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  1. good luck on finals week friends ?

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      I miss you


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      me oh my a boat !1!1111!

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  3. All jokes aside, I'm a fan of this lore piece. Anything to break the mold of traditional magic lore + DRAGONS? Mmm.. mmm. Good stuff.
  4. LotC lore facelift, whats not to like!
  5. Hello! Ongo Gablogian, the lore collector. Charmed I'm sure! I'm going to invite you to the lore mag but first let me destroy your lore. What if you're blind? Include an explanation for the blind and or handicapped individual. Bullshit! You forget other means of sight providing utensils such as magical and or constructions, mind links even. Derivative!
  6. I believe your idea is a good start but you should definitely plan the creature around an event race, a guild locked creature race is pushing it a tad bit. Either way, I wish you luck. The origins of your lore conflict with the Druidic Shapeshifting magic, I'll link you it here so you may see what I might be getting at. https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Shapeshifting_Magic
  7. Yea?

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      get the **** out.

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      you like that you ******* retard ?

  8. God+I+love+Legion


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      @ShameJaxis the potion seller

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      the black kid sounds like a vacuum cleaner and i can't stop laughing

  10. The Compendium plays a major part in the creation of a pact, so long as a contract follows "Da Rules" it could become a possibility. So any ideas for pacts can be submitted and just might be added to Abhorrent Pacts! Me and Dan are around and ready to take questions!
  11. I believe the Strigae have enough cons as it stands. And as KBR put it simply, the Day to Night cycle is unreliable on our server. Besides, if anything, you could institute a season or month possibly they could be stronger. Like a "Blood Moon" of sorts perhaps? Though that also seems like a bit much. The Date Plugin is reliable.
  12. I believe a test would be excessively redundant. Players that apply should be trusted like any other creature. There is no need for it.
  13. Its stated on the lore that RP would be engaged and then they would have to follow through with a Creature Application. I also as the Event Director believe these creatures are more than capable of being portrayed by players. Golems, Frost Witches, and any other creature have their own players that apply and work with. Strigae have definitely more than enough weaknesses to be playable by anyone on the server and even yourself.
  14. Oh god my dragons... my poor poor dragons.
  15. You say "justa sketch", I say masterpiece.
  16. 3 Applicants will be picked in the coming days for ET

  17. How does a staff hosted PvP arena for once in a blue moon battles sound?

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    2. Bvie


      Sutica has always had an arena, in every version of its existence, and hosted several activities, both government and player run, there. They can be quite fun! Long as everyone's willing to OOCly work together. Brawl, Sword Fights, Griffin battles, Magic duels, etc.

    3. DPM
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      im scared of @DPM

  18. "Gems are truly outrageous, they're truly, truly, truly... outrageous." Seriously though, I like this a lot! I sit in anticipation hoping that one day I could also be so grossly incandescent. Personally, I believe due to the nature of it needing the Prism Stone it could simply fall under a sub-type for Arcanism.
  19. Last call for ET apps!

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      -raises hand-

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      My app's been up for like a month now lol.

  20. the et, we gotta build a great wall for lotc

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      To stop the ducklings?

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      wait, the et have to actually do something?

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  21. Blood Magic is very grey, and is not inherently evil. Has it been used to conduct unspeakable acts? Yes. Of course this is not the magic's fault, more so it's users which are primarily of the "evil/neutral/chaotic" role. If this power were to fall into the hands of a hero "lawful/neutral/good/chaotic" whatever, depending on how they utilize this newly unlocked talent... could actually make role play very interesting. It could be considered morally wrong, but that is what I would like to call an opinion. Opinions are fine! In my opinion, I could see a very tough; very devout druid dipping into "darker arts" in self sacrifice to accomplish feats no other druid could ever achieve in the heat of the moment. There are many really interesting arch-types for what makes a player's character fulfill the role "anti-hero" or just being bad at what they do. There is no right or wrong here. Same can be said for clerics, mages, and paladins. Though I understand that is a very iffy subject as it is. I fully support an idea like this, I think we should find new ways to break boundaries in sub-types and adapt our lore, find ways to interlink lore with other lore. This also should be a reminder to every other magic group that there is no limit to this. You can always come up with ideas like this for your own magics, lore additions are a thing for that very reason! I think this is the first step in a wonderful direction for storytelling and character development. I don't think we should be denying this idea outright because it could be seen as morally wrong, or actually breaking rules; because it doesn't. Lore is meant to adapt, not stagnate. If anything, I believe the lore should be changed to fit a more broader neutral background then to be called "dark" magic and evil. Anyways, keep the discussion clean folks!
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