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  1. Praetor

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    Annor's Crossroads - The Avernatus Family 41 AP + 10 AP + 22AP Treasury 2 + 3 imperial influence 12 AP foundry 10 AP base 8 AP markets 2 AP Vinyards 2 AP Fools gold 7 AP Population Population: 755,827 Work on the Millus Bomb continues. After all, with such a dastardly device, there can only be improvement. (10AP + 10AP investments) (36AP invested) Engineers continue to toil away at the roads in Annor, struggling to reshape them into something somewhat useful. (13AP) (6/40) Work on Engineering continues within Annor. (10AP) (60AP invested/200) Two units of heavy infantry are given basic training and equipped with steel gear, to be sent off to fill the ranks of the Provincial Army once more. (12AP) Two Imperial Ashwing Regiment is also trained for the Provincial Army and equipped with T2 gear. (16AP) One light infantry unit is trained and equipped with T1 gear and given basic training, for the Provincial Army. (2AP) The Sorcerer's Conclave of Altaire is given a progress report on the Millus bomb, and of course, full agreement to share the plans upon completion is given. Decimus Avernatus, the Annor envoy to the Capital makes it clear that the interests of the Empire are at the heart of Annor’s concerns. They also give them preliminary plans on creating far larger devices similar to the Handcannon, for sieges, etc which they hope to receive funds for as well. (0AP)
  2. Praetor

