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    Ser Paul Ryan's Arctic Adventure

    "THEY LEFT WITHOUT ME?!" shouted Amandil as he stirred from his slumber, not finding his friends anywhere within the Royal Palace.
  2. "My big, black, Farfolk Ćock shall trump all other Ćocks at this tournament."
  3. unironically caring about lotc makes you a bogdanoff

  4. THE BROTHERHOOD OF GOLDEN CROW SONS OF JOREN The Protectors of Barbanov, Warriors of Haense His MAJESTY’s Most Honorable Retinue of the Kingdom of Haense ORDO AUREI FLORES CORVUS APPLICATION AT THE BOTTOM "You are Brothers now. Trust the man to your right and to your left, and be ready to give your life for him, for he would do the same without question." -Tarcell Othaman, 1502 PREAMBLE From the Highlands of the Old North rose the first Highlander Brotherhood, composed of the Raev and Hansetians of the Lahy, which destroyed the armies of Prince Nicholas the ‘Heathen’ and established the One True Faith, the Canonist Faith, into the hearts of the Highlanders for years to come. In the warm hearth of Siegrad, cradle of Highlander culture and excellence in the 14th Centurium, that flame was rekindled. The sworn-shields of Karl Barbanov carved a new legacy the into bedrock of history, their names preserved forever in the songs that sound off the tongues of every northern bard. Now, in the darkest hour the Highlander people have ever faced, a new Brotherhood of warriors will be forged. Its purpose: to take up arms against the conniving aggressors that seek to subjugate and enslave Joren’s Folk, and to secure the everlasting freedom and sovereignty of the Haeseni realm. Fear will not shake them, for their hearts are painted black with grim purpose. Death will not deter them, for a martyr’s end is one to be welcomed. That Eternal Flame of old burns with passion and with rage in their hearts- a fire that will never be extinguished until the last loyal man falls in defense of his Kingdom. For the Brothers of the Golden Crow will never kneel. The Standard of the Kingdom of Haense HISTORY Near the close of the infamous Third Human-Dwarf War, the Urguani quickly crumbled, with numerous dwarven holdings falling to the hands of King Andrew of Oren. Most important of these newly conquered fiefs was the Hold of Hiebenhall, the last Dwarven Hold in both Northern Athera and on the River Picataris, decimating the Grand Kingdom of Urguan’s vital supply line of timber and coal to the war effort. The victorious capitulation was lead by the one named Karl Aleksandrovic Tuvic, leading Oren-aligned levies of the County of Ayr and was joined by his Vladovic kinsman of Woldzmir. Because of his role in its capture, Karl Aleksandrovic was aptly named Count of Siegrad by the King of Oren, beginning to slow process in subjugating the neighboring tribes which enjoyed extensive autonomy under both the Urguani yoke and the past Kingdom of Waldenia. With his new office, Karl Aleksandrovic took new arms under the urging of his fellow peers and guardians, upholding the newly christened House Barbanov, named for one of the numerous Raev Princes of yore, and wielding the standard of the gold crow upon a black field, in honor of his grandfather. What came with his appointment was Count Karl’s creation of a primed levy force, attempting to reorganize the previous wild militia from the ruins of Waldenia and be akin to those like the noble houses of mainland Oren. It equated into the Brotherhood of the Golden Crow, which became Count Karl’s personal retinue and staging force, joining him in the ending days of the Third Human-Dwarf War, his elevation to Duke after the death of his uncle in 1505, and his later death by the hand of the Adunian Flesh Worm Mordangai (ironically the spawn of the previous Adunian Flesh Worm Wundergar which was slain by his uncle nearly two decades before). His son, Siguine Karovic, inherited with his demise, the Brotherhood of the Golden Crow swearing their loyalty and resuming their original post. With Duke Siguine’s unmatured age, Count Tarcell of Valles took charge as regent and wardfather for the young ducal figure, becoming