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  1. i dont check in much but i'd like buff to stay perma banned please and thank you : )
  2. I think we know where to go next
  3. ""Let's do it!" they all yelled in unison, on the first day, "Let's rethink this" they thought on the second day, and on the third day, "Let's depose him!". The Northerners balked and showed their true colors, betraying their King as they worried more about their holdings and land. Scared that they would experience the same result of the Dukes War. As far as I know, the King attempted his best for his people, but was ultimately in the end, betrayed by cowards and those he trusted." "And I'm just an Elf, the hell you going off about?"
  4. i think hes having a stroke
  5. "Clearly making a misinformed judgement based on your ignorance of the situation that was at hand, but whatever makes you feel better at night."
  6. "I dont recall him trying to do, a, "Reform the Orenian Title", b, "Having a superiority complex", or c, "Having hubris". Your call out game is weak, and you should feel disappointed and ashamed."
  7. "Any who seek to rule and unify Mankind consequently and always do, reform the Orenian title, thus sending Humanity into a spiral of a superiority complex, which is what their downfall was in recent history. Hubris is the bane of a ruler."
  8. this guy
  9. "Any attempts to reform the Empire shall be put down like a rabid dog." a man states firmly to himself.
  10. i guess we learned not to mess around with eula laws amirite?
  11. "Uh."
  12. degenerate snow elves are hiring
  13. Ave, Guten Tag, Konichiwa. yo. Took several dozen screenshots of one of my latest build I worked on with alongside Malinor, Ohnm, Nazdus, Masterchef and a bunch of other people. This was my first time really trying out screenshots like this, so apologies if it seems amateurish. The Citadel of Acael and the Ceruvian Mountain range. A bit peeved off by my Minecrafts ability to properly keep rendered chunks rendered as I move away from them, but nonetheless I like the result of this pic. The entrance to the Citadel is right behind this Dragon Statue, which is the Deity/Aengul of Winter, the Mali'Fenn creator, Wyrvun. (iirc) Built this one personally myself, although someone decided to add End Rods to them after I finished. Hopefully the pillar can be converted into an emerald one soon. :^) Walkway up to another wing of the Citadel, Ballroom, Council Room and a bunch of other rooms are found in this wing. The ballroom itself. Ballroom has water that flows down the walls, so I jumped in and took this distorted but still cool looking screenshot. MasterChef89's character, Ailduin Sylric's greenhouse found at the very top of his tower. Su Majestad Principe Nazdus Tundrak. Citadel Grand Hall. One of the corridors inside the Citadel. [Redacted] Citadel at night. Malinor, High Chancellor/ Nazdus, Grand Prince/ seannie22, High Commander/ masterchef89, High Steward The moderately adequate Council of the Fennic Princedom President Nazdus and Vice-President Malinor. Another screenie of a Council member, consider this propaganda now. propoganda Snow Elves live decadent lives. Fennic Boyband Thinkingmanpose.jpeg Fennic degeneracy is taught here. Finishing off the post with a couple faraway screenies.
  14. The Citadel in the Sky Fortress of Lin’Acael Fennic artist depiction of the newly constructed Citadel. Deep within the mountain ranges of the Northern Isle of Ceru, a structure of immense size can be seen breaching the clouds. Blue and Grey banners hang over the walls, waving back and forth as the winds disturb them, White haired sentinels are seen patrolling the walls, watching the vast expanse of the Ceruvian Mountains. With a ribbon cut, a Fenn in extravagant clothing proclaims, “I hereby announce the completion of the Citadel, may it prove to be a bastion of safety and comfort to the Mali’Fenn for years to come!” Missives are also consequently sent throughout the Isles of Axios, messages finding them in known colonies of Snow Elves, it states the following; -------------------------------------------------------- To all Snow Elves. “With the finalization of the Citadel of Lin’Acael, we Mali’Fenn now find ourselves with a Capitol for our people to congregate in safety. All Elves of Fennic qualities are hereby requested back to the Princedom, the time for rebuilding is nigh and all the help is needed. Travel to the Northern Mountains of Ceru and follow the beacons, they shall lead your forth to the Citadel. Any suggestions can be directed to the Council of the Princedom and we shall evaluate them all. Long may the Princedom thrive!” Signed, High Chancellor of the Princedom of Fenn, Laen Drakon ------------------------------------------------------- A ship is currently on its way to the Isle of Malin, where it will station itself besides the Federation of Sutica ship. The Princedom ship is easily spotted with its blue and white sails, it will ferry passengers from the Isle of Malin to the Isle of Ceru. Dropping off the passengers at the base of the mountain, they will have to trek up the mountain to the Citadel. thanks malimom for helpin
  15. "Die." says a Mali'Fenn who fought for the Coalition. https://gyazo.com/ebce98056a2e6f42870ecc198bb12b67
  16. Smart man, has a mother like attitude, go do good malimom +1
  17. dead andrik frowns, "So much for them being staunch Imperial Loyalists."
  18. i do not negotiate with zionists
  19. fringe download pls
  20. ayy lmao rip courland
  21. "Oh my, this might be a stick up Tuvyas bum." mentions Glyswen.
  22. remove kebab?
  23. i hope you get banned :^)