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  1. E g a d
  2. As much as I like the idea of player actions having more impact I can already see a system like this will create OOC hatred and disagreements. I RP a city guard and just arresting people is often frustrating OOCly, whether turns into OOC bickering or accusations of meta or powergaming or harassment or just takes forever. Allowing people to break stuff is only going to make that worse since more precious pixels are involved. Cities already have people who show up just to be obnoxious, it's fair for a RO to veto destruction if it doesn't contribute to RP (though I would hope they are open to distruction in general) Again, I'm all for making the world dynamic and feel lived in but I think ROs should have the final say. And as for timers or caps or whatever -- let's not add more bureaucratic bullshit to a server already choked with too much trivial administration. Encourage ROs to let people burn/destroy but ultimately the decicion should be theirs.
  3. Outside of all this bickering I think the idea is cool. I also think it would be awesome to have stationary blocks which will broadcast the sound of bells or signal drums to a whole region. That way say there's something going on in town and you can just press a button to ring the bell rather than having to call someone who can broadcast.
  4. MC Name: Longbow5 IC Name: Emanaf Delsaran Race: Wood Elf Occupation: Sirame Additional Residents(Ic and their mc names): N/A Additional Resident's occupation: N/A Have you read the laws and obligations?: Yes
  5. Website was acting up for me, right around the time of the server restart at 10 EST. Maybe DDOS?
  6. Can this be updated to Axois please?
  7. Application Name: Emanaf Delsaran Race: Wood Elf Age: Probably over 800 by now Occupation: Writer, hired hand. Experience: Served in the Wardens of Laurelin and Normandor Guard, commanded Osage Dragoons, served in Elberu'cinher and the Ivory Order; was an officer and interim commander of the Order of Sirame under Bravepaw and Tresery. Over 600 years of service in Elvish military forces. Proficiencies (Archery, etc.): Javelin, swordfighting, riding, skirmishing, policing. Place of Current Residence: No residence. OOC: Username: Longbow5 Nexus Profession+Proficiency: None yet Timezone: EST Do you have Teamspeak?: yes
  8. Is server still kill, or am I just on the wrong version?