de facto ruler of Haense and sole leader of the Golden Crow. Compared to Duke Karl’s constant involvement and participation in Oren’s affairs, Count Tarcell of Valles took an isolationist approach, and the Duchy of Haense and the Golden Crow remained mostly within their borders. Despite the rising tensions and conflicts between Duke Hughes of Adria and King Olivier of Oren, it came to great surprise when Count Tarcell of Valles led the Haensic levy in pillaging Dour Watch under the guise of peace, nearly killing the brothers Clement and Augustus de Sola. The Duchy of Haense informally begins to help the Adrian dissenters, and begins a full coalition against the King of Oren in 1518, for which Count Tarcell of Valles formally signed in Duke Siguine of Haense’s name. In the spring of 1518, the Coalition forces of the Duchy of Adria, Vanaheim, and Haense scored numerous victories over the Royalist forces, with Duke Hughes of Adria marching the Adrian footman deep into the Druscan Marshes, with Count Tarcell of Valles flanking north and the Vanaheimic forces under command of Lord Britannus Vanir marching deep into the crownlands. However, the offensive began to crumble. Numerous northern lords under the Vanirs of Vanaheim launched a revolt, angered in the Vanir’s choice in supporting Duke Hughes of Adria against the King of Oren, but more importantly was the early death of Count Tarcell of Valles. The assaulting Haensic forces were intercepted by the Kaedreni loyalists of Grand Duke Cantonus, where despite the Golden Crow’s ability to beat back the ambush, Count Tarcell was captured. He was tried for treason and found guilty, being executed in Castle Praha in the autumn of 1518. Duke Hughes of Adria retreats back to his namesake duchy, where the Golden Crow under the young command of Duke Siguine of Haense, now of majority age, meet with him. However, before the next assault can occur, Duke Hughes is assassinated and the coalition enters into turmoil. The Golden Crow voice their loyal and loud voice to Duke Siguine, for which he wins the election amongst the lords to become the newly titled Lord Paramount. In the spring of 1520, Duke Siguine leads the forces into the Druscan Marshes once more. However, with Duke Siguine’s inexperience at such a young age, the lack of guardianship with Count Tarcell’s execution, paired with the late frost which decimated Adrian crops and the land blockade on the Duchy of Vanaheim, the Coalition is defeated at the Battle of the Blackwald in late 1520, forcing the combined forces to retreat into the fortress of Barrowyk. Duke Siguine, with the remaining forces within northern Adria, sends a token force of Golden Crow, led by the priest Enoch of Haense and Ser Sarus Mallister, to defend Haense from incursion. The pair successfully raid Royalist supply lines, however does not stop the Royalist capture of Barrowyk in 1521 and the later Sack of Brelus, which led to the fall of both the Duchy of Adria and Vanaheim. The remaining force of Golden Crow, however, did not surrender and it would take until 1524 that Haense falls to the force of Jan Kovachev in the name of King Guy II of Oren. The Golden Crow was officially disbanded, and many flee with other Adrian rebels from capture. After the succession crisis that occurred with Duke Stefan of Carnatia and later Duke Jan of Carnatia, the House of Barbanov once again found itself in a ducal coronet, inheriting the title as Duke of Carnatia which was formally renamed to the previous title of Haense. Peter Barbnov took the leading role, the posthumous son of Duke Siguine of Haense to Kamilla of Woldzmir, where he officially re-founded the Golden Crow to once again stand as the protectors of the Barbanov line. The Golden Crow were retained as the royal guard of the Barbanov household throughout First Regime, though their role was largely diminished to that of a palace levy. Through the guidance of Osgod Colborn and his protege Tuvya Berhal, many of the old traditions were preserved, and in the dark circles of the Rothswood, new generations of Brothers would undergo the ancient Baptism of Ashes and take