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  1. "What a shocking turn of event." states Adelwen flatly.
  2. i do not negotiate with terrorists go back to ur country
  3. dont talk to me or my son ever again i do not associate with archer kit pvpers
  4. "Oh my, going back to the roots are we now." Adelwen remarks loftily.
  5. "The Undead is what they're going to try and use to claim their Empire back this time around? Not really creative I must say." remarks a Adelwen the Historian.
  6. oh its one of these types of posts again, probably wont amount to anything like usual
  7. "Is this the common enemy we must all once again unite against, or...?" questions a questionable Ruthern by the name of Adelwen.
  8. "Stauntons can win a war but they cant ******* figure out how to utilize their victory, a shame. Should have given them a more thorough trashing. Someone nip the buds of these overly ambitious twats." grumbles a Ruthern.
  9. "Oh boy, I hope the next ruler can actually manage to hold his Empire together."
  10. Iv Joveo Ehr, 11th of The Grand Harvest, 1607 The wind howled harshly like always upon the Greyspine range, accompanied by the bitter cold weather that could pierce through a man and render him static. The snow flurried as it always had on these gigantic ridges; the perfect conditions for a Highlander. Such environments did not bother Adelwen although; born and raised in these very temperatures, he became accustomed to the harshness of it all, the effects of such lifestyle showing upon his body. It was on the Greyspine Mountains that Adelwen could be seen, specifically the Metterden Peaks high above the Alexandrine Pass, near the Fortress, Alriczan. Followed by a somewhat large entourage, mostly armed with weaponry, this large group of seemingly combatants lumbered upwards, tracing the winding path up to the overlooming Fortress. The sight of the Fortress made the young Ruthern grimace, the large structure appeared on the verge of ruins, the thatch molding, the wooden beams rotting, moss and weeds growing through the walls, shards of glass littering the premise. No welcoming was prepared for Adelwen and his followers, only the perpetual howling wind and the occasional groan of wood under pressure was heard upon entering the Castle’s courtyard. Orders were barked and obeyed, the group splintered within the Fortress, horses were stowed under the decrepit stables, tents begun to be raised, and groups started to explore the crumbling architecture. Throwing off his cloak onto the nearest attendant, Adelwen marched himself into the meagerly sized throne hall of Alriczan, his arms crossed over his chest as he gazed about the decaying room, clicking his tongue out of irritation, his visage appearing to be scowling. With the wave of a hand and a quick say, a makeshift table was procured, being placed onto the center of the throne hall; Adelwen grabbed the nearest object that he could sit upon, and anchored his elbows onto the table, the necessary items put in front of him to create a document. After quite some time, the sun begun to settle, it was then the Ruthern Lord had finished what he was working on, which he promptly handed over to another man who appeared to be a scribe and made his way out, letting the man do his work as he explored his old home. The finalized piece of literature would appear neat and properly formatted according to its content, it appears to be a letter. To His Majesty, Tobias of House Staunton Palace of Curronberg Capital of the Kingdom, Alexandria 11th of The Grand Harvest, 1607 Your Majesty, Peace be upon your family, I write to you from snowy peaks of the Greyspine Mountains in hopes that it catches your attention that the restoration of the County of Metterden is well underway now. As promised all those years ago, House Ruthern is still yours, bound by oath of vassalage. But through some unfortunate events, the one who was to be designated lead has unfortunately passed away through unknown complications, and so I take on the mantle of such position. Myself and my remnants of my House are at your disposal, ready to answer your call at any given moment. For further discussion regarding my inheritance of Metterden and the titles accompanying it, I am able to make the trip to the Capital as soon as I finish stabilizing things on my end. Lastly, I apologize for the lack of communications between our two persons, events that were out of my control occurred which resulted in my removal from society and the likes. Yours Till Death, Lord Adelwen Petrovic Alexander Ruthern God Bless Courland.
