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  1. There are two active right now...
  2. This is the FRP section. People have rp'd here for years. Many people. This is a rp community of all types.
  3. This Section of the Forums is ill and dying.. There was once a time when a great many gathered here to play in competition or simply to play alongside others whom shared their views and likeness for Forum Role-play Modern Nations, Medieval Eras, Fantasy Realms, Alternate History Role-plays of all kinds flourished here and and brought much joy..and some sorrow to many! I know many have lives in the real world and this makes it difficult to play, but you can find the time for things you want to do or love. There are also those of you whom hold grudges to RPers past actions in such RP. But why must you let it forever stain this Sub-Section? We can only grow better and more experienced as if we continue and learn. Don't shun people due to inexperience! Embrace them and take them under your wing. Expand the population of capable and elite Role-players so that we may again prosper. And so I get to the point. In the name of Great Forum Role-play Topics Old. I call upon any and all who would declare their loyalty and devote their time to the following. ---The Construction and Development of a FRP to stand the test of time.--- ---The Formation of a Team of People whom are willing to Administrate and Moderate FRPs.--- ---The Unification of Forum Role-players of all kinds to come together and make this Section shine once again!--- ANSWER THE CALL! LET US ONCE AGAIN BRING GLORY AND HONOR TO WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A ROLE-PLAYER!!! REPLY WITH YOUR IDEAS AND SWEAR YOUR LOYALTY TO SUCH AND IDEAL!
  4. IMPERIUM SANCTUS The days have been longer to a certain degree, the sun rises early in the morning as activity would continue as it has always been, but with recent events and 10 peoples sudden disappearance the city grows restless and uncertain, an emergency meeting is held at the Great Hall. “We need answers!” A fearful and restless crowd gathers inside the hall along with several families head members to discuss these recent events with the King. Uther stands from his throne “Enough!...” his voice booming across the court as he looks to them all somewhat disappointed “What is this? You all gather like fearful rodents!...We are Aasimar! The Blessed Descendants of God himself! These questions will be met with action not promises. My Son and Captain Salvia are hard at work reforming the Guard and are preparing several plans to try and discover the meanings behind these events.” Meanwhile in the centre of town a large formation of soldiers is gathered. Artorius stands before them. “Alright Men, and Women. We will be changing our patrol routes every so often. A Sancti will be in command of each patrol they have been given their instructions and Patrols will be random and sporadic. Night Patrols are being doubled..” several groans and complaints rise from the crowd before quickly dying off “Unless you’d prefer these events continue?..” he scowls at those few men before looking to Jasper beside him in his Sancti Armor. “Jasper..” he hands him a marked scroll “Gather the Captains and other Sancti and divide yourself up accordingly, Salvia is already outside the city with her patrol.” Jasper salutes Artorius before taking the scroll and marching off as ordered. In the city itself many more people attend Church Services in prayer for those lost and they’re loved ones. As Night descends upon Eden Artorius himself leads a patrol of several men and women throughout the farms and residents that live outside. Salvia herself patrols the Walls checking on the guards and their posts making sure everything is in working order. -Eden’s Assets/Statistics- Population: 1490 Food Production: 1500 (1800 due to +100 per farm) Crops: Corn, Wheat, Barley. Food Storage: 2100 Military Population: 400 Iron Tools (For Farming) Buildings 240 Wooden Homes, Max Capacity 2400 Large Forge - Produces 60 Orders with Devoted Labor. 3 Farms, 3 Silos, Mine, Quarry, Hunters Lodge. Defenses Solid Stone Wall Armory 400 Iron Shields 400 Iron Swords 400 Bows w/ arrows 300 Matchlock Rifles 25 Sancti Royal Guard Armor 31 Iron Armor Army 194 - Iron Swords, Iron Shields 31 - Iron Swords, Iron Shields, Iron Amor 75 - Matchlock Rifle, Iron Swords 75 - Bows, Iron Swords 25 - Sancti Royal Guard Armor, Iron Swords, Iron Shields, Matchlock Rifles -ACTIONS- The Forges continue to produce Armor for the Army. 120 Iron Armor to be Produced (2 AP) The Imperium permanently establishes the training developed by Salvia and Artorius as the Imperial Training Regime to be used for all current and new Soldiers to ensure a properly trained Army (1 AP) Artorius and Salvia personally oversee the double patrol efforts and enforce night time curfews hoping discover why people are coming up missing. (1 AP)