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Trade Federation Citadel Guard Training Base - Facility 14 - 05:01 - [REDACTED] System - [REDACTED] Space “...Fleet is not a plaything for your newly formed freaks, Mr. Blaze. We have enemies coming for us, the Chupan’Mo are proof enough of their prowess, I need those ships under my command, not under some jumped-up science experiment who throws them away on tests!” The vessel shuddered and Tony glanced up at his guard with a raised eyebrow. “We’ll be arriving in sixty seconds, sir. Clearance has been issued by FacSec.” He nodded and turned back to the small holographic image. She’d been a pretty woman once, when she had fought the Replicants. A hero that Tony had needed to turn the opinions of the masses in their favor after the Nexus disaster. Now stress had wrought upon her face a fate worse than age ever could. Lines on her brow, grey streaks running through her hair and bags under her eyes deeper than his pockets. “Eldrige, you are paid to maintain the fleet, not Task Force A-72. If you wish to have further command over it, perhaps you should go through the same trials he has.” The ship shuddered again, jolting him almost imperceptibly in his seat. “Now I have a new project to oversee, return to your duties.” He flicked a finger and the link was cut. She was proving to be more of a thorn in his side with every passing year. Good intentions hid behind her constant nagging, but there were more pressing matters than assigning a few more ships to home defense. His projects would outweigh any contribution that they might have, in time… He looked up at his guard. “Captain Wolcotski, I will have you with me every step of the way. Your input on the Facility’s progress since your days within it will be valuable.” “Yes, sir,” replied the man in black and gold armor, unslinging his gun and holding is firmly against his chest. Tony Blaze III stood up and stretched, before pulling a cigar out from his breadpocket and lighting it with a snap of his cybernetic fingers. He pulled heavily and then, without looking pulled out another and tossed it behind him. A slithering sound later, it too ignited and Mnbli, dressed in a slug-proportioned suit appeared at his side, a cigar hanging out of what the kribs considered a mouth. Tony smiled down at the slug. If only everyone were as quiet yet amicable as Mnbli, his world would run far more smoothly. ------------------- A message is sent to every nation in the North, including Darkul and Zaxx, excluding the Gakari. It is sent through Quantum Communications. A message is also sent to everyone in the South, including the Keerim. It is a video of Tony Blaze III upon a podium, in a dark room with a TF logo behind him. "Esteemed members of the Milky Way Galaxy, as some of you may know, the Trade Federation has long possessed an advanced, quantum-scanning module we have named TAROT." A blueprint appears behind him, and artistically traces a path across the galaxy to every nation capital. "Capable of scanning everything within a range of ten sectors actively, and five passively it will detect vessels in warp, lifeforms, energy and practically everything else." He pauses and pulls out a fat cigar, lighting it and inhaling. He closes his single eye as a trail of smoke escapes his scarred mouth. "As you are watching this transmission, we have forward the blueprints of this technology to every government, excluding the Ar'Gakari and the unknown Incursion. This includes the Keerim Imperium, who are dying by the billions to hold back the tide. We, the Trade Federation, do this in the name of the Galaxy, and of survival. We send it to all, so that if, one day, we are fortunate enough to live in a world without existential threats, the balance of power shall not be shifted. It is the hope of the Trade Federation that all who see this, understand the dire straights in which this galaxy is. I bid you good day." Every nation, excluding the Ar'Gakari and the Incursion, receive a large flow of data, detailing the exact method of construction, and specifications for the construction of TAROT modules. Actions 166 AP + 3105 AP Every nation, excluding the Ar'Gakari and the Incursion, receive a large flow of data, detailing the exact method of construction, and specifications for the construction of TAROT modules. (0AP) With its substantial defenses, Citadel space is opened and advertized as a safe haven from the war for any soul willing to sign citizenship and work a stable job. God knows the Federation could always use an extra pair of hands, or tentacles! (0AP) The CARAVAN Trading Assisstant is launched. Any trader who docks at GTC-1 or GTC-2 can plug in his Docking Pass into a system that recognizes him as an official trader officially docked at the GTC. Then he has access to optimized systems that will aid him in charting the best, most efficient and profitable, fuel efficient etc, routes to his destination. This service is offered freely to any trader on the GTC-1 or GTC-2, through easy to use, intuitive and accessible means. (0AP) Three more colony ships are prepared this year, to soon be launched out into the war torn void. In the name of the great chaos god Profitt. (9AP) Repair and refueling stations sprout up everywhere in the east and west, new hotels and luxury resorts are built on Citadel. Along with this, massive rehabilitation facilities made specifically to house wounded soldiers in comfortable surroundings, where they might recover. In the West, in GTC-1, Nexus II continues to be rebuilt. Similar to the Citadel, it will offer a significant amount of amenities, along with rehabilitation facilities, repair facilities, housing, hotels the smooth, well-oiled expertise of the Trade Federation at acting as a trade waypoint. New logistic networks are made to transport goods and people as efficiently and quickly as possible throughout the station, and brands that work well are promoted to the public as valid stock options to invest in, and continue to increase GTC functions. (120AP) (360invested) Work on the Ar’Gakari tech continues. The fruits born from Ruthless Monkey are now put to use. Advanced cyberwarfare knowledge and a particular virulent virus are tested against the Datacore defenses in a closed circuit, the all being studied from afar. Continuous, neverending tests on the World ship datacore and non-stop trials to understand it, decipher its way of working and its programming go into their third year. The modular adaptor is also put to use to better communicate with it. At the same time, more tests go through for the power armor and guns. Now that they can be used, some more (willing) scientists are grafted to better work with them, deconstruct them and study them. (40 AP) (100 AP invested) Evil Twin continues. With better reaction time, better capsules and complex sensors that are capable of predicting a fatal blow before it lands, to allow to better scans. Better automated systems are implemented, to allow for less crew and more control to the Capsuleer. Things are improved. (95AP) (350AP invested) Xeri & Koch continue to improve their line of trizendrium-kinetic weapons. Everything must be better, everything must be the best a person can buy. Everything must be ready to be purchased by the hordes of soldiers and nations swarming through Federation space towards the Gakari. (40AP) (Tier 6 kinetic small arms) Torpedoes face continued improvement. Xylorite & trizendrium variants are equipped with VITC AI and better dodging and evasion maneuvers, as well as improved boosters. (120 AP + 40 from Hephaestus.) (180 AP invested) Swarmers continue to be improved. Trizendrium tipped or not! (120 AP + 45 AP from Hephaestus) (300AP invested, T6!) 15 million rifles, 500.000 anti tank rifles, 5 million grenades and 100.000 flamethrowers are produced for the Alduu’Uuranean Protectorate, to be shipped from Hephaestus Manufacturies to the Citadel for transport. (2720AP) Production of 70.000 rifles for the Federation armed forces, using their own manufacturies. (13AP + 7.5% production bonus)
  3. Praetor

