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  1. The All-Father Remembers

    "Remind yourself that they are the aggressors seeking to destroy our way of life. Give these fools no quarter." states Aeternius who was unable to attend the defense lines within Haense.
  2. "we're winning!"

    this is a blatant breach in lotcs rule and conduct page... think before you post..
  3. War Update

    how the **** did this warclaim suddenly get switched to Haense, thought you guys were magically materializing in Lucas' fort

    "Damned Hulphonites stealing jobs from good Orenian Citizens." grumbled Aeternius.
  5. War Update Coming

    how long till telanir screws this all up like his predecessors
  6. Reimbursement

    I was not aware that the warclaim was going to be such a mess, and as a result I lost all my gear. Due to this being a screw-up that I had no control over, I request a reimbursement. Unfortunately, like I stated prior, I was not aware this was going to be a mess of a warclaim so I did not take a screenshot of my inventory prior to losing it all. Thanks.
  7. The Green Tide

    "Should we activate the new Imperial defensive doctrine?" questions FieldMarshal Aeternius inquisitively.
  8. Project Cars 2 is the Dark Souls of racing games.

  9. The Axionite Assembly of Axis Powers

    "Perhaps next time you should stay out of Orenian affairs. If you didnt turn on us the day of the battle against the Romstuns, none of this would have happened. You attempt to make yourself appear like the bastion of good and honor, but you completely fail at doing so. ****." retorted Aeternius.
  10. The Axionite Assembly of Axis Powers

    "What did we do this time that was so utterly evil and corrupt? As far as I know, we've centralized the states, brought order and unity, and vanquished rogue bandit states who raided anyone at will. And what was done on your end? Bickering over nonsensical nonsense and are currently in attempts to rid these Isles of the status quo and throw us into another state of absurd chaotic balkanization." grumbled the Imperial FieldMarshal Aeternius.
  11. The Gates Of The Wronged

    "Get off our land!" yells an angry Orenian at the squatting Frostbeards that have settled upon the ruins of Saint Karlsburg.
  12. Shiny Orange Eyes

    "Yeah, **** Oren!" replies Aeternius
  13. they do sound like squeaky dog toys
  14. The Departure of The Bald

    "Pacts were sworn in, and signatures were signed. To turn upon those would be a great sacrilege that would put us on par with oath breakers like yourselves. The status quo shall be maintained, for your kind have always shown hostility and contempt towards our people; expect nothing less from us." Aeternius remarks staunchly. @Gargled
  15. nice downgrade 

  16. nice name change pyrodude, i like the name raomir 

  17. The Dominion Protectorate Act, 1631

    "Order shall prevail in the Isles." says Aeternius.
  18. Quests from the King!

    "By God, Haense truly is a frontier province." Aeternius remarks somewhat aghast at the amount of things troubling the Haensetian Kingdom.
  19. A New Era

    Imperial Field Marshal Aeternius begins to prepare mock war plans.
  20. "County of Bar ruled by House de Bar, County of Savoie ruled by House de Savoie. Creative Savoyards." remarks Aeternius

    Aeternius leans in closer to one of his agents, "He knows too much. You know what to do."
  22. Rebuke the Canonist Cross

  23. pax orenia = yemekars balance?