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  1. Praetor

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    Ronin LLC. 29AP Business (20AP) (60AP) SL4 (7AP) (17/22) Heavy Infantry (1AP) Regular (1AP) 32RP Mechs (7AP) (25/25) Heavy Infantry Armor (25AP) (25/30)
  2. Praetor

    La Belle Epoque FRP OOC Thread

    Nation: Japan Leader’s History (Research your Monarch!) : In our times, he took on the title of Meiji the Great after his death. In 1885, he is The Emperor. A man endowed with a magnificent beard and wise eyes, he leads his nation through a time of great change. A time of gunpowder, capitalism and renewal. A time where Japan pulls up a seat to the table of great nations. Often called a bully in later tales, he was brought up in the times of Unequal Treaties, and this no doubt lingered in his mind for years to come, in his times of rule. Married to Ichijo Haruko and living, as his name implies, in an era of Enlightened Rule (Meiji), he faced many changes, shifts and the disappearance of the Shogun as supreme authority. Throughout all this, he has religiously attended cabinet meetings and other governmental functions, every day, even when he kept silent, he watched over his proud nation, proudly. Nation’s Recent History: The Meiji restoration changed everything. As did Matthew Perry's Black Ships, who broke Japan's isolationism and opened it to trade from around the world, even if it was cripplingly in the Westerners favor. A fact that persisted for quite a while. After him, the restoration brough the end of the Shogunate, the Boshin wars, and finally, a centralized state. Even now, in the year 1885, there are serious talks of establishing a Prime Minister, much like in the west. It is almost certain, by now. Japan modernizes, it changes, and looses many of its Feudal roots. But many still linger... Discord: Król Bolesław I Chrobry#9839
  3. Praetor

    Raid Rules Update

    I'm glad I left before it became standard to enforce such absurd rules as "Do x amounts of emotes to do this." lmao
  4. Praetor

    The Status of Staff

    How to fix stuff _________________________________________ This all started with some kids getting positions of authority within the community, back in 2012. By authority I mean the capacity to ban, or control someone else time on the server. I don't think a GM is a position of authority, it's a service position similar to that person that helps you try on shoes at Foot Locker or the bouncer that throws you out when you start causing issues. If a staff member has an issue with that description, then they have the wrong mindset about their position and should revise the way they think about things. Being a Staff member is a service position, not one of authority. You're there to improve the experience of the players and you should be ready to take **** from frustrated players who got their chest accidentally deleted or other crap like that. You're not getting paid, you're not going to get a lot of recognition, maybe none. If you can't handle that, then don't volunteer for the position. When Staff starts being arrogant & feeling like they're the metaphorical Boss and the community are downtrodden employees, then resentment forms. Add a dose of dumb incompetence and a dash of irrationality and soon the community is going to mistrust the staff. It's going to strike back, with flame, harassment, etc. Because it's a community, not one civil individual, and a community isn't going to act nicely in such a position. So then the Staff feels attacked (rightfully so, honestly, they are.) Those first offenders leave, new people come in, adopt the entitled and arrogant mindset of their predecessors, and the anger of the community falls into their lap. They become defensive, they stop communicating. They fear reprisal from an angry community. Fair enough, the community is angry and hasn't seen a change in mindset in the staff. And it goes on. Back and forth, until you get here, where the staff sees a toxic cesspool and the community sees a bunch of arrogant incompetent fools. (Maybe both are right!) Not all of the community is good, some people are ***** who enjoy the drama and just being dicks. Some people are just angry cucks with nowhere else to vent their bitterness. Same with the staff. Which of these opinions will get you banned faster? The one that insults the staff. This is wrong. The client comes first. The Community comes first. If you disagree then you're wrong. The staff shouldn't be abused and harassed, that's wrong and reprehensible. But the community is the priority, without the community, you're left with a bunch of low 20's late teens debating empty points and inflating their own importance with no one to carry it out on. So how do you fix this vicious circle? The staff. The Community literally cannot change without some change in the establishment first. A neighborhood doesn’t gentrify without some change in the way the administration works. A shop doesn’t become high class without good marketing and PR. Etc. So the staff needs to do it. How? You accept that the best way to fix things is to remember your position. An Admin isn’t a god, or a figure of awe. It’s some dude or girl sitting behind their computer, maybe poorer than you, maybe dumber, maybe smaller, weaker, whatever. Their job is to satisfy a customer, that’s what they volunteered to do. So if staff can’t accept that, they should leave. Their ONLY job is to satisfy a community of players and remove the elements that’ll disrupt their enjoyment. A GM ranks about as high as a retail serviceperson. Nothing more. If the staff adjusts their mentality and remembers that its community first, then that’s step 1 towards fixing the server and the community. Not some mediocre attempt at insulting the community, that just shows how completely out of touch the staff is. Will the staff do this? Probably not. Nothing has changed for five years. But I’m bored and stuck at home and this is entertaining. If the staff can swallow their egos and accept that all they are are a group of volunteers meant to facilitate the enjoyment of the server by the community, then you’re on the right road. (If that offends you as staff, you shouldn’t be staff.) If you have to take a week to answer a problem because ‘you have a job’, then you don’t have enough time to be in your position. You’re a volunteer and you should be adequately informed about your job and the time it will take. I’m ready to bet that 50% of people applying for the position mostly want the prestige, and don’t judge the stress and time it’ll take. That means 50% of people are off the bat applying for the wrong position. So change your view of the position and accept that you're not free of blame. Then again, I haven't played in years. So make up your own mind about things.
  5. Praetor

