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  1. Locked signs are no longer lockable and all signs have been unlocked
  2. ST Approval signs and Eviction signs are now available for use: To get an ST Approved sign to replace an existing one on your lore structure, please make a /sreq. When interacting, they will play an audio queue and output the approver: To place down an eviction sign, a region owner (or Moderator) has to put [Eviction] on the first line. When interacting, they will play an audio queue and output the issuer, and the time until expiry (3 days from pacement): For both types of signs, the remaining lines can say anything.
  3. Hello, As of one week from today signs will no longer be lockable. This includes lift signs, gates, etc. Old locked signs will be automatically unlocked. Please assure you make any needed changes to your builds to accommodate this. This will take effect next Friday, Oct 8, after the restart at 11:59 PM EST. An alternative solution is being coded for Story team approval signs, and eviction signs, when ready this post will be updated. If not ready by Monday the effective date will be pushed a week. Cheers, Staff
  4. Hello, the server is now officially on Minecraft 1.16.5. With this brings the removal of Vortex, as well as the introduction of the many building blocks available with this update. Patchnotes Vortex [-] Removed Vortex, with all items being converted to either Vanilla, SurgePVP items, or Terra botany resources. Various crafting restrictions have been removed with this. Terra/Hubs [+] Added Terra, an improved node management plugin. [+] Fast travel hubs have been entirely redesigned, nation mines have been improved. [+] Vanilla resource nodes can be gathered with vanilla tools, which are craftable in the Crafting Table. [+] Nation mines feature various vanilla resources such as iron, coal, redstone, gold, lapis, and obsidan. [+] Hubs feature most building blocks, including many new ones added in 1.16. Some of these nodes drop multiple resource blocks. [+] Alchemist Shears and the Hammer and Chisel can be crafted at the Crating Table, to gather botany resources and 'Lore Materials' (such as lightstone) respectively. [!] The World Team is still working on setting up the nodes at the hubs, they will be populated over the rest of the week. SurgePVP [+] Added SurgeCrafting, an easy to use crafting plugin for SurgePVP gear, accessible with any Smithing Table. [+] Shields are now craftable. [+] Pikes (as tridents) have been added. [+] Non-combat swords for item-editing can now be made using vanilla recipes in the Crafting Table (search up 'Training Sword'). [~] Various gear stats have been adjusted. [~] For the moment, SurgePVP gear can not be edited with /edit, though vanilla tools and swords are craftable (see above). [-] All armor tiers except ferrum platemail, ferrum chainmail, and leather gambeson have been removed. [-] All weapon tiers except ferrum and aurum have been removed. Notes [+] Notes is a basic plugin that allows everyone to write in paper. [+] Up to 6 personas may write on the same piece of paper with different handwritings for each one. [+] One or more personas may also sign the paper, this will not stop someone else from writing under the signature. The signatures do not have to come from writers, anyone can sign a note, there are no limits. [+] If the note isn't signed (or only signed by you), it can also be copied to other papers. Remember you can't copy someone else's handwriting, it will have your own. [+] Bedrock VIPs and higher have access to colored writing. [+] Type /notes help to get started. Other [+] Yong Ping's new capital and two settlements have had their builds pasted in with 1.16 building blocks, make sure to check them out! [-] The Snow Elf mechanical race has been removed. [!] Curios and Nations are both almost ready to launch, though the techs working on them want a little more polish, so they will not be included in this update. These plugins should be seen on the server in the next few weeks! Tech Team Update Thank you to everyone for your patience with this update. These kind of large updates are challenging on their own to coordinate, but this one posed special challenges. The removal of Vortex, mainly the conversion of defunct items to Vanilla was not an easy task, and took far longer than expected. In total, 22,747 personas, 132,280 storage containers, and 115,153 entities in the world had to be scanned for Vortex items and properly updated. A grand total of 192,388 item-stacks were converted. This was accomplished using the Noteworthy Equipment Xtreme Updated and Scanner (N.E.X.U.S.). We had tested much of this code beforehand on Beta Server, though converting the main server showed some issues with the code that could not have been tested on the beta server. All in all, the rest of the code-base for this update (everything unrelated to the conversion) worked very well on the first try. The other major issues with this update, is that the team has very few people who have the knowledge on how to do such a large transition, and the expertise of LotC's setup. Basically it's just myself and Telanir who have ever done this before, and it's not something that can be easily trained either. It is a very manual task requiring several hours of one person's time, and not everything can be properly tested on beta with our current setup, and of course is prone to human error. I don't intend to ever do this again. I'm looking into various automation tools that would allow most of this work to be done and tested in a parallel environment beforehand, and am hoping our 1.18 update will be much easier the day-of. As previously mentioned, we will not be transitioning to 1.17, but instead going right to 1.18 when it is available and stable. Shoutouts Thank you to @The60th @CommissarVoop @Telanir @Jistuma and @aiden0023 for their contributions to this update. Thank you to @6xdestroyer @Laeonathan @Minth_11 @Disheartened @Witchlore @WestCarolina @BathRugMan @Lionbileti @AgentOfChaos@FloralHedgehog and @lawnmowerman for their work on the hub rebuilds. Thanks to @SquakHawk @Heero @HogoBojo @Space and @FloralHedgehog for help with Terra node setup.
