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  1. Alexander White

    [Druid] [ST/MA] Kyral's Unattunment Application

    I vouch that Kyral was properly trained by lillith, dagothagahnim.
  2. Alexander White

    [Blight Healer] [SA] Gallic's Blight Healer App.

    I Will be teaching him.
  3. Alexander White

    [Druid][MA]Riley Powell

    I believe i shall be teaching the little panda how to do druid stuff
  4. Alexander White

    [Accepted] [AT Application] Chamosial

    Known her for a good 6-7 months now, couldn't be a better person for the position in my opinion, if chosen i know she'd do well, very nice person, and close friend :D good luck, + 1 from me
  5. Alexander White

    [Accepted] [Actor] ImCookiie's Event Team Application

    No doubt in my mind, Cookie is perfect for the position, provides good roleplay and i have nothing to complain about, top notch person, good friend :) biggest of +1's from me

    Never gonna give you up, - Never gonna let you down.

    Never gonna run around and desert you.

    1. Moochael


      Rickrolls almost make me as depressed as this video

    2. Wendigo
    3. Harrison


      i sung that song u know, ask jonas

  7. Alexander White

    [MA] [Druid] Thalia

    I can confirm i will be teaching this new tree hugger the ways of the druid
  8. Alexander White


    i shall be teaching her blight healing :)
  9. Alexander White

    [Druid] [MA] Illithri Rohkea

    I will be teaching this fellow tree lover the ways of druidism
  10. Alexander White

    [Denied] [Updated] Mrjoshy's Fm App

    He has my +1 very nice guy, think he'd be perfect.
  11. Alexander White

    [Druidic] [Ma] Mrjoshy's Student Application

    I will indeed be teaching her control of nature.
  12. Alexander White


    Barry tilts his head looking over the flyers "Hmm.." he mumbles to himself, he writes a note down and slips it under the others "I'll buy her. i will leave my bird here with the note, he will come find me, just give him a note and i will buy her"
  13. Alexander White

    [Druid][Ma] _Persona_'s Application

    I will be teaching, I recently attuned him.
  14. Alexander White

    [Ta] [Druidism] Bazza546

    MC name: Bazza546 Character's name and age: Barry Winterleaf / Age, around 400ish Character’s Race: Wood Elf Link to your accepted magic application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/125891-barrys-magic-app/#entry1210604 What magics do you desire to teach?: Druidism: Natures communion and control of nature, Blight Healing Summarize the Lore of this Magic: ​Druidism is one of the forms of deity magic that is centered around the aspects, a druid is given the gifts through a ceremony through which they call 'Attunement' . After this process the newly attuned druid would be connected to nature, the bond however is weak and it must be strengthened through meditation and practice. Druidism has a few sub-magics within it in which a druid can learn multiple or just one if they wish to focus upon a main type. Blight healing allows the user to rid the area of taint and corruption, many do this in the form of a 'mist' that seeps into the land and heals the area and brings new life into what was once black and tainted. Communion allows you to communicate with the creatures and nature around you, speaking as they would and being able to understand them as they speak back to you. Natures healing allows you to increase the potency of herbal remedies for medical purposes on a wounded person and shapeshifting allows the user to change into the animal in which they have chosen, however, this is a rare form of druidic magic, only available to a few individuals. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student. (Do note, we will be contacting aspiring teachers for a quick interview, to try to better gauge your knowledge and understanding): Blight healing: The lesson would go as follows, After multiple lessons on the basics of blight healing and guiding the student through many practices and meditation i would take them to an area that has very small quantities of taint, to allow them to slowly heal it without injuring themselves in the process, Taking them to the area in question i would instruct them to close their eyes and focus their minds and listen to my words, Imagine the area in your mind, dark and tainted, this is not how it should be, change your view of the area in your mind imagine it flourishing with life no longer having a tainted presence upon it, let the power of the aspects flow through you, clear your mind and imagine nothing but what this place is meant to be like, corruption and taint are not welcome here. If the student manages to focus upon this a small amount of mist would emit from them, seeping into the small bit of land that is corrupted, of course this would take some time and many hours of meditation but the student would eventually be able to heal this small bit if land, i would aid in the process also, using what i know to aid them if they struggle, afterwards i would congratulate them and take them back to the grove for well earned rest, afterwards i would ask what they learned as well scheduling more lessons as this will take awhile to perfect on your own.
  15. Alexander White

    The Scions

    ((OOC)) MC Name: Bazza546 Skype: You have it Timezone: GMT IC Name: Alexander White Race: Human Age: 40 Can you fight?: Yes, i can do many things, many of which i wouldn't like to put on paper. Do you know magic?: No. Would you do work for the Scions?: I have become a rather good farmer in my time.