    We MUST Be Better Than This

    A neighbourhood doesn't become better if the administration doesn't invest into it. A store's clientele doesn't improve and a school doesn't become better if the staff doesn't try to make it. Reversely, they'll decline if quality of staff declines. If the community is like this, the roots of the problem go back years, to the staff. If you want to fix it, it needs to start with the staff. Inane words like "We should be better than this," are just idealistic irrelevance that doesn't change anything.
  6. Praetor

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    Ronin LLC. He wore ceremonial armor, of course. Who would send a man into combat with a red dot on their shoulder and a hachimaki around their forehead. A fine man, with a long face and high cheekbones. Perhaps descended from a noble family, from centuries ago. Perhaps the ancestor of a long forgotten samuraï. His eyes were dark and focused straight ahead. His gaze, like a focused beam, shot about a foot above Rysuusuke’s head. They called him the Short Dragon among the rank and file, and the name had spread to the people too. He didn’t mind, it was not an insult. Merely a statement of fact. He was short and he was a dragon. And he was still alive beyond what would have been expected of him. Much like a short dragon. He looked the soldier up and down. His white armor shone brightly, the newly added Kinetic Gel padding it up in places he had never had it. Heavier, perhaps. Bulky? Probably not, he had seen them in action earlier today. Held across his chest was a rifle, boxy, but slim and long, a careful melody of danger and elegance, crafted and designed by those who knew that image was as important as effectiveness in their business. The tropical heat blasted down upon Ryuusuke’s neck and shoulders, bringing forth beads of sweat upon his neck, only for them to drop down his withered back. Gnats and mosquito’s whined around his head, ignoring him, with his bad blood and poor veins, lasering in on the soldiers lined up in front of him. One landed upon the man’s prominent cheek, it bit him. He didn’t even flinch, and these hurt more than their brothers on earth. “Him,” he said quietly. The platform they stood upon was raised to a little under tree level, in a region where the canopy arched above high enough to spawn envy within the hearts of those who had once built Cathedrals in Europe. Bridges leapt back and forth throughout the trees, leading to a series of other platforms, and ground areas. A training facility most excellent. Most needed. “He will do well.” So Shirou Yasutake motioned with an arm, standing behind him. A blur in the corner of his eye, all done without a word. The soldier bowed deeply before them both and marched over to the other side of the platform, where twenty-two others waited. Ceremonial swords shone at their sides, an old model, a traditional one. It would never do in combat. Miss Kase knew, so did Yasutake. Given the time, they too would change with the world around them. He looked at the assembled twenty-two for a moment before turning back to the files before him. Eight more to go, an honor guard for a Convention. A good time to advertise their product. Guns and hard men. Actions 26 AP 16 into Universities (200 AP invested) 10 AP into SL3 (10/12) 32 RP 12 RP into T1 Mechs (20/25) 20 RP into T3 Kinetic Weaponry (50 RP invested)
  7. Praetor