  5. IMPERIUM SANCTUS Artorius spends the bulk of his time training alongside the new Sancti Warriors continuing to work and improve their training Regimes above what is required for regular soldiers. Artorius turns to the 24 Soldiers and nods to them “Good Job today everyone..” he swipes his arm across his sweaty brow “You’re all dismissed for the day. Next time we’ll assign every one of the three disciplines.” The Group disbands heading back to town as Salvia approaches Artorius with a content smile “At least you won’t get fat.” she teases walking off away from town. Artorius calls out to her “Where are you going?” he asks “Follow and you’ll see~” she holds a smirk but doesn’t look back as Artorius goes to catch up and follow her as they go off alone together. Meanwhile inside the city the new Forges are hard at work as smith's slam their hammers into heated metal. The Military needed to be fully equipped which meant they had a lot of work ahead of them to produce different styles of armor for the military while also replacing the lost items from the battle against the Giant Insect Creature. Imperium Sancti Armor Elsewhere in Eden at the docks a couple men argue over an idea, Foreman Gaius just so happens to pass by hearing it. “I am telling you if we can get out there..” the other cuts it “On what a floating log?” The other man scowls “You’re telling me you don’t believe me?” as the older man shakes his head “It's not that I don’t believe you, I’m just as certain that there are plenty more fish farther and deeper out into the bay, but we can’t get to them.” Foreman Gaius looks to them “You said..floating log? Why wouldn’t that work?” The two fishermen look to each other “I mean..If you could have hook them all together I suppose you could, it’d be very crude but..” Gaius would cut in “But it’d work, excellent you two come you work for me now.” he smirks ordering them to follow to gather some others and the necessary materials to experiment with. Rough Draft of a Rough Raft -Eden’s Assets/Statistics- Population: 1500 Food Production: 1500 Food Storage: 1800 Military Population: 400 Iron Tools (For Farming) Buildings 240 Wooden Homes, Max Capacity 2400 Large Forge - Produces 60 Orders with Devoted Labor. 3 Farms, 3 Silos, Mine, Quarry, Hunters Lodge. Defenses Solid Stone Wall Armory 397 Iron Shields 399 Iron Swords 400 Bows w/ arrows 300 Matchlock Rifles Army 225 - Sword, Shield 75 - Matchlock Rifle, Sword 75 - Bows, Swords 25 Sancti Warriors - (In Development) -ACTIONS- Foreman Gaius along with several craftsmen and fishermen work together at crude attempt for a raft/boat capable of being used to fish away from shore. (3 AP) The City Forge is put to work producing at full capacity to produce the needed items for the Military. 1 Iron Sword, 3 Iron Shields, and 25 Suits of Sancti Uniform Iron Armor, and 31 suits of standard iron armor. (1 AP)
  6. The Russian Federation A New Plan The War is starting to stagnate for now, but with Polish and German Forces bolstering Ukraine and beginning to prode Russian Defenses it’s only a matter of time before they take action and attack Russian Forces in Full. Thus Dmitry and his General Staff begin devising a plan. They look to old Military History Tactics and come to a solid conclusion that Modern Warfare is a continuing adaptation of Older Warfare. As times change, so do weapons, technology and most importantly information. Dmitry looks over the map “These major roads and highways are key for supply routes yes?” he looks to his most trusted General Vladimir Chekov “Yes Sir, which is why I believe the plan me and my Officers have devised will be capable of gaining us a huge advantage over Western Alliance Forces. While it pains me the amount of destruction that it would cause, it is what must be done to protect the Motherland.” Another officer speaks up “But this plan also brings great risk to our Air forces..We will be forced to greatly rely on Air Superiority, if we are unable to successfully control Russian Air-space it could cripple the amount of capable craft we may need to to defend. But if your theories and strategy holds...we could force the enemy into an unwanted position..” -BATTLE PLANS- The Image above depicts a rough sketch of the Battle-Plan overall but more details will be described per Front. Red Represents Northern Front Forces Black Represents Southern Front Forces. -Russian Military Deployments- Total Active Personnel: 3,000,000 Total Reserve (In Training): 215,000 Kazakhstan: 350,000 England: 325,000 Ukrainian Front: 1,250,000 Finnish Front: 650,000 Georgian Front: 425,000 -Russian-Finnish Front- The Russian Defenses against Finland hold their own as intended but Russian High Command looks to decrease Finland's Air-Strike Capabilities. In 2009 the MiG-35 was considered a Prototype and to this has not been fully introduced into the Russian Air Force. Of the 13 MiG-35s ever produced 10 are deployed to St. Petersburg, the Primary Mission is to offer Air Superiority in hopes of either crippling or denying the Finnish Air Force of its ability to make Air Strikes against St. Petersburg and its defenses. The Russian Ground Forces are to maintain their defensive holdings against Finnish Forces as before, Division's continuing re-deployment amongst the random Russian fortifications in place, in theory to decrease probe attacks effectiveness at locating a weakness in the Russian Line. Russian Fortifications on the Finnish Front also begin receiving more Anti-Aircraft equipment in hopes of more successful counter-defenses against Finnish Aerial Forces. (MOD PLZ) -Ukrainian Front- Northern Front Deployments: 435,000 Southern Front Deployments: 815,000 The Russian Forces on the Ukrainian Front have held their defenses against the probing Ukrainian Army but with the now approaching Polish and