  11. Adelwen von Metterden Adelwen var Ruthern ☩ The Blade of Ruthern ☩ ________________________________________________________________ “We are the Protectors of the Pass.” ________________________________________________________________ General Information Full Name: Adelwen Petrovic Alexander var Ruthern. Pronunciation: A-del-wen, Peh-Tro-Vic, A-del-wen. Alias: Adel. Petrov. Alex. Titles: Noble ------------ Birth Date: 1577 Age: 24 Gender: AC-130 Spectre Male Race: Human Family: [May be outdatedd/incorrect in some areas.] -House Ruthern- Of the Alric bloodline. Grandfather First Count of Metterden, Alric Ruthern Grandmother Countess of Riverford, Lopkea Ruthern Father Mother Alexander Ruthern Katherine Ruthern Siblings Null Cousins Late Count of Metterden, Boris Nicholas Ruthern † Aleksandra Abrielle Ruthern Queen of Hanseti-Ruska, Adelheid-Isebella Ruthern Rightful Count of Metterden, Viktor Alric Ruthern Tuvya Dmitry Ruthern Uncles Third Count of Metterden, Demetrius Ruthern † Brandon Ruthern † Aunts Late Countess of Rytsburg, Marjorie Ruthern † Odette Ruthern ------------ Societal Information Home at birth: County of Metterden, Castle Alriczan Current Home: Castle Alriczan, Metterden Societal Rank: Nobleman Religion: Cannonism Languages: Fluent in Common. Education: Formal Sexual Preference: Hetorosexual Marital Status: N/A Finances: [Confidential Information, Level Q Clearance required.] Professions: Aspiring Woodworker, Architect. ________________________________________________________________ Physical Information Height: 6’3 Weight: 190 lbs Build: A mesomorphic built man with quite an amount of muscle, mainly because of the amount of time put into physical training. Eyes: Although his eyes appear a piercing dark blue, Adelwen carries much behind them. A sense of determination can be seen by the more observant, alongside with his constant attentiveness. Hair: A mix of brown and blonde is the colour of Adelwen’s hair, his hair constantly appear clean and straight, long enough to pass his ears and reach his brows. He lacks facial hair as he is constantly clean shaven. Hygiene: Usually clean, given that he has access to washing stations. He dislikes strong body odour. Voice: Straightforward, but retains a hint of friendliness. ________________________________________________________________ “By God, I shall drive these heathens off of my homeland.” ________________________________________________________________ -|Personality Information|- Archetype: Militant Mindset: Martial, progressive, pragmatic. Enthusiastic. Fears: “Who knows what could be hidden under those waters, all the way down there. I’ve seen some pretty odd things come out of them, and I’d rather not see them again.” “Don’t get me started on tight spaces, cant even move your arm around, less swinging a sword. What good is someone if they can't swing a sword?” Alignment: Lawful Neutral “By right of noble Birth, The Rutherns rule Metterden.” ________________________________________________________________ -|Traits|- Positive Witty. Quick on his feet, and a fast thinker when it comes to conversation. Although his intelligence is not on par with philosophers and the likes, he still serves him well during timed events. Experienced Fighter. While a hardy veteran soldier of the Coalition War, Adelwen is in no way advanced in the finer arts of warfare, still young in his life. Although he has an understanding of the tactics behind specific maneuvers and such, he leaves it to other more competent comrades while he himself hones his skills. Physically Blessed. Born to be tall, stocky, and broad-shouldered. Adelwen grew easily into a body fit for a warrior. Diligent. To a point. Set him to work with realistic boundaries and expect it to be done shortly after. _____________________________________________ Neutral Slight Stutter. Not particularly a speech impediment, but during excited or fast paced situation, Adelwen can be found stuttering slightly. Probably because his tongue trying to speak at the same speed his brain is processing. Gardener. When not honing his combat skills, Adelwen enjoys toiling away at fields of flowers, vegetables and fruits. Occasionally seen helping the peasantry of Metterden in the vast spread of wheat fields. Studious. Despite his build. Adelwen is a man of books; Studying subjects of his interests religiously. _____________________________________________ Negative Stressed. Well hidden, only the closest to him would find something amiss at times. Adelwen attempts to hide bad traits of himself, only presenting the best. Scarred. Countless marks are etched on this young man, but out of pure luck, no deformities affect his face, his good looks still intact. These will take their toll as he grows older. Wroth. Prone to great anger when stupid things are done by stupid people, especially when they were told how to correctly do things prior. Hard to trigger although, as he attempts to stay professional at all times, but when it does occur, some blood is spilt. ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ |-=Short Term Goals=-| -The complete and total annihilation of the Kingdom’s enemies. In-Progress -Bring life back to his home. -In-Progress -Aid his Cousin, Viktor Alric. -In-Progress ________________________________________________________ |-=Long Term Goals=-| -Restore the County of Metterden. In-Progress -Continuous Advancement of Combat Skills. In-Progress ________________________________________________________ -|=End Goal=|- Ensure Ruthernian influence and dominance for years to come in their respective domain. In-Progress “Ave Ruthern.” | Combat and Equipment | Combat Skill Rank: Intermediate, bordering advance, rigorously training to improve. Combat Style: Second Liner. He supports the vanguard to the best of his abilities to ensure the battleline doesn't instantly break. Positioning himself where needed most to ensure group integrity. Has a basic understanding of all forms of medieval weaponry. Specializes in hand-held tools, such as Swords, Shields, Flails, Maces, and more. _______________________________________________ | Everyday Carry | At all times, due to personal choices, Adelwen carries some form of weaponry and other basic soldier needs. Primary Weaponry: -Steel Longsword- A 22.5cm hilt for grasping with two hands. A straight, double edged 92.7cm blade. Weighing 1470g. Measured length in total, 115.2cm. Restrictive in tight spaces, but a weapon of its own during either open battles, or duels. When left idle, the sword rests in its scabbard which is tied around Adelwen’s left side, at waist level. _______________________________________________ -Pouch of Minas- Several dozen minas, nothing out of the extraordinary. -Crackers and Water- Always stale cracker, lightly salted for taste, only purpose of these crunchy hardtack is for occupying Adelwen with a snack during marches as his brain degrades from boredom. Drinks it down with a canteen of water. -Pouch of Assortments- Needle and threads, little valuables, etcetera. Adelwen stores items he deems interesting or useful into this pouch found on his left backside at his waist. _______________________________________________ Other Equipment: -Longbow- A longbow of 1.5m in length with a heavy draw poundage of 47kg. At rest, the brace height stands at 11cm. With a maximum draw length of 63.5cm, it makes for a remarkable tool, a minority only being able to use such an immensely powerful bow. This longbow is usually only brought out during planned engagement, as it is too cumbersome to use dedicatedly. But it has enough strength to punch through heavy armor. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “By Bone and Barrow.” _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Backstory Son of Alexander Ruthern, Grandson of Alric Ruthern. Adelwen is a noble-born of House Ruthern, and was raised accordingly to his status. He learned his letters at a young age, and due to personal preference, he was also trained in forms of combat. His early life consisted of learning the appropriate manners and customs of nobility, being raised as a proper noble-born. Although he was of nobility, Adelwen was of no importance, his position within the House low due to his birthright, his father not of the inheriting line of Ruthernian Males, due to the fact that through legal documents, the First Count of Metterden, Alric, passed the County to his brother Maric, instead of allowing his heir to inherit. This did not hinder Adelwen in any way, he rather found it enjoyable to be given more freedom, and proceeded to strike out to do what peeked his own interests. He would return back Metterden in due time though. Hearing of the total war that would bring down the Orenian Empire brewing, he enlisted his aid for his family. Fighting a losing war he eventually became disgruntled with the outcome of the war, only remaining only for several years within Metterden before once more making his way out into the world. As he traveled the land, Adelwen acquired much knowledge of the outside world, made allies, and lived happily, continuously exploring to and fro. During his travels, several years in now, he was notified of bad news. Upon hearing of the death of his cousin, the Count of Metterden, Boris Ruthern, leaving Metterden without an heir of his line, he came into contact with his other Cousin, Viktor Ruthern, and the two came to a promise that they would meet at Alriczan to further discuss the situation of inheritance of the County. Which now leads us to the current time. If there appears to be any mistake to my character profile, please notify me and I shall fix them posthaste. Please keep in mind all this information is out of character, as it's meant for documentation.
