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  1. send bob and vagene pic?

    1. SuperDuckyGamer


      this is a great insult to all egirls out there and you sir should be ashamed of yourself. 

  2. pvp is used to kill all enjoyment. This is an RP server not a pvp server, if you want to pvp go somewhere else.
  3. because ur toxic and just play lotc for pvp that is why u don't like it i think i speak on behalf of every rper here on lotc when i say defender default is the way forward
  4. not sure about ang after seeing the ct build
  5. He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death, or mourning, or crying, or pain, for the old order of things has passed." - Revelation 21:4 Though stormclouds culminated in the skies over Adelburg, rain had not yet fallen; they were as though a tensed audience in the sky, awaiting for some unmarked moment of tragedy to arrive to justify the descent of heavenly tears. A lone figure draped in linen cloth, hooded and obscured, made its way into the city; though the frame was feminine, those that took sight of her paid no mind. The linen rags that hid who she was passed the woman off as something like a beggar. Zoey had soon become lost in gazing upon her environment. The hands of inspired Human men had taken brick and mortar and constructed a bastion - from nothing, the Emperor Peter built everything. The feeling was bittersweet; she could not help but to stand in awe of what had been fashioned here, upon cold earth that supported little more than grass - but at the same time, she knew her time of admiration of him was long since passed. Yet why would she be there, in Adelburg, if not for the memory of him? Her feet guided her before the palace while the bustle of the city transpired in the wake of the path she followed. People were clamoring to close up shop and head indoors, for a vicious storm brewed upon the horizon; and though thunder struck in the distance, her mind was a haze. Zoey Romstum regarded little of what made contact with her senses as she took in the sight of the Empirical palace, and basked in memories of the once-was; the time shared with Peter, her most favored leader of Men. As a bead of moisture ran down her cheek, she had broken her daze and eyed the sky in suspicion. Has the rainfall begun already? No... of course not; for when she wiped it away, she felt the warmth of a tear. Emotions within her pulled at her heartstrings, and at her lonesome she was left with this inner-turmoil that could not be solved even when taking witness to the achievements of the man that she had been wed to. "... Oi'," A ragged, masculine tone droned to her right. She had made a mistake-- she lifted her hood too high, and now someone had noticed. The image of a thin-limbed bum approached her, scraggly countenance which was smeared in grim pinched in concentration. "Ye'are... famili'r. Wot' kinna' lass loike you is doin' here, hidin' under... that..." Soon, the man trailed off as he read the alarmed, even frightened expression upon Zoey's face. He knew who she was... he knew where she came from. How couldn't he? No wonder she tried to hide herself. Unfortunately for the dear Romstum, this filthy transient was particularly patriotic. "GUARDS! G-GUARDS, THER'S A FUCKIN' ROMSTUM OV'R 'ERE!" He screeched like a rat, backing away from Zoey with wild, hateful eyes. She was frozen in place, unable to move as she glanced around in a panic only to notice others had looked their way. The rustling platemail of the Adelburg guard could be heard rapidly converging upon her position, and right as she turned around, a metallic surface collided against her jaw; her lights nearly knocked out as she collapsed backward. Zoey could feel the patter of fresh rain upon her skin. It was comforting - and as the horde of guardsmen accused her of crimes of irreversible treachery, she knew she would be okay. As they drew their weapons like a storm of steel, she knew she would be okay. Even as they began to hack into her feminine form as though they were barbarians, eyes wide and murderous behind visored helms and teeth bared like animals, she knew she would be okay; she couldn't even feel her own slaughter. She knew Peter would be glad she visited; and she knew a better place was destined for her.
  6. always makes me happy to see more egirls <3

    1. Sansa Fangirl~

      Sansa Fangirl~

      always good to be with another egirl <3

  7. 10 health wont stop me from killing ur parrot
  8. Type of Battle: (Skirmish/Siege.) Skirmish Proposed Tier: (Casus Belli Information reference.) idk Date & Time: (m/d/y | time + timezone.) 8/3/17 Side A: (Initiating.) egirls Side B: (Receiving.) eboys Discord: (Required Discord username.) you already have it. Location: Direct Area: (Screenshot from the dynmap of the specific area.) Oren Surrounding Area: (Screenshot from the dynmap of the surrounding area for reference.) Oren Proposed Rules: don't touch us, were ladies. be gentlemen (Rules that the attacking faction wishes to put in place.) Roleplay Section: Zoey Horen presses her nimble digits to the railing of her bedroom, gazing out with a determined countenance as her lips lightly sealed into a thin line momentarily as she pondered; boys are gross. "The time has come, irrelevant one." The woman spoke, idly fondling with her wedding ring. "Are you ready?" Hanya glanced away, drawing a metallic needle through and out of a violet piece, manifesting it into an elaborate dress. "Da." She grunted, joining her good pal. "It's time."
  9. always been an intelligent roleplayer +1
  10. hahahaha kyles so bad
  11. lotc pvp is so bad. invincible apes who cant run and 10hrt dmg bows this is why ive become an egirl and an rper

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    2. Vaynth


      me too

    3. Zoey~


      my character goes gym everyday give me strength 2 like golem gets resistance

    4. mitto


      its balanced..

  12. Some people are just jerks. 

    1. nordicg_d
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      i hope you die in child birth