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  1. Bernard sharpens his blade, anticipating his entry into the tournament. He then realizes that he's far too old to be fighting for anything but his life, and slips into a fit of depression.
  2. Bernard salutes the fallen volunteer, eternally grateful for his service to the state of Luciensburg.
  3. DISBANDMENT OF THE METINAN COMPANY 5th Day of the First Seed, 2A26 IT HAS BEEN FIVE YEARS, Five years since war has broken out across the realms of Almaris, and while still in its infancy, I signed a contract allowing my Company of Metinans to partake in it for coin and valuable experience. And now, it has been five years since the City of Saint Lucien has had a Watchman, or any formal service other than that of the Militia. With the death of Janusz Mansfeld, the dilapidation of the company has hastened dramatically, and without a clear heir to the possessions of the compan
  4. AD ARMA — A CALL TO ARMS A PUBLIC DECLARATION OF THE INTEREX 1st Day of the Grand Harvest, 2A25 The citizenry and watch of Ville de Sant-Lucien muster with the local Owynist Lectorate, forming into a motley militia, 2A25 TO MY FREE AND BELOVED PARTISANS, We are on the eve of our own destruction. For too long have we sat firmly upon our arses, unwilling to take charge of our own fate. It was only but four years ago when we took reign of our lives from unworthy circumstance and carved into stone our permanent settlement. Since then, our collective flame has been tap
  5. Bernard rubs his hands greedily, looking out to the city from Arx Rubra. "They will never realize.. it has been the Metinan Company all along. Metina TODAY. Metina TOMORROW. METINA FOREVER!" The palace guards promptly drag the Bernard impersonator from the publicly accessible garden.
  6. LEGISLATION FOR THE TWENTY-FOURTH YEAR OF THE SECOND AGE: I. All clergymen who live within the pomerium of the City of Saint Lucien shall be afforded a vote in future elections, and will be allowed candidacy for elected office. II. The Council of Commners will organize a yearly tournament in Arx Rubra, the Palace of the City of Saint Lucien. The tournament shall vary in competitive rules yearly, including feats of boxing, swords, etcetera. III. There shall be an exemption of rent on all mercantile stalls for two years upon their procurement from the City Tri
  7. ELECTION OF THE MAGISTRATES ASCENT OF THE BURGOMASTER AND CITY TRIBUNAL 5th Day of the Amber Cold, 24th Year of the Second Age THE CALL TO OFFICE HAS BEEN ANSWERED By grace of God, Creator of All, the seats of the City Tribunal have been filled! The efforts of the burghers of the City of Saint Lucien triumph once more in their will to self-govern. LEON CASTILE, burgomaster of the City of Saint Lucien, tribune of tribunes, TERZIEFF GODEFROY, tribune of the City of Saint Lucien, QUENTIN BRAE, tribune of the City of Saint Lucien, AMBROSE AMELL, trib
  8. Bernard reads the missive, chortling as he falls back to his old mercenary ways, "I sense coin to be made... It is time to assemble the Metinans for yet another task."
  9. Summoning of the Council of Commoners The 3rd Year of the Salian Interregnum | 2A23 Lubourgeois taking part in a nightly soiree, c. 2a20 By the will of the Crown of Saint Lucien, The Men of the city of Saint Lucien are called to assemble and elect from their peers a set of magistrates to serve them for the next eight years. These magistrates, the City Tribunes, will serve first and foremost as judges and arbitrators of the law. They will hold their own tribunals to judge the innocent from the guilty, the wronged from the righteous. They will serv
  10. LEX SALICA The Laws and Regulations of the City of Saint Lucien The 3rd Year of the Salian Interregnum | 23 SA The Lex Salica is the collection of laws written during the Salian Interregnum in Arx Rubra, the Palace of Luciensburg. It serves as a framework for the establishing of social and political practices by the stubbornly feudal peoples of Southern Almaris, establishing the rights and responsibilities practices of men. It is divided into two sections, Leges Nobilis and Leges Plebeia; laws for the nobility and the common law, respectively. LEGES NOBILES
  11. "The Wigs have begun to pay reparations for their transgressions upon Humanity. May GOD give them the wisdom to uphold these terms, and allow there to be a racial peace once more." Bernard remarks, slowly cooking inside the Luciensburg Commerce Building as he completes his trial by fire.
  12. THE LUCIENSBURG COLLECTION THE COLLECTION OF NECESSARY CAPITAL FOR OUR ESTABLISHMENT A frustrated Olivier Renault de Savoie oversees the building process whilst dressed in the traditional garb of a foreman, c. 2A19 A PRICE TO PAY FOR LIBERTY To ye fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, kin and friends; To ye rich denizens and paupers alike, and all your brothers and sisters; To all ye Southernly denizens as humbled refugees from the Northern tyranny, we call upon your aid and capital in the construction of our united sanctuary. By grace of our G
  13. Just gotta teach moderators to moderate using the rules and not reprimand people so harshly for making mistakes (even fellow moderators). It’s a double edged sword when moderation makes a questionable decision, gets the player base pissed, and then doubles down on it, and people get even hotter. Everyone all around needs to be more accepting of human fallibility


    granted, I was last a moderator in 2017 - maybe the team has calmed down internally since then but I always felt there was an unrealistic margin of error enforced internally in moderation  

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    2. Orlesian



      Agreed! Cause one time, first warning point. Was when I responded to a post with my dead character in the seven skies slapping another character in the seven skies. Just some joyful playing. But then I get warned for breaking rules. Not told oh hey. straight up HERE BOI! YEET! And of course- I was pissed. No one else got it when they did the same, only me. So i talked with the mod and they removed the point but the warning stayed. So both times, literally without doing anything wrong to harm anyone oocly. I was punished and its so dumb to think about cause its MINEMAN.


      And yes, mods can be nice and yeah a lot of them are nice. But like- this! Just makes me hate the mods in this server cause if you gonna really do this to someone who you think is so evil so PUNISHMENT. Then like- bruh. Really?


      EDIT : Now I want to make a post about the failures of staff! So the staff could maybe change? but I don't think they would which is sad to say.

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      Y'all getting 2 year long warning points? One I got a few months ago was three years long.

    4. Shorsand


      understanding why people make mistakes and opening a frank and earnest dialogue with them is far more effective than stern and staunch punishment.

  14. Word of the public notice makes its way south to the Metinan Company's humble tower. After reading the missive, Bernard gives way to a smile and sets the flyer down, rubbing his hands. "I have never seen a better resume!"
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