on the rites of old. That Brotherhood all but perished with the realm, though a few of their number fled under the command of Otto the Sapper, and carried on their sacred role in the exile court of King Marius. There they remained, standing watch over the last, forlorn hope of the Kingdom, watching their King wither away with grief. When Haense was at last restored under the triumphant Stephen Barbanov, the Brotherhood faded into the great tapestry of history, their legacies all but forgotten, but their duties completed nonetheless. But with the impending invasion of the Renatian aggressors, the Brotherhood is formed anew. Rallying under the banner of Karl II Barbanov, the Golden Crow takes once more to the skies, casting a defiant shadow over the Sleetfells, a lasting beacon of hope for all those who will not bow. RANKING The hierarchy that binds all, and brings together order. The ranking of the Brotherhood follows the Othamanic Classifications arranged in the Vibian Doctrine fashion, which provides for a streamlined flow of command to all members of the Order. GRANDMASTER Incumbent Amendil Elendil of the House of Anorien, by the Grace of His Majesty, Grandmaster of the Golden Crow, Lord Marshal of all Haensetic Forces, Primus Defender of the Kingdom of Haense. r. 1660 - present THE FIRST TIER | LEADERS OF THE BROTHERHOOD VELKY-HUSSARS The first subordinates of the Grandmaster; the Velky Hussars are tasked with the overseeing of the Brotherhood alongside the Grandmaster. HUSSAR The senior command rank of the Order; Hussars are Brothers-Armigers that have passed all their necessary trials to acquire the illustrious position. While not obligated to take up the mantle of a commander, they are at the very least, expected to maintain order and discipline. THE SECOND TIER | BULK OF THE ORDER “The man who runs from his enemy lives to see another day. The man who dies for his cause lives forever.” -Osgod Colborn at the Battle of Curon Forest, 1580 THE STANDARD-BEARER Carrier of the Banner of the Burgundian upon the Golden Crow, the Standard-Bearer is the watchful eye over all the enlisted men in his company in their training and combat. It is the Standard-Bearer who leads the charge of the Burgundians against their foe, and it is the Standard-Bearer who declares victory for the band. It is also custom that the band never retreats until the Standard-Bearer has fallen, a custom which has given the Brotherhood a fierce reputation. The Standard-Bearer is situated with a seat at the table of the Lord and Marshal, along with their own private quarters within the keep. The Standard-Bearer is expected to be the figurehead of the enlisted and March, dressing properly and accordingly in arms, armor, and casual wear. He is also given leadership over the knights who have been knighted by Lord Barbanov, given the title ‘Grand Ser’. BROTHER-VYDRIAN Dubbed after the great Andrik Vydra, bane of the dwarves and schismatics, and hero of the Highlander peoples; a Vydrian is a grizzled soldier of the Host, proving his capabilities in and off the field countless times. It is the pool of Vydrians that new officers are pulled from, and in itself is considered the first stage of leadership within the host. May it be known, the Vydrian is known to deal the final blow in many an occasion BROTHER-ARMIGER A Brother who has proven a step above his peers. He is an example of duty, passion for the Brotherhood, and willingness to serve. He is to oversee the behavior of his brothers beneath him and assist any of his superior officers. BROTHER-ARMSMAN A full member of the Brotherhood, they have passed the initiation and are now welcomed to all the services and camaraderie in which the Brotherhood provides. With their official induction, they can seek out promotions to further their standing in the Brotherhood. UNOATHED An unoathed is a man looking to join the Brotherhood, they are awarded no rights to any of the services in which the Brotherhood of the Golden Crow may provide. They hold no authority within the Brotherhood and are no more than strangers to those who have been awarded membership into the Brotherhood