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  1. Alexander White

    [Accepted] [AT Application] Chamosial

    Known her for a good 6-7 months now, couldn't be a better person for the position in my opinion, if chosen i know she'd do well, very nice person, and close friend :D good luck, + 1 from me
  2. Alexander White

    [Accepted] [Actor] ImCookiie's Event Team Application

    No doubt in my mind, Cookie is perfect for the position, provides good roleplay and i have nothing to complain about, top notch person, good friend :) biggest of +1's from me

    Never gonna give you up, - Never gonna let you down.

    Never gonna run around and desert you.

    1. Moochael


      Rickrolls almost make me as depressed as this video

    2. Wendigo
    3. Harrison


      i sung that song u know, ask jonas

  4. Alexander White

    [Denied] [Updated] Mrjoshy's Fm App

    He has my +1 very nice guy, think he'd be perfect.
  5. Alexander White


    Barry tilts his head looking over the flyers "Hmm.." he mumbles to himself, he writes a note down and slips it under the others "I'll buy her. i will leave my bird here with the note, he will come find me, just give him a note and i will buy her"
  6. Alexander White

    The Scions

    ((OOC)) MC Name: Bazza546 Skype: You have it Timezone: GMT IC Name: Alexander White Race: Human Age: 40 Can you fight?: Yes, i can do many things, many of which i wouldn't like to put on paper. Do you know magic?: No. Would you do work for the Scions?: I have become a rather good farmer in my time.
  7. Alexander White

    [Metal/ore Lore] Xydinium

    Carbarum is a completely different 'Metal' i would give a basic description that carbarum is a strong Metal/gem/whatever it is. And it is durable, not really any other qualities i can see, i hardly use Carbarum anyway. Where Xydinium is different starts of with its difficulty to mine, even in ore form it manages to absorb/reflect the hits it is given with a pickaxe, Carbarum is hard to mine yes but mining it wouldn't cause a tunnel to collapse where Xydinium would more than likely do so because of its ability to send the shock elsewhere. And then into its metal form, no one can wear armor made from Xydinium, i have designed it so lets say a person spent centuries gathering this Ore managed to work out how to smith it correctly and then forge it into armor, if they tried to wear it and they receive a hit from a sword or anything else, the shock would just loop through the whole set of armor, looping around getting stronger and the person inside wouldn't really be able to move, if they didn't remove the armor soon or manage to stop the vibrations from looping, I will just say, it will hurt a lot. Yes Xydinium is also strong, i would class it as stronger than Carbarum, but carbarum rp'ly doesn't degrade, yes through minecraft mechanics it will break eventually unless repaired. Xydinium however is designed to weaken over time and i am not talking about through minecraft mechanics, rp'ly it would depend on how much you use it, if you use it very little then it will stay stronger for long, if you use it a lot then it will weaken quickly. If it gets to a stage where it is very weak it will lose its ability to absorb most impacts and would more than likely break with the next hit. There are many other qualities in the description of it, one last example is that it can glow when in the light ((again, not magic)) and so on.
  8. Alexander White

    [Metal/ore Lore] Xydinium

    I didn't want it to be indestructible, that aspect has always seemed overpowered to me, I designed the metal to be stronger than Carbarum((Diamond)) however with how it works, it begins to become weaker over time if used constantly ((This is not to be confused with minecraft item deterioration, Like how a swords heath ticks down by 1 with every hit, the deterioration of Xydinium is based Rp'ly and not by Minecraft mechanics.))
  9. Alexander White

    [Metal/ore Lore] Xydinium

    The name isn't much really its just a name i thought of, nothing special. The metal however, its main ability is to deflect and absorb and impact ((if it be a sword, dagger, etc)) of a blow without getting much kickback, the molecular structure is able to let the vibration of the hit either deflect off of it or go right through it without much of a problem. you could possibly think of it like Vibranium however it is not indestructible and will break with constant use, plus wearing armor made from it would not work out so well for the wearer as with multiple pieces it would just loop through the whole thing. The metal is incredibly rare however so any creation of a weapon or armor would take a very long time.
  10. Alexander White

    [Metal/ore Lore] Xydinium

    Not to worry, i plan on having a few systems in place to keep it moderated on how and when it is obtained. as well as keeping it incredibly rare to find with the requirements i have set in place. ;)
  11. Alexander White

