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  1. Nice to come back and see the staff is still ruining potential RP of others. ^^

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    2. Gaius Marius

      Gaius Marius

      Im just getting a rise out of you all and posting an Instagram video. I won't lie, I feel bad for the monks because they really weren't a group hellbent on becoming big and powerful so no **** they were lowkey doing their own thing lol

    3. Space


      grrr troll grrr -.-

    4. Gaius Marius

      Gaius Marius

      Read the Feedback thread, I support you all getting a little exasperated over the decision. Glad you all sound a little more civil than other folks in the past, but it stills resounds with a little air of condescension and childishness which is what people who are pro-removal will deploy against you.

  2. I'd post a detailed response to this thread, but that would require me to take time out of my life to go through and read this whole thread in order to gather a sense of what's going on. So instead I'll just half-ass it and go on with my day. ᴿᵉᵐᶦᶰᵈ ʸᵒᵘ ᵒᶠ ᵃᶰʸᵒᶰᵉ﹖
  3. MC name: __Myst__ Character's name and age: Groshanz gro-Mala - 101 Character’s Race: Uruk What magic will you be learning?: Soul Magic Who will be teaching you?: Aeryn Sharyn (Niw)
  4. Benboboy's Trial Gm Application

    Benbo is more than competent for for the job. He'd make a great GM. +1
  5. Where did Ao Kuang sleep in college? In a mighty dorm.

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    2. Kim
    3. Kaun The Elder

      Kaun The Elder

      Keem, your puns and jokes are making me stare into your eyes and see death itself. (Anubis joke)

    4. Kim


      Kaun Chang'ed my mind. His jokes are even more Noxiating than your puns, Myst.

  6. Interesting how things work. The one time I have an urge to RP... the server is down.

  7. is there life on mars?

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    2. MrSythaerin


      It is currently entirely inhabited by functional robots.

    3. LinkWinsAgain


      Actually, there is an area on Mars, around the equator, that for only part of the year has liquid water, which could mean microscopic life.

    4. nordicg_d


      is there life in peckham?

  8. I will trot happily throughout all of Fiandria.

  9. 10th grade of school... Done.

  10. 1.8 comes out tomorrow!

    1. Leetles