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Human Olympic Comittee (H.O.C) Members of the Board Head: The Trade Federation (2) The Elysian League (1) The Frontier Colony Affiliation (1) Commonwealth of Redskap (1) Four Tigers Holdings, LLC. (1) Proposed Disciplines for the Elysium Olympics -Athletics -Force Blade Fencing -Football -Gymnastic Artistic -Grav-Luge -Martial Arts -Swimming -Wrestling Greco-Roman -Triathlon -Tennis -Synchronized Diving -Fusion Racing -Zero-G Boxing -Kinetic Shooting -Space Sailing Rules The Olympics will take place every 3 years. The Olympics will be hosted by the applicant with the highest amount of votes. The head has limited veto rights over which disciplines shall be competed in. The Olympics will be human. There will be no genetic modification to the baseline makeup of a common human. No cybernetics, no doping, no clones, no modified humans. There will always be between 10 and 15 disciplines. The Olympics will be hosted by nations comprising of humans, willing to compete. To participate, a nation must have eligible athletes, and pay a sum of 2 billion FedCreds (2AP). The winners of the most gold medals win the prize pot of 75% of this sum. The runner up will win 25% of it. The Host will receive the profits, with the head of the Committee receiving 25% of these. The Head position is eligible for election after every two Olympics. OOC Mechanics: The winner of every discipline will be the Nation with the highest /roll20. Every nation will have 20 points to distribute between every discipline, with a maximum of 5 per discipline. These will be added to their /roll20 in that discipline.
  8. Praetor

