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  1. Homophobic Roleplay on LoTC is way too normalized and it ******* sucks.


    Can’t wait for the next installment where we discuss how fun rape and genocide can be to RP! smh. I’m out.

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    2. Jentos


      I can agree with how hard it is to achieve historical accuracy, but without wanting to go too far from the topic at hand, “grim dark” can be much more than peasants spitting, and has to do with much more than language. Obviously this depends on the hand which wields it, and we all have different opinions and tastes, though some such as homophobia might be deemed unacceptable, and limiting its use might create further controversy in a roleplay community that already has staff deeply involved in most conflicts. 

    3. AlphaMoist


      Okay but to be fair it’s kind of lotc’s own fault for making homophobia extremely likely among elves. A mostly infertile race would be extremely unwelcoming to those who refuse to try and increase their population. It just makes sense for them to be less welcoming to gays. If people want to explore that aspect of rp, it’s fine. As long as they don’t take it oocly, I don’t see a problem. 

    4. BrandNewKitten


      Genuinely appreciate the thoughts and opinions shared on my status. As a gay male I have advocated for using homophobia less and less since joining LoTC. It makes me uncomfortable & I don’t think is necessary for roleplay. 

      And I also advocate for less extreme uses of racism & sexism as well. A snow elven prejudice built from story scenarios seems okay but homophobia  started as an OOC religious concept that is forced down ***** throats time and time again. We come here to exist in a fantasy universe. It’s just shitty that people replicate the most traumatic parts.

      I understand that the issue isn’t an easy fix but I’d rather be vicious in my reaction to it so you know how angry it makes me than to let it continue to silently fester. 

  2. Apparently Sea Elves are a thing now

  3. I’m getting a dog. 

  4. It should be the responsibility of the ST to take lore that is currently being used (a staple since 2013) and work to help it rather than just say “tough ****.”


    Especially when effort, real effort has been put in to create a rewrite. 

    1. lev


      i am angry! angry about kah!

  5. Nice forum avatar 

    1. Zarsies


      very nice

    2. BrandNewKitten


      @Zarsies it took more work than you’d think to find it.


    3. Princeton


      Thanks dads 😌

  6. Cry for help. D;

  7. Why isn’t anyone talking about the other realms; ios, Oos, Uos, or Yos????

  8. Now that arcanism is shelved can I make legend lore on the shepherd of arcanism?



    1. Magicpastry


      you’ll always be a legend to me bnk

    2. BrandNewKitten



  9. BNK here. You are my Queen. I kneel to your elegance and class. 

    1. Wretched


      This totally looks like I hacked your account

    2. BrandNewKitten


      You would never do that

      (somebody help me) 

  10. Did you fill out the new melee weapon application? 

  11. I am working on a piece that provides a logical evolution for Arcanism in the hopes of addressing the need to balance spells as well as providing a the next chapter to the story of the magic. 

    The thing I want to make clear is that I want each and every current Arcanism user to have access. Are there any current users who absolutely need their feedback heard? I understand. PM me. 

  12. Me when guns get accepted: https://imgur.com/a/B3r7GWA

    1. BrandNewKitten
    2. Ducklingator


      this is me when guns get accepted


    3. Sorcerio


      I dream of playing a Wonk Armsdealer 

  13. Anyone who has played Banner Saga must love the Varl. I think some alternative for LoTC would be cool.


    We have never had an Orc-Dwarf Crossbreed so what if it was a horned species with cave-dwelling tendencies, brute strength, and a bulky stature? Ultimate LoTC race incoming? You are welcome.

    1. lev



    2. DixieDemolisher
    3. Xarkly




      Dredge are also very cool.

  14. Who do you think you are 

  15. Thar Supremacy Since 2012 

  16. Yo orcs. Why hasn’t anyone made a clan of cyclops yet? 

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    2. BrandNewKitten


      I can only play Goblins. 

    3. EndCallCaesar


      Gobbos are mad fun


    4. gone_to_the_store



      u are so weird

  17. just roll for war

    1. Sorcerio


      Nah. rock paper scissors.

  18. Do you ever mass-murder everything and everyone while playing Skyrim only to stop and ask yourself: “Does this make me a psychopath?”



    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      i laugh when the npcs become ragdolls after i kill them on gta

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Only if you have the anime mod installed

  19. Some of you play antagonists IRL and it shows. 

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    2. rukio


      I’m just evil simple as 

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      I watch anime so yes, I am very evil IRL. I play a halfling in order to atone my weaboo sins in-game.

    4. BrandNewKitten


      @NotEvilAtAll Chivalry is not dead, it seems. Such honor.


  21. Only women can be chads. Prove me wrong. 

    1. rukio


      How do you define Chad?

    2. _Jandy_


      hope she sees this bro, fr fr

  22. Hear me out LoTC... next map... DINOSAURS ? ? 

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    2. Dakirennis


      Lizardman race, it’s needed.

    3. BrandNewKitten


      No. Just Dinosaurs. We can only do one thing at a time.

    4. Amayonnaise


      I’m down for this. I want my dose of Minecraft-Ark Survival Evolved plz!

  23. Anyone else playing Outer Worlds?

    1. _Hexe_


      was considering it

    2. obreeni
    3. BrandNewKitten


      Yeah! It is a lot of fun so far!

      one quirk I have noticed so far is that nothing respawns. I think once you kill something it remains dead and if you put something in a container it just stays there...

      Yeah! It is a lot of fun so far!

      one quirk I have noticed so far is that nothing respawns. I think once you kill something it remains dead and if you put something in a container it just stays there

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