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    Annor's Crossroads - The Avernatus Family Thirteen men moaned in a dissonant tune, their cries whipped away by the wind, torn from their parched lips like a dying breath. Their bodies were gaunt, bones poking out at obscene angles, sores lining their wrists and legs and neck. They were spread out as if in supplication to a greater power, their hands and feet kept in place by thick, roughly hewn nails. Everyone of them had fidgeted, tried to break free of their iron grasp and with every move the gaping sores widened, their flesh torn and pulled beneath the strain of their entire body. A few still had their eyes, spared by the crows for a later date, when all the other delicacies had been picked away. Those who did stared out blankly at the horizon, flat and distant, guarded by the encroaching darkness of an early winter night. Ferro stared at them for a few moments, his hands clasped behind his back. “Thirteen men, thirteen bandit groups, and you and your men dismantled them with great efficiency. Excellent work, Scipicus.” He smiled and patted his son on the shoulder. “I’m very proud of you.” ---- Another explosion, a flash of light and a thundering tinkle of clay and bronze raining against a stone wall. Acera peeked around the corner at the hunks of meat spread out around the Millus Bomb, then turned back to her compatriot, a huge smile on her face. “We’re getting there!” ---- Lucretia spends the Winter in Aulus, communicating with her brother, the Steward Gaeus Avernatus through messengers. For the most part, she tends to her health, observes the goings on and sends reams of letters to maintain her political network. The cold settles deep in her bones that year, and one cold, fresh day of november, she looks out across the snowed-down capital of Aulus and sighs. She was not long for this world, the freeze that gnawed at her bones told her that much. She needed to groom a successor. Provincial Actions 32 AP Training of T3 heavy infantry to Veteran status. Previous years batch. (2AP) Recruitment of T3 heavy infantry, veteran (8AP) Recruitment of T2 light infantry (archers) (3AP) More work goes into the Millus Bomb. This time, tests are made with hardened, baked clay made with three support beams in the middle. They also try a second method, a thin bronze outer casing cast around a clay inside, for solidity without sacrificing shrapnel. The fuse of course, it also continually tested for reliability. Better materials, etc… (8AP) (16AP) The Avernatus family funds the new iron mine on the Salathai islands. Another foreign investment! (9AP) A shipment is sent to the Emperor with a selection of UNLOADED fireweapons, mainly highly stylized, as well as some fireworks made of small amounts of gunpowder and other chemicals for colors. The caravan escort is careful to specify how and where to use them, and to not bring them to close to the Emperor. (1AP) The treasury invests into Annor engineering! (10AP) (60/200) Scouts are sent to roam Annor for any resources worth exploiting, be they valuable, or less so. They scatter across the fields and mountains, sometimes alone, sometimes in groups, sometimes with prospectors. (1AP) Continued scouting from the Annor Defense Army, commanded by Gaeus Avernatus, Lucretia’s younger brother. The last bandits are to be found, put into camps, or crucified. (0AP) One T1 Light Infantry, One T2 Light Infantry, Two T3 Heavy Infantry (Veteran) are committed to the Provincial Guard. Legio II Ferrata.
  4. Praetor

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    Annor’s Crossroads - The Avernatus Family Lucretia sits in her office and broods. She stares at maps, reports and financial sheets. Not much good, but not too much bad either. The fools of the council had blindly followed a spiteful man into electing an incompetant puppet. If they had no interest in strong provinces, led by strong people, then she had no interest in working with them. -- Acera heaved the large tube onto the table and strapped it down with thick leather belts. She huffed and puffed and wiped her brow, right at the jointure where her leather cap ended, and her red, sweat covered face began. Really, Octavius should have found her a new aid by now! With one final sharp intake of air she walked to the other side of the room, with a big hunk of flesh hung from a chain. She patted it twice and tugged on the meat sharply. No give, firmly hooked. “Alright, let’s begin!” she said, clapping her hands once and marching back to the gun. She picked up a small notebook and scribbled down an entry: Test Number 21; The Handcannon proves to still be an unreliable tool. I have had six explosions, four misfires and three wildly inaccurate shots, even at short range. Test number 18-21 have attempted to thin the barrel, reduce the projectile size and create a safer environment for gunpowder to be ignited within. The fuse system has also been reworked. She blew on the wrinkled, grubby pages and put the book far away from the handcannon. “Test number 21...begin!” She grabbed a candle and lit the handcannon fuse, before stepping to a safe distance and sliding on a chainmail mesh visor. A boom, a spurt of flame and a cloud of smoke. The hunk of meat swung back and forth and the wall behind it cracked, sending a small shard of stone zinging into Acera’s leather apron. She slowly lifted her visor and stared at the hunk of meat, where a large cavity had been torn open. “Test number 21...end.” ---- Gnaeus Fabianus was a working man. An honest man! Apart from that one year of hard famine that pushed him into banditry. But it hadn’t gone all that well, and forced labor for five years in the foundry had discouraged him from continuing the practice. Now, he had found a decent wife, had two boys in the Provincial Army and a stable job at the age of fifty-five that didn’t include back-breaking labor two feet away from a furnace. He sighed deeply and leaned back against his cart, as his two donkeys plodded along the winding dirt road that lounged along the ruined highways. He didn’t like the highways much, they looked like something some magic person would cook up. Gnaeus hawked and spat out a runny, rusty looking mess from the back of his throat, splattering it along the dusty roadside. “Ahh, this is the life,” he said to his donkeys. “You having fun over there, Lucretia and Acera?” He chuckled and cracked his reins against their backs. You had to get back against the Owners somehow. “Halt!” came a distant voice. Gnaeus hunched his shoulders and didn’t halt. “Halt!” came the shout again. Gnaeus halted. A rider came up to him on one of the rare horses you could find in Annor. “You’re four days behind the rest of the steel shipments!” was the first thing the rider said. Gnaeus grimaced and shrugged his old shoulders. “Lucr- The donkeys got tired!” A few beads of sweat popped up on his brow. The messenger glared at him, but nodded once and shrugged. “It doesn’t matter, you’re to return to the Capital immediately. You’ll be compensated for the route.” “But I’m halfway to Farlus, and I know they’ve got some places to spend your gold at in the Capital!” “What was your route?” “The Esk Savannah,” said Gnaeus with a frown. He picked at a tall strand of grass growing high up to the cart and began to chew on it ruefully. “And they sent you alone?” “I’m a reliable merchant, everyone trusts me, even the bandits.” He paused. “That’s not what I meant.” The man rolled his eyes and jerked a thumb backwards. “Get back to Lex Dimitis, Worker.” Gnaeus sighed and squeezed his pack of gold coins ruefully. He’d been dreaming about this trip for months, saving up everything that his wife didn’t spend for a good time. “As you say, soldier,” he grumbled. And so the messenger went from convoy to convoy, calling back steel shipments throughout the region and beyond to return to the Capital, until such time as a favorable agreement was made. Provincial Actions AP 32 20 AP into T3 engineering, +10 from the Riviera. (50/200) 1 cohort of T3 heavy infantry (6AP) Stabilization of gunpowder is key! Acera Avernatus begins to work with Willus Millus on a new type of explosive weapon, the Millus Bomb. A solid clay pot, about the size of a hand with a carefully designed fuse, that lasts 4 counts. Once lit, you must toss it, and it explodes into a fiery ball of shrapnel and...fire. At least thats the plan. It hasn't really worked up until now. (6AP) The gunpowder providers are contacted by Acera Avernatus, lead researcher in fireweapon technology within Annor. She asks for a research grant to further her experiments on unorthodox explosive weapons, larger scale handguns and the refinement of existing models. She sends this letter through her brother, Decimus Avernatus, currently stationed in the Capital. (0AP) Patrols begin for real this year. The men trained and equipped the previous year are sent out to scour the roads of Annor and clear them out of bandits. Low profile bandits are sent to forced labor within various manufactories, while their leaders, and more organized groups are crucified along the long, flat, straight road to Lex Dimitis. (0AP)
  5. Praetor