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Trade Federation The promenade was beautiful at this time of the year. Tall trees from a thousand different planets coexisted in harmony, lovingly tended to by a horde of expertly trained Krib gardeners. Agrikrib & Co. sold their services for a pretty penny, but their skill manifested itself in meandering paths of wood, dirt and stone, that wandered through groves of trees as colorful or comforting as a burning hearth on christmas eve. Quaint bridges drifted above ponds and pools of water so clear that one could see a variety of fauna as diverse as it was plentiful, with koi fish darting between lumbering slug-like molluscs that glowed with bioluminescent glory. Tony paused on the bridge and looked down into the water. The artificial sun far above felt warm on the nape of his neck, and projected his shadow down into the depths, to mix with those of reeds and lilypads. Snap! A koi fish disappeared in a blur of sand as a Redon crab-like creature plunged its sharp claws into its body, yanking it down into the dirt in a mess of cartilage and shredded flesh. It flopped once or twice, then went still as the crab went to work on his meal. “That was my choice, you know?” rasped Tony to the Ymorian standing beside him. “The designers wanted symbiotic beings, to co-exist and live peacefully.” he snorted and flicked his cigar ashes into the water. A flock of fish crowded around it, expecting a meal, only to swim away despondently a moment later, disappointed. “Why?” “Whenever I walk someone around this park, it reminds me of the way things are done here.” He pushed himself off the railing and kept walking. The bridge faded into a path, leading into a dense pack of heavy trees. Every walk he took had a calculated trajectory, meant to complement his words. His speeches were always on time, nobody interrupted him unless he wanted them to. “If you stray off your given path without preparation, the bigger fish will eat your alive.” He scratched his chin, pulling at the metal cybernetics. “Or crabs in this case.” “Are your threatening me?” said Sulis, a small quaver in his voice. Tony turned to him as they reached the darkest part of the forest, hidden from view from the other walkers and joggers and slitherers and skitterers. “No, Sulis. I am saying that I put you at the head of BP Galactic because I trust you to make the right choices. The right choice right now, is to cooperate with Xeri & Kosh and get that trizendrium into his factories. The longer you hold back, the more money we leak.” “His prices are absurd!” Tony sighed and put an arm around Sulis’ shoulder, his cybernetic arm squeezing his shoulder like a vice. “Sulis, Sulis, I thought you were a smart man. You are no longer in your homeland. Here, the game is different. Here, you work for me.” He spun Sulis around and grabbed his by the jacket, yanking him to the tip of his feet. “Here, what matters is how much money I make. Hold onto that idea, and I’ll make sure money flows back to you in time.” Tony dropped the Ymorian and flicked a hand, “I’ll be alone now,” he rasped. He was coming down hard and as the Ymorian fled, he pulled out a thin platinum tude, unscrewed it and plugged it up his nose, snorting deeply. Sulis was a wonderfully subservient person, with an eye for profit. Some of the Board would never bend to him, and competition kept him sharp. But Sulis had BP Galactic, and BP Galactic was too valuable to have anywhere but under his thumb. Actions 125 AP A new group of mercenaries named Cromwell LLC. announce their services as providers of elite, high-tech destroyers and frigates for all jobs from those on the bad side of the law, to open combat. (0AP) Using data accumulated by their top analysts in GTC-1 & GTC-2 “Citadel”, along with representatives throughout the galaxy, the Trade Federation begins a great research project to analyse the most profitable, quick and efficient trade routes between nations, and which to take when, when bearing what produce, and what stations will allow for the greatest profit margin, etc. Their place is to create a giant program capable of allowing for efficient, rapid and profitable transport of good for those willing to pay to use it. Of course, nearly all of these try to direct ships through GTC-1 and GTC-2 when possible. (10 AP) Investment goes into increasing the industrial output of GTC-2 Trizendrium Refineries and weapon manufacturers. The Trade Federation begins to advertise its Trizendrium weaponry, offering to sell bullets, grenades, mortars, anti-tank rifles and more! All at prices so low that they’re practically bankrupting themselves! (25 AP Industry) (50 AP invested) Peace in the West. Now that’s something the Trade Federation hadn’t heard about in a long time! Well, now that that’s that, investments flow back into Nexus II, to rebuild the once great station and await new trade. (40 AP Business) (180 AP invested) Monkeys can be quite the evil folk. (30 AP) (170 AP invested) With the Ar’Gakari tech burning through all their trials, they begin to studiously study the defenses themselves, doing their utmost best to understand how they work, when they are triggered, what methods they use. They are scrupulously scrutinized and analyzed, to figure them out completely, so that they may be copied, and defeated. (11 AP) (40 AP invested) Two destroyers and a colony ship are created this year. (9 AP) The Darkul, Ka’Cezh and other affected northern parties are offered a deal. With this new peace, investments made into reigniting a flow of trade by regrowing the starved GTC-1 (West) are welcomed, and in return, beneficial prices on ship docking fees, xylorite fuel etc are promised in return. (0 AP)
  9. Praetor

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    Ronin LLC AP 26 26 AP into University (184 AP total) RP 28 T2 Kinetic Weaponry (20/20) (Unlocked T2) 8 Into Mechs (8/25 for T1)
  10. Praetor