    [Metal/ore Lore] Xydinium

    Xydinium (pronounced Zie-din-ium) A dusty old Journal seems to be set on a workbench upon the entrance of the cloud temple mine, the book looks old with tattered and ripped pages, seeming to make reading it a little difficult. Miners Journal I usually don’t make notes but as a challenge to myself while i am here i will write down my activities at the end of each week, just so i have something to do during the nights. Creation Xydinium if formed deep within the earth, rocks begin to cluster together until in a big enough chunk to where it would heat up to an intense heat, over centuries of being heated the rocks would shrink into a smaller chunk, over many years the heated rock would then rise through the rock, being able to do so with ease, melting through until it reaches a depth to where it would be able to cool. After cooling the ore would now be formed, gaining a dark blue colour to it, it takes many more years for the ore to rise and cool down enough to be at the point where it would be mineable and the chunk left would be smaller than the palm of a hand. It is unknown why the ore vibrates but after being revealed the vibrations stop now they are able to escape once the person mining the ore has made it visible and the vibrations have a place to escape to. Description Xydinium is usually found in small pockets deep within the earth, it is incredibly rare to come across because of the way it forms, taking hundreds of years to rise from the intense heat of the earth. Mining it can be incredibly difficult, the pickaxe needed needs to be crafted by an expert smith, with a strong material. Even with that hitting the mineral will cause the impact to shift into the rocks around it, almost as if it absorbs the vibration and sends it into the area around it, the risk of the tunnel collapsing can be high when mining, it is wise to be careful when doing so. It is usually cold to the touch and is rather light in its ore form. It takes an intensely hot forge to melt it down into its workable state and needs to be worked with quickly to even be able to craft it into what you wish of it to be, reheating it too much will cause it to become brittle and easily breakable. In its ore form the mineral gives out a gentle vibration, sending it through the rock around it, this is what causes it so sound like a humming tune from a distance, but once free from the rock which covers it the humming disappears with the vibrations able to escape. ​In both its ore and metallic form the substance glows a slight blue hue in the light, both natural and artificial. Smithing As stated the forge being used would require an intense flame to melt the Xydinium down into a workable state and once done it wouldn't take long for it to cool down, it is recommended to try to smith it into the shape you need to to be with the first attempt as reheating it multiple times to work with will end up weakening the metal. Once it is forged the metal will retain a blue tint to it and will seem to glow within the light, it easily manages to bounce the light right off of it. Xydinium, depending on how it is forged can be incredibly strong but it degrades with time and overuse, for example a sword crafted in the right manner would be able absorb the hits of another sword with ease, sending the shock of the impact away from itself. Armor would be near impossible for a person to wear, having a full suit would protect you but if something was the strike you then the metal would attempt to send the shock of the hit away from itself, possibly sending it right through the armor in a never ending loop, getting stronger over a short time and more than likely crippling the person inside having such a strong vibration course through them. Advantages Light and easy to carry. Absorbs the impact of a blow, letting the shock bounce back or around the initial shock. the wielder would hardly feel a thing Valuable since it is extremely rare. Easily meld-able once heated to a high level. If crafted correctly, it can be extremely. Stronger than Carbarum even. Disadvantages Creating armor is possible, wearing it would be near impossible and any sort of shock inflicted upon it would more than likely cause serious damage the wearer due to the vibration looping through the rest of the armor, best to use as decoration. Smaller object such as arrows would be easily manipulated by the wind, the user would almost miss every time if they could not compensate. Can become brittle and easily damaged over time if used constantly, the vibrations it absorbs affects the molecular structure of the metal and with time, it will break. There is a high possibility of failure when working with the substance if you do not know what you are doing, many attempts at trial and error would have to be done as failing would destroy the mineral. The substance is incredibly rare, to the point of only being a few fragments around at any given time, so creating an object would take years and for larger objects, decades. mining it is also incredibly difficult as the ore form still has the ability to absorb the hit, it would send the shock of the hit into the rocks around it, possibly even collapsing the tunnel if not careful. OOC notes. The ore and metal is in no way magical. it glows due to the light that bounces off of it. Over decades or possibly centuries of work, armor may be possible to craft, wearing it however would be asking for trouble due to how the metal works. Arrows, swords and daggers would take less time to craft, but would still take a long time to create. without knowing how the metal needs to be smithed, many attempts at trial and error with multiple samples would be needed to fully understand how to melt it down into its metallic form and work with it correctly. The metal is strong yes, absorbing the impact and sending it elsewhere but over time the molecular structure would begin to change to the point of the metal being extremely weak and would break under more force. The ore would be introduced with a few small mini-events if accepted. after that a piece of ore would be available at long random intervals which i would distribute accordingly with permission from the lore team ((along with a few other possible ways to obtain them)), This would be done by searching for people who would be mining, i would notify them and if they manage to roll a 20, they would hear the hum of the ore. ((I would allow an 18 or 19 but the hum would be a lot quieter and barely noticeable)) if they fail to roll a 20 they would hear nothing. Mining the ore if one was found would require three rolls all would have to be over 15 to be able to mine it, they would also require a very strong pickaxe such as carbarum or a tough ferum pickaxe. if they fail to successfully roll the rolls required the tunnel they are in would begin to collapse and the ore would be lost.
  12. Alexander White