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    Annor's Crossroads - The Avernatus Family Population: 600.000 Army: 2000 light cavalry, 2000 light infantry The trip back to Lex Dimitis was quiet, for the most part. Upon her return, Lucretia was glad to see the roads were already lined with crosses, many of which were adorned by the crow-picked corpses of the lawless. She allowed a small smile to cross her craggy, rough-cut features as the cart bounced up and down the rough road. Her bones jarred with every bump, and her back hadn’t stopped screaming in abject pain since the beginning of this entire ordeal. Yet, it had worked well and what needed to be secured had been secured. She patted a coffer sitting in the cart next to her. A successful trip, as long as her body did not give out by the end of it. The crows screamed in protest as they rolled by, their talons digging into the putrid flesh of their meals as they flapped their wings ominously. At the edge of the city, a pall of smoke hung in the air and a deep glow contrasted sharply with the rising sun in the east. Even from afar, she could hear the clang and roar of fire and steel as prisoners and workers toiled away tirelessly within the foundries. A good day for Annor. A good day for the Avernatus. ------------ As she returned home and found her quarters and desk piled with reports and letters, Ferro stood before Lex Dimitis, surrounded by two-thousand men. He had chosen a pavilion, to compensate for his short height, and could see some smiles within the men around him. “You know our job,” he shouted in a surprisingly strong voice. “Find the bandits, capture those you can, bring their leaders to be crucified! Above all, protect the shipments. We cannot lose a single sword to those cockroaches!” ------------ In an even stranger place, Acera stood next to a massive man. The room was lit only by slits through the stone ceiling, allowing light to shine through upon five different worktables. Yet only the man and her were in the room. Her heavy leather clothes and cap scratched horribly against her skin, chafing at the flesh beneath her arms like two circlets of rusted wire. “Very well, Octavius. Again.” The man nodded and lumbered forward, taking one heavy pouche delicately in his hand, he brought it close to a flame. Acera smiled eagerly as the fuse, a long piece of quick-burning plant matter approached the singular candle. A little closer...a flash of light and a crack that shore her eardrums apart and she fell backward with a cry. The world spun around her, all in shades of overexposed color. For how long she lay there, she couldn’t tell, but at some point, she heard a rumbling groan and heaved herself onto her elbows with a groan. A few blinks later and her vision focused on the massive heap a half a dozen meters away. At the same time, the smell of charred meat tickled her nostrils and she wrinkled them with a grimace. “Septimus!” she yelled with a raw throat. The taste of gunpowder covered her tongue like ash. A thin, tall man walked in and looked down at her with a raised eyebrow. “My lady?” “Report another failure in your logs. Too volatile. And find me a new assistant, and some wine.” “Your… assistant is still alive, my lady.” “Don’t you worry, I’m sure he’ll be on his way soon enough, the explosion nearly knocked me out! Quite some progress, wouldn’t you say?” “Of course, my lady.” Provincial Actions 30 + 25 AP 2 Imperial Influence are exerted to pass gold into the right pockets and work the records clean of the 50.000 gold shifted from Imperial Funds to Annor and the Riviera. While a perfectly legal distribution, the goal is to hide it from other governors. Developing the Vinyards of Riviera further...for a price! (20AP) The Governor of Farlus receives his due. (2AP) One Ashwing Regiment with T2 equipment is recruited. (7AP) Three cohorts of light infantry, T1 equipment. The Cohort I Lex and Cohort II Dominus (6AP) T3 Engineering (20/200) Prospecting of the surrounding mountains, under protection of the newly formed militias. (1AP) The freshly recruited men are ordered to sweep the roads of Annor. Any shipments being pumped out of the smoking foundry are protected by dozens of soldiers, on horse and not. The remainder march through the land constantly. Captured brigands are put to work in the forges and foundry under watch. Their leaders are crucified. (1AP) Acera, daughter to Lucretia Avernatus, is announced as ready to be wed. This offer is extended to major trading and manufacturing families in the capital, with promises of land to expand their practices in the provinces, as well as to the families of governors. (0AP)
  6. Praetor