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    Ronin LLC. Kaikyo - Sol 45 - 1845 Ryuusuke Ashikaga’ reflection stared back at him in a void. The depthless dark glass surrounded his pale reflection like an eternity of stars, engulfing his slight frame in their immensity. Even without such an imposing metaphor to accompany him, his appearance would not have struck many as anything more than unremarkable. An aging japanese man, with neatly brushed silver hair crossing his skull as if raked by a gardener, the furrows barely deep enough to remind him of his once luscious mane of hair. Beneath, a skull with skin as pockmarked as the moon that wrinkled at the smallest shift of his translucent lips. It was a lie, he wasn’t unremarkable. People might pause to wonder how such a fragile construct still managed to rise out of bed every morning without the help of a exoskeleton. Or lead what seemed to be the remnants of a history stretching back for thousands of years. A sigh slipped past his lips, expulsed from paper-thin lungs that trembled with every frenetic beat of his failing heart. “Windows, clear,” he said in a voice that belayed the damage wrought upon his body. Even his feeble lungs had yet to rob him of that deep intonation that carried his words through storms of gunfire and the screams of the dying. It was good to speak to himself occasionally, to remind himself of what he still controlled. The windows dimmed for a moment, then cleared completely. He squinted into the sunlight. It was cresting the mountains on the horizon and with it, the deep mists that permeated the forests were beginning to clear. Great whorls drifted upwards like ghosts escaping their prison of foliage and bark. The District was beginning to poke its tentative peaks out from beneath the trees, like tender shoots of grass aiming for the sun. The first towers glinted in the sunlight, a million drops of dew reflecting its light. What gods had been graceful enough to grant them such a paradise, Ryuusuke would pray to for the remainder of his life. “Miss Umemoto, I want to make contact with everyone. They will be at each others throats like rabid dogs within the year. It is now our duty to be a part of it.” Action 12 RP Scientists begin to perfect the substance known as Kinetic Gel for their soldiers. (10AP) (Tier 1 Achieved) Whatever funding remains goes into working on better kinetic armament. (2AP) (Tier 2 2/20) 14AP 2.000 Heavy Infantry (1AP) 15.000 Regular Infantry (3AP) 5.000 Light Infantry (1AP) 250 Tanks (1AP) A whole lot of men and women are recruited into the Defense Force and Security Force. Ronin LLC. is in need of them. (6AP total into troops) More universities and research labs are built, or at least, begin construction. (8AP) (158AP total into universities) Ronin LLC. begins to broadcast its location and its tantalizing offers of profitable soldiering to all around them. (0AP)
  11. Praetor

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - OOC & APPS]

    OOC: Username: Otto Von Salzenburg-Spikow Skype: You have it Ideas & Suggestions: Limit encounters apart from PvP RP: Nation Name: Rōnin LLC. First Planet: A mix of temperate and tropical climate, with a lot of islands and few, smaller continents. It has a double sun and only the poles are truly temperate. History: Rōnin LLC. began as a military ship, stuffed with scientists, researchers, explorers and enough military personal to keep them both safe and in line until they had regrouped with the remaining japanese ships. However, when the commanders learned of their situation, stranded amongst a sea of unknown stars, with no leaders to contact and no nation to join, they found themselves facing a new challenge. A people adrift, with no more master to follow. Rōnins. So they decided upon a course of action that pleased them all, as much as pleasure can be taken from the current situation of the world. To sell their sword and to craft finer ones, until such time as their leaders found a new, greater purpose, they would drift listlessly amongst the stars, fighting the wars of those with ambitions. Stats: Oligarchy 150 AP into universities 40 AP into business 6 AP into colony ships 1 AP to the Man in the White Suit for good luck 3AP into 2 Heavy Infantry and 1 Light Infantry
  12. Praetor

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Trade Federation Actions AP 98 Research continues on Trizendrium weaponry. For the most part, the research centers around kinetic weapons augmented by trizendrium in certain aspects, such as bullets tipped with triz, or trizendrium shotguns, etc. However, trizendrium mortars and all other sorts of infantry weapons are also developped and perfected continuously. (13AP) (80AP invested) Xeri & Kosh Armaments buys a large chunk of land on the surface of GTC-2 and begins to develop weapons manufacturing plants and trizendrium refineries. (25AP) (25 AP into industry) Business 10 140 total The Citadel once again receives a major investment from the government. More housing, affordable and luxurious! More malls, more parks, more farms. Everything to make a beautiful, gleaming city in the stars. (10 AP) (80 AP into business on this tile) (140 AP into biz total) Ruthless Monkeys continue to murder stuff. (20AP) (140 invested) Work on the Ar’Gakari technology continues. The datacore is studies scrupulously, tested and worked on with the utmost care to not let it take over any systems. The weapons, armor etc are studied too. (9AP) (29AP invested) Arcturus Defense Solutions is hired to add more defenses to the Citadel, in light of the dangers from the Sculptor cluster. (22AP) + 100AP from foreign investors. (152 AP invested) Mnbli’s tution. (1AP) (Year 3)
  13. Praetor