of the Golden Crow. To inquire further about specialized ranks, bring such topic to the nearest Armiger. The Order is host to many other ranks that are not publicly stated. THE COUNCIL OF THE THE FOUR MASTER OF THE FIELD A Hussar who has shown considerable skill in the field, able to not only lead men, but lead the charge when combat is underway. They are expected to train men in the ways of combat, with the varying different weapons in which they may find within the Brotherhood’s armory. They are the ones you look to for advice and tips for combat and defense. A Master of the Field is very much a teacher and should be respected by those under him and those above him. MASTER OF THE FORT A Hussar who has shown considerable skill in allocating and organizing resources. Skilled in logistics and organization, they are an incredibly useful member of the Brotherhood. They work to make sure all men are equipped with the finest gear and organize any large scale civil projects the Kommandant or Lord Barbanov may wish. These men work to fill the coffers of the Brotherhood and ensure no men go hungry or without bed. MASTER OF THE CAMP A Hussar who has shown considerable charisma amongst his peers. Usually a favorite of the Brotherhood always helping the newer members, organizing training, hunts, and other events to keep the men busy in time of peace. They are to enforce order amongst the men and ensure they behave correctly and follow the code of the Brotherhood. “Charge of Fredek Royce’s Hussars, Fringe Wars, 1400s.” TRIALS Killing of the Bear The Hansetian Bear, white of pelt and native to the Grendock Range, is a beast of both majestic and terrifying grace. For an Initiate to become a full-fledged brother of the lodge, he must slay the beast in a single-man hunt and skin its tough and bountiful hide. Making of the Cloak With the newly-skinned pelt, the Initiate must make the customary Bear Cloak that is adorned on every member’s shoulders, be them in uniform dress or in casual attire. This would include drying and tanning the fur, cutting and crafting it to appropriate length, and eventually presenting it to the Standard-Bearer. Baptism of Ashes When Saint Joren was anointed underneath the full moon in the name of the Creator, he was done so in ashes, symbolizing rebirth and renewal of his life. Following the holy legend, all Initiates must gather the wood of the Haensian Spruce and burn ‘till there is only ashes. With their cloak of bear fur, the Initiate is then fully prepared to be baptised by the ashes and fully inducted into the Brotherhood. “I would have perished, had I not persisted.” -Haensian aphorism THE OTHAMANIC DOCTRINE The Tablet of Tenets that all within the Order must adhere by, or else face consequences. -You shall hold no other allegiance, and be pure to your oath. Be not corruptible. -Be calm, strong, polite, and resolute. Show valour in the field, and chivalry at home. -Never surrender yourself nor your brothers; bring your honor, or death. -Triumph through discipline. Submit to this law; First my orders, then myself. -Grasp the purpose of each duty, so you may one day take up the torch of leadership. -Against an honorable foe, fight with chivalry, but to the dishonorable, extend no quarter. -Keep true to your people. Offer your life in place of theirs. -Be strong, true, and loyal to Lord Barbanov and the Golden Crow. EXPECTED CONDUCT BASIC PRESENTATION - NONFORMAL This subsection is meant for soldiers that are; i) currently NOT on an assignment given by a superior, ii) currently NOT in battle or an otherwise life-threatening situation, iii) currently NOT being inspected, or staying in an assigned post, etc, iv) on duty or in the uniform, v) within lands owned by the Kingdom of Haense, regardless of the uniform. As a soldier, you are literally some people’s first impression of the Kingdom. It is your duty to maintain professionalism and discipline at all times, regardless of personal beliefs and biases. Keep profanity to a minimum. Nobody is impressed at your colorful language, and you seem desperate to establish dominance. Use formal talk, even to peasants. Their