German reinforcements a new strategy needed to be devised, Russian Forces would need to maintain a constant and adapting strategy and remain on the offensive to keep their enemies on the edge. The Majority of defensive position will be slowly re-deployed from the northern section of the Ukraine Front to the Southern Sections. With the enemy's army probing defenses for a weakness it is hoped that they will attack the defenses to the North which will hold off against the Western Alliance Forces for a time before giving up the land to the enemy letting them advance deeper towards Moscow. The Army’s of the Southern Ukrainian Front will then attempt to make a push into Southern Ukraine. The territory being abandoned on the Northern Front will not be given without cost. Combined Artillery and Russian Air Force Strikes will target Major Highways and roads. The Theory hopes that when Western Coalition Forces take the territory it will put them at a disadvantage to attempt to push forward forcing them to bunker down in the devastated areas they’ve taken. A Number of Northern Front Divisions that were re-deployed as part of this plot are devoted to the Offensive in the Southern Front hoping the Ukraine will take the bait at an advance towards Moscow giving Southern Front Forces a better chance to push through Western Coalition Forces defensive lines into Ukraine. (MOD PLZ) -Russian Naval Actions- The Russian Fleets in the Baltic continue to defend the Coastline and Waters outside of St. Petersburg. The Russian Armada pulls away retreating and regrouping in Irish and Scottish Shipyards to repair and refuel. All ships that do not require repairs or finish re-supplying begin forming defensive Patrols meeting French Naval Forces in the water not wishing to show any weakness or fear of French involvement. -Russian Internal- The MiG-35 was meant to be put into service in 2018..however politics and development issues had delayed this till now. The MiG-35 is officially being deployed as Russia’s newest Air Superiority Fighter and Russian Leadership opts it to begin being produced en mass for the Russian Air Force. With Citizens joining the Russian Military everyday they are posted to training areas away from the front-lines and are not rushed into Active Service to ensure they receive proper training before being deployed to the front lines. (MOD PLZ) -Covert Ops- (Will PM) -Diplomacy- The Russian Federation begrudgingly accepts Frances demands for Peace Talks, however war efforts are not slowed or delayed. Russia will not halt its actions unless Peace can be reached. Until then the War continues on. The Russian Federation advisors and diplomats call upon dignitaries in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland to discuss France's recent Aggressive Actions towards the Isle’s Nations. (MOD PLZ)
  7. IMPERIUM SANCTUS With spring once again bringing life and a new year to the people of Eden activity once again peaks after the muddy season passes. The Farms prepare for the harvest in the coming months and others simply continue on with their simple lives as builders, hunters, and craftsmen. For those in the military however life is changing slightly, with the new year having begun this allows the Imperium to explore and expand once their military is fully geared and prepared for. Outside of Eden, Prince Artorius and Salvia stand before 24 men and women that have been chosen to be apart of a new group King Uther has ordered to be formed which will consist of the most capable and devoted soldiers of Eden and turn them into the Elite. The Sanctorum Militum Artorius looks to them and gestures over the group “Each and every one of you have shown either true capabilities in battle..” he’d gesture to Jasper and the other whom took part in the fight in the mines “Or are simply some of the best and most intelligent men and women we have. King Uther has ordered a new training regime be devised for Eden’s Military, this will apply to all current soldiers. But we few are to take on tasks beyond that, train harder, train longer, and train together to form an Elite group capable of leading Eden’s Army and handling foes and enemies that could prove too much for a normal man..” “For now, Practice amongst yourselves in combat without weapons...choose a partner and practice hand to hand.” While training is underway Artorius and Salvia work together in an attempt to find ways of increasing Endurance, Strength, and Wit of their soldiers by attempting to form an effective Training Regime. Within the city of Eden Foreman Gaius works alongside his engineers and builders at what the city requires to keep it prosperous and ahead of any issues that might occur. Lately the military has been urging him more and more about procuring better equipment for their soldiers. A City has its walls just like a Soldier needs their armor, A Forge would be needed capable of supplying Eden with tools, Weapons, and Armor. They begin construction of large forge capable of meeting such demands. -Eden’s Assets/Statistics- Population: 1500 Food Production: 1500 Military Population: 400 Iron Tools (For Farming) Buildings 240 Wooden Homes, Max Capacity 2400 3 Farms, 3 Silos, Mine, Quarry, Hunters Lodge. Resources Stone, Wood, Metal (Iron), Leather Defenses Solid Stone Wall Armory 397 Iron Shields 399 Iron Swords 400 Bows w/ arrows 300 Matchlock Rifles Army 225 - Sword, Shield 75 - Matchlock Rifle, Sword 75 - Bows, Swords 25 - Unarmed (Taken off duty for training) -ACTIONS- Foreman Gaius and his builders begin the construction of a Large Forge for the City and its Military. (3 AP) Artorius and Captain Salvia attempt to devise a Training Regime for their troops in hopes the training would give their men an edge on the battlefield and make them more capable of performing their duties. (1 AP)