  12. shucks i thought lotc might have been gone forever, too bad it didnt happen : ((((

  13. "Your page formatting and colors disgust me, should have let someone of competency handle such a document, someone like myself." grumbles a grumbling Snow Elf.
  14. disgusting

    1. ImperialRoyalist


      how is getting castle ruthern going

  15. Ave, Guten Tag, Konichiwa. yo. Took several dozen screenshots of one of my latest build I worked on with alongside Malinor, Ohnm, Nazdus, Masterchef and a bunch of other people. This was my first time really trying out screenshots like this, so apologies if it seems amateurish. The Citadel of Acael and the Ceruvian Mountain range. A bit peeved off by my Minecrafts ability to properly keep rendered chunks rendered as I move away from them, but nonetheless I like the result of this pic. The entrance to the Citadel is right behind this Dragon Statue, which is the Deity/Aengul of Winter, the Mali'Fenn creator, Wyrvun. (iirc) Built this one personally myself, although someone decided to add End Rods to them after I finished. Hopefully the pillar can be converted into an emerald one soon. :^) Walkway up to another wing of the Citadel, Ballroom, Council Room and a bunch of other rooms are found in this wing. The ballroom itself. Ballroom has water that flows down the walls, so I jumped in and took this distorted but still cool looking screenshot. MasterChef89's character, Ailduin Sylric's greenhouse found at the very top of his tower. Su Majestad Principe Nazdus Tundrak. Citadel Grand Hall. One of the corridors inside the Citadel. [Redacted] Citadel at night. Malinor, High Chancellor/ Nazdus, Grand Prince/ seannie22, High Commander/ masterchef89, High Steward The moderately adequate Council of the Fennic Princedom President Nazdus and Vice-President Malinor. Another screenie of a Council member, consider this propaganda now. propoganda Snow Elves live decadent lives. Fennic Boyband Thinkingmanpose.jpeg Fennic degeneracy is taught here. Finishing off the post with a couple faraway screenies.
  16. "Thanks." a simple note would be returned to sender. they deleted my post o k
  17. Letters of Declaration Issued by the Count of Metterden, Viktor Alric Ruthern Penned by the hands of Adelwen Alexander Petrovic Ruthern. Iv Joveo Ehr 1602, 11th of Snow’s Maiden Va Birodeo Herzenav, From hereon, the rightful ruler of the County of Metterden Viktor Alric Ruthern hereby declares the upstart, Arik Ruthern to be invalid, wrongfully breaking the line of succession of the House and usurping the County for his own vile intentions. It is with sadness that the party supporting the rightful ruler succeed from the Kingdom of Haense-Ruska, with the intent of gathering the aid of the King of Courland, Tobias Staunton. With the newly forged alliance tying the two Houses, His Majesty Tobias, declares to the intent to restore the County of Metterden to the true ruler, and in return, His Right Honourable, Viktor Ruthern, forms a pact of loyalty with House Staunton. Those tied to the upstart are called upon to relinquish their ties and return to serve the true Count of Metterden, and in due time, if they heed such calls, will be rewarded when Metterden is occupied. Choose Wisely. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Upon the subject of, Arik ‘The Black’ Ruthern, The upstart Arik, so called, Ruthern is considered to be invalid on the grounds of; -Ailred ‘Turncoat’ Ruthern’s dynasty was disowned by order of the Patriarch at the time, Prince of the Raev, Ivan Ruthern. Descendants of Ailred’s blood are incapable of calling themselves Ruthern, thus, unable to inherit any titles belonging to House Ruthern. Therefore any claims fabricated to the County by Arik, are null. -The upstart, Arik knowingly usurped the ancestral title of House Ruthern from its rightful ruler, Viktor Alric Ruthern. Such an act is vile and heinous and will rightfully result in Arik’s execution. Such crimes are expected to result in Arik’s timely execution, his closest subordinates thrown in cells for supporting such an act. _____________________________________________________________ Oath of Fealty In order to retake their land, the true members of House Ruthern have sworn the Oath of Fealty to King Tobias Staunton, observed by many including his Council. The Oath is kept till death and is inherited. Those few Rutherns refusing the call of duty and decide to remain within the depraved Kingdom of Haense-Hanseti will be pardoned on the basis that they swear oath to never rise against their kin again. _______________________________________________________________________ The Count and his Retinue can be found within the City of Aleksandria for further information. ____________________________________________________________ Ab Cinerem Imperium By Bones and Barrows Faith Grant Us Strength Iv Joveo Maan Signed, His Majesty, Tobias of House Staunton. The Right Honourable, Viktor Alric Ruthern, Adelwen Alexander Petrovic Ruthern.