taxes pay your salary. ‘Citizen, Sir, or Ma’am’ are all acceptable ways to speak with people. Keep slang to a minimum. If speaking respectfully is a problem for you, then be the ‘strong and silent’ type and keep your mouth shut. Do NOT escalate a situation farther than it has to be. A drunk man yelling? No need for you to unsheathe a sword unless he is a threat to your life or somebody else’s. Somebody trespassing in the barracks? Your first response shouldn’t be showing off your weapon unless there is reason to believe that this trespasser came with intent to do harm. Many situations can be resolved without you ever even laying a hand on a criminal except to escort them to a cell in the barracks to await further questioning. Insults fall under this category, as well. There is never a need to insult or taunt somebody. It is petty and will only cause a situation to get more unmanageable as the criminal in question or bystanders may become more aggressive. Avoiding consumption of alcohol on duty is strongly recommended. This goes for any mood-altering substance for recreational use. Avoiding these things will prevent mistakes or the appearance of hap-hazard performance. Emergency can always strike; do not be caught unprepared or vulnerable. Maintain an atmosphere of confidence and respect. No matter how you are feeling, remember that often times your attitude determines the outcome of each scenario. If you scream and curse, people will respond accordingly. If you seem nervous, people trusting in you will become anxious and begin to look for help other than you. Remember, that as a soldier you are the embodiment of what this kingdom stands for! Be proud! You must respond to the needs of the people. Do not be idle and let a citizen be harmed if you can stop it. If you are not preoccupied, your duty is to protect and serve. We are soldiers, not guards, but you shall also protect whenever you possibly can. BASIC PRESENTATION - FORMAL This subsection is meant for soldiers that are; i) Being inspected by a superior, ii) At a post that requires you to remain stationed at a spot (Not during battle). This is a chance to show that you are a cut above the rest. Professionalism is key during moments like this. Visitors to the kingdom and local lords will be able to spot well-disciplined soldiers during formal events, and this may be an excellent way to get recognized. Stand up straight. Do not slouch or lean on a wall. Sitting is not generally permitted either. Do not speak unless spoken to, generally. Gatehouse duty is different, and you must address people quickly in order to get them where they need to go. Unless specifically asked a question, do not speak if being reprimanded or instructed during inspection or line-up. Just do what you are told. During ceremonies that you must guard, do not speak unless you need to tell somebody something that cannot wait. If you must speak, whisper, unless a dire emergency - such as an assassin rushing for the king. Keep conversation to a minimum. Keep movement to a minimum. That is, do not move more than necessary to do your duties most effectively. Towers and gatehouses require the most movement and observation. BASIC PRESENTATION - IMPERATIVE This subsection is meant for soldiers that are; i) In battle, ii) On a patrol, iii) On a mission as directed by superiors, iv) In a life-threatening situation. These are moments when the discipline you have began to hone pay off the most. Successful discipline here will be the difference between victory or failure. Follow orders given by superiors. It is imperative to follow orders by military superiors. Lords within the land should be listened to as well, unless their orders are unlawful. Make your main priority the mission at hand. Do not let your mission become swayed because your bread at home is about to grow moldy and expire or because a most stupendous auction is being held in the Cloud Temple. Again, professionalism is key. Cowardice is not tolerated. During a moment such as battle, you cannot flee unless a retreat is ordered by superiors. If you hold your ground during an enemy’s charge, you