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  1. MC Name: TheFireAce Character's Name: Sylus Reddington Character's Age: Twenty-eight Character's Race: Adunian What magic(s) will you be learning?: Fire Evocation Teacher's MC Name: ThatWeirdGirl Teacher's RP Name: Analiana Elverhilin Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Of course. Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: I haven't applied for this magic before on this character.
  2. I'm strictly responding to the Anti-Ascended ramblings in these posts for some sort of clarity. Though I've got to clarify: I'm not an Ascended, and I'm not in any way representing the Ascended in saying this. As Fitermon has said, the Ascended aren't protagonists, and they are aware of it. This event was not post-poned because of the Ascended or anyone in the Holy League's complaints. In fact, there weren't any to my knowledge. I may get a slap on the wrist for leaking information, but as of this morning we thought the Warclaim was still being held, and were trying to see who was around for a Rally. Here is a quote: "((Rally will take place at Human Cart Hub, 8 PM GMT Saturday (War begins at 9 PM GMT). Will be just beyond the carts, center-road. Will be happening after the Ruthern warclaim, in case anyone inquires.))" I'm not quite sure why people are hating on the Holy League/Ascended for the cancellation of this event, but to my knowledge they had nothing to do with it. Feel free to shoot me a PM or something to discuss it because I'm genuinely quite curious. Otherwise, the negativity is kind of toxic and completely unnecessary.
  3. Anyone know of any non-war oriented guilds or communities in LotC? Ran around for a bit today after a years hiatus and didn't get much RP.

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    2. 吳憾戰士14
    3. SexeHexe


      crimson edict/ascended

      the inactive side of the clerics, the others are somewhat irritating

      trying for paladins isnt worth it imo unless you really wanna try it out

      the ascended are getting slained or something idk

      azdrazi are ok

      no magic guilds exist anymore, just small groups of people hanging with eachother

      druids are a big one, but they let anyone and everyone in so i dont know about it personally 

      the black sun (undead group people, hmu for info on this)

    4. TheFireAce


      Thanks, kind of had trouble finding these sort of groups in the past. But I'll certainly keep an eye out.

  4. Hello LotC, I'm having an issue when it comes to the voting system. The combo is supposed to go 10+20+30 and so on, Then all are fifty the next day. The issue I'm having is that one of the sites, (I can't name which one until tomorrow) tends to not give me my rewards for that day and resets my combo. I think it does work every once and a while. But for the most part it doesn't. (Yes, I type my MCname correctly, I double checked it.) Let me know if you can help. Thanks.
  5. A 3-4 Month break has me pretty tempted to come back.

  6. Need more SM's to do modreq's, people stuck in holes and I'm trying to jailbreak. ;-;

    1. Dreek


      only 3 SMs =P

  7. Server, y u no come up on christmas, I need an excuse to be anti-social.

  8. MC Name: TheFireAce RP Name: Vex Skype Username: treysharkisawesome Accepted Evils (VA Required): 1abc 2ac 4 Why do you want to join? (IC Answer Please!): "I wish to join the Frozen Night because I seek revenge on the many who have wronged me, I wish to join this organization in hopes to be respected, to mean something in Anthos. To be feared, not to fear others. To have allies that will not betray me at the first opportunity."
  9. Get on this morning to find my region deleted... I know what I'm spending my day doing -_-

  10. Why am I getting communication error when I try to log on?

    1. Ever


      make sure you're 1.6.4

      server might also be offline

  11. Thanks LotC, you've ruined one of the most interesting things in the server that actually gives you something to work for. I honestly don't see much to do in LotC anymore...

    1. shiftnative


      Think of it this way, if magic becomes much more available - it won't take long for people to think it's old news because it will no longer seen as such a status symbol, then it's back to being rare again when the initial excitement dies down.

      tldr; Just play it out or keep the "Criticisms" in the feedback threads!

  12. Working on a new character... Hopefully I get some interesting RP this time around.

  13. Shameless advertisement.

  14. Plugin name: Just an addition to Nexus PvP. Changes that you want: A much needed increase in bow damage. Why should they be made: I think a bow damage increase is much needed, With nexus PvP, to be able to use a bow you need to sacrafice armor just to be able to use it. The current problem with bows is, if you are shooting at a target with no armor a fully drawn arrow, when the shot isn't critical only deals two hearts of damage. It deffinitly shouldn't take five arrows to kill somone unarmored. When shooting at a fully armored target, they are able to glitch and still sprint in short bursts, so you have to be a good shot just to be able to kill them with your bow. In RP it doesn't take ten arrows to take down an armored target, so why should it in PvP? Sure you can fire somewhat quickly but you won't be very accurate.