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Apologies for the **** post. I’m busy irl. Trade Federation AP 93 More investment into the Citadel. Better malls, better subway systems, better advertisement panels, better restaurants, better infrastructure, better microwaves -the Hephaestus Type!-, better everything! If the Citadel isn’t the pinacle of Western Galactic excelence, then I don’t know what is! (20AP) (120 Invested) (60 GTC-2 Tile) The Ar’Gakari flesh, brain matter, weapons and data cores retrieved on the mission are studiously analyzed in different labs, under strict quarantine. The Data Core is thoroughly scanned with TAROT and tested in all manner of ways before being accessed in a way that could release the powerful viruses the weapons proved to contain. Scientists attempt to work on a theory of using cloned brain tissue or skin to gain access to the systems. (20AP) Ruthless Monkey continues. (20AP) (120 Invested) Mnbli’s tuition is paid, the Federation donates another 4 billion (4AP) to encourage better classes and training. (5AP) 2 Destroyers and 3 frigates are comissioned. (10AP) A large campaign to attract foreign investors into GTC-2 for industrial infrastructure is launched, following trends similar to the year before. They outline the benefits, especially for those who make their HQ in the Federation, including the possibility to reach the Board, the governing force behind the nation. In particular, Chupan’Mo industralists are offered beneficial terms, with the Federation extending them a hand to rebuild what may have been lost in the Sculptor Cluster. (10AP) (130 invested business.) (70 GTC-2 Tile) More research goes into Trizendrium, specifically, perfecting weaponry, creating flamethrowers and anti-armor rounds, as well as grenades and that sort of thing. (7AP) (27AP invested)
  14. Praetor

