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  1. ayy lmao rip courland
  2. "Oh my, this might be a stick up Tuvyas bum." mentions Glyswen.
  3. end my suffering
  4. +1 me u ******* ***** *****
  5. please +1 my post
  6. smh
  7. remove kebab?
  8. i hope you get banned :^)
  9. "Eye for an Eye." responds
  10. "You must be misinformed or misinterpreting, the Mali'Fenn wish not to rule your lands, ruling such degenerates would be degrading to the Princedom of Fenn. We do not need your acceptance to burn your lands to ashes." Glyswen finishes his last reply, the jedi mind power hurting his head
  11. "You must be delusional. Our kind were first to be invaded, you should see how it feels to be conquered." Glyswen responds back somehow.
  12. "The Mountains of Ceru were ours, until you marched your armies into it and slaughtered the populace, retribution is demanded, crimes shall be answered." states Glyswen.
  13. (( did losing oren to vege damage your own ability to think? all you do lately is sperg out when things dont go your way lately
  14. "It's time for retribution, the forces are ready." "Justice or Death." The Lord Commander mumbles to himself as he leads the marching Ivae'Fenn into position on the map.
  15. the rewards are so not worth it, the effort and frustration ffs