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  1. Pond

    I miss you the most 

  2. Newly made notices are spread throughout the Empire of Oren, touching the Capital and even reaching the distant Princedom of Laurehlin. No entity of Oren is untouched. "The Crozier are still searching for pious men who desire prestige, fortune and a sense of brotherhood. Send a bird enclosing your application to the Grandmaster of the Crozier, Denis de Bar, for a virtuous opportunity and a chance at glory."
  3. you've been in the pipeline, filling in time

    1. Irish


      i just want ******* peace of mind duede its all i want

  4. "I can hook you up, mate. Name the colour and an address we can do the dyeing in, I'll happily oblige at that price. -Guy." A reply is plastered beneath the flyer in Felsen.
  5. OOC: Skype name: You have it. Username: TheIrishBoys. IC: Name: Guy Leopold de Bar. Reasons for applying: Continuing service. Do you agree to PK if RP is done appropriately and well?: Yes.
  6. More a clarification than anything. I don't see a reason as to why this shouldn't be a thing.
  7. A generous assumption of a necromancer's powers, but sadly untrue. A necromancer tampers with the substance known as lifeforce, which most beings possess - them being able to manipulate souls has not and I doubt ever will be a thing. It'd put dread knights in the same boat as golems in the regard that they cannot be drained by necromancy, which I don't disagree with because the drain should not be affecting constructs such as these.
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    2. Hunwald


      The weak shall inherit nothing.

    3. gone_fishin


      But the meak shall inherit the Earth :^)

    4. Irish


      won 2 skirmishes infamous, just like you folk!

  8. Had always assumed it was accepted. Make prompt add!
  9. Et tu, Olly?

    1. ShameJax


      Mon nom ne pas Olly.

  10. need good tv shows. go

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    2. Irish


      these shows will now occupy me for the next week

    3. Alakabam


      Fake taxi, short episodes covering love stories between taxi drivers and their passengers.

    4. Irish


      seen most of them alakabam, you sly minx you ; )

  11. You changed your forum name. Why do you try to be someone you are not, Son of Eire?

    1. Irish


      Drama-lamas everywhere. I fixed the problem senor-Camerino.

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