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  1. degeneracy
  2. i dont check in much but i'd like buff to stay perma banned please and thank you : )
  3. I think we know where to go next
  4. ""Let's do it!" they all yelled in unison, on the first day, "Let's rethink this" they thought on the second day, and on the third day, "Let's depose him!". The Northerners balked and showed their true colors, betraying their King as they worried more about their holdings and land. Scared that they would experience the same result of the Dukes War. As far as I know, the King attempted his best for his people, but was ultimately in the end, betrayed by cowards and those he trusted." "And I'm just an Elf, the hell you going off about?"
  5. i think hes having a stroke
  6. "Clearly making a misinformed judgement based on your ignorance of the situation that was at hand, but whatever makes you feel better at night."
  7. "I dont recall him trying to do, a, "Reform the Orenian Title", b, "Having a superiority complex", or c, "Having hubris". Your call out game is weak, and you should feel disappointed and ashamed."
  8. "Any who seek to rule and unify Mankind consequently and always do, reform the Orenian title, thus sending Humanity into a spiral of a superiority complex, which is what their downfall was in recent history. Hubris is the bane of a ruler."
  9. this guy
  10. "Any attempts to reform the Empire shall be put down like a rabid dog." a man states firmly to himself.
  11. i guess we learned not to mess around with eula laws amirite?
  12. "Uh."
  13. degenerate snow elves are hiring