    [Denied]Bazza546's Trial Gm Application

    Minecraft username: Bazza546 Age: 20 Timezone: GMT What is a GM's role in the community, and how would you see yourself fitting in it as a GM: I believe that a GM's role runs between both server-side and the forums. Server-side would go from dealing with modreq's to helping set-up and assist with events, assisting players in game and not being biased to a certain set of people. Forum side would run from dealing with ban reports to assisting players with forum wide questions. For me to fit in I would try to spread my duties between both sides and also speaking with other staff members in server-wide decisions and discussions, assisting players would be my main focus, helping in anyway possible. Why are you applying to be a GM?: About a year before I joined LOTC I myself along with a few others were ((their versions of)) GM's of a fallout role-play server that helped introduce new people to the server, unfortunately this server closed down a long time ago but my duty was to give the new players a scenario which would shape what their character was to become, from a bandit to a starving man on the road we would allow them to role-play around these scenarios and at the end gain some starting equipment no matter what the outcome was. It was interesting to see how players reacted to this and I believe this experience would help me in assisting the new players that come to the server, I see this as little experience being in a GM's position but little is better than none and if given the chance my knowledge and experience will increase with this role. I tried applying a few years ago, but even then I didn't think I was fully ready for the position, I've always tried my best to help others if I was come to with questions and I understand how hard it can be for new players to approach someone with questions as it was hard for me to do the same when I joined. I want to help push the server in the right direction and help it improve even more and I believe I can do this by assisting with the basics, right up to the more difficult of tasks. I also see myself as an unbiased person, Even within the Skype chats I am in if there is an argument I tend to look at both sides, even if they are my friends and they are in the wrong I will bring it up to them and I would bring this into the server itself if problems arise between people, I will take the time to look at both sides before making judgement The most impactful GM’s the server has had have always done more than the basic duties of a Global Moderator. What aspects of LotC aside from universal GM duties would you be willing to delve into?: In my honest opinion I feel like the quality of villainous role-play has degraded, I have experience brilliant villainous role-play in the past but over the past year I feel like you can't find many good villains around, I feel like this impacts the server greatly. So if possible I would delve into speaking with other staff on how we could improve the quality of villains as a whole and how a more high end system could be put into place to help weed out the bad from the good. What members of the staff and/or community could you look to for guidance of these additional responsibilities?: Dagothagahnim ((AKA - Menarra)) - I will out right say he is one of my best friends and I met him on this server, from the beginning even when he wasn't a GM he helped me and gave me guidance on things that I wasn't sure about. I believe he would assist me with questions and things I may be struggling with if I was giving Trial Gm-ship. He is a great guy and I believe he would make a brilliant mentor for me to look to for guidance. Patu97 - I've known him since Aegis, was one of the first people I met on the server and welcomed me with open arms. I couldn't ask for a better friend, he has assisted me with building projects to helping me make decision within a state of power on the server. Delmodan - I don't know where to even begin, I've known her for many years, she is my in game wife and good friend, I've gone to her for advice so many times and she has had no problems in helping me make a decision I may have been struggling with, she has no issue with giving me her honest opinion and if I am doing something wrong she would come out and tell me, I just know she would give me advice on this position as well. What faults do you believe other members of the community see in you, and how do you intend to improve on these perceived faults, if necessary?: I will say I am not perfect, I've said and done things to certain people in the first few years I was on the server, from posts to OOC problems in game and over the past few years I have worked on growing and maturing even more. Adding to this at times I can be quick to judge people by how they act and what they say but generally I try to look into them a little more and gain additional information before making a final judgement. How much free time do you have? Will this change in the foreseeable future?: Right now I have lots of free time and I can devote most of it to the server, the only thing I see changing in a few months is if I get into an apprenticeship which I am pursuing but currently for a few months there will be no change. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  13. Alexander White

    [Denied]Delmodan's Gm Application

    I have known her for a few years now, i believe she would make a perfect GM for many reasons, she is a good observer, she takes in what you say and helps in anyway she can, if an argument or drama starts to occur she can easily calm both sides down and is not afraid to tell a friend when they are in the wrong, she is not bias. She has been a good friend and always listens and helps in anyway possible, she would do perfectly if given the role.
  14. Added you because you are Henry's dad :3

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    Happeh burlated birfday.