are far more likely to turn out on the winning side. NEVER abandon your comrades. This goes alongside cowardice, but it is worth mentioning twice. Only speak to acknowledge you have heard a given order or to share essential knowledge with your comrades. Otherwise, shouting will only cause potential confusion amongst your fellow soldiers. HOW TO ENLIST Prerequisites To join the Brotherhood, one must qualify all prerequisite requirements as stated. The Brotherhood make no special exceptions, keeping Armsmen at the greatest standard in discipline and order. The requirements are as followed: Must be a Human or Elf. Must be of eighteen years of age. Able to negotiate if younger. Must be able to meet all physical standard tests. Must be willing to dedicate their life to the Order, Church, and GOD. Must be free of any binding-oaths to any other nations/organizations. LETTER OF ENLISTMENT To enlist, one must fill in this letter of interest and mail it to the [Headquarters] for inspection. If deemed a potential candidate for recruitment, a reply will be sent forth, calling upon the enlistee to make their way to [Headquarters] for further inspection and interviewing. (Remove this section when copying) START OF APPLICATION: Full Name: Date of Birth: Race: Gender: Birth Place [I.E: Kingdom of Haense, Crownsland, Saint Karlsburg.]: Status of Blood [Nobility, Gentry, Commoner, Former Nobility, etc.]: Name your purpose for enlisting: OOC: Username: Timezone: Discord Address(i.e https://goo.gl/6fxbXq): Discord is a required program; simple and easy to install, Discord allows for communications between members of the Order to be fluid and without issue, providing for easy to obtain information on the latest information. Text option is present, for those with no microphones. Teamspeak is also a required program to install for the Order; used for voice-based instructions during warclaims and raid. Members of the Order can give further instruction/assistance on these two programs. END OF APPLICATION Contact the nearest recruitment officer for more information about the enlisting process. ---------------------------------------- EXAMPLE: LETTER OF ENLISTMENT START OF APPLICATION: Full Name: Arthur Dain Date of Birth: 1620 Race: Human Gender: Male Birth Place [I.E: Kingdom of Haense, Crownsland, Saint Karlsburg.]: Empire of Oren, Crownsland, Johannesburg Status of Blood [Nobility, Gentry, Commoner, Former Nobility, etc.]: Commoner Name your purpose for enlisting: For King and Country! OOC: Username: yoppdoggedxx22 Timezone: PST Discord Address(i.e https://goo.gl/6fxbXq): XxXtentecals#2222 Contact the nearest recruitment officer for more information about the enlisting process. ---------------------------------------- LETTER OF CONFIRMATION For those who have already been accepted into the Order in person, the newly enlisted man shall be required to fill out the following form for documentation purposes. (Remove this section when copying) I. Name: II. Age: IIa. Date of Birth: IIb. Location of Birth : Username: Discord: After the process of enlisting is finalized, the trainee is subjected to the Oath of the Golden Crow. --------------------------------- Do you, [Name] swear now upon the Sword of Saint Karl, the Patron of Our Order, that all you say now is true, and that you have come to enter the ranks of the Order? Response: It is. When you take this oath, you will no longer be a man. You will be a Brother, invested solely in the defense of Haense, granted the responsibility by His Majesty himself. Do you accept this burden placed upon you? Response: I do. Now for your oath. Do you swear to be honorable and loyal, to never forsake your vows nor your allegiance? Response: I [Name] so swear. Finally, do you swear to uphold all which is holy and good, and to honor God in all your actions? Response: I so swear. Then I seal you to your oath, if you should part with it, may you part with your life. I name you <Name> of the Order of the Golden Crow. May Saint Karl keep you and uphold you. The Road to Markev, the Capital of Haense, from the Cloud Temple.
  5. i wish to become a darkest dungeon rper 

