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  1. Name: Aleksandr Age: 24 Race: Human Gender: Male
  2. You are a bad man I'm taking you to Cyber Jail

  3. I am like the fourth cleric except I'm not a cleric I just ask questions. ;)

  4. Radahan, I've actually read Troll Lore and it's pretty interesting. I don't see why you wouldn't want to get rid of those big guys.

    1. yopplwasupxxx


      I love Troll events, one of my more favorite creatures

  5. My PS4 has just arrived by mail from Amazon. I am ready.

    1. Moot
    2. IrishPerson


      You might be ready but you'll have no games to play on said PS4 right now. They're all crap.



      AC4 is not crap, It'll do until more games come out.

  6. "((Pvp Default))" -Kaelys, 2014

  7. Kaelys-kun is pretty damn Kawaii. http://i.imgur.com/K0XaFIA.jpg

    1. Ctc9592


      I would do "Notice me Senpai" but I am your Senpai :P

    2. Sky


      Nice child bearing hips.

  8. oh my god calm down, it's not like they murdered anyone.

  9. A Young and passionate Warrior who seeks to find his very own sun speaks up. "If I join, will I perhaps be able to partake in some Jolly Cooperation?"
  10. Next we'll teach you how to pvp default.
  11. "B-But I'm a real knight!" the Loyal Decterum Knight begins to frantically flail his official papers around. "I save maidens in distress and other Knightly things, I swear!"
  12. "Fake rule of Carrion?" A Loyal Knight of Decterum raises his hands. "Heretics."
  13. "Black... Kumura... Greymane. A lot of Banished and/or dishonored houses in this "Knightly Order". And I do not see the King's Seal anywhere. Claiming themselves as a Knightly Order implies they are, in fact, Knights. Which is not true since they clearly do not have the King's Seal. This in itself could easily be considered a crime should these "Knights" come to Oren."
  14. The dwarven antag needs to stick to Antagonizing the dwarves. Period.

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