  5. Hello all! Today I am happy to announce that after many months of hard work from Tech Team, we are now ready to transition to Minecraft 1.16.5. We have scheduled a maintenance window for: Tuesday, August 17th, 8:00 am EST - 6:00 pm EST During this time the main server will be unavailable, though lobbies, the museum server, and our beta server will be accessible. There may be brief windows of time where the server network is entirely inaccessible as we apply updates to our proxy as well. After the window is closed, our server will be fully on 1.16.5, which will be the minimum required version to connect. We currently support connections from 1.16.5 client, so I recommend you update now if you have not already. This update brings along many building blocks, as well as the sunsetting of Vortex, and the introduction of Surge PVP and Terra. Full information about these changes can be found on the original 1.16.5 Information Thread. A full changelog will be released alongside the update, though it will look much like what was outlined in the previous post. However, we will not be seeing the change to ItemEdit and the reintroduction of hookahs yet, though those are still active projects. A couple of new plugins will be introduced, including a Nations information system, Curios, and some updates to Lockpicking mechanics. The World and Story team will also be introducing some changes to the Hubs and Nodes, using the new features in Terra. More information about the new features will follow the update. Thanks to @The60th @aiden0023 @CommissarVoop and @Telanir for their work on this update. After we are on 1.16.5, we will remain there until a stable version of 1.18 is available. Due to a variety of factors including reported stability issues, we have no present plans to update to 1.17. We will instead be focusing on other projects to better the roleplay experience. Cheers, Llir | Technical Administrator
  6. I'm aware that some players are sharing a post on behalf a ToS banned player. I would like to refer everyone to our Safety Policy, and remind players that sharing sensitive information will result in a ban. The contents of the post will be reviewed by the administration and vetted against existing evidence. However, this kind of private information has no place on the forums.

  7. Fringe is, nobody has red realm though
  8. Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying all of the events of our ten year anniversary celebration so far! For a full list of events, check the schedule here. For this post, the Tech Team and World Team are really exited to announce the release of two related initiatives we have been working on: Map Archive All of our major maps (including for the first time a full version of Arcas) are now available for download at archives.lordofthecraft.net, where we plan to host them indefinitely! All of these maps have been loaded on 1.16.5, it is recommended you use this version to browse them. Thank you to crazyeights11 for providing a majority of these downloads for us to share with all of you. Note: Some of these maps are only partial, so if you see missing chunks that is why. Museum Server To showcase our collection of past maps, a special server has been setup to host the maps at museum.lotc.co (1.16.5+ needed to connect), or directly accessed through typing /museum on the main server. This server features a custom plugin for navigation between the worlds, and a wonderful hub world to showcase the 'exhibits'. To get started, just right click with the soul lantern on login to navigate between worlds, or type /help for a list of commands such as spectator, nightvision, and client-side time and weather. Huge shoutouts for putting the Museum Server together: - @aiden0023 for setting up the server, coding the custom plugin, and importing the worlds. Without him this project would not have been possible. #InvestInAidenCoin! - @Heero leading the project, organizing and designing, and helping Aiden get things up and running. - @Gamma, @BathRugMan, and @6xdestroyer for building the hub world. - @CommissarVoop for helping polish off the plugin. Enjoy the nostalgia, Llir
  9. It's been a great time helping this server grow. I'm so excited for what we'll be doing down the line. Cheers to ten, and many more.