    The Rise (Mithradites' FRP) OOC/Apps

    Application: Province of choice: Annor’s Crossroads (5) Governor (Their name, and a little personal history): Lucretia Avernatus. (68 years old, female. Matriarch of the Avernatus dynasty.) Lucretia Avernatus comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, that stretch back into the mid 500’s, born with the Republican Era, much of the Avernatus’ early history was lost to the Imperio-Sorcerer War. What is known is that they began as merchants, and throughout the years moved to the production of goods, owning dozens of artisaneries and having a finger in many guilds throughout the Empire and amassed a significant amount of wealth by the years 700. During the peaceful years of 725-747, the Avernatus Dynasty was joined to the Domemius family, who followed a long and proud tradition of military leaders and officers & weapons manufacturing. Ever since then, the Avernatus family has worked hard to amass a significant amount of wealth by operating dozens upon dozens of Forges and working to innovate in terms of military technology. Indeed, many of their manufacturies and foundries were located in Annors Crossroads, even before their appropriation of the land. Lucretia Avernatus is the image of industrious. At the age of 68, she has lost all of her beauty (if she ever had any!) and kept only her iron hard features and steel grey eyes. A ruthless acquisitioner and unfailing Imperial loyalist, she has operated her manufacturies, foundries, smithies, forges and mines with exquisite efficiency for four decades. Two decades ago, she inherited the title of Lady of Annor, which she worked on with the same maniacal dedication that she had/has for her businesses. Her robotic efficiency and regard for her people is curbed by her husband, Dextus Avernatus (75). Of failing health, he is a calm, and warm man who spent most of his life studying philosophy and mending the bruises that Lucretia’s iron fist caused. For how long he will be able to do that remains to be seen. Their three children, Decimus, Ferro and Acera still live. Your Provincial Culture: Annor’s Crossroads has for a long time been a land of trade, and innovation. Even before their takeover, the Avernatus family has recognized its central position and the optimal setting for foundries and other production facilities. As such, the people of Annor are industrious and hardworking. A man who does not work is a man with no function, and no use. The people are fair, welcoming and respectful, however everyone is expected to work. A traveler should not expect free room and board, but if he works hard in the farm or helps the father of the household in the Smithy during his stay, he will have warm welcomes, a bed and good food. ‘Do your part’ is an unspoken tenant of daily life in Annor. Along with this, come Lucretia’s Laws. The laws and rules of the land, enforced by the military. Severe with herself and her people, Lady Lucretia imposed strict conditions on Annor from the day her rule began. Theft was punished by forced labor, murder was punished by forced labor until death in work camps. Rape was punished by castration and ten years of forced labor. Desertion was punishable by death. Crucifixion is the most popular method of execution in Annor, and their are hundreds of crosses lining the rome to the Capital, Lex Dimitis. Desertion is the only act punishable by immediate execution along with high treason to the Empire. These two laws reveal two of the three core aspects of Annor society. -Hard work -Loyalty to the Empire -Strong military tradition Lucretia Avernatus is a staunch imperial loyalist who has, since her early days, taken inspiration from the Imperial throne. She survived the nightmare era and held her family together through sheer force of will. However, the truth of the desperate conditions of the Empire were laid bare to her, and with that, came the resolve to never see the Empire falter again. Therein lies the strong drive for military excellence within Annor, and the dream to see the Empire restored to what she knew in her infancy. The Region is divided into four relatively distinct casts: -The Owners are the nobles, the master blacksmiths, the managers of large foundries, the owners of mines, farms, sawmills, mills, shops, inns, etc. While there are varying levels of prestige even within this cast, they are all generally owners of a business, and control other people. The divisions within this cast are done by wealth, family, city, business type, etc. -The Soldiers are just that, the soldiers. Any man enrolled in the military is a part of the Soldier cast, who enjoy certain benefits such as less work time. However, when not in action or training, they are expected to fulfill government mandated positions of labor, which is usually strenuous, but in more careful doses. -The Workers constitute the majority of the population, and are the labor force of the region. They toil in nearly every type of business and are seen as the commoners and peasants. Generally, they are hard workers who spend most of their life laboring. Cast division here is done by type of work. Expert metallurgists are far higher in the foodchain than farmhands, yet they remain in their cast, unless they form their own foundry. -The Burdens are the criminals, those incapable of performing any sort of job, the mentally disabled, the amputated, the chronically ill and the infirm. They are reserved no benefits and given little kindness by the people. The criminals and jobless are the most harshly judged, while the others are shunned more than anything. Nobles are expected to own multiple successful businesses. To not do so is a huge blow to their prestige. A Unique Military Unit for your Province (You should read the mechanics before you decide): Imperial Ashwing Regiment (Light Gunpowder/Specialist Handcannonneers)- Bonus: (Veteran for base price) An elite regiment of men well trained in the arts of handling the new handcannons. They are lightly equipped in terms of armor, but carry both a sword and their handcannon. Highly trained and equipped with the finest weapons that Annor can provide. They are experts in the handling of gunpowder and have high knowledge of defense building, siege engineering, and the use of explosive matters.
  7. Praetor