  8. Imperium Sanctus Outside the mines 3 bodies of soldiers are carried out, Artorius rushes forward watching as they all slowly come out the mines before Salvia finally exits last. Artorius rushes up to her as if to say or do something but stops himself to keep his composure but his expression of relief is clear. Salvia walks up to him and embraces him tightly "Glad you were so worried Arthur." she teases catching her breath as Artorius returns the embrace. King Uther approaches the two planting a hand on both their shoulders "See son. Patience, she is clearly capable of handling herself." he looks to her as they all break their embrace "Salvia from what I overheard you and Jasper were exemplary. So with that I've a reward for you both, though it isn't the same for either of you." Salvia and Artorius look to him confused. "Arthur.." he speaks softly "You have my blessing to court this fine woman if it is truly what you wish for." Artorius smiles with a light blush as he looks to her "I do." immediately after saying so she reaches forward embracing him once again. King Uther looks to the lifeless corpses of his men "We shall through a feast in celebration and remembrance of those fallen men. "May the light guide you both." he smiles walking off to attend to the men. Salvia and Artorius reply "May the Light Guide you." before returning their attention to one another. Miners along with Soldier Escort are tasked with harvesting the body of the creature and removing the hazardous materials and stench from its lair and are ordered directly from King Uther to burn out its lair in hopes of ensuring it and any possible offspring be vanquished from the mortal world. -Many Days Later- In the main hall, King Uther stands affront his throne raising a cup "Upon this day, we thank the Light and ask that it guide the souls of the men who gave they're blood to fight off the unholy creature which found refuge beneath our blessed lands. May we learn to be ever vigilant from threats upon and below the lands of Hazleo. Praise the Light!" The crowd would reply "And it shall Guide Us!" a few moments of silence are given for the dead before the crowd would return to chatting and mingling amongst themselves. Artorius is seated in front and below his father with Salvia at his side. The Head of the creature is cleaned and put on display upon the hall as a sign of victory, its body is given to the kingdoms craftsmen and men of discovery after hearing its hide is capable of resisting and blocking arrows without issue. -Eden Assets Catalog- Crops: Wheat, Barley, Corn. Stone Walls 3 Farms, Quarry, Mine, Hunting Lodges, 3 Silos. Food Production: 1500 - 100 (due to winter) = 1400 total Food in Storage: 2100 (-800 from Feast) 240 Wooden Buildings - Current Cap - 1993 - Max Cap - 1,320 Army Pop: 397 Arms/Armor Iron Tools 397 Shields, 399 swords, 400 bows/arrows, 300 matchlock rifles. Resources: Wood, Stone, Metal, Leather. -Imperium Sanctus Actions- All of Eden holds a ceremony in celebration of the defeat of the unholy creature and honors its dead soldiers, holding feasts throughout the city for all citizens (2 AP, -800 food) The Creatures corpse is harvested and given to local craftsmen and men of discovery to study it in light of its strong and near impenetrable defenses. (2 AP)
  9. Imperium Sanctus Salvia and several other teams of Soldiers, Archers, and Miners prepare themselves outside the newly constructed mines. Salvia looks to the mining foreman “Alright, so it wasn’t until you encountered the cavern that you noticed the smell?” The man would nod “Yes Captain, it smell of horrid rot, whether it was animals, rotting plants or...flesh we couldn’t tell.” She would nod as she would lead a small detachment consisting of 15 Soldiers, 8 Swordsman, 3 Musket-men, and 4 archers along with 4 Miners in an attempt to explore the caverns as ordered by the King. Artorius and Uther stand watching as they all enter the mines, a knot clenching Artorius’ chest as he watches Salvia lead them inside “I should go with them..” he says. Uther glances over to him "She doesn’t need your protection Artorius, besides she’s a capable swordsman you should have more faith in her. But I’m sure you’re well aware of her abilities considering how much time you two spend together." Artorius remains silent for a moment before going to speak “How..” he would start before being cut off by his father “You think you two can spend all that time together and me not know? Now Son...I thought you were smarter then that.” he laughs. “Besides, The Stars raining throughout the sky is a good omen Son. I am sure whatever is going on can be handled you simply need patience.” Artorius nods “Of course father, forgive me.” -Elsewhere in Eden- The groups of hunters see an opportunity to their skills and recent jobs undertaken for the Imperium Sanctus. They offer the same services year round but only request is assistance in structures be built and be allowed to keep all food gathered for the lodges and their families. In return the kingdom would receive a steady supply of leather and fur. The offer is accepted. -Eden Summary- Population: 1200 Food Production: 1500 In Storage: 2500 400 Soldiers 150 Swordsman 150 Archers 100 Rifleman Resources: Metal, Stone, Wood, Leather. -Actions- A team is sent into the mines to investigate the cavern and the rotted smell (2 AP) Hunting Lodges are being constructed for hunters outside the city along with a 3 year agreement to allow the hunters to keep the food for themselves and the lodges in return for Leather and Furs (2 AP)