  10. Thanks to @Sorcerio for saying "hey why does it say 2020" when i was working on it in discord
  11. Hello all! I'm excited to announce the official event schedule for our 10 year anniversary. We have a great set of events lined up, we're all looking forward to it! More details will be announced about certain events over the weekend, each will have it's own post. Happy 10 years! - Administration Thanks to @Chronics for help with the graphic. There are a couple events we may add before the weekend, and times are subject to change. Check back here here for updates. Links to events/posts (will be updated as posts are made): Kickoff - Message from Tythus and Crowns Sale details Exclusive Interview - Shiftnative by Zarsies Surprise Video: What Ten Years of MCRP Looks Like by Treshure Official Map Archive and Tech Team Surprise: Museum Server Zac Clay Interviews Tythus on Twitch The One Contest to Rule Them All Raw text version in spoiler below:
  12. It's been a pleasure working with you over the past year Nick, you've had a ton of great ideas and made some really cool code, I'm gonna miss you a ton.
  13. There was a cutoff which you submitted after - you can speak to management if you want to dispute this. For information about the 1.16 Update please view this thread. A release date has not yet been set due to complications with Nickrocky's schedule. When a definite date can be determined, it will be announced along with maintenance details.
  14. i will offer you 1.5 mina
  15. The current approved roster has been checked over by the war team - everyone on it right now was pre-approved before the fight last weekend. I know that some people don't want to come to the rescheduled fight - hopefully if they give this post a read-over they will reconsider, or at least for future fights people will have the confidence that it will work out well.
  16. Hello all, We want to outline the plan for the warclaim postponed from last weekend between Oren and Norland. First off, I want to personally apologize for the delays and technical issues last weekend, and more importantly the lack of communication about what was going on. Collectively, a lot of time was wasted, and we did not deliver the kind of experience that we had hoped for. This post aims to remedy that, and be fully transparent on the plan for the battle and the technical details. Test Fight A number of identified issues have been already resolved in the queue system and war-server, and work is continuing to be done to assure any remaining issues are found. We are planning to host a full test this coming Thursday, at 6 PM EST. For this test, please be on the main server at this time with gear ready, and a broadcast will notify you how to join. Technical staff will be in https://discord.ggo/lotc during the fight to discuss details further. We’re hoping to have a good turnout, so that any issues can be resolved before Saturday. Note: inventory will not be lost on death on the war-server, so do not worry about losing gear. Battle Plan The battle will be taking place on Saturday, May 22nd at 4 PM EST. Players are encouraged to rally at 3 PM EST, and the war-server queue will begin moving players in at 3:30 PM EST. An uncapped fight will be attempted, with a close eye being kept on performance metrics such as TPS, ping, and lag spikes. If it is found that the war-server can not handle the expected turnout (evidence of excessive rubber-banding, packet loss, general unplayability), then PVP will be turned off, the death tracker will be cleared, and all players will be sent back to the main server. Should performance be acceptable, the fight will proceed as normal, and a winner will be declared when the other side has been eliminated. Contingency Plan Should the uncapped fight have to be called off, we aim to start the contingency plan by 4:30 PM EST. For all fights Saturday, inventory loss on death will be disabled so that if a reset is required, mass refunds do not slow things down. Further, removing item drops will reduce server lag. The contingency plan will work as follows: A 50v50 fight will be set-up, with players being pulled to the war-server by the queue system based on their position in the roster as configured by their leadership (this has already been done, though may be modified until the fighting begins Saturday). The PVP will occur until one side has eliminated the other. The victorious side will be sent back to their spawn area, and their roster will be replenished up to 50 players from those waiting in the queue. The losing side will have up to 50 new players brought onto the war server, based off the roster rankings Players who die in one fight may not participate in a subsequent one. The above process will continue until one side has no players remaining to replenish their roster. The other side will be declared victorious. Should the 50v50 fight also be unplayable (determined during the first fight), we will reset and scale down to the same process but with 25v25, though this is a worst-case scenario, the server should be able to handle 100 players without significant issues. Fortifications Finally, a note on fortifications since I have been seeing quite a bit of questions surrounding them. I have clarified with Moderation that fortifications in warring nations are almost entirely acceptable, with the exception of tiles that are actively being disputed (as in, warclaims have been scheduled). In these disputed areas, fortifications can occur on existing structures, up to the day before a siege (none of which are currently planned for this war), though excessive PVP modifications may be removed. Also, as a general rule, if an area is actively involved in a war or note, builds must meet our Build Standards. A personal note... I really hope that things go over smoothly this weekend, and that we all have a fun time. I wanted more than anybody to see a the war server function as intended, a lot of work has been done on it since last summer, and it was heartbreaking to see everything fall apart on Sunday due to what at the end of the day was around 3 simple (though critical) bugs. I understand many of you were disappointed and upset, rightfully so. Proper testing and more clear communication could have avoided many of the headaches that occurred, and that's on me. I could go on and try to make excuses about how I ran out of time, but even with that, other things could have been done such as a smaller main-server fight, or postponing it before everyone wasted their time Sunday. At the end of the day, communication is key, and that was the real issue last weekend. Though it's not productive for me to dwell on past mistakes, all that can be done is to look to how things can be improved in the future. Once again, I want to sincerely apologize for these technical and communication issues, and assure you I am working on improving technical communication and getting both myself and my team more organized. I hope that this post addresses many of your concerns, and that we're able to showcase how great this community can be this weekend. On a completely unrelated note, the Tech Team is currently recruiting Java Developers. If you know anybody who may be interested, please send them my way. Cheers, — Llir, on behalf of the War Team p.s. Against the advice of my colleagues I am keeping this post unlocked so that people can ask questions about the test fight, the plan for Saturday, or any other questions about the war server. Please don't make extra work for the Moderation team, they're busy enough.