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      Even the cold stones seem bent on preventing passage.

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      Those who covet injury, will find it in no short-supply.

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    Cloud Temple

    lotc is the dark souls of minecraft servers
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    The Death of an Old man

    "A national tragedy, to be sure." commented Amandil as he was informed of Jack's passing.
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    Turn the Page

    im ready for the return of felder VII
  9. berserk golden age arc has the best soundtrack out of all of the shows

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      big support


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      you're not wrong 

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    "Perhaps this may lead to fruitful results for both our Kingdoms." Commented the Lord Marshal of Haense to his fellow Councillors.
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    Casus Belli Suggestion

    That seems narrow-minded. We do want to preserve our integrity as a playerbase, but at a core, Haense is a human-centric playerbase, it sticks to that realm of roleplay. Which leaves only Renatus to fall under, but even then, they seem absolutely keen on destroying everything we've worked on and installing their own vassals over our regions, on-top of them being oocly toxic towards our playerbase, so we can't exactly work with them. We don't want to fight any sort of war; the new leadership of Haense is more focused on reconstructing activity within their Capital. We're being put into a corner we dont want to be put in.
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    Community meeting questions topic

    Will the system of Freebuild be altered in some way to better centralize the need for concentrated hubs of roleplay? We have no time to bother about the wishes of players who exclusively disperse themselves away from any places of roleplay; it brings down the quality of the server.
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    Second Golden Bull of Saint Judeberg

    "Who would have thought that criticizing the actions and motives of the Pontiff would have led to their excommunication; just another petty attempt at suppressing the word of good men. Keeping us away at arms-length only proves their foul attitude." murmured Amandil to himself as he filtered through a pile of documents. "How can we even begin a return to the guidance of the Church if they' have prevented the Clergy from performing any sacraments within the Realm?" The aged Adunian complained, slouching in his chair as he pondered the repercussions of the Golden Bull. With a click of his tongue, he'd flick away the document, clearly displeased with having read such. "And anyway, if we permitted the return of the lackeys of this current iteration of the Church, they'd simply work to subvert us from the inside. Same old, same old." The bothered Lord Marshal resumed his work with discontent.
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    Return-Letters are sent back to each person that had applied, they bear the customary Seal of the Aulic Council of the Kingdom of Haense. "Greetings, applicant; your LETTER OF ENLISTMENT has been accepted. You may now begin the process of being inducted into the Brotherhood. As customary, you shall begin as an Unoathed, where your skills shall be evaluated, and if God is willing, you shall be selected to complete your TRIALS and kill the BEAR." "The Grandmaster also wishes to extend his apologies in regards to the tardiness of the reply to your application. The War against the Realm of Renatus has left many of the Command-Center preoccupied and incapable of responding to application; we hope we have your understanding in such matters." "Report to the GRANDMASTER in Markev at your earliest convenience for appropriations and interview." - APPROVED FOR INTERVIEW @StokedOff @Melvinola @IceWalker
  15. if the pixels  of your minecraft skin's eyes are 3 wide, i consider you a mutant 

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  16. anthos is south of the ice wall

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      I sure hope so!

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      I wish we could go back to anthos

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    The Investiture Of The Ivanovich Vochna

    I cant argue with that. -Amandil
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    The Investiture Of The Ivanovich Vochna

    A letter is sent to those who publicly claim the title of Ruska. Salutation, I bring to you the truth and nothing but the truth; for I cannot abide when folk unrightfully slander and spew endless lies. During the Duma of the Raev people that occured after the successful rebellion of House Ruthern against Courlandic Hegemony, all Princes of the Raev were present to partake in the election, which eventually led to enthronement of Stephen I of House Barbanov to the Ruskan Crown. It was a legitimate Assembly of the folk of Raev and Haense, done in the sight of the entire world. It is not the fault of House Barbanov that the people of Vsenk and Sarkozic had chosen self-exile, only to materialize from air in recent time. While those of direct, unfiltered lineage to the Carrion Vochna (Barbanov) strive to create a land that all could flourish under, their counterparts chose to carry out their lives as petty bandits, preying on the weak. A disgusting idea to even install such people to rule over others. I'd also wish to speak in person in order to formulate a thoughtful debate between our two parties, but it does not help that the Ilk of Ivanovich are dishonest brutes that are known for constantly slaughtering peaceful diplomats. May God Save You. Amandil, Protector of the Kingdoms of Haense and Ruska.
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    Incel Thread

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    Soft PKs

    This sounds good
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    The Adrian Proclamation of 1661

    "I thought the ancestors of the Haensetians sacrificed their lives for the defense of Adria against the scheming Savoyardic advances though..." questioned a confused Amandil.
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    LOTC Is Full of Psychopaths, Sadists and Narcissists

    why do you care so much for a shitty online community noob
  23. All freebuild must be destroyed

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    Travel Distance Feedback

    It was kingston 2.0 tier map placement, shame it was never utilized to its full potential
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    Travel Distance Feedback

    Yet we got Belvitz, which completely envelopes the servers most frequented crossroad, but NLs were not given the same perks. They fumbled with this ****