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  1. This creature lacks virtue
  2. I give you credit for taking the clowning around this far.
  3. Why is this not in off-topic?
  4. do you do animu?
  5. This new fishing mechanic is on a whole new level guys


    1. Amordrin


      [!] O w O

    2. Nug


      what does it mean

  6. This is even more tecnologically advanced than what we have in real life. Stop.
  7. I may be wrong, but from the looks of it this encourages random killings, followed by even more random killings.
  8. Namechange to Fuffy_Fire when?
  9. Nani shimasho ka?
  10. One tavern
  11. Go the extra mile and make it mandatory for them to wear proper RP skins for their barky bodies.
  12. You got fool'd
  13. You insulted the staff and mocked them in a manner fitting for an immature child. In your 7 sentences of "legitimate feedback" you barely described the issue, offered no possible solutions or suggestions. You just angrily typed up a snarky jab. It is no different from a child screaming at someone, expecting things to go their way. So forgive me for mistaking this as off-topic material. Sorry to break it to you, but this is anything but "Legitimate feedback". You seriously need to take a chill pill and reflect your attitude.
  14. Why isn't this in off-topic?