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Everything posted by im_a_psychopath

  1. i find it funny when ppl talk **** about seannie behind his back cuz theyd be on the floor crying if they even dared to say it to his face 

    1. Quvs


      Seannie ur dumb.

  2. the only respectable brazilian to step foot on lotc was craotor 

  3. Kingdom of Renatus vs Imperial Loyalists

    thats very funny thank you for sharing
  4. Kingdom of Renatus vs Imperial Loyalists

    **** vid and that song is just straight up autistic lol
  5. Dunamis

    $500 to ride a bunny btw

    ur falling down on the relevant meter again so when can we expect ur reapply to gm ?
  7. how long are forum warn appeals take for reply ?

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    2. devvy


      no u dont even invite me to ur tea parties anymore

    3. im_a_psychopath


      nvm its alrdy done XD

    4. devvy
  8. today it is 9/11. rip to all the lives lost .

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    2. im_a_psychopath


      you're trolling right 

      you're basically spitting on all the lives lost by trying to deny this? are you isis ?

    3. TheWitherKingHD
    4. dsdevil


      @TheWitherKingHD I cant believe you'd sit here and completely BASH and disrespect the lives lost on that dreadful day. 😢

  9. do you ever lay in bed at night after a successful warclaim collecting ur thoughts thinking over and over how it went down then wishing you were dsdevil ? the way he single handedly took out oren/dwarf alliance was majestic yet he makes it look easy his aim, accuracy positioning is crisp and unmatched in the history of lotc player vs player

    1. dsdevil


      I learned everything I know from the legendary player called chuckaboo. He single handedly conquered Dungeon Realms and using his PvP skills he's absolutely dominated every lotc warclaim. I just wish he was still around.

    2. ♛Lucas♛
  10. the only way u remove toxicity is bringing back the one and only capt0z!!

    1. Telanir


      cappy is the only way

  11. [6.0] Nexus and PvP

    keep nexus it's awesome
  12. Please help Mr Lefty Bojengles

    donated £100 good luck
  13. [Denied]Malgonious GM Application

    no longer following the protocol ?
  14. Player report: Zindran

    everyone who approves of this cringe post needs to be permabanned
  15. oren come here

    hello everyone my dad works for charity and i have asked him to do this it and it would be a great collaboration if we combined and turned a negative into a postive orener and ally, come here and place tears in the cup of hope for thirsty children of africa \___________________________/
  16. oren come here

    stop crying ? cry is free but stop cry
  17. oren come here

    my dad sayd thx for the tears
  18. oren come here

    cry is free
  19. This past week I've been training relentlessly for this warclaim. Every hour of every day I spent on badlion gaining as much elo as possible. I will make every minute count and make sure the world knows who I am. Blood will be shed, people will fall. But I will stand. Sword in hand.

    1. tavern_roleplay


      two steps from hell - victory

  20. what time is the warclaim first to answer gets 1k mina 

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    2. devvy


      if u dont just give my money

    3. im_a_psychopath


      im going to need proof of warclaim 

    4. devvy
  21. Reminder On No-RP Killing

    uthink this will stop me? lol
  22. "we're winning!"

    the we're winning strategy doesnt work every1 needs to stop doing it