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  1. Nice to see some logistically realistic wars on LotC, a bunch of Kha and Dark elves walking through Oren to fight in Salvus. Seriously, what the ****.

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    2. Demivar


      As far as I'm aware, Salvus practically disbanded after an OOC row, though a couple of weeks ago they would have been able to muster about 10 men

    3. Roopak


      Judging by the Skype chats, half the people thought it was 4pm EST and the other half just forgot to show up.

    4. Archbishop


      Kha went because our leader knew the rebel leader for like 50 years and he asked him to join so we did.

  2. That's a nice siege camp...

  3. *Falls into the void and is suffocated down to 4HP at -7000 blocks Y Height, modreq was answered in 5 seconds and I was saved.

  4. I'd be completely shocked if there's 300 people in this WC, if there is then fair enough. But all of the Wandering Souls and people who aren't in the WC should leave the server for an hour and take a break.

    1. Space


      The server isn't centered around this warclaim.

    2. Demivar


      It isn't, but for the participants this WC is important and cannot wait. Any RP that others wish to do in this time can be done later or at any time they wish.

    3. Gangrel1230


      I know people that are on only to loot. They aren't involved in the WC.

  5. Admins need to reset the server and tell all non-participants to stay off for a few hours.

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    2. Space


      top kljasd

    3. Hammer4_


      kick people w/o status

    4. Demivar


      It's hardly arrogant, people have prepared for weeks for something that might take just half an hour, they're entitled to a place on the server for that time. I've supplied the materials for the sets of equipment of 10 men and negotiated for weeks for lots more to join, and now neither I nor many of the people invited can fight in the WC.

  6. Server's full, people not in this WC need to leave.

  7. I am completely done explaining the concept of timezones to people.

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    2. Ventusyr


      What are timezones

      Is it not the same time everywhere else as it is in America

    3. Space
    4. Vesalian
  8. R.I.P Art Modell (I'm English and I support the Baltimore Ravens)

  9. I feel it's time for another post *Cracks his knuckles and gets writing*~@New Map (Not moaning)

  10. I must leave now, to my Conservative bretheren I say, goodnight

  11. God your not my secret clone are you? Because that is what I keep saying!

  12. Right Wing: Clearing out the debt from the left wing.

  13. Right wing support for the win!

  14. I would talk about British Politics, but people would get angry if they can't admit that I am right

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    2. Will (TauFirewarrior)

      Will (TauFirewarrior)

      I salute you Demivar for seeing though the Socialist BS one of the few I see.

    3. ToxicApple1


      I think we need a better government because i aint being funny but Cameron aint done much for us since he has been part of the government.

    4. ToxicApple1


      I think we need a better government because i aint being funny but Cameron aint done much for us since he has been part of the government.

  15. Not you nppeck, someone else

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