  10. Imperium Sanctus Artorius stands on the opposite side of a fence looking at the great fields as they are tiled and planted with wheat with Salvia at his side "We'll be doing fine for another few years before we'll need to worry about food. Our people will do great." Artorius nods "It feel great to help out our people, even if my assistance was minimal." they'd look over the farms for a few silent minutes before Salvia would move a little closer "So...Arthur, do you have any plans for the day?" Artorius looks to her "Well, I was planning on practicing on my combat skills. Perhaps you'd like to be my partner for the day?" Salvia smiles "Of course Arthur, I'd love to help you." Artorius and Salvia head to the training grounds. Meanwhile elsewhere in Eden a group of hunters prepare to head out. A man steps forward holding his bow and arrow "Alright men, the military has hired us to hunt for game as they are in need of leather and hide. In return we can keep the food for ourselves and our families but all hide is to go to the Kingdom." The group leave the safety of the city heading into the woods to hunt for game. -Imperium Sanctus, Eden- Stone Walls Poplation - 1200 Food Stores - 2200 Food Production - 1500 (3 Farms) Maximum Food Storage - 3000 400 Iron Swords/Shields, 300 Matchlock Rifles, 400 sets Bow/Arrows. Iron Tools Available Resources: Lumber. -Imperium Sanctus Actions- Continued construction of the Kingdoms Quarry to provide stone for the city (1 AP) Continued construction of the Kingdoms Mine to provide metal for the city (1 AP) Hunters are sent out of the city to hunt for the season to provide leather and furs to the city. (2 AP)
  11. IMPERIUM SANCTUS High Dominus Uther Pendragon stood outside his hall with his son Artorius looking over the Holy City of Eden. They watched as the Aasimar went about their daily lives in prayer, work and duty. Armed and armored men patrolled the city upon its stone walls and streets. Uther was reaching his 103rd year of life, He's lived a long and hardened life. His son Artorius just reached his 47th birthday. Artorius looked to his father "Another Year we've made it Father." Uther planted a heavy hand on his son's shoulder "Another year we've endured, we have a great many more to prepare and look forward too. We've come along way since the formation of our Holy Path my Son." Uther would pull his son's shoulder so that he'd face him, Uther's hair a darker aged blonde with a kept beard though young in appearance as most humans would assume you can see the age in his eyes. "We've many more people this year my son, the farms cannot produce enough crops for long. We're growing prosperous and steady I want you to overlook the expansion of the fields. Go speak to Galius about it." Artorius nodded "Of course Father." he would step away clenching his fist and raising it to his chest in a salute "May the Light Guide You Father." a gesture Uther would return before Artorius would head off into the town below to begin his task. Uther watched his son march off to his duties "May the Light Guide us all my son." Artorius walks throughout the streets as he approaches the gates a guard calls out to open the gate, Artorius marches with a brisk pace as he thinks deeply about his duties and his other responsibilities not even noticing the follower he seems to have picked up as a young women follows closely beside him "Off on your Father's order Arthur?". Artorius stopped with a heavy step turning to see whom had called his name with a slightly angered look until his eyes fell upon the young women whom held a crooked smile, with a huff of breath he regains his composure "If Father heard you call me by that name he'd be furious.." she'd cross her arms, her leather armor kept and well maintained with her sword sheathed at her side "Well King Uther isn't here is he? Besides I just got off my shift. Now are you going to answer my question?" Artorius sighs "Yes Salvia, I'm heading to the farms-" she'd interupt "Then i'll join" she insisted, "Not that I have much a choice.." he thought to himself allowing a smile "Escorting me then are you?" he'd ask, she'd nod "Of course My Prince, Lead on." -Imperium Santus Logs- Stone Walls Population: 1200 2 Farms Provide: 1000 Food 3 Silos: Maximum Storage 3000 400 Iron Swords/Shields 300 Matchlock Rifles 240 Wooden Buildings 400 Sets Bows/Arrows Iron Tools -Imperium Sanctus Actions Summary- 2 AP Spent on the construction of a new Farm, Overseen by Prince Artorius. 1 AP spent on the construction renewal of a Quarry to provide Stone for Eden to maintain the Walls and provide more resources for future projects. 1 AP Spent on the organization and construction of Lumber Efforts to begin stockpiling Wood for Eden.
