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  1. Posters, printed in black ink on high quality paper, appear in various places around Almaris, particularly pinned within or outside libraries.
  2. If you do more halloween type stuff I have a few suggested head/masks and am willing to help anyway I can.

    1. ShameJax


      I could probably throw together a custom boss using command blocks that drops some cool stuff.

    2. Wrynn


      And I'll help built it again! ^0^


  3. Mcname(s): Therealgaurdman Why he/she is blacklisted: Player failed to provide sufficient RP as well as a countdown before before killing a player via PvP. "Minas or die" banditry is a poor excuse for killings someone, especially with the /search and /money (playername) command readily available for you to use with sufficient emotes. You also failed to give a proper countdown starting from 5 to give the other player time to get ready for PvP. Evidence: http://imgur.com/AMRFpLG,T7Mrysw,lMitwW5,zZ9YvwK,LTCt9np,ti9BXXC,KWhsMKO#6 ((screens in backward order.)) Conditions of blacklist (temporary, permanent, until appeal, etc.): Player is blacklisted for 3 weeks and may appeal after the duration of the blacklist is up.
  4. Walking among the birch trees as the chilled air rustled a few fallen leaves, a small elfess walks along the Cloud Temple path. Her footsteps barely made any noise, save for the crunching of snow as they guided her along the bridge towards the library. Small chirps directs her gaze towards the left, where two sparrows flew past, darting between the trees and foraging for food. Yet, there was something else, something red and nestled at the base of a tree. Moving towards the object cautiously, she clutches the woolen cloak around her shoulders and peers down at the thing: an egg. Her gaze flickers over the smooth surface, before her brow furrows, realizing the oddity of the scene. The area around where the egg lay was completely barren of snow, allowing the greenery beneath to show through. Reaching forward with her left hand, she realizes what caused the snow to melt. "Heat..." she murmurs, as she scoops up the egg and holds it between her hands. A familiar shiver courses through her as she draws the egg into cloak. "This is no place for you to hatch." A light smile traces her lips as she turns around and moves towards the path leading away from the Cloud Temple and towards her home in Malinor.
  5. A short Elfess looks up at the newly pinned poster, a smile forms on her lips as she retrieves a stepping stool and quickly jots down her own name and rank. "Warden Resia Los'iirae, head of the Lumi'ileran. Should anyone wish to in quire about using their arcane skill to uphold peace within our forests, please speak to me."
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