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  1. “Finally. Somethin’ to kill!” Torvar shouts as he prepares his killing tools.
  2. Yemekar’s Workforce “There is one group of hardworking dwarves that holds the entirety of the Dwarven Under-Realm upon their broad shoulders, a group of dwarves that truly know the meaning of “a hard day’s work.” They the workforce of Yemekar’s Pick, they are those who dedicate their hands to the service of The Maker. Woodcutting, mining, and farming are not merely tradeskills to be learned and then performed sluggishly from day to day in monotonous drudgery but they are skills to be cherished. The common worker is not lowly or insignificant in the grand scheme of the Under-Realm but they are what keeps the Under-Realm moving forward, for without supplies how would goods and profits be made? Most importantly, without farmers how would we produce ale?! This is why any dwarf should be honored to join the workforce of the Under-Realm, for they not only honor themselves but they honor their clan, the Under-Realm, and Yemekar himself.” From The Quarters of Yemekar’s Pick, The sons of Yemekar, under the guidance of the Council of the Under-Realm, have deemed it required that a single entity is needed to control and maintain the means and production of materials throughout the Under-Realm without the hindrance and desire for personal gain or wealth. The ancestral position of Yemekar’s Pick have been revived to carry out these important duties to ensure that such a thing happens under strict vigil, and that the integrity and infrastructure of the Under-Realm remains intact and protected. No longer will our sacred mines go to waste. No longer will citizens of the Under-Realm have to travel away from the comfort of the deep to acquire resources and materials so vital to the prosperity of the dwedmar. Now, the mines will be opened for all to use, and the Under-Realm shall reap the fruits of what Yemekar had blessed us with. ~ Torvar Starbreaker, Yemekar’s Pick of the Under-Realm Permits & Guidelines To ensure that the mines are not being exploited, permits will be sold that will grant the holder permission to enter the mines unhindered. Several permits are available outside of the mine entrance for a single miner, to a clan or entire guild. The holders of these permits will be expected to fulfill a required quota, otherwise their permit will be terminated and voided, losing access to the mines. Single Miner Permits A Single Miner Permit can be purchased from the office of Yemekar’s Pick outside of the mines for a small fee of 400 mina. These permits are for a single miner, and cannot be shared among others. This permit allows full access to the mines within the Under-Realm, and the abundant ores within. A required quota is to be fulfilled every stone week. The quota is as follows: 4 stacks of iron ore Clan Mining Permits A Clan Mining Permit is meant for clans within the Under-Realm seeking to mine riches for the benefit of their clan. These permits can be purchased from the office of Yemekar’s Pick outside of the mines for a fee of 1,100 mina. This permit will cover a maximum of three miners of their respective clan, and a required quota will be set to be fulfilled each stone week. The quota is as follows: 12 stacks of iron ore Guild Mining Permits A Guild Mining Permit is for guilds and orders within the Under-Realm or in good standing with the dwedmar, seeking to extract riches for the benefit of their own guild. These permits can be purchased from the office of Yemekar’s Pick outside of the mines for a fee of 1,500 mina. This permit will cover a maximum of four miners of their respective guild, and a required quota will be set to be fulfilled each stone week. The quota is as follows: 16 stacks of iron ore Every stone week, quotas will be collected. If a quota is not met, a grace period of one stone week will be given until the permit is permanently revoked and voided, losing access to the mines. If for some reason you plan to travel and will not be within the Under-Realm for an extended amount of time, a notice is to be sent to the office of Yemekar’s Pick so that your permit is not revoked. If you fail to send notice and your quota is not met, your permit will be terminated. A permit is not meant to be shared among multiple people. If you are found in the mines, or accused of trespassing without a permit, you will be brought before the Council of the Under-Realm and a trial will be held to determine your punishment on grounds of theft against the Under-Realm. Gaining Access to the Mines To gain full access to the mines, you must purchase your preferred permit. Once you’ve purchased your permit, it must be sent along with all required paperwork to the office of Yemekar’s Pick. Once everything has been verified, you will be sent a key, giving you access to the mines. It may take up to two stone days for your paperwork to be verified. You can send your paperwork here: https://forms.gle/qKZmCFWpTmACE3m28 For Past Permits For those who’ve purchased permits in the past from previous Prospectors and Foremen, those permits are still valid. To retain the validity of said permit, the permit or proof of purchase must be sent to the office of Yemekar’s Pick with additional paperwork. If you do not have the physical permit or proof of purchase, the permit will not be valid and will need to be purchased again from the office of Yemekar’s Pick. Homes For Miners Initiative Currently, the Warden of the Under-Realm is allowing recognized miners of the workforce free and taxless Class B homes within the city of Kal’Varoth. When completing your quota for each stone week, a slip will be placed in your box that must be given to the Warden to waive your taxes for that stone week. If you do not complete your quote, a taxation slip will not be given and your home will be at risk of eviction unless paid in mina. Access to the Miners Shop An exclusive shop outside of the mine shafts has been established for the selling of excess ores from miners at a premium price. When a miner has completed their quota, and is looking to make mina, they can sell the ores they do not want to the shop. Prices may vary depending on demand by the Under-Realm. This document has been reviewed and signed by, Torvar Starbreaker, Yemekar’s Pick
  3. These pedos gettin dabbed on epic style.

  4. Who should I talk to for a wiki account? I’d like to update the wiki pages and add missing info for the dwarves.

  5. Official family tree from the Goldhands when I was still Clanfather as Thoak https://www.familyecho.com/?p=START&c=fcggehoy08&f=135471606721789048
  6. - A darkly armored dwarf stands guard at the Starbreaker Clanhall in Kal’Varoth -
  7. Players/Group Requesting: Kaz’Ulrah dwarves + Any other dwarves/people interested in participating What kind of Event are you looking for?: We are looking for a series of events that pertain to the dwarven clergy and cults/heretics within Kaz’Ulrah and the surrounding lands. I’ve written material that ET can base the events off of that can be found on the forums and given if requested. Old school dungeon / Monster killing preferred. Actors may fill in the roles of fanatics and heretics if wanted. Event areas can be built by me in SP if needed and placed on the server in game by staff. Approximately, what time/date you want the Event to take place?: Starting November 3rd – 4th and progressing every weekend after. Organizer's Discord: Cindervein#1790
  8. Looking for an ET interested in doing an event line I have in mind for the dwarves. PM me if interested

  9. The High King signs, ready to continue the alliance Ulrah has had with the orcs for years.
  10. I was thinking of returning to LOTC, but then I saw what was happening, and turned back.

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      Thats a smart move xD staff be swinging their banhammers xD

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