  18. Those tied to the upstart are called upon to relinquish their ties and return to serve the true Count of Metterden, and in due time, if they heed such calls, will be rewarded when Metterden is OCCUPIED. Give it some time.
  19. A Ruthern’s Arrival _______________________________________________________________ Iv Joveo Ehr, 21st of Amber Cold, 1601 The wind howled, it pierced through the valley indiscriminately, tugging at the soaring conifers that spread throughout the land. Consequently, snow followed the wind, dropping heavy sheets of white across the valley; And unfortunately, on top of a ill-fated group down below, trudging along in the deepening snow. The lead trekker appeared to be young, quite so, most likely just on the verge of becoming an adult; his hair was that of brown mixed together with gold, his eyes shone of blue, a sense of determination emitting from such as he struggled through the flurry. Behind him, what appears to be his companions on this journey, are all cursing and groaning as they made their way through the pathway. One of such calling out to the lead-man, “Adelwen!” The young man turned about, an inquisitive brow raised as he wondered why he was called. “How much further till we get to this damned Castle?” The two would now be closed to each other, Adelwen letting his Companion catch up, he’d reply with much enthusiasm in his voice, “Nearly there, we’ve just past the last marker.” The unnamed Companion replied with a grunt, turning his gaze forth and focusing on his march. Leaving Adelwen behind as he quickened his pace. The young man was left with his thoughts, pondering about the safety of his family, his duty, and much more. He must have being doing such for such a long time, for in the distance, silhouettes of towering shapes appear. Upon closer examination, it appeared to be the destination the party had. The grey banners flew in the wind, the wind fluttering them about, towers dotted the complex, the main structure rose high on the mountaintop, as if it were reaching for the heavens. Sturdy gates protected the passageways up to the central part of the Castle, a lack of lookouts clearly present as the party begun to finish the last stretch of their journey. “Can't believe we made it past the warlines.” stated one of the Companions, accompanied with a sigh of relief. The group marched on, the gatehouses at the bottom of the mountain unmanned, allowing them to continue without being hindered. “Do you think Viktor made it back before us? Last I heard he was off in Aeldin or some sort of place like that.” Asked one of the Companions. Adelwen shrugged as they walked the steps up the mountain, his heavy pack shifting about. “Probably not, there’d be a lot more activity about if he was here, damned place looks like it's uninhabited.” grumbled the young man. The party now neared the final gate, catching the attention of a singular lookout who was peering out of the opening in the tower idly, an expression of shock and surprise present as he scrambled into position in the gatehouse. The Guard proceeded to shout down after he got into position, “Who goes there?!” Upon being halted, the young man, stepped forth, presenting himself, “Adelwen Ruthern, I have returned home.” By Bone and Barrow. God Wills It. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdmhyEqCINM @CountPapi
  20. "whats 1+1" asks a perplexed boy
  21. ""Let's do it!" they all yelled in unison, on the first day, "Let's rethink this" they thought on the second day, and on the third day, "Let's depose him!". The Northerners balked and showed their true colors, betraying their King as they worried more about their holdings and land. Scared that they would experience the same result of the Dukes War. As far as I know, the King attempted his best for his people, but was ultimately in the end, betrayed by cowards and those he trusted." "And I'm just an Elf, the hell you going off about?"
  22. "Clearly making a misinformed judgement based on your ignorance of the situation that was at hand, but whatever makes you feel better at night."
  23. "I dont recall him trying to do, a, "Reform the Orenian Title", b, "Having a superiority complex", or c, "Having hubris". Your call out game is weak, and you should feel disappointed and ashamed."