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Trade Federation “I’ve forgotten what it means, to be like you. Such a simple creature, so driven by your lack of continuity.” “Aren’t we all like that?” He continued as if he had not heard him. “It is as if I have been stripped of that evolutionary instinct to fight for every breath. To turn every living moment into a struggle for my own survival. I have forgotten what it means to fear the end.” “You’ve forgotten what it means to die?” “Yes.” He shrugged. “Something within me tells me I should be terrified of the utter inhumanity of such an utterance. But I cannot feel it. I cannot look at you now, and empathize with your imminent death. Or your fragile, unique body. It all seems so absurd to me now.” “Are you not human?” “No, I think I am not. Not anymore.” He smiled. “What a strangely relieving experience. To admit this. To accept that my humanity passed away with my first body.” He stood up. “Thank you, for freeing my mind of its cage.” He walked out of the room. The door hissed and gasped as air equalized and shifted. The door shut again. He looked back into the small room at the kneeling figure, and opened the airlock. “Goodbye, Doctor McKenney. I would hate for you, with your narrow mind and blind eyes, to put others through what I have been.” As the body was torn out of the airlock, Cromwell closed his eyes slowly, a wave of relief surging through him. “I must do that myself. They must be guided.” Actions 300 AP Massive construction begins, orbiting 4500km from the Citadel. An incredible new station, built for the Protorians. A titanic investment. (500AP from Protorians) (670 AP into Citadel Space Defenses) A world is settled. (0AP) Swarmer missiles face massive investment, yuge! Trizendrium tipped and with better AI. (50AP) (135 AP invested) (Tier 3 unlocked!) Enormous investments. With the ridiculous profit margin gained with acquiring the Protorian Contract, the Trade Federation CONTINUES to relaunch its Western market, boosting GTC-1’s presence and return to activity with massive marketing campaigns. To cunter the Andorran business venture, aggressive price cutting and offers that constantly undermine what Andorra may offer are launched. Companies working in the Federation also offer new beneficial paths for the 11 nations in the North with which they trade and logistics companies that have long gotten along with suppliers use these favorable relations to deviate them from Andorra. Along with this comes continuous investment into the Xeri & Kosh brand and their weapon systems. Andorran public companies are also acquired and absorbed by larger Federation companies on the Andorran stock market, to take away profit from whatever ships may come. (60AP) (240AP invested into Business) Torpedoes, the trizendrium & xylorite type, are researched. (20AP) (20AP invested) With actual battle data now, Project Evil Twin continues. Many improvements are made, including better security and heavier armor right around the capsule, an off-center position that allows for lower chances of a direct impact, faster electronic connections, an improved brain scan speed (shaving off miliseconds, etc) and all that can be done to refine the mechanisms of the technology. They also implement a better shall for the Capsule and its own tri-phased shield layer, to increase reaction time. (35AP) (255 invested) Five destroyers, two frigates and a corvette are constructed for Cromwell Inc. (20AP) Work continues on the Ar'Gakari tech. (20AP) (60AP invested) The Industry weapons manufacturing facilities continue to expand with more and more weapons production! New factories are opened on GTC-1, selling weapons to the Darkul, specifically. (25AP) (75AP invested Industry) Xeri & Kosh continue their intensive work on creating the best weaponry in the galaxy! Their Kinetic-Trizendrium line of weapons, named the XKT line, is continually perfected. (70AP) (160AP invested) (Tier 5 unlocked!) The Darkul are approached by trade officials who have long interacted with them through Carina station, and have a modicum of understanding of their culture. The Federation offers them a deal. In return for shipping all south-bound cargo through GTC-1, they will be given exclusive docking ports for their cargo ships and beneficial fees on fuel on a consistent basis. The Federation also mixes in a request for them to influence their Zaxx partners into opening trade with the Federation.(0AP) All ships are retrofitted with relevant technologies. (0AP)
  8. Praetor

