has been made on it. Thanks.

    1. devvy
    2. Sorcerio


      Dw it’ll be approved in under 24 hours :3

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