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  1. im_a_psychopath

    This, is me:

    ur doomed.
  2. im_a_psychopath

    This, is me:

    lotc is full of creeps be careful
  3. remember wen telanir used to give free baked potatos now he call himself chairman and make write guide line appeal whjat virgen .....

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    2. Telanir


      hahaha tableman telanir

    3. im_a_psychopath


      can i be chairman assistant 

    4. Telanir


      you can be secretary to the assistant of the chairman

  4. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames Chuckaboo Ban Reason Pugsy/Non-RP skin Players Involved im_a_psychopath iimNuke MarinaEmily DPM Dewper By your own understanding, why are you banned? From what I know I'm banned for pugsying and not having an RP skin on Why should you be pardoned? There was a wedding at Renatus and I told iimNuke to come. When he got here he thought it would be funny to kill the bride in PvP fashion after some banter went down in Renatus discord so I kinda laughed and went along with it. As myself and iimNuke entered the church he ran to marinaemily and knocked her out (didn't execute) then the people we were bantering with prior in the Renatus discord killed both him and me. We both assumed it was all good fun and so did the majority of the people there. No one was killed, no items were lost and I'd like to state that this wasn't a pugsy or did it have any intention of griefing the server. Although it did disrupt the RP so I can understand why someone might have gotten upset or thinking it was something more extreme - such as a pugsy. As for the non-RP skin it happened because I have 2 MC accounts that are whitelisted, Ludwika and Chuckaboo. I stopped using Chuckaboo on LotC a long time ago because I used different skins a lot but after recently playing on other servers I logged on LotC as Chuckaboo without realizing then thought it'd be a waste of time logging off since I'd only be on for 5minutes or so whilst I went to the wedding. To finish off whilst I don't completely understand why I am banned for pugsying (since I didn't kill anyone it was iimNuke) I understand why the staff may have become confused or assumed I had involvement as we both had similar skins on and I had PM'd him the coordinates to Renatus. Though I will apologize to those affected regardless. In addition I'd like to add that I spoke to MarinaEmily (the only person who was attacked by iimnuke) after the whole thing unfolded and she didn't seem affected by it at all and took it as good fun from what I understood and from what she made out. Thanks for reading :) What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? I'll make sure to keep the banter in discords and not on the server as well as making sure I'm logged in the right account. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. Without rules RP servers wouldn't be RP servers so it is completely understandable that a lot of rules and strict guidelines are in place to follow and as a veteran of the community I should have known better.
  5. im_a_psychopath

    [Denied][W] dsdevil's Game Moderator Application

    +1 :D
  6. im_a_psychopath


  7. im_a_psychopath


  8. im_a_psychopath

    [Developers] NoCheat

    servers usually only use fully integrated no cheat if they dont have enough staff to watch over the players because as every1 knows they cause lag and rubber banding/weird tp glitches. lotc has like 20 gms watch over players whilst recording or use a notification based system :D
  9. lotc has become an erotic roleplay hub. very sad.

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    2. devvy


      @Hero_Prodigy don’t think you can get off so easy. we see you alone in the garden and in curon dancing with flashbackmary in the same block....

    3. Hero_Prodigy
    4. Dewper


      don’t @ me you ******* idiot 

  10. im_a_psychopath

    The loss of rescue raids

    Couldn't agree more
  11. bring back the white theme. can't use this poo stain looking wood 1 

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    2. devvy


      there's literally a way to change it at the bottom

    3. im_a_psychopath
    4. devvy
  12. im_a_psychopath

    [Complete]Relics and other goods for sale.

    Rolov Rat laughs "probably stolen, lil rodents"
  13. one time i log in just complete lag nice 

  14. is the server down

    1. ImmortalWords


      It was restarting, they are fixing some things.

  15. join house rat or ur a rat

    1. L0fi


      Either way tho...


  16. house rat will be feared 

  17. expected but not expected at the same time
  18. DPM is the second coming of Mirtok and Coastercam0 COMBINED. If you think otherwise you're delusional. 

  19. They say a brother never kills another brother, but when it comes to war Chuck Abu the Bold slays anyone who stands in his path. As there is nothing greater than the taste of victory.




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    2. dsdevil


      I'm honored to have fallen to the legendary Chuckaboo.

    3. Zezimus
    4. Raomir


      50 screaming noobs kill DR legend dsdevil https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6NFRVzVu4LQ

  20. rewards should be handed out for referrals 

    1. dsdevil


      @All the DR r̶e̶t̶a̶r̶d̶s̶  boys

  21. i find it funny when ppl talk **** about seannie behind his back cuz theyd be on the floor crying if they even dared to say it to his face 

    1. L0fi


      Seannie ur dumb.

  22. the only respectable brazilian to step foot on lotc was craotor