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    The Kingdom of Venice “The Roman Campaign was a catastrophy! Those idiotic greeks threw us into a position we cannot afford!” “General Alonso is correct, we must sue for a white peace,” said a steady commander, taking a gulp of his wine glass. “If we take a white peace, we gain nothing, and lose all our alliances,” snapped Admiral Furente. “We should capital-” “My son is DEAD.” The table trembled as Giovanni Anafesta slammed his meaty hand upon the table, spilling a wine glass onto the floor, where it shattered amongst the boots of his greatest men. “Your crown prince was murdered by a Roman dog, and you seek peace?” He pulled himself up, kicking back his chair. It ground along the stone floor horribly. “We will have peace when Rome has paid for every drop of his blood spilled upon the dirt with a thousand men. Either Rome bends to our terms, or Rome burns.” He turned to Furente. “Take the fleet, set the Adriatic Italian coast to flames. Leave nothing but ash.” With a flick of his hand, he dismissed the remaining men and turned to a paintain upon the wall of the council room. His son, in his prime, in full, glittering armor. His hands shook at his side and he stormed out of the room, slamming the door so hard that the walls shook. 19 AP Three Galleys are made in Venice. (9AP) 1.000 Levy are trained. (1AP) 1.000 light infantry are also trained. (3AP) One-Thousand Light Riders are raised. (4AP) Along with regional levy, the light riders begin to patrol the Venetian norther and north-eastern border for incursions. They travel light and fast, in fractured units, seeking out small groups and hunting them down. (0AP) The Venetian Fleet moves! (2AP) Diplomats go to the Kingdom of Dumnonia & the Sicrii Tribes. 9/15RP for Crossbows.
  9. Praetor

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    The Kingdom of Venice A man halts his horse next to an elaborate cart of red and gold. He raps his leatherbound knuckles on the frame sharply. “Sir, we have arrived in Rome.” “Send the pigeon.” “Yes, sir.” As the Venetian envoys arrive to Rome, a series of pigeons fly back to Venice with news of their arrival. The fleet rocks and creaks at harbor, waiting patiently for the small dots on the horizon. When they arrive, so do their orders to deploy. Sails snap and crack in the wind, drums boom like an earthquake and cries emanate from the galleys as whips snap over the backs of the galley men. At their head, upon the tower of the Da Lontano La Decima, the Crown Prince. He raises his hand and the fleets move forward, cutting through the waves and flowing into the Adriatic. In Rome, after many delays and back and forth, the Venetian diplomats finally announce to the Roman Senate their reasons for coming, the end of their defensive treaty and war. A formal declaration of war is read out to the Senate as the fleet sweeps through the Adriatic. Any Roman ship sighted is approached peacefully, then surrounded and forced to surrender or be boarded. Deception plays its part, though the Venetians time it carefully enough that the declaration of war occurs roughly at the same time as the interceptions. Ships that surrender would be towed, under guard. Any other is attakced until it sinks, or the crew is dead. The terms read in Rome read as such: Declaration of War upon the Second Roman Republic The Kingdom of Venice The Kingdom of Byzantium The Republic of Athens The Kingdom of Macedon The Kingdom of Ionia Hereby declare war upon the Second Roman Republic, for the reconquest of Magna Graecia and the curbing of expansionist ideals within the Roman Republic. Peace will be had only if these terms are met: -The Second Roman Republic will cede all lands bar those on the African continent. These lands to be ceded include Corsica, Malta, Sicily, Ragusa and the Italian Peninsula. The Roman Senate will be escorted to their new holdings, and allowed to live in peace upon the African continent. These are the terms set and signed by the following: Signed, His Grace Giovanni Achille Anafesto, First King of Venice. Signed, His Grace Justinian, the First of His Name, King of Byzantium. Signed, His Grace Antiochos of the Dynasty Argead, Descendant of Alexander III of Macedon called the Great, Basileus of Macedon Signed, Tyrannos Denys of Athens, Head of the Athenian Republic Signed, His Grace Attalus the Second of the Nicator Dynasty, Basileus of Ionia and Cyprus Actions 20AP 12 AP into Business (12/25) (37/50) 6 AP into two Galleys 2 Ap into Basic Infantry 3 RP 3 RP into Crossbows (6/15)
  10. Praetor

