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  1. Challenge accepted
  2. Jaeden ignores me and doesn't love me anymore -1
  3. What is this 2014? You can't call pvp default anymore.
  4. You're not going to like it there.
  5. Better than ironwood. +1
  6. Crikey, me aussie mates are comin together for a noice time eh. I say that's bonza. G'day.
  7. Is this a meme
  8. I'd much rather see wards removed entirely and replaced with something else. As it stands, wards are unclear at best and they add nothing of value to roleplay. Quite the opposite they prevent roleplay and there's no denying that fact. As much as certain region owners love to have their safezones protected by OOC barriers and fervently defend them, it's still detrimental to roleplay. You yourself said that these wards are the one big problem you're facing. That's because they are a flawed concept. You're much better off getting rid of them and finding something else to fill the gap. Or rework them entirely. Here are a few suggestions. -Make wards not ridiculously massive in size and allow dark beings to cross them unharmed, but it dispels any disguises they may be using and makes them glow in a distinctive manner. That way spooks can choose to go into a protected area, at the cost of having their true nature revealed and face possible retaliation. -Instead of warding off entire cities and preventing roleplay, see about giving guards imbued weaponry or anything to help them defend against dark beings. This is already something you can do, I don't know why it's not being done. -Actually fight the spooks yourselves? It's like your one purpose.
  9. Bryophites were pointless. I'd much rather see something else entirely instead of plant waifus.
  10. How do you call down a bird, write a note, then give it to the bird, all while getting hacked at? If this is an issue for you, then it's just another case of powergaming/metagaming.
  11. The current artifacts system is absolutely broken and exploited. To begin, everybody knows artifacts are quite simply approved powergaming and lorebreaking, literally. According to the official statement, artifacts exist to allow people to break past the boundaries (Red lines and rules) and let them do things they wouldn't normally be able to (powergaming). Why was this necessary? Well it wasn't. And the made-up example of someone abusing an artifact is completely irrelevant, as that is an issue created by this very system. If anything, a dagger that turns people into chocolate has never been more possible thanks to MArts. Things were much better back when artifacts were exclusive to event items. And if you're not going to remove the artifact system and void artifacts approved by it, then at the very least you're going to have to put some limitations on them. I cannot fathom why the system is allowed to operate without any manner of restrictions. No one is regulating the amount of artifacts in circulation, there is no limit as to how many artifacts one person can possess and there generally isn't any limit to anything. It was a poorly thought idea that was haphazardly slapped onto the server and now we have artifacts being hoarded and abused. Do you honestly think that is alright? Just look through the approved MArts and you will see a previous MAT member, who in his time as MAT and with the support of his MAT friends managed to hoard more than 10 different artifacts, including the moronic "DICC". Are you seriously going to allow such an insane amount of artifacts on a single person? And that is just one example. Most of the artifacts are in possession of previous MATs, some of these being ridiculous or even blatant memes. It's not hard to figure out there's a circlejerk going on. And it's only going to become an even bigger problem as time goes on if you don't do something about it. So either remove this broken system or fix it. And do something about the blatant circlejerks while at it.
  12. In the last cycle of MAT before the purge, it would seem Jax used his position to self-approve artifacts for himself. Quite notably a few blatant memes ripped straight off from the "Dr. Who" series. Thankfully the TARDIS was denied, but that doesn't make it any less better, considering the sonic screwdriver is still running rampant in-game. This kind of behaviour is memey, unprofesional and unacceptable from a staff member. -1
  13. Upon quick inspection, it would appear that last time around you used your position, along with your circlejerk buddies, to get no less than 10 magical artifacts in your character's possession, some of them quite ridiculous. And in spite of the already excessive amount of artifacts you possess, you keep pumping out more and more MArts still. I do not think you have the capacity to act in a non self-serving manner with any amount of responsibility, as such, this is a solid -1 from me.