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  1. (( did losing oren to vege damage your own ability to think? all you do lately is sperg out when things dont go your way lately
  2. "It's time for retribution, the forces are ready." "Justice or Death." The Lord Commander mumbles to himself as he leads the marching Ivae'Fenn into position on the map.
  3. the rewards are so not worth it, the effort and frustration ffs
  4. is this foreshadowing in the use of memes..? ill have my team decipher the meaning of this right away you cant trust a brit.........
  5. "Good." states a snarky dead Andrik.
  6. no
  7. "We're just letting Orenian citizens pack up and go? So they can brew whatever **** plot later on when they consolidate? We've gone soft." grumbles a Coalition Soldier.
  8. "Must be destroyed regardless. The plot thickens." grumbles someone.
  9. A Snow Elf continues to rub his hands for no apparent reason.
  10. A Snow Elf would rub his hands together for no apparent reason.
  11. "Not sure a turncoat can be trusted." states an Elf as he is told of the news.
  12. "Seems I have to change my attention from the Horen to the Wood Elves now." sighs an Elf with white hair. "I dont get a break."
  13. "Huh." says Wilhelm as he returning from the day's combat, content in his obliviousness as he cleans up, eats his rations with his comrades, and goes to sleep, preparing for the next day of battle.
  14. ez
  15. Snow Elves were genetically modified tho