  12. THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Dark Times The Russian Naval attack didn't engage as planned. Russian Naval Command had hoped the Submarines early engagements would be more successful, but hope wasn't enough to continue on with. Action is required. The Russian People fear for those lost and now under the Iron Fist of German and Polish Forces in Kaliningrad. The Russian Federation speaks openly thanking the Nations of Belarus and Lithuania. There assistance in allowing military craft through their airspace although it was only temporary was crucial to its success of saving as many as they had even if it wasn't everyone. Russia claims should Belarus and Lithuania ever require assistance The Russian Federation will answer. -Moscow- Lieutenants Salen Kotch and Caleb Thies stand at attention as a Russian Air Force General nods to them "At ease Lieutenants. Unfortunately I'm not sending you two to the Ukrainian Front. Instead you're going to India, as emissaries. " Salen looked to the General bewildered "But Sir! Our Training, The Prototypes..We're ready to fight for the Motherland!" He knew he spoke out of turn, the General gave him a empathetic look "You're the best Pilots we have I know. But you two aren't just Soldiers, The Military needs influence in Politics. You two are two of the most decorated Pilots we have, and the President feels he cannot leave the country to India in the situation we find ourselves in. This is an important Mission, not just to prove yourselves but Russia doesn't need more enemies we need Allies. You understand?" Salen and Caleb nod "Yes Sir, We understand." The General nods saluting them, Salen and Caleb return the salute "Dismissed Lieutenants." Decorated War Pilots Salen Kotch and Caleb Thieb travel with two of Dmitry's staff members to India to attend the Wedding. -Naval Operations- (MOD PLZ) The Russian Armada breaks its attack from the German Coastline and maintains a defensive cluster outside of German Coastal Range. The Fleet is warned to be werry of baiting from the German Fleets. For now The Russian Armada would work to cut off further German access into the Baltic Sea. The Remnants of the Baltic Fleet if any are ordered to retreat and repair at Saint Petersburg. -Russian Armed Forces, Finnish Front- (MOD PLZ) The Russian Defensive Plan works in halting Finnish Troops from advancing into Russia. High Command decides that the Finnish Army would be best kept contained and that Russia maintain a defensive front in that theater. Russian Forces on the Russo-Finnish Borders and Front-lines are ordered to Fortify their current positions and hold out against Finnish Attacks. While not wishing to remain complacent in their defensive success small Russian Infantry Divisions will be re-deployed to random defensive positions between the separate Defensive Borders of Finland in hopes of keeping the Finnish guessing at where it would be best to strike and where to avoid. -Russian Armed Forces, Ukrainian Front- (MOD PLZ) The Russian Defense was not as successful as it was in Finland. Russian Forces suffered numerous casualties. It was becoming rather obvious to Russian High Command they needed a plan to break the Ukrainian Lines before Polish and German Forces could augment its already capable forces or it would turn into a War of Attrition. A Situation greatly undesired by Russian High Command. Russian Forces would attempt to Fortify and Secure Major Cities, Major Roads and Highways to keep secure and capable Supply Lines for its Front-line Forces. For now High Command needs to search its options to find a way to cripple the enemy or gain an advantage. -Covert Actions- (MOD PLZ) The Russian Federation feels confidant that it can hold against its enemies. However in the event that Russian Forces cannot stand against the United Forces of Finland, Ukraine, Germany, and Poland Dmitry has assigned Russian Agencies to look into the use of Chemical Warfare. The Russian Federation under absolute secrecy would attempt to begin production of Sarin Gas. -Russia Internal- (MOD PLZ) Dmitry and his General Staff visit near the Front-lines with News Groups to gather footage of Russian Soldiers and Militias working at the front lines in hoping to gather support and raise morale for the country feeling if he isn't capable to show willingness to be at the Front-lines with the men who fight for his administration then why should anyone fight for him? -Russian Federation Diplomacy- The Russian Federation thanks Belarus and Lithuania for their support to save civilian lives. The Russian Federation sends two of its Decorated War Pilots and 2 of Dmitry's Staff to attend Ravi's Wedding in India The Russian Federation takes part in the first ICoN Meeting
  13. https://imgur.com/a/ND7VE There we go updated my position. I am settled btw
  14. Faction/Leader: The Imperium Sanctus (Holy Empire) Skype Name: Got it Race Name: Aasimar Race Description: Humans onced blessed with long life and an undying devotion to their Holy Light. Aasimar possess many similar traits as normal humans but remain young and healthy in appearance even as they age until they reach roughly 110, at this point their age becomes apparent and they usually live to 130 years of age. All Aasimar genuinely have different variants of blonde hair ranging from a heavenly white to a golden blonde and their body structures are genuinely beautiful in appearance due to their ancient blessing. Traits Longevity Blessed Ancestry Low Birth Rates due to longer life span. Flag: Religion/Beliefs: All Aasimar follow The Path of Light and pay great respects to their fallen deity Saradomin. The Path of the Light holds 3 distinct disciplines but only the most faithful and zealous warriors take up all 3 disciplines. They are Honor, Justice, and Mercy. In Aasimar culture Religion is 2nd only to Family, which all Aasimar take very seriously. All Aasimar follow the 3 Disciplines in their daily lives but only Holy Men and Women enforce these Disciplines outside of the kingdom. Short Faction Backstory: The Imperium Sanctus was created by the unification of the blessed ancestors of the Aasimar. Many a century ago, a band of humans took up their God's name in his defense and fought against legions of undead and their unholy master's guided by a great Demi-god known as Scraen. Screan was defeated by the human deity Saradomin. However after the battle had settled their God's power waned and grew weaker. He looked to his loyal followers and gave them a blessing of long life and undying faith claiming he would live on in all of his blessed followers. His final act was to sacrifice himself in the creation of an Entity that is tied to the Aasimar as closely as family. The Light, its existence is directly linked with the Aasimar. As the Aasimar grow and continue their loyal following of Saradomin’s teachings the Light will prosper. But it is always vulnerable to the corruption of the truly evil and it is up to the Aasimar and their King Uther to protect the Light and the Path it offers. Uther was chosen to lead the Aasimar for his undying loyalty and devotion to The Path of the Light.