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    The Kingdom of Venice Ruler King Giovanni Achille Anafesto Heir Crown prince Orso Giovanni Achille Anafesto - "My father feared the reprisals of the Empire from the day he rebelled. It obsessed him and tied him to Italy by fear." Giovanni lifted his cup of wine from the table. A golden thing, acquired on one of his many trips to Egypt for business. He had taken a liking to it, with its well used edge and elegant filligree. "But my father, blessed be his name, is dead. I am King now, and I do not wish to live in fear of these looming shadows." He looked around the table. His greatest admirals, greatest generals, diplomats. All gathered in Venice, around a single table. Such had not been done in decades, not since the rebellion. "I gather you here today, to share with you my dream. To tell you that Venice will no longer fear the menace in the East, or the North, or the West. Venice will become that which nations fear to trifle with. Be it by blood, steel, gold or words, we will show those who turn on us why we are to be respected." - Actions (AP) 38 AP (18 + 20 for late start) Business (25AP) Da Lontano Siege Galley (7AP) Galley (3AP) 1000 Levy (1AP) 1000 Bowmen (1AP) Actions (RP) 3RP Crossbows (3/15) Diplomatic Actions Trade is initiated with the The Persian Empire, Denmark, the Republic of Italy and the Kingdom of Leon. Diplomatic envoys are sent to the Empire of the Sun to smooth over the rebellion of the past, and renew ties between both nations. They bring the bones of the fallen Imperials who fought to hold Venice, so that they may receive proper burial in the Imperial custom. Diplomatic envoys are sent to Greece, requesting a meeting with representatives from each of the nations that form the Greek confederation. An envoy is sent to the Sicrii, requesting a meeting with their leader. (MOD) The Silk Road now runs from Israel to Venice, uninterrupted. An exclusive deal between the Persian Empire and the Kingdom of Venice. It is announced that the trade ships taking this path are under the protection of the KINGDOM of VENICE. They will be protected by the GREATEST navy in the Mediterranean from both piracy, and other parties. (Mod) Military 30 Knarr's 6 Galleys 1 Da Lontano Siege Galley 7000 Medium Infantry 1000 Levy 1000 Bowmen Venice (C) Triest Zara Istria
  11. Praetor

    Shadow of the Empire [OOC] [APP}

    Discord: Praetor#9839 Nation: Kingdom of Venice
  12. Praetor

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    Ronin LLC. 32 AP 5 AP Assault Ship 20 AP business (80AP) 5 AP SL4 (22/22) 2 AP Mech Units 30RP + 3 from the VBAG and 4 from Kyber. So 44 5 RP HI Armor (30/30) 30RP Fortifications T2 (30/30) 10 RP T2 Explosives (11/30) Pop: 1276281
  13. Praetor

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    Ronin LLC. 29AP Business (20AP) (60AP) SL4 (7AP) (17/22) Heavy Infantry (1AP) Regular (1AP) 32RP Mechs (7AP) (25/25) Heavy Infantry Armor (25AP) (25/30)
  14. Praetor

    La Belle Epoque FRP OOC Thread

    Nation: Japan Leader’s History (Research your Monarch!) : In our times, he took on the title of Meiji the Great after his death. In 1885, he is The Emperor. A man endowed with a magnificent beard and wise eyes, he leads his nation through a time of great change. A time of gunpowder, capitalism and renewal. A time where Japan pulls up a seat to the table of great nations. Often called a bully in later tales, he was brought up in the times of Unequal Treaties, and this no doubt lingered in his mind for years to come, in his times of rule. Married to Ichijo Haruko and living, as his name implies, in an era of Enlightened Rule (Meiji), he faced many changes, shifts and the disappearance of the Shogun as supreme authority. Throughout all this, he has religiously attended cabinet meetings and other governmental functions, every day, even when he kept silent, he watched over his proud nation, proudly. Nation’s Recent History: The Meiji restoration changed everything. As did Matthew Perry's Black Ships, who broke Japan's isolationism and opened it to trade from around the world, even if it was cripplingly in the Westerners favor. A fact that persisted for quite a while. After him, the restoration brough the end of the Shogunate, the Boshin wars, and finally, a centralized state. Even now, in the year 1885, there are serious talks of establishing a Prime Minister, much like in the west. It is almost certain, by now. Japan modernizes, it changes, and looses many of its Feudal roots. But many still linger... Discord: Król Bolesław I Chrobry#9839
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    Raid Rules Update

    I'm glad I left before it became standard to enforce such absurd rules as "Do x amounts of emotes to do this." lmao