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  1. Warclaims are ******* terrible

    never seen a war actually finish to the point where one nation takes over anothers capital because of how long the entire process is (1 wc a week etc)
  2. Relics and other goods for sale.

    Rolov Rat laughs "probably stolen, lil rodents"
  3. one time i log in just complete lag nice 

  4. House Rat [Recruiting]

    accepted c:
  5. House Rat [Recruiting]

    HOUSE RAT ~ Lore ~ Founded by Lord Deano of House Romstun, House Rat was originally a small group of people that cleverly used Felsen’s sewers to do their banditry. The city was perplexed by how their goods continued to be stolen in the middle of the night. Once they’d reported this to the guards, the guard they reported it to would seemingly go missing whilst investigating. After many weeks of fright and complaints, Lord Deano of house Romstun took it upon himself to look into the matter. Being as his house made its name over banditry it didn’t take long for Lord Deano to sniff out what was going on. He ventured into the sewers with his five strongest men in pursuit of the thieves. His boots were covered in ****, the smell in the air stunk of ****. Lord Deano could not possibly imagine what type of person could live in such conditions but he continued nonetheless. After hours of marching through **** and piss he could then hear voices and loud giggles of men he immediately knew were psychopaths. He unsheathed his blade and ordered his men to do the same with a swift hand signal as they moved ahead trying to keep silent. Once at a crooked door entrance he turned to his men and gave a countdown with his fingers, on one they would charge into the room - as they did. When inside the room Lord Deano looked around in complete confusion as there was no one in sight, yet the sound of laughter continued. “The pipes!” he said. “They’ve baited us.” The rat thieves had used the pipes to lure Lord Deano and he knew this immediately as this wasn’t the first time he had been baited. An arrow whizzed by Lord Deano’s head as he turned around to see a group of around 10 thieves two meters away from him and his 5 men. All of them looked completely hideous he thought. Big buck teeth, ragged long hair, moles all over their faces with long pubic-like hair growing out of them and clothes stained in human waste. One could almost mistake them for being an actual rat. One of the men stepped a little more forward than the rest. “Pleasure to meet you all! I’m Rolov Rat. Let’s make this simple shall we? Drop all your shinies or we will make you lay in this **** hole for the rest of your lives.” Lord Deano Romstun let out a laugh “If this was an ordinary guard force I suspect your plan of intimidating us might of worked. House Romstun along with House Flay invented banditry. I know your tactics and I know that us five can beat you and your men.” A clash of steel suddenly erupted as the men on both sides charged at each other. The thieves were at a clear advantage as they knew their terrain well, but there’s no men that are as skilled as the Romstun’s when it came to combat. After 5 minutes of continuous back and forth fighting it came down to just two men being alive. “You’re an impressive fighter for a sewer rat.” said Lord Deano as he slowly moved forward. “I’ve always admired your house, Deano. In fact it is what inspired me to start this. It will be a great pleasure to be the one who finally slays you.” replied Rolov with a huge grin on his face, who looked in no way nervous or hesitant as most would against Lord Romstun. However out of nowhere the splashes of water were heard as ten more Romstun soldiers approached, they surrounded Rolov Rat and had their swords pointed towards him. Just as they moved in to finish off Rolov a commanding voice could be heard: “Don’t kill him.” the soldiers looked around to see that it was Deano Romstun. “W-what shall we do with him then, my lord?” said one of the guards. “Bring him with me.” replied Deano, and so they did. After arriving at his chambers, Deano ordered his men to leave the room as he sat at a table with Rolov who was now unarmed. He offered him land, the privilege of creating his own house and allying with House Romstun. “I know talent when I see it” spoke out Deano as they had reached an agreement. ~ About Us ~ [To be completed shortly] ~ Members ~ Chuckaboo NordicGod Chumpchump Senkz Lucahz WiseMagicalHags Geoboy66 yekim7 C0MPELX Whoelie iimNuke Pearl jusr Monstaaamunch PegboardNerds Kippii YallMindIfiYeet moose_breeder chat_logs mobh ~ Apply to Join ~ [OOC] MC Name: Age: Country: Discord ID: [RP] Name: Age: Race: Profession: Previous combat experience:
  6. House Rat [Recruiting]

    welcome aboard
  7. is the server down

    1. BooksAreInvolved


      It was restarting, they are fixing some things.

  8. House Rat [Recruiting]

    get back to debating in ooc chat rodent ? accepted !
  9. join house rat or ur a rat

    1. Quvs


      Either way tho...


  10. house rat will be feared 

  11. End of map loot hoards

    fail hahahahahahahahaahahahahaahah nice thread bro 3 comments hahahaahah here ill help u out lmao
  12. DPM is the second coming of Mirtok and Coastercam0 COMBINED. If you think otherwise you're delusional. 

  13. They say a brother never kills another brother, but when it comes to war Chuck Abu the Bold slays anyone who stands in his path. As there is nothing greater than the taste of victory.



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    2. dsdevil


      I'm honored to have fallen to the legendary Chuckaboo.

    3. Zezimus
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      50 screaming noobs kill DR legend dsdevil

  14. rewards should be handed out for referrals 

    1. dsdevil


      @All the DR r̶e̶t̶a̶r̶d̶s̶  boys

  15. i find it funny when ppl talk **** about seannie behind his back cuz theyd be on the floor crying if they even dared to say it to his face 

    1. Quvs


      Seannie ur dumb.

  16. the only respectable brazilian to step foot on lotc was craotor 

  17. Kingdom of Renatus vs Imperial Loyalists

    thats very funny thank you for sharing
  18. Kingdom of Renatus vs Imperial Loyalists

    **** vid and that song is just straight up autistic lol
  19. Dunamis

    $500 to ride a bunny btw