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Trade Federation Admiral Eldrige watched the live feed from a room far below the surface of an unnamed moon. The lighting was dim and red, permeating the edges of the room in a dull glow and leaving the middle devoid of color, a black hole lit only by one screen layed out flat upon a table. She gripped its edges with white fingers, her gaze focused upon the events with hawk-like attention. The drone filming the scene shuddered as a railgun fired nearby, streaking the void of space with a glimmer of ionized gas particles. It spun around with the round, following it as it crossed the gap between the two small fleets, but even as the shot was powering up within the cannons of the opposing ship, its target had moved. Sleek and quick as a snake, the frigate swerved out of the way and spun at an angle that would have torn apart a normal operating crew. It’s matte black hull shone dully in the light of the nearby sun as the shot skimmed along its shields, sparkling in an irridescent glow of energy. Then its righted itself just as fast and in the blink of an eye, its laser cannons fired. “Damn,” she muttered, glancing at the nearby officers and officials watching the screen with rapt attention. “Captain Anderson, how long would your crew take to fire such a shot, from order to execution?” She asked a man near the back of the room. He had replaced her upon the North Sea, before this. A good man with a well-trained crew. The best in the Federation navy. He looked down at the screen as the laser hit its target, burning its shields. “Fifteen seconds, perhaps? Ten at best.” She shook her head and turned back to the screen as the two black frigates moved in perfect syngergy, weaving through shots as if they were fighters and firing with deadly accuracy at the five enemy ships. Missiles came pouring forth from the enemy, trailing exhaust and once again, the frigates reacted as fast as the missiles exited their bays. Point-defense flared, engines roared and the ships spun clear of the explosions, releasing a horde of swarm missiles along with a flurry of laser shots. Two enemies erupted into debris as they were overwhelmed. A minute later, the remaining two hostiles escaped the system, trailing oxygen and wreckage. Eldrige deactivated the feed and tapped the intercom. “Excellent work, A-72, H-43. Return to Base 4 for debriefing.” A smile broke across her face. To think that a few years ago, she had struggled against the replicants and watched Nexus disappear into a supernova. These… pilots were the heralds of a new age of space combat. “Find them better target practice than pirates, I want to see them put under stress,” she said, glancing at a nearby man in a white lab coat. “Admiral, we have yet to fully tes the neuro-links between clone and original copy,” he replied, righting his glasses and frowning. “You can keep their identity intact, correct?” “Yes, ma’am,” replied the scientist after a small pause, and Eldrige grimaced. The Board seemed to have no qualms about this project, but she... She glanced back at the gathered officers as they went through the recording once more, dissecting every clinical move and precise shot executed by the two frigates. This would not go well for anyone. They were playing with forces beyond their knowledge. “Without corruption?” She said after a pause, jerking out of her reverie. “From what we have seen, that is correct. Their minds and full personalities will remain uncorrupted.” “Then we can keep them there until you have it figured out. I do not want to have to wait another decade.” She would have preferred to never see it come to fruition, but that was not her choice to make anymore. “Of course.” ----------- “And it is with pleasure that I announce a symbolic shift in the Board’s membership demographics,” said Miranda, standing atop the podium. Her smile hid a welling bitterness and she clenched her jaw as a frown threatened to overtake her carefully crafted expression. She would not let that...man strip away what little dignity she had left. “Due to personal reasons and long-standing health issues, I will be stepping down as CEO of BP Galactic.” A flurry of flashes and murmurs spread throughout the press members assembled before her, rising like a wave until she lifted her hand sharply. “Questions will be answered after the announcement,” she said in a sharp voice. “With my retirement, we must also announce the instatement of two new companies to the board.” A holographic display flickered to life behind her, marking the seven companies currently holding a position on the board. Dare Horizons & Co. CEO: Tony Blaze III / Human A mother company to approximately seven-hundred and fifty two subsidiaries in and out of the Trade Federation, including Supersense Gaming. BP Galactic CEO: Miranda Thresh / Human Sulis Farmana / Ymorian The main mining import & export company, with a dozen subsidiaries working mining plants throughout the Federation. Xeri & Kosh Armaments CEO: Xino’Xan Xeros / Cevelli The producer of a majority of military equipment used within the Federation, from personal armament to ship-based railguns. A leading figure in trizendrium research and holder of said mining facilities. McLarren & Zerosi CEO: Ynak Zerosi VIII / Zyrka & Jerome McLaggin / Human (Co-CEO) Holder of the rights to B4-X8 and Harpie MkII production and leading expert in small-scale ship innovation & production. Farfetch Shipping CEO: Scruff of House Scruffy / T’Jell A shipping company with a large amount of independent freighters under contract and control of most Federal freighters, Farfetch Shipping controls the flow of trade through the Citadel on a daily basis. Guardian Enterprises CEO: Julian Samenson / Human The military arm of the federation. Guardian Enterprises focus primarily upon the defense of Federation soil, the protection of their space stations and national defence as a whole. AgriPro Ltd. CEO: Glinib / Krib The agricultural powerhouse of the Federation. Formed after the population boom of 2050, they have overtaken the market with their efficient and high quality produce. “With the rise of AgriPro and my resignation, we find ourself facing a historic moment in Federation and human history,” she paused and looked down at the display passing by on the screen. “Perhaps unprecedented. Our nation was born decades ago from a small human colony on a terribly harsh world. From there we have spread through the stars and claimed our place in galactic history. And with this spread has come a diversity our originators could never have dreamed of. I am... proud to announce that for the first time in history, humans face a demographic minority in the ruling body of the Federation. We will not forget our roots, but we have opened ourselves to a new future. Thank you.” She stepped of the podium quickly, her heels clacking against the metallic surface of the plaza ensconced deep within the great halls of the Citadel. Blaze walked up to her and she resisted the urge to strike him. He smiled, the wrinkles on his face pulling taut against the cybernetics embedded into his flesh. For the first time in years, she realized that he was over forty now. His hair was going grey and the youthful burn of ambition had dimmed in his remaining human eye. Now it was only cold, and greedy. “An excellent speech,” he said, shaking her hand in front of the cameras. “I’m that our people will remember your contribution to our nation for ages to come.” “**** you,” she whispered through her smiling façade. He had won, her days of power were gone. The Federation belonged to him. ACTIONS 78 AP As Project Evil Twin comes to a close, certain refinements and final details must be wrapped up. In this case, certain neurological problems must be addressed, a final test for the hard-working scientists. (15AP) (225 Invested) As the Citadel grows, more and more resources are put into expanding it in size and quality. New housing districts, better quality amenities, malls, parks, farming districts led by Agrikrib Incorporated, the foremost Krib company in the Federation. Everything is thought of, from aesthetic aspects to functionality. To turn the Citadel into the best space station in the galaxy. (20AP) (100AP Business) (40 on GTC-2 Tile) More Harpie and B4-X8 bombers are brought forth from the shipyards. (4AP) (400 ships) The search to unlock the secrets of Trizendrium continues. Effort is put into adapting it into Swarm Missile technology as well as small arms. The scientists speculate about the possibility of creating purely trizendrium weaponry, and try to see if it is a possibility, basing themselves off the Trizendrium Lance that is incorporated into the TF battleship. For the rest, they continue to work on it with kinetic weapons. Mainly, small arms, flamethrowers and anti-armor guns or rounds. (11AP) (20AP invested) With the approaching end of Evil Twin, Ruthless Monkey is once again picked back up. (15AP) (100 invested) More defenses for the Citadel. (2AP) (22AP invested) Two new settlements are created this year, with last years colony ships. Several bases are created throughout the galaxy, in desolate spots, mostly within Federation space. Heavily fortified, hidden with every means possible from scans, classified and with personal that is permanently assigned to the bases and scanned every week through DNA, background, psychological tests, etc. Secure and secret in every way. (10AP) As usual, new territories are thoroughly scanned with TAROT-M to reveal any resources. (0AP) Mnbli, the level eight psionic krib found within the midst of the Federation in the past year is sent to the Grand Alliance Academy for training and alignment. For now, the remainining 12 psionics with above 5 potential remain at home, upon the Citadel. (1AP)
  15. Praetor

