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  1. Mcname: Wytchlings Category: (Art, Creative Writing, Music, Building): Art- 3d art I guess? Attach Content: Mini Mozizhkar a Zar’ei character belonging to @Aethling Reference:
  2. Absolutely adore this lore and can’t wait to see the RP it brings~! +1
  3. https://gyazo.com/c40f1616eee0f60a5e588a3dc54a1110

    Making the cutest Hallfing ship in all of Lotc~

  4. Seconded. Ferals already have enough downsides as is. If a person wishes to pk their feral upon deferalization, so be it, if not, there's still plenty of rp to be had with the effects of being deferaled. I'd like to see the ferals flourish instead of becoming another underplayed creature. This amendment has my stamp of approval. +1
  5. You are appreciated <3

  6. Boi you write a lot. goddamn!



    But bravo XD

  7. Wytch

    My portal Knight is better than your portal night :3

    1. Wytch


      I also may or may not have flooded home base... 



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