  15. The Russian Federation World War Catalyst The Russian Federation Council would find itself in a panic at first, quickly trying to respond to the Invasions of Ukraine, Poland, Germany and the potential Invasions of Georgia and Azerbaijan. Dmitry and his General Staff look over the situations that this new war would impose upon the Russian People. Dmitry scowls angrily “I expected a response to our Invasion but not this....I made it clear my intentions for Kazakhstan. Seems our neighbors need a swift and bloody lesson.” His Generals somewhat nervous, though most of them keep a cool head. A proper invasion would take time to build-up allowing a proper response or one to at least blunt the enemy attack, they wouldn’t be able to halt it. An Immediate plan was required, it would require swift action, require sacrifice. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Occupied Kazakhstan- Status: Successful Takeover...Required Actions...Clean up of remaining Kazak Forces… Initial Invasion Force: 850,000 Casualties: 250,000 Redeployed to other fronts: 250,000 Remaining: 350,000 The initial Invasion force of 850,000 troops overwhelmed the Kazak defenders, they fought bravely as was expected, but they also failed in their defense which was also expected. Russian Troops occupy major cities and patrol important routes in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan produces roughly 1.5 Million barrels of Oil per day, and much of its Crude Oil is sold to Russia due to only having 3 refineries total in all of Kazakhstan. Russian Troops secure these locations to ensure continued exporting of Oil and Crude to Russia but at a slightly cheaper price. Kazakhstan also produces 41% of the world’s Uranium with this number climbing every year with their Mining Expansion. While the Kazakhstan is officially a Republic and supposedly supports Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, and Freedom of Religion it is well known that Kazakhstan is very oppressive towards its people especially religious leaders. Their current leader President Nursultan Nazarbayev is known for his Authoritarian Ideals. Russia seeks to bring Kazakhstan into the fold as an Official State of the Federation. While this would require Kazakhstan to abandon its Independence it would gain all the benefits of being apart of the Federation Council. Stability and Modernization of its Industry, Housing, and access to Federal Emergency Assistance. Many Kazak’s starve as the nation has a known food shortage, Russia promises to fix this issue. Russian Forces are ordered to halt Offensive Combat against Kazak Defenders, Russia offers to begin integrating Kazakhstan into the Federation over the next few years. Should the offer be refused Russian Forces are to continue securing the country and their current Oppressive President be forcefully removed from Office, A Russian Military Governor would be installed to hold the Region's Power together (MOD PLZ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Kaliningrad- The Polish and German Airstrikes are met with Russian Defenders, though only limited Aircraft are able to respond. The surviving Baltic Fleet moves in to protect Kaliningrad and provide anti-air and naval support. Finland lacks any Naval Vessels for war, Russian High Command begins to set in place an evacuation program. Ships arrive in Kaliningrad daily to transport refugees to St. Petersburg, Civilian Aircraft are put under military command for the time being for Evacuations. Russia calls out to Lithuania and Belarus, Russia doesn’t wish for their aid in the war that is not their own but they wish to be allowed through their airspace for the express purpose of evacuating Russian Civilians to Mainland Russia. (MOD PLZ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -England- Current Remaining Troops: 325,000 Status: Awaiting Redeployment With England accepting the Treaty of London Russian can focus its Assets to use against the European Invaders. The Troops in England will be forced to remain their until they can safely be transported as German and Polish Naval Fleets pose danger to any troop transports. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Russian Naval Assets- Russian Fleet (Total) 1 Aircraft Carrier, 4 Battlecruisers, 4 Cruisers, 12 Destroyers, 4 Frigates, 50 Corvettes, 18 Landing Ship Tanks, 28 Landing Craft, 15 Special Purpose Ships, 32 Patrol Boats, 46 Mine Countermeasure Craft, 15 Ballistic Missile Submarines (SSBN), 8 Cruise Missile Submarines (SSGN), 19 Attack Submarines (SSN), 26 Attack Submarines (SSK). Confiscated English Naval Assets (Now Under Russian Command) 4 Type-45 Guided Missile Destroyers, 3 Type-23 Frigates, 1 Albion-Class Helicopter Carrier Platform, 2 Vanguard Class Strategic Submarines, 2 Astute Class Attack Submarines, 4 Trafalgar Class Attack Submarines. Baltic Fleet 2 Frigates, 2 Destroyers, 14 Corvettes. Caspian Flotilla 2 Frigates, 8 Corvettes, 3 Missile Patrol Ships, 4 Artillery Gunboat Patrol Craft, 5 Minesweeper Craft, 8 landing craft, 1 Anti-Saboteur Boat. Russian Armada 1 Aircraft Carrier, 1 Albion-Class Helicopter Carrier Platform, 4 Battle-cruisers, 4 Cruisers, 3 Type-23 Frigates, 10 Destroyers, 4 Type-45 Guided Missile Destroyers, 28 Corvettes, 20 Landing Craft, 15 Special Purpose Tankers, 26 Patrol Boats, 41 Minesweeper Craft, 15 Ballistic Missile Submarines (SSBN), 8 Cruise Missile Submarines (SSGN), 19 Attack Submarines (SSN), 26 Attack Submarines (SSK), 2 Vanguard Class Strategic Submarines, 2 Astute Class Attack Submarines, 4 Trafalgar Class Attack Submarines. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Russian Naval Actions- The Caspian Flotilla would keep a tight control on vessel movements in and out of Kazakhstan in hopes of pressuring them into agreeing with Russia’s demands (MOD PLZ) The Baltic Fleet would engage in defensive maneuvers against German and Polish Forces providing Anti-aircraft cover for evacuating civilian ships and aircraft. (MOD PLZ) The newly formed Russian Armada is a combination of the Northern, Atlantic and Black Sea Fleets alongside the newly acquired English Vessels. This Armada is to bring the full might of the Motherlands fury against the German and Polish Fleets. They are ordered to give no quarter and accept no surrender from German and Polish Vessels, Poland and Germany merely joining the war simply due to their dislike of Russia will be punished with Terror and Merciless Fury. All non-combat vessels will not engage in this attack, Russia’s submarine fleet of a total of 76 Subs will commence stage one of the attack splitting off solo to track enemy vessels, relay their positions to the main battle fleet then engage German and Polish Vessels both Civilian and Military in Wolf Packs, the Main Battle Fleet will then engage full force against the German and Polish Fleets. The Final Stage of the plan is to begin softening up Northern Germany’s Coastal Defenses. This is in hopes to draw German and Polish Troops back into their respective countries in defense against a possible naval invasion, which will free up manpower in Ukraine. (MOD PLZ MON!) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Russian Army Actions- Russian Military Personnel Active: 3,000,000 Reserves: 125,000 Deployments Kazakhstan: 350,000 England: 325,000 Ukrainian Front: 1,250,000 Finnish Front: 650,000 Georgia/Azerbaijan Front: 425,000 -Finnish Front- Russian Forces deployed against the Finnish Invasion are deployed with the express purpose of containment fighting defensively and move begin fortifying St. Petersburg due to its strategic importance, meanwhile the northern force of the Finnish Front Forces move in to attempt to contest or protect Murmansk due to its major access to the Northern Oceans and major river Tuloma focusing more on ground forces for offensive tactics keeping Air Forces in defensive reserve. (MOD PLZ) -Ukrainian Front- The Bulk of the Russian Military is deployed to fight against the Ukrainian Invaders, Crimea Coastal Defenses and Ground Forces are put to the test as they attempt to hold their position against the overwhelming Naval Forces since the Black Sea Fleet was away. Forces deployed in Crimea are ordered to hold out at all cost. However on the more direct front of the Russian Ukrainian border Russian Forces move in to meet their enemy head on with Infantry, Tanks, and fast moving armored vehicles. The counter-attacks purpose is to blunt the enemy attack before strategically retreating back away from the border to bunker down and fortify it would take more planning and preparing before a proper counter-invasion force could be assembled and ready. (MOD PLZ) -Georgia/Azerbaijan Front- The 425,000 Troops deployed to the Georgia and Azerbaijan Borders are given a singular task, to begin fortifying their position against the possible invasion from Georgian and Baijan Forces. (MOD PLZ) -ALL FRONTS- The Immediate Evacuation of Civilians from Major Combat Zones are priority 1 for Russian Forces. The Russian Populations must be mainly secure before a proper counter attack can be made. (MOD PLZ) -Battle Plans, Will Update Soon- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Internal Russian Actions- Russian Propaganda would push for more Patriotic Nationals to join the military in this desperate hour. Dmitry would make a Nation Wide announcement in response to what is being called the 2nd Patriotic War. "My comrades, brothers, sisters. Mother Russia has been set upon by barbarians...and she is in peril. The Motherlands proudest children and warriors fight now on the front lines to defend her, but they cannot do this alone. I call upon all who would answer the Motherland's cry for help, not just her children but anyone who would come to her aid and forever solidify their allegiance and friendship with us." he would sigh before glaring into the camera "And to those whom creep and stalk at our borders, You've come for war and blood. You shall have it, but beware the Kodiak will have no forgiveness and no mercy in a fight for survival.." (MOD PLZ for War Support and Recruitment) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Russian Diplomatic Actions- Russian Representatives will be attending the ICoN meeting in Italy.