  17. Looking forward to working with this excellent team of admins, we've got some great people on the team and I'm sure we'll do some amazing things for our commitment.
  18. I'm excited we're able to shift focus here to new plugins and fixes that the community wants, I'm really looking forward to turning a new page with the Tech Team and the server.
  19. Hello Lord of the Craft, Following up on our announcement last week, I am now happy to announce our newest addition to the Administration. Please congratulate @ScreamingDingo (GrimReaper98), who will be taking over as Story Admin! ScreamingDingo has been a member of our community since Aegis, and has been instrumental to many of the major event-lines and lore projects throughout the years. He is currently a member of Story Team Management and World Team, and has been on Moderation and Community team in the past. Thank you so much to @Riftblade for guiding the Story Team for the past year! We're all sad to see him go. Cheers, Lord of the Craft Administration
  20. Looking so forward to having everyone test this plugin soon! It's the first time I've coded something quest-like so I'm super excited to be both trying something new and helping new players. Glad to see everyone's looking forward to it and sharing some great feedback!
  21. Hello all! Many of you have heard that @Anore and @Riftblade recently announced their resignations from Moderation and Story Admin (thank you so much to both of them for all the work they've put in!). That, alongside the recent vacancy of World Admin, and the outstanding lack of a permanent replacement for our last Community Admin, the Administration is an interesting state - we're horribly understaffed but have a great opportunity for change. With that, today I will be announcing two new administrators to help lead the future of Lord of the Craft. Everyone, please congratulate @ImCookiie on his promotion to Moderation Admin. Cookiie has been a Moderation Manager for quite some time, and has shown is passion for moderation and dedication to the team. He was the obvious choice for the position, overwhelmingly recommended by his colleagues, and now to be friendly and compassionate to all those around him. We look forward to him continuing to uphold the standards of Moderation team, and being a friendly face on the administration. Furthermore, please congratulate @Heero on his promotion to World Admin. Heero has been a member of the World, Moderation, and Story teams, and a longtime member of our staff and community. He's a veteran of the server, having been involved in the development of many of our past maps - and known for his passion for issues that effect the server as a whole. We look forward to him leading the World Team in a new direction, and driving wider change on the server. We will be looking to fill the vacancies for Story and Community administrator in the coming weeks, and look forward the new perspectives that four new administrators will bring to the server. Cheers, LotC Administration
  22. You banned someone from the wiki for something unrelated the wiki said personally to you in DMs, rather than reporting what you saw as harassment to the appropriate channels. Due to this, I received and investigated a staff report on the matter. My concern was the apparent unprofessionalism and alleged abuse of your staff position in response to personal issues, which is completely out of policy. Your feelings are justified, though we have standards we must uphold as staff. I took your concerns seriously and discussed the gun image with Trenchist. We had a productive conversation, and after reading the full DMs between you two, and hearing both sides, I believe it boiled down to a miscommunication. I discussed the matter further with your team management and Moderation leadership, deciding to file a warning on the matter, and unban the Wiki account. No action was taken against you. I have no personal opinion on the middle eastern issues, I'm just doing my due diligence as an administrator to assure protocol is followed.
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