    Modern Nations OOC Thread

    ^ OLD APP, CHANGED TO ISRAEL ^ Application Country Desired (Be sure to read the scenario, find out info pertinent to you. Send me questions if you want to know more): The Holy Land of Israel Leader Name: Shlomo of Nazzareth Background, ensure it fits with game Background: Israel grew after the losses of the Saudi led coalition, grew into a major power in he Middle-East, holding swaths of land that had once belonged to their sworn enemies. But with their growth, came insurgency and threats from within. With this great leap forward in terms of domestic terrorism, the nation began to buckle. For years it struggled against its enemies both inside and outside of its borders. However, a series of strong leaders and major campaigns to cleanse their country began to lead it towards a better age. One of them was named above all others. Ezekiel the Biblical. A religious man to the core, he brought about two great inquisitions within Israel, one of blood and one of the mind. The first purged the nation of the worst offenders, the most extremist muslims or other people who refused to follow the way of Israel. The second, an Inquisition of the mind, where the people over a decade or two were slowly tempted towards the way of the Jew. Until finally, after decades of unrest, the nation began to see the unification it had always craved, under Judaism and patriotic fervor. A nationalistic and religious zeal unseen in the world before. Then came Shlomo of Nazzareth. Elected upon a wave of militaristic and religious fire, a leader as zealous as he was determined to spread the word of God to the world. Do you Praise Pok: Yeah