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  1. hey guys , im from europe ( hungary to be exac ) so . i want talk about europe, right now. we've seen it! the refugee crisis. what is happen? how can this happen ? i look at sweden, now proclaim as rape capital of europe, i look at germany which will soon have it own culture wiped out and better yet are predict to get some one who is even more pro immigration (martin schulz) into office ? wow. here in hungary , our kind government unlike other pathetic country , allow us to vote on the refugee even if it against eu terms. we voted no of course , we look at the crime they bring , their refusal to integrate into culture . how can people become so blind the problam ? how can people sit and be happy knowing what is happening ? so many sweden cop are now quitting because 9/10 names they am get arrest is mohammed, ali etc. they make up such small % pop yet so much crime. i cant believe this. girl can not even step outside with out fear of rape by refugee . usually am not read stuff like this , i never interested into politics but lately i join '4chan' and subreddit like 'the_donald' and even hltv.org. it truly help u see the destruction of europe , i feel so fortunate to be born in hungary . and i hope more people from less fortunate countries in europe like uk , france etc. can see the problem and do something before it get too late. guys, thought on europe ? is this the end ?
  2. no
  3. as the title says: why is dating your cousin so heavily looked down upon? before i got with my cousin, i was constantly looking for girls. i dated a few and i never felt that special connection. i did get with a girl once though but it was kinda forced. so i may have told this story before but ill summarize it here: a few month ago mine and my cousins parents went on holiday (an 18+ one is what i have figured) and neither of us wanted to live alone so we both lived together for a 2week period. during this time stuff happened and we ended up kissing etc. and by the end i told her i couldnt do it because our family would think its wrong and i wouldnt want to be looked at as a 'freak' you know?. honestly, we just clicked, we had that connection, we loved each other and we both couldnt see ourselves with any1 else. it was pretty crazy. but yeah as i was saying, i did date this girl, she was cute and she really loved me i could tell, but everynight i'd just be thinking about my cousin, her smile, her sweet kisses, just everything. and in the end i just had to dump her. i could tell it really hurt her but i just couldnt control the feeling inside of me... now, after this we ended up getting back together, at first we tried to keep it a secret but then it eventually came out as we were seen holding hands and kissing at a local park by another member in the family. at first my parents were kinda disgusted, my aunt and uncle immediately told her to stop dating me and stopped her from seeing me, but she refused so they ended up kicking her out, can u believe it? throwing out ur own daughter because of her love for someone else. unreal. she came to my house, my parents were pretty upset about the situation, but as their son they didn't want to see my unhappy so they let it happen and allowed my cousin to stay at my house. a few months have passed now and honestly, everything is just ******* amazing. my life is great, i feel on top of everything and just great really.ive never felt like this... ever... but now id like to ask people here, do u have anything wrong with people dating other family members ( not sister - brother of course thats sooo wrong! but i dont feel cousin is, seems more.. distant i guess.) i think if u have such a good connection and you both truly love each other then just let it happen. i do understand why people can see it as unnatural though so i would recommend to people to at least try with a non related girl first. thanks for reading and please share your thoughts im very interested!
  4. everyone on this thread is clapped including u lol HELP ME
  5. learn to read??
  6. ? u can give donor perks without being p2w ur wrong
  7. it doesnt because good minecraft servers arent pay to win lol ur prob some kid with ur parents credit card ahaha
  8. how is it cancer if it stops pay to win lol
  9. What is the name of your guild, village, organization, etc.: Gnomes What is the purpose of your guild/village/organization (if sensitive, this can be withheld and then privately shared with whomever is handling the charter): To serve as a fresh culture. What plot size are you interested in: 70x70 What tile are you interested in: A3 If your tile is currently owned by a nation, do you have that nation's leader's approval: N/A Signatures (players should sign their persona/character name and their MC name):
  10. dont let it happen
  11. also if any1 wants added to the skype chat pm me ur skype (ppl who plan to make gnome)
  12. when using bow there is a 1-2 second delay for the game to register that i have fully drawn my bow back so for example when i draw my bow back fully in minecraft and shoot it wont go the full distance cuz the server hasnt recognized it same with food when i eat food i have to hold right click 2 extra seconds to eat it this is ridiculous solution: remove nexus would probably fix it absolutely ridiculous, fix your code. @Teegah @Telanir @Tofuus
  13. these have been problems for months and just some how go unnoticed its pretty clear by now that the entire code is buggy as **** like it literally completely lags the server for 5 full seconds just for announcing "there is 1hour left until the next reboot" like how does a line of text lag the server. lotc needs to hire a qualified dev
  14. ur wrong every server ive played when they lag and im bowing, it will still do the full projectile shot if i pulled my bow back fully but it'd just be delayed. here it just simply isnt registering that my bow is fully pulled back and isnt doing the correct range. must be some weird lag on lotc :/
  15. server also lags for 5 seconds whenever it announces reboots in chat lol... so many connection problems xd
  16. well written +_+
  17. wtf i do emoticon then it does useless smiley ?? ? ? this need fix asap wow thx
  18. \__________/ put ur tears here for the thirsty children in africa